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Just told that I have gastritis gastritis but the stomach is not acutely inflamed. Some stomach intestinal metaplasia observed. Has lasted 5 months??

9 year old has stomach aches around belly button. Dr says reflux and prescribed PPI but doesn't help. Could it be something more serious? Not H.pylori

After an a bleeding ulcer 2 years ago what causes constant acid in your stomach 24/7?

After finding out I have acid reflux, and gas in my stomach. My stomach is huge how long will it take for all that to leave my stomach?

After more than 2 months on ppis i'm still having heartburn every a.M. And feel like ulcers may still be present. Advice please?

Are haemorrhoids associated with stomach ulcer and pregnancy in women?

Are stomach ulcers common in teenagers ? And what are most common symptoms ?

Are there effects of stomach ulcers? What are they?

Besides ulcers, what can cause stomach lining tears?

Blood in stomach could it be GERD related?

But nothing showed up. Could someone please tell me what all the symptoms are of a stomach ulcer?

Can a kidney infection cause stomach bloating?

Can a kidney infection cause your stomach to bloat ?

Can a peptic ulcer leave you feeling hungry all the time? I am not a diabetic

Can a peptic ulcer make your stomach and chest cold to the toutch?

Can a person have symptom free stomach ulcers?

Can a shrunken stomach be dangerous?

Can a stomach ulcer cause chills after eating?

Can amoxycillin be bad for my liver or cause stomach ulcers?

Can an untreated bleeding stomach ulcer that perforated the stomach lead to an aortic thrombus?

Can antibiotics irritate stomach? or worsen gastritis?

Can any body have stomach stapling?

Can coffee give a person stomach ulcers?

Can exercising cause stomach ulcers to worsen?

Can gastritis and ulcers cause a tearing or ripping sensation in stomach?

Can Gastritis cause lower stomach pain when you eat a meal? I have no ulcers, just inflammation and bleeding. Colonoscopy was good polyps removed

Can gastritis ever go away?

Can gatorade irritate an ulcer?

Can having a stomach ulcer cause you to have stiff joints?

Can hyperthyroid mimic symptoms of a stomach ulcer?

Can I drink milk with a mild stomach antrum gastritis and tiny duodenum ulcer?

Can I feel an ulcer that is in my stomach on the outside of my stomach?

Can I have a drink if I have a bleeding ulcer?

Can ibd cause ulcers on the tounge and stomache bloating ?

Can my stomach swell from pancreatitis?

Can Olive Leaf Capsules help heal a Stomach Ulcer?

Can overeating at once rupture the stomach? What are the symptoms?

Can prolonged over consumption of wine cause stomach ulcers?

Can someone tell me the typical symptoms of stomach ulcers?

Can sore throat ,burning in esophagus and stomach when stomach is empty ,sign of h.pylori ?

Can stomach ulcers be caused by frequently getting angry?

Can stomach ulcers cause thrush/bladder infection symptoms?

Can stomach ulcers enlarge your pancreas?

Can stomach ulcers make you nauseous? I heard aspirin can cause stomach ulcers if you take it on an empty stomach, which I do frequently, and i've been feeling nauseous and having stomach pain lately. Is it an ulcer?

Can tablets for stomach ulcers and excess stomach acid produce psoriasis?

Can untreated and severe acid reflux lead to death from a bleeding stomach ulcer??

Can you get a stomach ulcer twice?

Can you please describe the difference between gastric acid and stomach ulcer?

Can you tell me how to rid of bloating with a stomach ulcer?

Can you tell me if a doctor says there might be some bacteria in the stomach how serious is this ?

Can you tell me is fainting a symptom of a stomach ulcer ?

Can't eat -- nausea with bleeding ulcer?

Could a burning stomach sensation when drinking alcohol be caused by non ulcer dyspepsia?

Could a person have ulcer if no vomiting?

Could a stomach hernia cause bleeding?

Could a teenager have stomach ulcer?

Could i drink beer if i diagnosed with stomach ulcer?

Could I have gastritis out of random?

Diagnosed with gastritis with endoscopy. Had this for a year. I know is not hunger. Why does gastritis make stomach growl loud? How to stop growling?

Do antibiotics heal bloated stomach?

Do I have weak stomach or some kind of ulcer . Is there other type less agressive of iron supplement that won't hurt the stomach?

Do stomach ulcers give a sensation like if something is pulling from inside I've been taking Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) for 2 weeks and have ulcers?

Do stomach ulcers go away on their own? Especially if they don't cause many symptoms? If so how long

Do the symptoms of stomach ulcer tell you whether or not you have a big or little ulcer?

Doctors said my stomach was inflamed (gastritis). Could this affect future stomach problems?

Does a stomach ulcer cause diarrhoea?

Does abdominal ultrasound see things like: gastritis, stomach ulcers, or gerd?

Does alcohol compound a stomach ulcer?

Does coffee actually make an ulcer/gastritis worse? Or just irritates it to become more painful?

Does empty stomach worsens gastrtis?

Does Fenoverine irritate stomach lining?

Does having a stomach ulcer make you vomit and that vomit will have blood in it?

Does lupus have anything to do with your stomach?

Does stomach cancer respond to ppi's or/and acidic food? I know stomach ulcers & gasritis do but was just wondering if this is the case for cancer ?

Does ulcer cause most of upper gastrointestinal bleeding?

Does ulcers make you have diarrhea?

Every time I eat something I get stomach pains and have a bowel movement could this be a stomach ulcer?

Gas x ok for stomach ulcers?

Gastric and stomach ulcer symptoms but nothing wrong after doing a scope, what to do?

Gastrointestinal related; hemorrhoids, upset stomach, etc, what to do?

Gnawing pain in gut under breast bone when i first wake up. Is it the hiatal hernia or the peptic ulcers. I have been diagnosed with both.

Had a normal endoscopy with slight hiatal hernia. So why does my stomach burn and feel irritated for a day after drinking alcohol?

Had an endoscopy , diagnosed with erythema in antrum fundus and bile reflux can these make a feeling of fullness in chest and stomach after meals?

Had endoscopy. Mild esophagus and stomach irritation from gerd. On omeprazole 40 MG and occasionally carafe. Still get lots of bloating and

Had gastric bypass 7 years ago have stomach pain that seems to travel vomiting ant acids help some?

Had stomach ulcer 6 or more months ago, would drinking soda now be risky? Can soda cause ulcers to perforate/bleed?

Had stomach ulcer diagnosed 2+ years ago, should be gone by now. Drinking soda still burns stomach. Can soda cause ulcer to bleed if it's still there?

Had stomach ulcer, thought it had healed. Drank some sprite and now my stomach has been burning all night. Serious problem or did i just irritate it?

Have post-infectious dyspepsia after stomach bug. Stomach burning resolved. Stopped ppi after 12 weeks. Now bloating and burping. What's the cause?

Help please! is chronic gastritis caused by to little or to much stomach acid?

Help, what to take for sore stomach and bowel?

Hi how can you tell if you have an ulcer I've been sick to my stomach sherrie?

How can a perforated stomach ulcer kill you?

How can I tell if I have stomach parasites or a stomach disorder?

How can I tell if I irritated my stomach?

How can you stop stomach discomfort caused by an ulcer?

How can you tell if you have a stomach infection?

How common are returning every few years stomach ulcers or stones?

How do I get rid of a stomach ache? Probably filled with gas or peptic ulcers

How do I know what caused my ulcers? I have scattered ulcers and erosions, erythema, congestion in the whole stomach and the doctors don't know why....