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1000 mg of magnesium a night, either unformed "pile" of stool or many small thin stools. What is wrong?

21y/o female,frequent BM than usual for 5 months usually 1BM a day,large bulky stool,cbc &stool analysis a month ago normal no anemia or malabsorbtion?

29,Male. Recurrent appetite loss, fatty (?) floating broken yellowish stool. Ultrasound, blood inc LFTs, fec elastase, calprotectin were all normal?

2yr old -had loose stools for 3wks, now massive diarrhea + black specs, watery, orange, 3 days. No lactose, juice, sugar in diet. No changes in diet. ?

Acidic feces after a total colectomy?

After a night of heavy drinking (mostly liquor) my stool smells really fruity. Is my liver failing? My 6m old has had this same smell the last 2 days in his stool. Is this ketones? He has trisomy 21

After colectomy, in first few weeks there is a frequent secretion of stool. Why is this? And colour of stool is that of what i eat. Why so?

After taking Metamucil fiber supplement to deal with my excess mucus production and foul odor, my stools are elastic in nature; look like intestines.

Are all cases of floating stool due to steatorrhea? Is it normal that stool floats? Is this a big concern if it does? Definitive answer please.

Are gritty flakes in stool that float in bowl a cause for concern? Have Crohn's with bad diarrhea.

Are stools supose to have a "pastey" texture? Should i let my gastroenterologist know?

Been having clay colored stool. I do have a liver condition.. Nash. Is this related?

Best remedy for frothy stools in adults?

Blood in stool. Kinda frothy feces. Also some loose ones.Overate wheat this week. Please explain.?

Bristol stool chart number 6 unhealthy ?

Calprotectin in stool analysis is 112.5 whn normal is 50. What causes that, how to treat it &what food to eat to avoid that? Is that colon infection?

Can a gastroenterologist's lubricant affect one's stool consistency the morning after appointment?

Can a high fat and sugar diet cause loose stools ? If not what GI symptoms can it cause ?

Can a lack of insoluble fiber in diet for almost 8 months cause thin stools? And is a mushy but still formed stool considered loose or normal stool?

Can extended use of Metamucil cause bight green stools? does the light food intake while using Metamucil contribute to this when present? Bile ?

Can fish oil cause diarrhea and fecal incontinence?

Can lupus cause malabsorption. I have lupus, and pots and a lot of weight loss sometimes yellow stool sometimes constipated but undigested food, I've lost a lot of weight. Many gastro tests no answer?

Can one have sibo without steatorrhea fatty stools ?

Can protein powder or iron pills cause diarrhea after gallbladder removal? Does diarrhea mean I am not absorbing the nutrients?

Can someone tell me if oily stool is normal with Alli orlistat?

Can too much fat in the diet cause stringy stool?

Can undigested starch in the stool be a sign of celiac disease?

Can very black fatty stools trigger a yeast infection in men?

Can vitamin d defficiency cause diarrhea in 1 yr old boy who passes stool after almost every meal?

Can wheat or milk protein change stool color?

Can xifaxan (rifaximin) & probiotics cause your stool to smell "chemically"? It almost smells like motor oil. Stool looks brownish/orange. No visible blood. Stool culture/o&p = neg.

Can you have malabsorption with no oily stool and normal perfectly normal albumin levels?

Celiac disease and having green stools, is this normal?

Complicated GI toddler peg tube , one week on neocate juinor with prebiotic. Stools are now very dark , smelly , and semi loose. Normal ?

Could having orange oily stools (steatorrhea) be a serious issue?

Cousin had 5-6 stools from severe diarrhea (excessive veggie intake) 3 days ago. Stools smelled very alkaline. Colonoscopy in 5 days. More K losses?

Dijon mustard colored stool rapid transit GGT was 9 billirubin .5 alk phos 58 does this rule out liver for stool color?

Do I have cancer? Loose stools3X per day sticky, vague nausea for 1 year. CBC and Stool occult normal. Small iron def. anemia.

Does a diet without wheat produce smelly urine?

Does a greenish formed stool always means cancer in the absence of taking antibiotics, pain and eating leafy vegetables?

Does floating stool caused by fat malabsorption have an obvious bad smell?

Does floating poop indicate a healthier diet ? Thanks

Does having your gallbladder removed affect the color, consistency of your stool? Can it make you have somewhat oily BMs?

Every couple of days I have yellow stools, I do drink 6 cans of fosters a night could I have chronic pancreatitis ?

Explain why fatty stools result from the absence of digestion?

Fat droplets in stool what does that mean?

Fatty feces in toilet - why does this happen?

Floating, smelly, greasy stools for months. Normal fecal fat, pancreatic elastase, and mg, but higher volume on stool test. What could cause this?

Green stool + vegetarian diet = freaked out. Is that normal?

Green stool consistently for 10 days? Not from diet. Some diarrhea but mostly formed. What could it be? I have UC too but in full remission.

Having bright yellow stools for a few days. No other symptoms. No smell, no floating. Doing a low carb no sugar diet. Stool is S shape and smooth. ?

Having pencil thin stools for a few months could it be caused by low fiber intake should i be worried ?

Having semi-solid stool for some time now. Can see fuzz/froth floating above the fecal matter, particularly more when a lot of wind accompanies stool.

Help! what causes the presence of fat in a stool?

How can I best regulate my diet for ileostoma? I often or almost always have thin to fluent stool.

How frequently would stool have to float for there to be concern of malabsorption or problem with pancreas? Stool is still brown, formed and soft.

How frequently would stool have to float to be concern of malabsorption or problem with pancreas? Stool is still brown, formed and soft no wieght loss.

How much time does a saturn-ascendant transit last?

How to tell difference between mucus or fat or worms in poo stool?

How unhealthy is a 30 ft backup of stool in the colon?

I am 16 and I have a yellow greasy sulfur smelling stool do I have cancer or something life threatening my mom thinks I'm just a hypochondriac ?

I have 10 months baby whenever eats somthing it doesn't digest it ad he does green stool his stool tests also says bacteria flora present and epithelia?

I have blood with the mucus. I'm fourteen, and have been having relatively narrow stools. Could this be simply a matter of diet change or a serious disease, what to do?

I have bowel urgency with very foul smelling loose stools usually after eating any food (any type) in the am. Dx w celiac > 10 yr gluten free?

I have CF and I have been having greassy stools how can I fix this problem? Is it something with my enzymes

I have crohn's disease. My stool is a jelly like texture, why is this? It is not mucous, it's the actual stool.

I have Crohn's disease. Would it help my loose stool if I take soluable fiber?

I have foul smelling stool of irregular consitancy with partially digested vegetable fibers. Also unusual flatulance. What diagnostic tests to do?

I have ibs. But lately very smelly gas and very smelly dark diarrhea. Mother found out she had colon cancer at 35.Why so stinky? No change in diet.

I have lots of thick green mucus in my excrement. Im on a mostly protien diet im in ketosis is it old fat coming out?

I have oil at the top of my toilet water after bowel movement but my stool doesn't float. Is this still a fat malabsorption problem?

I have oily orange stool with no major changes to my diet. Should i be concerned.

I have orange oil globs in stool, stool looks normal in color. I haven't had any fish, but I have been eating relatively unhealthy for my usual diet.

I have several vitamin deficienices and always have nonformed stools that have a very bad odor.What is wrong?

I just had a colonic and was told i had too much acid in my stool, need more alkaline. Can this cause inflammation in your body. Should i bconcerned

I read that floating poop is a sign of illness, but mine always floats and always has floated. Is something wrong with me?

I saw white greasy residue in my feces the other day. Is this normal? Is there something wrong with my digestive health?

I think I have steatorrhea. I have oil at top of toilet bowl. How will steatorrhea be diagnosed?

I think I have trichophagia and i'm concerned i may trichobezoar 's.. What do I do?

I've been having 4-6 stools a day, i'm 18 male 170 pounds gaining due to binging. Normal? Or a worm?

I've had floating stools off and on for decade. MRCP, EUS, CT, colonscopt normal. What is difference between IBS loose stools and steathorrea?

If gallbladder and liver are normal on ultra sound, and I have no other symptoms such as jaundice, but yellow stools sometimes that greasy and float, could it be pancreatic cancer. Scared!!

If i had my gallbadder out and now i'm having orange stool that is oiley what does that mean?

In a 16 mo old boy is 11% fecal fat considered normal? What about a stool pH of 8.5?

Incomplete bowel/stool evacuation causing excess wiping. Im lactose intolerant, w/out dairy, stools are fine. Colonscopy show hemorrhoids. Sometimes have elevated lipase. Mrcp clean. Pancreas issue?

Is having orange oily stools (steatorrhea) serious?

Is it common to pass motion 2-3 times every day? food particles are present in stool

Is it possible for gallbladder removal to cause extra mucus in stool, including with solid stools too?

Is it true that liver bile is gray when it comes out as excrement?

Is oily stool a sign of malabsorption

Is there a particular diarrheal disease where you have watery white stool?

Liver enzymes normal. Clay like stool. What from? Really pale

Long thin diarrhea, undigested food in stool, gallstones, sign of gallbladder cancer?

Low fat diet changed stool color, is it normal?

Mom said shes had floating fatty stool for the last few months. No other symptoms? What could this be?

My 10 day old baby has mucous like stools. Some with blood in it. It was suggested to remove dairy from my diet and supplement with formula for a day or two. When do I see improvement in stools?

My 11mos old baby have fat globules in his stool?

My 2 yr has hi pH in his stools and the acidity has been causing rashs &fungus in his skin. 3/4 stools daily & not all diarrea. Lactose intolerance?

My 3 years old kid has few fat globules in his stool exam. watery stool.Is this a serious problem?what it means?

My 5.5 week old baby has a very watery stool twice a day that spills from diaper and soils clothing can I give him something to thicken his bowel movements ?