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Have burning pain in my stomach followed by back pain and dark urine when i use the bathroom.

14 yr old son had slight blood in urine and on the toilet paper. Slight groin pain right side. Went to ER blood and urine sample normal? Confused.

18 weeks pregnant, pain in lower abdo, leukocyte and blood in urine test, now on antibiotics. Legs feel shaky and feet hot and numb. Should I worry?

23 yr old female. Dull pain in lower abdomen. Colonoscopy came back clear. No blood in stool. Have had the pain for about 2 months. What's wrong w/me?

24 yr old girl have pain in my left side near ribs an is swollen an painful. Also sometimes I pass blood in my stool but don't have fever or anything?

38 year old male with red blood in stool and pain in lower right quadrant of abdomen. Started this morning.

4yr old daughter complains of interim lower left abdomen pain, lower back pain and "who ha" tingles. High leu no nitrites. Only peeing 1-2x's per 24hr?

A woman i know has had a persistent pain in her lower abdomen and yesterday she started getting blood in her urine. Is this serious?

Abdomen pains, sharp. Nausea. Fatigued. Dehydration. Blood in urine. I've had my appendix out. What's wrong with me?

Abdominal bloating.pain in lower back.blood in pee from vagina, not urethra,i think. No blood on pad. What could this be?

Abdominal pain after eating on left side, hurts to release after pressing down, nausea, diarrhea, shaking. Blood count & urine test came back normal?

Abdominal pain and lower back pain.I have blood only when i push pee out or after sex.Just a little bit.3mo pp.No need for pads.what is it?

Abdominal pain, back pain, yellow urine all after eating?

After consuming coriander, lemon and warm water, I experienced pink or reddish urine and pain in the lower abdomen. Pain in the lower abdomen seems to?

Ashley is 6 months pregnant and type O- blood. She has blood in her urine. Also had a sharp pain in her lower stomach yesterday.Should we go to the er?

Back mid pain dark urine legs weak?

Back pain, no fever, no blood in urine. Lost the feeling of having to urinate, could it be related to back pain? Have you ever heard of this feeling?

Back pain. Bloated abdomen. Blood in toilet but not from urethra. No show on underwear. What can it be?

Back/side pains and pee is yellowish. What does this mean?

Been having a lot of trouble weeing not a normal flow urine flourescent yellow pain on right side going towards my back the doctor I have isnt doing?

Been having lower back problems, urinating frequently(green), tingling in my legs, throbbing in my back. Scared might be kidney infection?

Been having stomach pains and when i go and do number two there is blood in it what could be wrong with me?

Black outs with nausea and vomiting, with weakness and right lower back pain, migraines and constipation. Urine ph. 10 and white blood cell. I am lost?

Bladder issues and pain holding urine and pain after in lower left side blood urine ultrasound all clear pain went then came back?

Blood clot in urine and slight lower right abdomen pain. Got ultra sound and blood test, they found nothing. What is this, and how can I treat it?

Blood clots during period, kidney pain which feels like a golf ball, lower back and abdomen pain. Not pos if pregnant either. Sever pain like 8-9 ideas?

Blood in my urine on ua only symptom is lasting right back pain radiating down right leg knee is swollen and painful can a kidney infection cause this?

Blood in my urine pain when going to bathroom high in stomach not burning when i pee lots of pain in back?

Blood in stool and on paper, lower back pain right side, and fatigue, any ideas?

Blood in stool started this morning. Hurt lower rt. Back

Blood in stools and bad backache on left sode?

Blood in urine with back pain?

Blood in urine with lower right stomach pain with nausea n throwing up?

Blood in urine with pain in side?

Blood in urine, abdominal pain, burning stomach, ulcer ??

Blood in urine, some abdomen burning pain also; what could it be?

Blood in urine. Lower right stomach & back pain. Nausea & light-headed. Three days. What could be causing tjis?

Blood w/clots in urine for weeks, comes&goes. Pain in side=severe, no pain/burn with urination. Nausea&severe dizziness. No insurance, no money.

Blood wen i wipe after pee. Abdominal discomfort and swelling. headache.

Bloody nose every hour, canr hold down food, right lower stomach pain, blood in urine, dizzy, hard time breathing, help?

Bloody urination once aday ...... Before the bloody urine comes out pain in lower abdomen and sides and in the penis?

Burning sensation bottom of sternum comes and goes burping helps been around for four months or so blood work all negative. No nausea or vomiting. Had blood work done about 4 months ago.

Burning/blood/clots when urinating. Little increase in urgency. Ache in side/back between ribs & hip. History of uti/stones. No fever. For a week now.?

Can back pain very leftside, below waist be related to colon?? Blood tests all normal

Can bacteria vaginosis cause nausea and severe abdominal pain, began lower abdomen now upper also. Blood tests and urine normal. ?

Can holding in your urine and feces cause pain in lower abdomen when going later?

Causes for blood and mucus in stool with lower back pain?

Child has lower stomach pain. Hurts to move and touch. Urine dip said high white blood count and culture had no growth what could be wrong?

Chills. Lower pelvic pain that wraps around to my back an down my thighs. Vomiting, not able to sleep but always tired. Blood in my urine. Not hungry?

Chronic yellow diarreah with dark blood,abdominal pain,sensitive skin lower back and pain?

Continual lower abdomen aches and sharp excruciating shooting pains. Had blood, urine tests, pelvic ultrasound all came back "normal" any thoughts?

Could bright red blood when i wiped after urinating be from a torn abdominal muscle from august?Still have rt side pressure.

Could it be cancer I have pain in the upper part of my stomach and in my ribs toward my back.Im feeling sick to my stomach and low energy along with my urine being dark and cloudy with a strong oder.I have taken over-the-counter bladder infection meds an

Could there be a connection between bad lower back pain and a weak urine stream?

Dark stool with bright blood. Lower abdomen pain, what could be causing this? What type of doctor do I need to see?

Diarrhea, burning when peeing and a burning pain on side of ribs. Urine test came back clean.

Do i have hiv/ aids? I always have abdominal and lower back pain and sometimes my urines smells and last year had bateria in my abdomine.

Doc says normal to have slight burning sensation while defecating with IBS-C every now and then. True or False? No blood seen. Doesn't hurt after.

Does having lower back pain mean that i need to just drink more water or could it mean something more serious?

Dull ache lower right abdomen for 6 months. Bloods all ok. Urine all ok. No tenderness, no fever, no jaundice and otherwise well. Any ideas?

Dull ache/pain right side below belt line where bladder would be. Comes & goes. Notice more when I bend over at times. Urine clear. No fever. Felt no lumps. AB Ultrasound for Kidney stones in May was OK. I strain when pooping tho. Muscle? Cancer?

During coughing/vomiting ~1 tsp red blood came up in white phelm now sharp pain in front left shoulder feels like pain I've had from internal bleeding?

Excruciating pain from lower right ab to the lower back, comes and goes, burns when I pee, ultra of kidneys and bladder fine, no blood in urine either?

Extreme back pain on left side. Throwing up. Pressure to pee, but can't. Saw blood in urine a few days back. Smelly urine when able to urinate. ?

Extreme lower back pain pass stool thats like a rock.24 hrs later clay colored stool. Still back pain right in spine area of lower back. What is it

F/20. Lower abdominal achey tightness pain. Its worse when I pee. No blood in urine or fould smells. Not cloudy either. But the pain is moving upward ?

Fine yesterday woke up with upper right back tenderness above the end of ribs.No fever,burning or frequent urination.No stones in April.Back or kidney?

For 3 weeks, I have sharp pains both sides of my middle abdomen, constant light headaches and lightheadedness. Blood tests "normal",what tests remain?

For the last month I have had severe pain in my lower left back. I woke up this morning with no pain but bright red blood in my stool ?

For the past 3days I have noticed blood ob the tissue after urination and I've also had so pain in my lower abdomen what could be the cause of this?

For the past 4 days I've had blood in my urine. It is not a period there is a lot of it and it smells and I have lower back pain. What could it be?

For the past few days Haiden has been passing urine every 10/15minute. He is complaining of any pain. What could this be?

For the past few days my pee has been neon green and yellow with pain below my right ribs. I know tho its not my gall bladder i had it checked.?

Frequency & urgency accompanied by flank pain focused on mid back. Noticed white clumps/mucus in urine. Pain comes and goes. At times radiates to side?

Genital pain for 2 weeks now,doc checked my testicles and urine sample and came back fine, but pain in genitals & lower ab,don't go away? Help DOCS?

Got constant pain lower front stomach been to hospital did urine + blood test all ok but still got strong constant pain ?

Got unprotected oral now lower bladder is paining, nausea, foul smell in urine, swollen lymp nodes, leg muscle ache, hard in digestion, urine frequent?

Green discharge, lower back pain, cramping in lower abdomen, difficulty passing urine.What could this be?

Had blood drawn two days ago, today my upper arm has severe pain that comes in waves, Is this normal? Please help!!

Had blood in my stool and water would turn red. It lessened from before but now i get pelvic pain that comes n goes. It lasts for 10 seconds and

Had cystoscopy wed have been having increasing pelvic pain and pressure very low and slightly to the right. Slight difficulty urinating. Is this norma?

Had my regular period10\06.went the bathroom&had blood running down leg.woke up this morning covered in blood.firesensation in back,lowerbody.dullpain?

Have a fever appendix area swollen pain in right hand side and low back bruising coming up near appendix urine is blood and period came 1 week late

Have a slight urge to pee but when I do, not much comes out. Have a slight ache/pain in my right back side. I'm constipated. History of kidney stones?

Have been peeing blood for three weeks, pain in lower stomach and left side. dr. did urine test, showed whitecells, been on two strong antibiotics for two weeks. Shouldn't it be better by now?

Have bright red blood in stool, including a lg clot. Now feel nauseated, light headed, and dull pain mid back left side. Should i worry?

Have disconfort in upper abdomen, light headedness, lot of gas. Blood test this friday for ulcer. Is this serious condition?

Have had blood test done everything shows clear no gallbladder flank aching abdominal aching &cramping black stool nausea sharp pain on (r) side?

Have had off/on lower back pain(no pain when pee)some mornings urge to pee is so bad it hurts back. Doc saw red/white bld cells.Says uti?Xrays clear

Have uti and blood in urine since Wednesday evening still having blood in urine. on amoxacillin since Friday. Lower back/side pain, loss of appetite?

Having UTI symptoms...Pain, bloating...By it will come and go. Had a urine test and it came out negative. My lower left back is in a lot of pain righ above my tailbone. What could be ggoing on?

Helcobactor stool sample came back normal. Does that mean I don't have an ulcer? sore pressure feeling upper left ribcage & back. Constipation aswell

Hello, I am having sharp lower back pain that comes and goes and brings me to tears, blood in stool and dizziness, plus I'm tiered all day and bloated?

Hello. I'm having sharp pains in my back and lower pelvic area. Haven't had sex in two months and we used a condom. My poop is dark almost black and m?

Hello. Since Saturday, I've had terrible lower back pain towards the middle, abdominal discomfort and tenderness toward the center about an inch below my belly button, nausea, chills, sweats, and frequent urges to urinate. There's no blood in the urine. I

Hey guys.. so im getting pain on my lower left side near my bladder its quiet low down urine and bloods normal .ultrasound normal went away back now?

Hi doc. I have been having odd symptoms. For the past 5 months I have been having bloody BM only after or before my period. each month seems to be more blood and only this month I had stomach cramps and constant lower back ache along with blood BM. A quar

Hi for about a week I've had pain whilst urinating not straight away but a pressure discomfort towards the end..I now have visible blood after I've been?

Hi i have a burning/stinging pain when I pass urine, also lower back pain, could this mean I have a kidney infection?

Hi I have a pain that come and goes but when i urine there is no blood. The pain I have is near the kidney i been eating unhealthy for the past 3mons?