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A very likely chance of having peptic ulcer. Can I get that when I am 44?

After how long does omez fully treat stomach ulcers ?

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Any way to treat ulcers in the colon? The adeno virus is in the ulcers.

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Anyone know what is a normal a1c?

Anyone with gastric ulcers given ditropan (oxybutynin)?

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Are perfurated ulcers painful? what symptoms? been on ppi treatment 6 weeks not officially diagnosed with ulcer but on treatment

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Are their any over-the-counter treatments for espophageal ulcers ?

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Are there any other treatment options for peptic ulcer disease?

Are there available medicines that will help me get rid of a peptic ulcer?

Are there other illnesses with symptoms similar to peptic ulcers?

Besides a prescription for protonix (pantoprazole) what else is there that will also help to heal stomach ulcers, when diagnosed by a doctor?

Can a bleeding ulcer cause a fatality ?

Can a bleeding ulcer cause fatality?

Can a non healing ulcer mean cancer?

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Can prednisone cause ulcers?

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Considering possible complications and treatment-difficulties, is a gastric ulcer more worrisome or a duodenal ulcer?

Could 40 mg. Of Prilosec daily for 4-6 weeks be enough to cure an ulcer?

Could a stomach ulcer from using celebrex (celecoxib) be asymptomatic perforate suddenly and cause pancreatits?

Could I die from an untreated stomach ulcer?

Could stomach ulcer be cured by taking medication ?

Developed ulcer after yrs of doctor-recommended naproxen for chronic pain. Can i take naproxen after ulcer heals, even if smaller dose, less frequent?

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Do gastric ulcers need tissue culture?

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Do ulcers in colon heal?

Do you know any way of treating a probable ulcer?

Doc,why does it happen that peptic ulcer is most common in blood group O and gastric carcinoma in blood group A??!!

Docs can you explain what is a genuine natural remedy to heal the stomach of peptic ulcers etc?

Does antibiotic damage liver?my grandma have cirrhosis gastric ulcer and gastritis ?how to treatment ?

Does cabbage juice heal Peptic ulcer symptoms or does it also get rid of the peptic ulcer in your stomach?

Does milk help in the treatment of stomach ulcers?

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Does zinc cause ulcers? mom has ulcer in stomach..what is right medication to cure?

Have benign nodual in stomach will it go away with medicine my ulcer is healed.

Have Crohn's and just diagnosed with peptic ulcer from endoscopy from NSAID. Been there for 3 weeks how fast does it heal? What can I do to help?

Having blood in my stool, and i know I have peptic and gastric ulcers. Home remedies for this?

How are typhoid and ulcers and their root causes distinguished from each other?

How are ulcesr caused by serial Asprin and ulcers from Crohn's distinguished?

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How do I treat an ulcer?

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How do you treat a bleeding ulcer?

How effective the homeopathy medication for peptic ulcer? Is it possible to kill the h.Pylori bacteria permanently through homeopathy medication?

How is it guessed if a patient has gastritis or ulcer? How do symptoms differ from each other?

How long can ulcers last?

How much time does it take to recover from a corneal ulcer (ulcerative keratitis)?

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How often should I take Prilosec for my peptic ulcer?

How often should I take Prilosec when I have a peptic ulcer?

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How to treat acute ulcers?

How to treat gastric ulcer , please I need ur help thank u?

How to treat gastritis?

I am already taking medication for my ulcer, but what drinks coat an esophageal ulcer?

I am diagnosed with peptic ulcers. The pain still on and off. Should i go for endoscopy as what the doctor recommended?

I get often ulcers in my month?

I had a duodenal ulcer about 15 years ago and have anxiety issues, can I still get an ulcer?