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have had greenish urine off and on for a while now,Today it was dark greenish brown(darker then tea) lots of dark sediment.(only once today )advice?

2 month old daughter had chalky white streaks in her stool, which was very dark/deep green colour& was very thick and sticky. What could be wrong?

3 weeks on antibiotics for sinuses now snot color is mostly clear but off and on still will blow out some orange or brownish in color that's thick why?

After masterbating i bleed at frist it was light in color now it looks black. ?

ALOt of my moles are 2 colors like brown and dark brown and brown and black- is this normal- I have gone for skin screenings dr says all ok ?

Are black stools really black color? Like does the color look like the color of a black crayon?

Are light colored soft stools normal? Yellowish very light brown .

Baby had 2 month vaccines 2 days ago. His stools are darker in color today almost yellow green. Is that normal?

Back question is what is causing urine color changes from a cloudy yellow color to a pale greenish clear color? Back pain and pelvic pain

Been having pale brown poop for past week or so.Much lighter in color than normal. What cocould be wrong?

Can a 6 week newborn skin color go from a light tan to a white pale?

Can a color blind person see a light green text on top of a dark green background?

Can I change my eye color light brown with little green to more hazel?

Can i change my eye colour brown to green? I need brief explanation!

Can implantation go from a watery orangy pink color to a darkish red, to a tan orangy color? and only shows up when you wipe?

Can my period show up yellow like the color of the sun instead of red?

Can phenazopyridine turn your semen yellow a color different than what it normally is?

Can sputum color change color after you cough it up? Ie: go from pink to orange?

Can you please explain the healthiest color for a night light?

Can you tell me if i pull my lower eyelash down I have yellow color on there is this normal?

Can you tell me if it's good if your semen has turned greenish-purple?

Could isoflurane turn things yellow?

Could someone be colorblind to just red and orange?

Could you give me more info on red green colour deception?

Dec 25 I noticed slight green color on toilet tissue.same next day. Two days later, green is gone but tissue is lighter brown and smell of vomitus ?

Does gabpintin cause you to turn yellow ?

Does honey turn dark brown eyes to light brown?

Does yellowish sclera related to dark coloured urine and light grey stool?

Does yellowish sclera related to dark coloured urine?

Does your vagina change color to bluish purple when your due for your period?

During my period the blood looked bright orange and occasionally there was a little bit of dark yellow with it. Why would it be these colors?

Gray color around my brown iris growing thru years, what is going on?

Greenish brown stool with black splotches/dots when wiping for the past week.Stool looks brown when i look at overall colour.cause+when will it stop?

Had a slightly runny nose, not bloody, but when i wiped it had a slight brownish tinge to it- is that normal for it to have a tinted color to it?

Had scs fitted last few days. My pee just now was very dark red brown color. Looks like blood in my pee. What could cause this?

Hands skin colour change from white to red or brown for a while then it return to its natural colour ( white colour)?

Hello I swipe my urine this morning and it was a yellow brown color on paper when I looked down the toilet it was only yellow should I worry?

Hello im 19 and ive notice a change in my stool color should i be worried it is turning and dark brown color not black ?

Hello, Which colour and consistence of discharge is normal during pregnancy? Beige, coffee with milk, rust colour, brownish - when is it alarm sign?

Hello, lately when I urinate the color is dark yellow should I be concerned?

Hello,i am 17 year old a days my sperm color is giving a little bit yellow shade in it.please tell it is normal or not?

Hi akash, age 21.Whenever i goto toilet in a day i watch color of my stools.The color is always yellow. Is it normal? I don't think so color must yello

Hi I've been having yellow bowl movements is this anything to be worried about as it's not brown it's like a tan yellow colour ?

Hi i've noticed recently a change in colour to my clitous it gone a very pale colour almost white ...Also smelly white/pale blue discharge from vagin?

Hi my urine has changed colour to very pale green and has a funny smell please help?

Hi, my poo is dark brown and does not smell should I worry.?

How do I clean a peg feeding tube when it's stained with a pink/red colour ?

How do I stop looking so yellow all the time with gilbert's syndrome.What do I need to do to look a normal colour?

How to know what is bad about being color blind if you have never noticed?

I am 13 weeks pregnant and have gestational diabetes, i have been peeing a bright neon green color getting brighter for a few days. What could this be?

I am Caucasian with brown eyes. I wish they were lighter and more amber colored. Is there any safe way to do this without contacts?

I forced myself to throw up and my vomit was a dark brown color and there wasn't a lot. Is that normal?

I had a reddish color in my pee and when i blew my nose i had a pinkish color snot what does this mean?

I had dark brown urine (tea color) one morning, but after that it went back to being yellow and/or clear, should I be worried?

I had dark green coloured stools today, what is the meaning of that?

I had red/brown coloration to my semen at the start of ejaculation. This has only happened once. I also have dark colored stool. Related and causes?

I had sex 3 nights ago and now my pee is a dark red/orange color, could this be associated with pregnancy or no?

I had very light brown stool yesterday and today i had a normal brown stool with very light brown in it almost pale in color mixed normal brown color?

I have a bag for gallbladder drainage.. why is it light light yellow almost clear sometimes.. then heavy yellow greenish other times.. even brownish ?

I have a mouth ulcer that has turned green. Is that bad or is it okay? I have read that they should be red, yellow, or gray. Does green mean it is infected or something?

I have a slight brown colored shade/ring around iris in my eyes that i never noticed before so it is normal or something that I should worry about?

I have an eye color problem which was very clear and white but after a time span, this has converted into muddy yellow. now I am 34.

I have been bleeding for 4 months and my skin color is turning yellow also my blood is lighter but I have been having bad headaches ?

I have been noticing some dark colored sections in my stool; they are a light brown Mostly except here's dark brown sections. and mucous. ?

I have blood in stool somtimes its color dark red and somtimes its color fresh red?Is it dangerous?But it is not always happend to me. I don't feel pain

I have brown skin. The lightest i can become is a pale yellow. Will inhibiting melanin production bring me to this pale yellow, or make me lighter?

I have color yellow stool with black spots in it is it of any concern?..I have a picture of it..

I have dark brown/green tools almost on the tarry side. Is this normal?

I have green poop and i don't think its natural its like a light yellow dark green color?

I have had a bruise that is light in a color but not gone away. Should I be concerned it had been months?

I have had a strange orange colored stain left in my underwear for two days now. I know it's not my period, because I had it two weeks ago.

I have had vaginal bleeding that is just pouring out for 3 days. It is thick, a dark red/purple color, and there is clotting. Should I be worried?

I have had very light brown (but completely brown) stools lately. Would a 'pale stool' actually be white/ grey?

I have heard the term "pale colored" when referring to stool color. What color are they talking about when they say "pale colored" and what is normal?

I have now had two instances in two weeks where my poop was discolored. The first time was a sea green color and now it's a shamrock green color. The ?

I have ovarian pain and my pee is a dark red/orange color, should I be worried?

I have passed a stool this morning and the end part was white in colour - 90% of it was it's normal brown colour and normal - should I be concerned?

I have red not light but not dark blood in my stool the stoooll it self is a light color?

I have this brownish orange ring around my pupil. Some days it's darker and some days there's more of it. It changes all the time. Is this normal?

I have to change my iris brown colour to blue colour how can I do ?

I just passed my kidney stone & it is a light brown/tan color. What could this color mean as far as my health?

I noticed my stool was in green color with black spots in it. Should I be worried?

I noticed today that my stool was a bit darker brown than usual. Definitely not black, just darker brown than it usually is. What caused this?

I really need some answers! why are my gums like this, pale and gross looking color suddenly?

I think I have white poop, or at least the color's faded. What can cause that?

I urinated in the toliet the color was a yellow straw but when i urinated in a cup the color was a dark orange yellow what that mean?

I was born with brown eyes and now i'm 28, they are dark green, like an olive green. What happened?

I woke up this morning and saw that my eye color got darker, like really dark brown. Darker than before. What can cause this?

I'm using honey eye drops for a week now and my eyes started getting lighter i had dark brown and now I have some shade of orange with yellow stripes?

I'm wondering why was my poop a blue dark green color?

I've been sick and I just noticed my gums are turning a blackish color. Why is this happening?

If my brother pee's and its a dark brown color what's the problem

If the lips are dark in color, how to lighten them to a pink color naturally?

If you are pregnant, can you color your hair? Not all over color, just a few pieces

If you have red-green color blindness, does red look the same as green?

In a miscarriage is it normal for clots to be more grey in color and like square like?

In need change black into white?

In pregnancy y my potty colour is black?

In the morning I've been coughing up dark brownish mucus. Its mostly clear with dark brown spots sometimes its more than just spots its more like a brown gray blob.

Is a two color mole normal? Mine is on the ear and is .5 cm across. Color is brown with some black on the end.