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had bad pelvic/abdo pain for 10 days. Pelvic US said fused left ovary. CT said prominent R ovary pelvic fluid 13 HU what other tests can I ask for?

My HCGquantification 223IU/L.-6weeks,.spotting once,dull right pelvic pain .transvaginal scan-a fibroid 4.9cm,right adnex cyst10mm ,no baby sac okay?

2 missed periods, low left back/hip pain, not pregnant, chronic yeast inf? Ultrasound tech had hard time finding left ovary. What could this be?

2 months ago gyn felt adnexal mass. U.S showed ovarian cyst. Now i'm having pelvic pain along with urinary frequency, urgency. What to do next?

2 weeks ago gyn found a "mass" on my left ovary. Ultrasound couldn't even find the ovary. Pap results abnormal. Colposcopy soon. My belly is v bloated?

2 weeks ago- diagnosed w/ large ovarian cyst (6cm). Since then- spotting w/pelvic & rectum pain getting worse- next appoint in 2 mths- should I wait?

3 mth after miscarriage Still having left breast pain and discharge. Have had cbc, tsh, prolactin and 2 ultrasounds. All came back fine What to do now?

31 y/o F. Hip pain. Can childbirth permanently damage hips? Seen 3 docs, had pelvic exam,all say ovaries feel perfect but worried about ovarian cancer

38 year old spotting monthly with pain near ovaries. Had CT and ultrasound of pelvis/abd all normal? What could it be?

39 weeks pregnant and cramping in pelvic area?

4 pelvic dvt's; non-mal growth on euretha w pain during sex (10 years ago) will i ever be able to have normal sex again? 66 f with 2 pursuers :)

48 year old,history of endeometriosis yrs ago, past yr having pelvic pain constantly,scan shows ovarian cyst,6mm endeometral thickness,no period 6mnth?

4wks pregnant scan shows growing sac everything s normal no ectopic, no appendicitis, no cyst having severe lower abdominal pain with on&off spottings?

5months menses twice amonth,I made a ultrasaund,uterus,ovaries were normal.Papsmear didn't do.I have abdominal distension& gave yasmin0,03?

5wks preg, with ectopic history.When can I do ultrasound as I am having lower abd pain but no bleeding.

7 weeks post MC. Continued bleeding, exhausted, nausea, abdominal pain. Repeated blood tests normal. US only shows thickened uterus. What's going on?

Abd/pelvic pain once a month for about 5 days for a year.Had us and CT done at diff time showed ovarian cysts.Cant take birth control, any suggestions?

Abd/pelvic pain once a month lasting 4 days for about a year.Had CT and ultrasound each time showed ovarian cysts.Can't take birth control, suggestions?

Abdominal pain can uterus cause bad belly and back pain? See gp waiting for a scan to be done which could be a week away? Smear and urine are normal.

Abdominal pain in what feels like ovaries and blood tests and ultrasound came up clear?

After 2 weeks of my D and C,I went 4 the followup check.My doc just did a pelvic exam by inserting his finger in.No ultrasound done. Is it enough?

Am having a lower back pain and i went for pelvic test and the result said Endometrial thickness 15mm, am i ok?

Am i having cramps a day after transvaginal ultrasound because I am a virgin? It was a little painful

Appendicitis pain 5 days, ER gave me ultrasound and blood tests. Said no sign of appendicitis. Pain continues. Positive McBurney. Appendicitis likely?

Are pain and bloating enough signs to get tested for ovarian cancer?

Back pain,pelvic pain, bulge in my vagina above my cervix.several hpts and three blood tests negative,could this be a fibroid or a cyst? On implanon

Been to er 45times to find out wht this mas in my uterus is.they said nothin was there but I feel diff. What could this mass be in my uterus?

Bilateral pelvic pain, abdominal pain during intercourse, acne, and family history of PCOS. Normal pelvic exam and thyroid. Is PCOS a likely cause?

Bleeding after sex last week, cervical exam very painful & found cervical erosion, since pelvic pain and pain in legs. What could it be?

Blood streaked vaginal discharge. Shoulder pain. And right side abdo pain. Could this be an ectopic pregnancy? Would it show on a blood test&ultrasoun

Can a doctor tell if you have cysts on your uterus just from a pelvic exam inthe er?

Can a UTI infection for 2 or more months cause PID/ or what my doctor called as fluid on my left ovary that was seen on ultrasound?

Can i have endometriosis? My dr didnt say anything abt it. I do have pcos though and lately been having alot abdominal discomfort. Pelvic exm normal

Can laparoscopy been done thru vagina to diagnose what is causing pelvic pain? Will it show infection from IUD if other test don't show it?

Can multiple fibroids size 2 cm cause consistent sharp pelvic pain, if they're associated with PCOS? Uterine stripe 1.5 cm, and missing 2 periods.

Can one day a doctor feel a swollen ovary thru pelvic exam and next day not feel it again? Do ovaries get swollen on & off? So many pelvic exams! ugh

Can pelvic inflammatory disease cause leg pain down one or both legs? DVT. ultrasound was negative but I was on flagyl for vaginitis..

Can you have Pelvic inflammatory disease with repeated normal blood tests over a week? Normal pelvic and abdo ultrasound.

Constant pain over my liver and bloating. Abdominal ultrasound appeared normal. Recent abnormal pap with scheduled colposcopy. Any possible relation?

Continuous pain in complete lower abdomen. Started with my period from 15th feb. Sonography - uterus 10.7*7.3 cm. Hypoechoic area of size 5.8*4*4.9?

Could chronic pelvic inflammatory disease come and go over periods of time? Would it be easy to see on ultrasound and CT WO contrast?

Could getting a pelvic ultrasound painful for vigins?

Could i be pregnant? Went to the hospital with pelvic pressure, vaginal numbness, fatigue and nausea (12/9/11). Transvaginal showed a sack in the uterus (4wks 5 days). Blood and urine came back negative. Followed up with my gyn. She said based on sono

Could pcos be diagnosed just w/blood test ? My doc says I have pcos but has not done any other test just touching my lower abdominal region

Ct scan showed enlarged ovaries,suggesting PCOS. Pelvic pain since last year,spotting+heaviness in abdomen. Normal weight no extra body hair?Possible?

Cyst on ovary and ca125 came back at 132. Being referred to a obgyn oncologist, what does this mean?

Cystoscopy 2 mos ago neg frequent URI now prolapse from vagina had hyst 30 yrs ago abd pain again do I see my urologist or gyn?

Deep pelvic pain during sex. 7.5 mos after c-section. Is this normal? What can be done? Swab test and physical exam were fine.

Deep pelvic pain during sex. 7.5 mos after c-section. Is this normal? What can be done? Swab test and physical exam were ok. What could be the cause?

Diagnosed with fibroids. When I have sex it hurts in my pelvic area is this related ? Thanks in advance.

Docors done mutilpe test on me , say I have slight endometriosis and a small cyst on my right ovary but doesn't explain my daily pain. What's worng?

Does a 50mm pelvic obliquity have any negative effects?

Does a cross vaginal sonogram cause pain the nnext day?

Does a pelvic test doctor fell cyst or sees it?

Does a pelvic test doctor fell ovarian cancer or does it sees?

Does a sonogram of the legs also check the pelvis?

Does a transvaginal ultrasound also check the bladder? I have tender bladder around the time I am ovulating? Thanks

Does your bladder need to be full to take a pelvic mri? What are the usually finding in a pelvic mri?

Dull on/off pain in right lower pelvis. IUD inserted 1 mo ago. Pelvis/transvaginal ultrasound came back normal. Should any other tests be done?

During a recent postpartum pelvic exam, my ob found 2-3 hard marble-like nodules in bladder region, had never felt anything like it before. Wt cld b?

During an exam with your gyn, is there a way for him to feel your ovaries? Vag u/s are $$ and i feel i may have a cyst. It's not chronic or persist

During last gyn exam felt 9 pinches. Still having pain &fullness a month after exam. Have had 2 very heavy periods since the exam, which was Jan.20th.

During pelvic exam found non specific fluid in pelvic what does this mean?

Dx with mass by uterus but don't think it is a fibroid. Should I be worried by abdominal pain or dizziness? What symptoms SHOULD I worry about?

Endometriosis, pelvic floor dysfunction,and vulvodynia confirmed. Mirena (levonorgestrel) in place no period for 2 years. Started bleeding today. 5mm kidney stone also?

Endometritis tests==very sick. Please help ?

Experiencing 3 months vibrations and dull ache at right ovary, vag ultrasound, cat scan, culture and blood all neg Dr says endo or pcs maybe?

Extremely painful cramps on right side near ovary at random times, using the restroom and during sex. What could it be? I had an ultrasound done to check for cysts or fibroids, but they said everything looked fine. I have never been pregnant , if that inf

Fluid in abdomen (uterus enlarged (15/40), deep dyspareunia) waiting for vaginal ultrascan. What other than cirrhosis & cancer causes ascities?

Fluid on uterus, causing pain and bloating. Had mri, and ultrasound that confirmed a good bit of fluid in the uterus. Was told to go back in 3 Months?

Got ultrasound 2weeks ago for a burst cyst and showed liquid cleared up,still discomfort if preasure pelvic area and frequent urination,is this bad?

GYN-I have simple ovarian cyst and sm fibroids. Severe pelvic/rectal pain. Why is my GYN testing CA-125 if the test is not conclusive detecting CANCER?

Had a CT scan today for flank pain. They placed a heavy thing over my uterus because my period was july 29. Will this harm ovulation?

Had a full pelvic exam& pap came back normal once a week I have a extremely painful feeling like something is squeezing my ovaries could this be pof?

Had a normal pelvic exam 5 months ago. But recently had urinary frequency with back pain. Is ovarian cancer unlikely based on recent exam?

Had a pelvic exam for irregular bleeding, I had intense sharp pain when she pushed on my bladder. ultrasound tomorrow, not pregnant reasons for pain?

Had an ultrasound transvaginal showed a menstraul cyst said to go away in 6 weeks theyve done no blood work & have not explained the pain?

Had clear colonoscopy, 2 transvaginal sonograms with a cyst of 2 cm- told ibs- pain in lower left (constant ) intermitten on other. What test next?

Had d&c abortion 3mon ago then Depo-Provera same day &still having painful contractions pain w sex swelling .Ultrasound seen fluid sitting at end of cervix?

Had gyn ultrasound today but i noticed my ovary had a dark area?

Had PID for two months. Ultrasound came back normal. Is it possible that I'm infertile?

Had spotting, and now lower abdominal pain for 2 weeks+, bloods, urine and swab came back clear. Suspected ruptured ovarian cyst but pain persists?

Had transvaginal ultra sound do to pelvic pain and uterus prolaps they could not see the overies. i am in tremendes pain . need an answer?

Had transvaginal us when pregnant 2 yrs ago. Does it look at ovaries?do they check ovaries when pregnant? Yearly exams as well? 31 yo, RUQ pain

Have an ovarian cyst, ultrasound show something around the cyst. 2nd ultrasound in 6wks. Lower back pain with brown bloody discharge, any concerns????

Have had a fever ranging from 99.7-103.2 since 4pm yesterday. My only other symptom is nausea. Had a pelvic and trans-vaginal ultrasound yesterday for bleeding that lasted 2 weeks and my primary caregiver suspected ovarian cysts. Should I be worried and g

Have had abdominal and lower back pain went to gyn and he found that my uterus was the cause he ordered a ultrasound wondering what he was looking for?

Have had horrible right pelvic pain for 3 weeks ct was normal how likly is it that my gyn will do laparoscopy? What should i expect? A pelvic exam?

Have had intermittent r. Pelvic pain undiagnosable. Ob/gyn wanted r hip eval- found labral tear. Chance this is source of pain or incidental finding?

Have moderate hirsutism. Was tested for PCOS but pelvic ultrasound came back normal. I have a prolactinoma. Can anything be done? If so, whom to see?

Have pid. Pain in rectum is decreasing with pain killers. Does it mean PID is gone? Will pelvic ultrasound show if there is any damage?

Having abdominal pain the ER did a vaginal ultrasound they said I have a 7 CM systs on my ovarie what should I do I didn't Have nothing there 2 months?

Having pain in left breast. Had hysterectomy 3 months ago. One ovary left. Have an app. Next month for my 6 months mammogram and ultrasound check up ?

Having pain similar to a constant cramp in between bellybutton & pelvic area after ultrasound could it be bladder infection? Not pregnant and on the pill

Heavy periods with painful sex. Pelvic exam normal. Dr says if ultrasound is normal then exploratory surgery. Would you suggest the same? I am 26

Hello docs, I have some pains in my uterus i did ultrasound they can't say whether I have cyst or not but I have a lot of yeast can u advise me smth?

Hello I a. 39 weeks pregnant and I have just had a show .. what should I do .. I am not gwtting any pains at all ...

Hello, can I have endomtriosis if the only symptom is mild pelvic pain on my right ovary, I have ti mention that last semptember i had abortion?

Hello, I have done an ultrasound after complaining about pain/ cramps. I have two subserisal Fibroids but the GP says I do not need to do anything??

Help with diagnosing pelvic pain and nausea but no issue found. What tests should I ask or what type of doctor to see? Right tube removed with lapscpy