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1 month old baby has stomach gas and gave him some gas relief drops but keeps crying what can I do?

2 month old has painful gas. He's so uncomfortable. I give him gas drops but that only works short term. Could it be his formula? Or is this just something that baby's go through and is normal?

2 months old is very fussy after eating. He passes tons of very smelly gas and sweats a lot while crying/gassy, throws up 1-2/ day. Mylicon doesn't work?

2 week old infant with gas pain. OTC medication not helping. Any time she has to fart or poo she just struggles and cries. ?

Aaiden was born with reflux problems but he stay constipated a lot and has very smelly gas he is almost 5 yrs old now?

After a operation is your stomach supposed to blow up with gas is that normal?

After having a hysterectomy a few months ago I have a lot of gas is this normal if so what can I use to stop it and how long will I have gas?

After having fundoplication, I have a lot of gas. Does it go away?

After hysterectomy how bad can gas be?

Are there actually different flavors of anesthetic gas?

Are there any other remedies for gas besides simethicone? It's not working for me :-(

Beano be taken with gas x?

Can a 6 week old have pedialyte to relieve gas. If so how much?

Can a gas leak from my stove cause my miscarriage?

Can a real bad squeeze to the ribs, meaning false ribs. Can it cause irritation in gas build up as far as belching a lot and intestinal gas?

Can built up gas in your body cause you to faint?

Can daily activated charcoal pills help relieve chronic gas pain from IBS (no specific food causes the gas). If so how many mg & at what time of day?

Can doctors tell me what does laughing gas make you do?

Can effexor xr 37.5 cause intestinal gas ?

Can gas fumes make you nauseous?

Can gas get trapped in colon for many days?

Can I take Gas-x or similar meds for gas pain in the first trimester?

Can i take phillips and gas x at the same time?

Can laughing gas work as truth serum?

Can pop give you gas and bloating real bad and air and diarrhea?

Can relaxing in a hot tube relieve gas and bloating?

Can you drive after getting laughing gas?

Can you get severe diarrhea after spending 4 hours on entonox gas.

Can you have gas longer than 5 days?

Can you pas gas a lot before your period?

Can you suggest any alternative to laughing gas and shots?

Can you tell me more about laughing gas instead of epidural?

Can you tell me what kind of gas do they use during a hysterectomy?

Continuous gas and air (like you do while in labour) at the dentists for sedation. How is this done, what to do?

Could a gas mask help from crying when slicing onions?

Could my baby's diet be causing gas?

Could someone with gas (flatulence) trigger an explosion of someone's supplemental oxygen if they are too close, because of the methane?

Develop gas when i eat anything with spices, bowls are not regular. Gas develops stomach pain. Had Rantac and Lactacid, dint work. Possible solution?

Do gas-x and other over-the-counter tablets help with the gas you get after a colonoscopy?

Do PPI's cause bloating and gas? Will it go away with time as your body adjusts to the medicine?

Do the gas-x thin strips or the gas-x gel caps work better?

Doctors, can my gp prescribe gas & air for home use?

Does alcohol create gas?

Does anyone know any sources of gas relief?

Does being obese make you pass gas a lot?

Does coffee produce gas?

Does everyone pass little gas farts ?

Does gas go around your breast?

Does gas x interfere with antidepressants?

Does holding gas in you body cause diverticulitis?

Does it ever happen that a hiatal hernia make passing gas difficult?

Does laughing gas make you tell your secrets?

Does masterbation relieve gas? If so then how?

Does vitamins make you have bad gas?

Does. Gas bubbles affect eyesight permantantly?!

Dose dry-hard foods worse the digestive system & gas emition?

Every time I masterbate I pass a lot of gas uncontrollably please help ?

Every time I take gas x, I end up constipated. What else could I take or do to eliminate gas and bloating?

Excess intestinal gas for as long as i can remember, really uncomfortable as i have to hold it in most of the time. ie when with gf. ??

Excessive burping but no heartburn pain - I am on omeprazole and using gas x to no avail. Are there any medications that can help with my excess gas?

For how long after a vitrectomy does it take for the gas bubble to absorb and the vision to return?

Frequenly gas relies for me how to control?

Fumes/gas at work give me problems, how do I find out which ones they are?

Gas & air or epidural for labour, which is better?

Gas exchange in body and how it is done and why its necessary ?

Has anyone got relieved from gas after colon hydrotherapy?

Having a big issue lately with bloating. Its a little bothersome when trying to exercise. Any suggestions besides a lot of water and water and over the counter gas x? gas and bloating

Hello, my 8yr old daughter is having gas pains in her stomach; is it ok to give her 125mg soft gel of Gas-X (Simethicone )? Thank you

Hi i'm ten weeks pregnant and I have terible gas is it safe to take gas-x?

Hlo.doc m moving around with too much gas problems or digestion system from 2 years.i eat so medical sources but I no feel any what I do?

How can I control bad gas?

How can I help my child pass gas?

How can I lessen the amount of gas my baby experiences?

How can I manage gas while pregnant?

How can I manage my gas during pregnancy?

How can I prevent gas?

How can I stop farting? Does beano work ?

How can you tell the difference if you have appendices or whether its just bad gas?

How come so many foods make me have to pass gas so much?

How do I deal with gas pains? I'm 16 weeks pregnant.And how do I get rid of gas?

How do I deal with the gas or air in my stomach, I have to realise it every time ?

How do I pass the gas in my stomach when i don't have a medication? Can milk do the trick?

How do I stop the belching and passing gas on progesterone gel?

How do products like gas x / beano work?

How do you get gas gangrene?

How do you know if a 2month old is bothered by gas?

How do you take out your gas permeable contacts?

How does a gas bubble dissipate in body and how long?

How does gas actually get trapped in your intestines? If gas is lighter than air, shouldn't it be able to easily flow out? What actually stops it?

How does gas dissolve in the eye?

How does it feel to be on laughing gas at the dentist's?

How fast does it take gas-x and beano to relieve gas?

How long after a vitrectomy does it take for the gas bubble to absorb and vision to return?

How long can the tenderness of a gas pocket last?

How long does it take before you can see after a retnia detachment with gas bubble c3f8?

How long does it take for probiotics to work for bad or excessive gas?

How long is it supposed to it take for laughing gas to work?

How long would it take for my dad's retina gas bubble to go away?

How long would laughing gas last?

How to control night time gas forming due to IBS which awakes persons ?