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Bloated, Nausea and regurg white foam. In '14 I had an endoscopic procedure finding 3 polyps in my stomach and a fibrotic in the eso. Hx of acid Ref?

Diagnosed with gastritis/GERD & IBS via EGD&colonoscopy.Can any of these cause cramps in the middle of the night on occasion?Gyn exam also normal.

had an abscess between liver and stom from diverticuli.It was asperated by ct.Still have bad pain when I eat a full meal after 2 weeks is this normal?

Normal Result no Inflammation Endoscopy with no further follow up why does clinician suggest take PPI twice a day instead of once if all is ok?

What diagnosis or benefits can Endoscopy ( EGD) provides. What is it mainly done for.? Any risk. Thanks for any help or feedback/

1 1/2 yr old grandson projectile vomits daily since 2 3 mos. Old. Slow stomach emptying & lack of motility per egg. On domperidone no help. Help!?

1.5yrs after 36hr ulcer perforation, peritonitis &severe ab adhesions, I have gastroperesis due to the adhes. Beside liquid diet, what r my options?

10 year old son diagnois with esophillic esophagitis last year. 1 week of "punching" intestine. What meds should he be on?Biopsy - forchrons, ibs, glute

12 months of oral soft tissue ache (back mouth roof) oesophagus burn/constipation & gas. Some excess saliva. Bloods ok, h-pylori is neg. Worse in morn. I'm slim & fit, 46 yrs. Gp has no idea. Candida?

12 years post RNY Gastric Bypass & on day four of must be stomach flu w/constant diarrhea. Imodium (loperamide) doesn't seem to be doing much, any advice?

12-13 hours before an ugd (upper endoscopy) i had a cheese pizza. Is it possible that could have prevented an esopgheal ulcer from getting seen?

14 year old son has had GERD for 6 years im worried he might have esophageal cancer hes had a cookie swallow and barium swallow done is it possible?

16 month had upper endoscopy today bc poor growth & chronic diarrhea. MD noted nodularity in duodenum and waiting for biopsy results. Celiac? Crohns?

17 month grandson projectile vomits daily. Has slow emptying of stomach into intestines on ultrasound. What are causes and will he outgrow this?

18 yr old. Yellow stool, weight loss, excess gas, stomach cramps, bilirubin 23. Have I got pancreatic cancer. Ultrasound normal?

18moBoy aspirated on all substances offered on swallow study today. Bronch/endo/pH probe in a.m. What causes dysphasia in toddlers?

19 yr old, got diagnosed with UTI & digestion problem in my small intestine. But there is a slight swelling where stomach is.what does this mean?

1y.o. w/ "sandy" loose stools now that she's on lactulose, redness and bumps on cheeks, distended stomach after eating, &Has pain during BMs- Gluten?

1yr ago Chronic gastritis,esophagitis.GI showed polyp near the zline.biopsy showed benign hyperplastic.gastritis now gone.remove or monitor? 44yrs old

2 months ago i had an endoscopy and stomach polyp biopsy. I never had reflux symptoms before procedure and now is very bad. Is this is common?

2 months dry retching, nauseous most mournings upset stomach, poss causes? Better as day goes on. Blood tests ok, upper GI us ok, gastric empty ok

2 yrs after gallbladder removal,I am on a very limited diet.All tests by GI Dr are Neg.I get Bloating,Gas&Pain after eating. Any Suggestion I can do?

21yr.oldvegan and have stomach pain but have been told after stool sampling,endoscopy and colonoscopy there is no sign of ulcer or H. Pylori bacteria.

22 years old.I had a gastroscopy yesterday and biopsies were taken also. Found out I have gastritis and hiatus hernia. So scared. Can it go naturally?

24hr GI bug resolved 3 days ago, but still have mildly increased bowel & no appetite. Feel full, bloated & distended after small protein bar &few sips of H20. Net says early satiety = gastroparesis, but could it just be lingering effect of GI bug?

31 yo. Dr said Barrertts esophagus prob "over read" by pathologist. nexium (esomeprazole) 40mg 2x day. What are chances of Cancer? Can it be reversed? Picture attach

31 yr old- was told possible Barrett's on EGD specimen- GI said he feels pathologist "over read" inflammation- on nexium (esomeprazole) for Gerd since EGD- ?

4 weeks ago I had a colonoscopy and upper scope. All was clear except some early Barrettes. Directly after I experienced bad stomach cramps from the air that was used. I had very controlled acid reflux prior but after these procedures I have bad sore thro

44 yr old male diagnosed with barrets 2 yrs ago . Just had 2nd endo which was normal. Gi dr said i could wait 5 yrs for 3rd endo. Is that too long?

48yr old womam. Had endoscopy & colonoscopy 1 year ago, normal. Now coughing, occasionaly choking on food & heartburn. Worried about esophegal cancer.

4yr old. asd, gastric reflux, low iga,allergic related mediated gastrointestinal dysmotility. Black bloos streaks stool. Pain esophagus stomach. What?

58yo F diagnosed Barrats Mucosa/Oesophagus via gastroscopy in 2010 How often should gastroscopy be repeated? Assuming NHS will just do minimum req'd

62 yo f w/ colon ca avoids meat bc it causes stomach pain. Could chemo cause the change in digestion? Any advice for foods that don't cause pain?

7 episodes of foul smelling burps with vomiting this year. Camera test said all clear. Could I have bacteria in stomach or should show in test ?

8mm module in lower esophagus found from a endoscopy. I also have a hiatal hernia.. Do I have cancer? I'm 23 and relatively try to be healthy.

A barium swallow test result said that i had 3 small mucosal lesion within mid/distal esophagus. What should be done?

A recent endoscopy revealed I have intestinal metaplasia in my stomach. Test for helicobacter pylori turned out negative. What is the probability of my condition becoming dysplasia and eventually gastric cancer?

A very tiny part of my stool was black. I have an esophageal ulcer. Should i go to er?

Abdominal pain 9-11, odd reaction to Nexium (esomeprazole) 5-12. Lost 100 lbs on scale since. Flesh down to bone. Ct, blood work, upper and lower GI scopes ok. Idea?

Abnormal mucosa in the upper third of the of the esophagus at 18 cm. larger then normal. Biopsies done. What is this likely to be?

According to throat endoscopy results doctor says valve in stomach is loose. What problems can it cause?

Acid reflex bad almost vomiting thin bloody stools upset stomach itchy pain colon very gasy coffee increases bowel movment. Beer jucies make acid burn?

Acid reflux symptoms off/on for 5 years. Gi doc says i need endoscopy bad. I'm newly insured. What is the avg cost of the procedure? How much avg would my out of pocket be? I have to have this done

Acid reflux/barrett's history. Recent incomplete egd to qualify for halo. Scheduled for esophagram. Could doctor be looking for a tumor?

Actually the my doctor said that I don`t have any infection, but just to clear and clean the stomach and the bowel bcz of what I`m having "IBS" ?

After 6 months on Nexium (esomeprazole) and many tests, cat scans, scoping, upper GI series, i still get pain in the epicastric area, after eating and drinking water, ?

After 8 weeks of Nexium&Protonix40mg treatment egd still shows erosive gastritis. No biopsy taken due to Plavix (clopidogrel). What blood/other testing do I need?

After an Endoscopy I have recently diagnosed with GERD with grade A eusophagatis, at what interval do I need a follow up Endoscopy?

After bowel movements i get and taste stomach acid in my mouth.Is it a problem?What can I do about it?

After EGD and Duodenal biopsy I see watery black stools. How long will this last or should I report it right away?

After endoscopy, i have moderate pain in stomach, usually morning time on empty stomach. Is it infection or perforation? Endoscopy results fine.

After examining my xray, doc suggests my sob to be gastric reflux as I have gastric history. Possible for such sob to last 1 mth?

After gastroscopy and biopsy from stomac GI+G 0/5x0.4x0.1tubular adenoma?

Age 18,30,39 had endoscopes showing normal esophagus.Started PPI at age 30 for dysphasia,had since age 18.If endoscopes are norm,could I get Barrett's?

Age 49 weight loss and different stools sometimes with acid or mucus.Multiple erosions in stomach. Fullness feeling.Too weak to test colo test for ibs?

All the swallow problems, finally an edoscopy. Dr says esophagitis seen, corrugated esophagus esophageal mucosa c/w eosinophilic esophagitis. Help?

Alot of antibiotics this year, but done and bm's are now softer. Now hair loss, can antibiotics mess up my stomach causing malabsorption? How to test?

Anyone know what is a upper endoscopy with dilation (egd) mean?

Are ERCP endoscopes the same as the ones used during more typical upper endoscopies? Had one in Dec. to check for acid reflux and worried about CRE.

At advanced gastric int. metaplasia or at dysplasia, is the urea breath test still effective?

Awaiting surgery for hietal hernia in which my stomach is in chest cavity. I am having watery diarrhea that smells like commit. Is this serious?

Barium meal today was normal apart from small sliding hiatal hernia/ oesophagitis and mild duodenitis, h pylori was negative also. Still scared it is stomach cancer, is this a reasonable fear. 22 yr m?

Barrett's esophagus-- how to treat. Odds of having?. No smoker. Egd biopsy today. No GERD issue

Been diagnosed with h pylori, one symptom is small hard stool or hard stool al stuck together, could this be caused by the infection?Hav lots of wind!

Been experiencing constipation, acid reflux, indigestion on and off for 8 months. Thigh/leg cramps since childhood, could it be tapeworm -taenia solium?

Been vomitting, and have noticed what looks like coffe grounds, bile, blood, and undigested food? Have gastroparesis and reactive gastritis

Besides endoscopy with biopsy (for h. Pylori check) which exams can be done to investigate other causes of gastritis?

Besides liver, gallbladder, pancreas problems, could ulcers cause pale yellow stool? What about diet?

Biopsies of stomach showed a change in the call type called intestinal metaplasia, what does that mean? Does it need watching?

Biopsy came back negative for lymphoma and stomach cancer. What is causing my intestinal inflammation and lesions? Could it be medicine I took?

Blood vomiting. Endoscopy showed no cancer, but stomach ulcer and esauphagus veins inflammation and possible liver problem. What could it be? 67 y/o

Burning sensation below the ribcage 2 ctscan.6 endoscopy.2colonoscopy.3capsule endoscopy all normal except pantoprazole 40, mg for years doesn't help?

Burning sensation in upper and lower abdomen for years.Ctscan, endoscopy, colonscopy, capsule endo., normal.Biospie normal.No h.Pylori .What is this?

Can you get an irritated stomach lining from prempro (conjugated estrogens and medroxyprogesterone)? Was only on it for 5 weeks lots of stomach gas/indigestion 9 days later! gastro coming

Can 2yr old also have diarrhea and intestines issues with Mono?

Can a 24 H.PH study and Esophageal Manometry PH Probe,be done wireless with capsule Instead of having to have a tube placed down your nose for 24 h?

Can a endoscope specialist during the procedure see yeast coating the esophagus is it hard to missand what if i have kidney issues at the same time?

Can a full stomach affect a pheochromocytoma (cause a surge by pushing on it)? Is the stomach anywhere near the adrenals?

Can a hiatal hernia just disappear? upper gi by one doc twice 2005 & 2012, he said I have it twice, recently upper gi new doc she said I don't have it

Can a manometry test be false positive for achalasia? Gr son had test dr said achalasia but no "bird beak" low/no peristalsis. Could it be ee or eos?

Can a person have stomach cancer that cause distension just seven months after clean egd?

Can a pill camera see intestinal parasites?

Can a pill endoscopy be used to view the stomach for things like cancer?

Can a scope and a biopsy tell how deep is a stomach ulcer? What can determine that? How big can a ulcer be?

Can a stom..Or duodenal ulcer cause prob.W/ bowel movements? Can her.Mesh rep.Be involved with ulcer form.?

Can a toddler develop tracheomalacia? Endo/bronch showed normal anatomy 4 months ago. new scope today showed tracheomalacia. Is that even possible?

Can air for a long time in the digestive tract and stomach cause serious pain?

Can alcohol be absorbed into the blood stream thru a stomach ulcer?

Can an esophageal manometry be done if my sinuses are clogged?

Can an MRI visualise the stomach, oesophagus, and bowels?

Can an upper endoscopy be used to diagnose gastroparesis?

Can an upper GI endoscopy help diagnose pancreas problems (blood tests inconclusive)?

Can an upper GI series xray cause any damage?

Can an upper GI test pick up on laryngopharyngeal reflux?

Can an x-Ray show a stomach ulcer?

Can barium swallow test show an esophageal diverticulum which was not seen with upper endoscopy 2 months ago?

Can biopsy sites from an egd cause epigastri pain w i 24 hours of egd ?

Can ent diagnose lpr by physical exam In office without going upper gi or endoscopy bec that expensive plus I need to know so I cws get allergy testin?

Can food poisoning cause an intestinal blockage? This happened 3 years ago and I had an illeostomy and i'm going back in a few days for reversal surge

Can gallbladder hypokinesis cause breastbone to be extremely sore with gas entrapment?Can omeprazole cause delayed gastric emptying?Gas trap solution?