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Can Anthocyanins change the colour of my child's poop' he ate 2 lollies containing it (red) and he's poo seems to have pink in for 2 days since ?

Have been on the toilet literally all day & a little of last night from diarrhea its really slimy looking &yellow my stomach has been in pain nonstop?

i can see purple lumps around anus with little mucus discharge, no weight loss, slight nausea and lack of appetite got doc on 23 december bit scared!

I have been having very light brown, flaky, diarrhea for about four days. My lower abdomen hurts even to touch.

i m pregnant, taking iron medicines & injections regularly, stools comes out irregularly, feel pain upper abdomen, little black black discharge.

i m pregnant, taking iron medicines & injections regularly, stools comes out irregularly, feel pain upper abdomen, little black black discharge.

My 3 wk old daughter struggles going poop. She goes about once/twice a day, it's soft and yellow/green in color. Is there anything I can do to help?

phelm from my throat has appeared today its dark green but it only happens when i drink something and i have had stomach uncomfortableness also gas?

Was doing work and felt i needed a poop so i held it in for a bit but when i went the poop in the toilet was dark brown with some black parts in it ?

"i had a bad stomach pain yesterday now I have almost black stool, popto bismol can cause this(which I have taken) no other problems have come up" ?

1 month old on simulac senstive has started having yellow diarrhea over past 2 days. The stool now has white seed looking pieces in it.

14 year old girl had gastroenteritis for 8 days now. Black spots in her Stool. She ate dragonfruit yesterday. What is the cause of black spots?

16weeks pregnant had stomach bug w 5 days of diarrhea 1st bm had a little mucus on tissue 2nd bm was hard and painfiul with a tinynamt of pink not red on tissue is that normal after a stomach bug ?

17 weeks pregnant, constipated and feel like I have to go but only yellowish colored mucus comes out. Stomach pain mostly on left side what's wrong?

19y having loss of appetite, fatigue, littlebit dizziness, baffled concentration,buzzing intestine,sometime gallbladder pain . Yellow sand like stool with lightbrown color underneath when it drops?

1month gray + dark green poop. Liver labs normal. Bilirubin+ketones in urine. Back+mid abdomen hurt, feel like vomiting. Dr said its normal?? Lost 5#

2 days of yellow greasy stool now seeing what resembles coffee grounds? Some times pain from sternum to lower adominal?

2 wk old just threw up. been sneezing & couple of little coughs. Peed & pooped fine earlier. Poop was yellow/seedy & sometimes green/brn. ThisNormal?

2 yo had hard stool this morn(Brown)just had bright green stool-soft. It Was an alarming shade & hasn't eaten ne thing green. Should I be concerned?

24 m with discomfort in lower abdomen - tenderness on touch. Hemorrhoids active but noticing dried blood in stool (normal colored) for the first time.

2yr old toddler's poop soft & dark. she ate dark choc cake & had antibiotic injections last week. Normally her poop is hard. y is her poop soft &dark?

3 years old's poop was white/tan color today. Few days ago she threw up few times and had little fever once but all went away for a day.Should i worr?

30yrs old possible ibs but I have black raisin type dots in my stool. Been very uncomfortable for a couple of mths bloated cramps. Concerned?

34 weeks pregnant just had upset stomach with diarrhea then belly got hard for a little and been having increased snot/stringy looking discharge?!?!?!

35/M.I usually get mucus in my stool.Rarely lil red blood thread in clear mucus.My BM-1/2 a day.Not dark.No constipatn or diarrea.No pain,mild dscomfrt below naval zone.Gas relieves.Stool-Semi solid.Has a feeling like diarrea but not really. CA sym?

36 female I had black string looking thing in my feces it did not move was about 9 inches long? Been very nauseated and bad cramps cough, congestion

3am sudden gut pain & gas. About hour or so pain again with soft dark brown thin stool. Next small amount of brown diarrhea. Now it's like ketchup?

49yr old lady after 3 days stomach bug with cramps and diarrohea, no solid food, now has constipation, gas tiny streak of blood x1. Worried ?help

4yr old had diarrhea that was brown with alot of pink/salmon colored mucousy stuff in it, is it blood? What would cause this? She seems fine otherwise

4yr old sore stomach 1.5 days. Very dark brown (black?) diarrhea this morning and very dark green solid stool this afternoon. Otherwise fine. ?Causes?

51 male light green and white mucus in stool. /. Stool also ribbon like and flat on 3 sides also serve right side pain could I have IBS or ibd ?

5mo old has had bad runny watery diarrhea 4, 2 1/2 days , a bright mustard color. Teeth has already broken through. What can b wrong with him?

6 days of stomach bug - mostly nausea, dizziness, and loose stools. pupils are small and head hurts, numbness in hands. should I be concerned ?

6 weeks pregnant sunddenly my poo has abit of green clour in it should I be worried plz advice?

9 yr old flu symps Diarrhea, stomach ache, vomiting w some red blood in stool. A little came out in bed. Bright red and a little jelly like concern?

A few days ago I've started to see a white cotton like thing attached to the sides of my stool. Is it mucus or infection? no diarrhea but gas pain.

A few hours ago my stool came out in non-tarry black pellets. I went again, this time it came out in short grey ribbons. Only consumed a burger & soda?

A lot of blood in my stool for 2 weeks now red color, a lot of it, doesn't hurt when i go. Been feeling more tired. Pain in stomach

Abdominal cramping getting worse over the last four months, sinus issues and black specks in stool, what could this be please?

Abdominal pains, upper left side. Yellow mucus in Pencil like diarrhea for over a week. tummy growling. Dizzy. Blood work & ultrasound came back good ?

About a month after having son, I noticed my stool became soft and and comes out quickly,(Not watery like diarrhea) and only once a day. What is this?

After a couple days of eating mushed up carrots, my 5 month old is having thick dark and somewhat smelly poo. Should I be concerned?

After a few days of stomach flu, came constipation, with small amounts of watery stool, extremely painful lower abdomen cramps and acid reflux? Help?

After finishing azithromycin for a upper infection. I'm having slight diarrhea. Green poop w/red mixed in. I wipe yellow w/little red. Help me ???

After meals my belly is bloated. Stools differ in colours. Constipation and diarrhea for quite long. Red paches on outer arms. What could be wrong?

All day since i woke up i've been in the bathroom , my stool is coming out in liquid form and is bright yellow and i'm diabetic also . Is this bad ?

All of sudden my poop turned to a light gray color but when i wiped it was dark green. I have no other symptoms fever/pain. Should i be concerned?

Almost 10wks, only experienced regular nausea but yesterday & today experiencing vomit dark green bile, migraine & back pain. Should I be concerned?

Any idea what the black, pepper looking flecks are in my 4 month old's stool? He was extra fussy yesterday & didn't sleep well. He is 100% breastfed.

Are colonoscopy preps suppose to make you pee out the back end? I went from brown liquid to green liquid to yellow. Do I have to finish the prep?

As grim as it sounds, is black sick and black poo something to be worried about? Was out drinking last night do is that the cause?

Bad (crippling) stomach cramps, dark green stool and blood in stool which is often quite loose or hard to go what's happening? (Been about a month)

Been having diarrhea for the past day and only a lil comes out but it's pencil thin and have been very gassy and Pucky feeling could this be cancer?

Been having fatty floating yellow poop for months. Blood & feces test all came back normal. stomach is always bloated & itchy skin and fatigued. Help!

Been having fatty floating yellow poop sometimes diarrhea for months. Bloated abdominal.But my blood test comes back normal. What is wrong with me?

Been puking all day, couldn't stomach anything after a while I notice my vomit was a dark greenish color..Should I be concerned ?

Black and red spots in stools, usually brown, stomach upset, constant anxiety, bloating, no pain at all, and looks like segments of flat worms... ?

Black part in stool. No red blood. 2-3 bowel movement/day . Dull pain or cramp on right side of abdoman for 5-6 second. Worried please help?

Black specks on my brown narrow stool. Defecating 4 to 6 times a day. No pain. Slight burning sensation after poop. Bloated before poop. ColonCancer?

Black spots in stools, usually brown, stomach upset, constant anxiety, bloating, no pain at all, possible causes?

Black stool looks darkgrey green when wiped. Right side abdominal pain. Dr said muscle pain. No infections. Not anemic. Liver kidney good. Not tendertouch?

Black stool that is brown on inside. Could this be from too much Grape juice and oreos? How long should it take for stools to go back to normal color?

Black stool this morning. Was NOT tarry, didnt disperse in the water. I poop an hour later, it was dark brown, not black. Had pepto on wed. & thurs.

Black stool, foul smell had a colonoscopy yesterday said everything looked good is this normal ?

Black tarry stools and feeling of stomach not emptying... since 2-3 weeks... age is 32 and hard tummy?

Bloated feeling under right ribs, tan colored stools too. Liver blood 4 months ago was fine. Abdominal US and colonoscopy normal. What could it be?

Bloated, nausea, occasional black and tarry stool, light color stool that makes toilet bowl water cloudy, lower left abdominal pain what could be wrong?

Bloating ,diarrhea for one and a half days. It's blue/green, pain in mid area?

Bloating gassy feeling under both sides of ribcage. Stool is dark brown almost charcoal color. Very uncomfortable. Symptoms-3 days?

Blood mucus stool 3 in 7 weeks last 2 had chips coke zero am experience stomach churning & some discomfort no pain no blood 1 week, bit yellowy mucus ?

Bout 20 min ago. I vomited pink, cloudy, foggy lookin stuff.did not even match what I 8 4 dinner: dark brown, green and yellow.Should I b concerned?

Bowel issues for 5 days. urge to go,then gas happens with a few squirts of yellowish brown diareah . Mucousy look wiping. sound like colon cancer?

Bowel movement today contained stool that was half dark brown and half light brown on one piece. Normal? Bad?

Bright lime green poop? My 2 year old son has been having bright lime green poop it don't even look like poop I have never seen any kids poop like this it has been going on for 3 to 4 months now i take him to to the hospital because he runs fever for no r

Bright neon diarrhea with strings in it, should I be concerned?

Brown and red patches ,painful rashes under my eyes. Stomach pain and I puked. Not feeling like to eat anythng from past 2 days. What is it?

Burn sensation in stomach above navel slightly to the left, gas, bloating, and light diaherra and maroon color mucus in stool? What could this mean?

Burning sensation in abdomen, very dark stool and constipation, dry heaving and throwing up white with small traces of blood(stopped 2 hrs ago). ER?

Burning sensation in upper center abdomen. bit of indigestion. Small amount of blood when passing stool. Sore hemorrhoid. us it a bleeding ulcer?

Can red Salsa turn your urine orange? It went straight through me and I had diarrhea, it had an odd smell. Stool was tinged orange and red.

Can suppositories cause white stool? I used 1 yesterday morning and 1 in the evening. I woke up today and noticed my stool was mainly white.

Can too much castor oil cause anal mucus discharge? The first 36 hours it was a yellowish color with a little diarrhea, after which, it turned black.

Cancer symptoms? I have very bruised arms and legs and my poop is watery/ bloody.

Clay colored stool, and lower back pain, rash. What could this be?

Colonoscopy [email protected]! Going to the bathroom - color is yellow? Is that enough? I am over this!

Colonoscopy yesterday. This morning I have passed a small amount of loose be very dark in colour, is that normal?

Constipation, 120 ALT liver enzymes, stomach pains, black and white spots in stool for 3 months. Im a 30 yr/old male. Doc doesn't seem concerned. Help?

Constipation, stool is made up of little balls, dark brown to almost black, slight stomach pain on right side. Hear stomach bubbling, no gas comes out?

Coughed and red colored vomit came out - what could be the cause?

Coughed and red colored vomit came outwhat's wrong?


Cramp pain off n on left side stomack/back lower stomach. Loose stools or diarea on and off.Black dots on tissue paper. Burning feeling after pooping?

Cramp pain off n on left side stomack/back lower stomach. Loose stools or diarea on and off.Black dots on toilet paper blood in stools burning after p?

Crippling stomach cramps, dark green loose stool with blood what's going on?

Crippling stomach cramps, loose dark green stool with blood had it for just over a month but had blood for longer what's happening?

Dark brown stool normal consistency though slight stomach discomfort diarhea feeling but no diarrhea, slight lower back cramps as well?

Dark colored spot in stool, almost black, stomach pain, nausea, fatigue.

Dark green almost black stool could i have a stomic infection . i know i have GI issues as i have ciliac dease pain in upper abdomen and in back?

Dark maroon colored blood in stool. Been going on 10 days. Happens every b.m. lower abdominal cramps, moderate shooting pain (not constant).

Dark red blood in stool and abdominal pain, lower left. Bad smelling,sticky,blood. Went to bed and woke up to all around stomach pain.What could it be?