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, should I wait it out terrible pain in stomach, no nausea, no vomiting, no diarea, started 3 days ago

13 weeks pregnant &thought I had acid reflux/morning sickness last night. Now I have diarrhea,abdominal cramping &chills plus above. Food poisoning?

2 days ago i was vomiting and had diarrhea. Now I have a bad pain in the middle of my stomach that worsens when i eat i also have a sore chest?

25 yrs, sudden diarrhea and stomach pain. No vomiting but dry heaves. Diarrhea is acidic and can't lay comfortable with pain?

28 weeks pregnant, constant diarrhea for a couple weeks, now im having really bad stomach cramping, hard time breathing and nausea. What should I do?

2yr old is vomiting had diarrhea and crying that her stomach hurts her stomach is very tight what can I do or give her?

3 months I've had nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain every night 4-8 hours after eating. What could be causing this??

31yrmale.since 4 days nausea/sour taste in stomach after fever/pain/vomiting.had indigestion earlier but these symptoms are new.Stool normal

36 hours post nasty stomach flu (heavy vomiting and diahrrea), still bloated with headache. Best way to relieve symptoms?

4 days ago i had stomach pains with a little bit of nausea. I still have nausea but now I am throwing up. What could this be..

5 days and I have bad diarrhea lots of stomach gurgling with pain nausea and I can't eat. very tired and can't get out of bed because of nausea.

8 year old daughter complaining of heartburn almost every other day for 3 weeks. Has diarrhea. These are only symptoms. Could it be reflux? What else?

8 year old with daily stomach ache in the morning. He has no other symptoms. Seems to abate with food. Hurts sometimes throughout the day as well. ?

Achy stomach, slight nausea diarrhea 3 times, no appetite, tight stomach, been happening for 5 days now. What do I have?

All day I have had a fizzy sensation in my stomach, nausea and no appetite. What's causing this?

Almost constant burping, nausea, light headed dizzy for 3 days. Some stomach/abdominal pain. Pretty sure alcohol poisoning 3 days ago--related?

Anti-depressant causing horrible stomach cramps, what can I do?

Are gagging and/or vomiting usual nervous stomach symptoms?

Ate pork yesterday. Started getting stomach cramps, increase in gas, nausea, & gastritis upset. Next day feel worse w/chills, fatigue, nausea. ?

Bad heartburn turned into stomach flu. What do you suggest?

Bad stomach pain for 24 hours, no diarreoa or vomiting but loss of appetite and pain is still bad, what could this be? is it a virus?

Bad stomach pain severe nausea anxiety?

Bad stomach pains , diarrhea , nausea & major breakouts ... What could this be ?

Bad stomach pains, can hardly walk, dizziness, headache, nausea, diarria, aching all over, really sleepy, no sore throat or cough. Food poisoning?

Bad taste in mouth, diarrhea for two days, headache on and off for a week. Stomach pain and tenderness. Some dizziness as well.

Bad taste in mouth, headache on and off for a week. Stomach pain and fever. Some dizziness as well. Lose motions ?

Been sick from my stomach for a week and a half what is happening ? I feel nausea and stomach pain.

Both my spouse and I have been weak with heartburn, nausea, severe bloating and body aches for 3 days. What could this be?

Burning stomach ache, nausea & diarrhea. Traveling at the moment. Please advise.?

Can being sick to your stomach be a symptom of depression?

Can a yeast infection cause stomach pain and nausea?

Can allergies cause you to get stomach symptoms like burping and bloating?

Can anxiety cause mild nausea or knot in stomach?

Can bad teeth cause nausea and sickness of your stomach?

Can cough syrup lead to an upset stomach & nausea?

Can drinking with empty stomach for whole night cause nausea and diarrhea and abdominal pain for a few days ? I have this problem right now .

Can existing gastritis be irritated by gastroenteritis? Had stomach flu but now abd is sore including back and have some constipation .. no appetite

Can heatburn cause you to get waves of nausea?

Can I still get an ulcer while on a ppi past 5 years? Having gnawing pain in stomach, hoarseness, throat swelling, gas, nausea, no appetite

Can insufficient sleep trigger stomach pains and nausea?

Can making yourself vomit food to help a severe stomach ache?

Can mild dehydration go on to cause stomach upset?

Can overactive thyroid cause stomach cramps/ache all day?

Can severe stress/anxiety cause upset stomach, nausea, stomach gurgling, bloating & a burning pain in stomach? What can I do to help these symptoms?

Can soft stool, feeling nauseas , and an upset stomach be caused by your period coming in a week?

Can spinach d lead to a stomach ache?

Can stomach cramps, back pain, nausea, and and upset stomach be a sign of early labour or just a stomach bug. It has been like this for 2 weeks now.

Can stomach pain in pregnancy be caused by hunger?

Can stress cause stomach aches and hallucinations?

Can stress cause stomach aches, reflux and diarrhoea? Any answers appreciated!

Can stress cause stomach growling and bloating ? Also mild headaches

Can vivitrol cause me to be sluggish/tired while im on it? Also, can is cause stomach pains/diarrhea?

Can you tell me if morning sickness vomiting causes problems with the heart, esophagus, stomach?

Chronic nausea, upset stomach, indigestion, mucusy constipation, fatigue, chills on butt. Not h Pylori, blood test was fine. Its been 4 months! Help!!

Chronic stomach pain, intestinal issues, nausea, vomiting, and dry heaving. 2 months long?

Constant Diarrhea for 4 days (also at night), with internittent stomach cramps. Loud bowel sounds. No nausea or fewer. Causes?

Constant nausea 2 months. I had a baby 3 months ago? Is this normal? I've had major heartburn too and a sinus infection, could this be the cause?

Constant runny bowels, pinching stomach pain, feeling nausea, headache, very fatigued. Are these signs and food poisoning?

Continous upset stomach for 2 weeks, no pain, vomit or dia, just gas. No temp either?

Could a headache have anything to do with poor indegestion and stomach disorder ?

Could a lot of sinus drainage over time cause stomach problems? Stomach aches?

Could ibs cause brief unbalance or dizziness with very slight upper upset stomach ?

Could nasal/phlegm drainage or too much spicy food or candy cause me to have flu symptoms like diarrhea/fatigue/upset stomach/headache/etc.?

Could runny egg be the cause of my stomach symptoms?

Currently suffering nausea/vomiting. Foamy saliva. Stomach feels bubbly (have to burp to stop from vomiting). Slight ear pressure. Occasional pain.

Day after stomach flu bloating, cramping and back pain? Normal? Dehydration. I also have HypoKpp not sure if it's potassium related.

Diarrhea for 4 days with inflammation of the anus, headache, stomach cramps, dizziness, sore mouth and gums?

Diarrhea for almost 2 mos.Now when I eat,get really upset to my stomach&nauseous.Also having slight stomach pain.&heartburn.What could it be?

Diarrhea for the past 12 days tried pepto to settle my stomach and such but I still can't help it, a lot of body pains, stomach pains & chills?

Diarrhea metallic taste in my mouth, horrible stomach pain and cramping. Belching and bad headache. Going on for 5 hrs. what shd I take to feel good?

Diarrhea twice in 1 night, then once the next. I have an achy stomach that is worse after waking up. No appetite. Going on for 6 days. Stomach bug?

Diarrhea, vomiting blood, horrible stomach pains and headaches. My body feels weak. Could this be serious?

Discomfort in the stomach mainly in the morning, hunger pain, nausea while eating, burping, stomach ache and constipation..These are my problems.Plz help?

Do you have a stomach ache before you start vomiting bile?

Do you know how to stop my symptoms I have vomiting and face rash and upset stomach. And I want some answers on it?

Does gastritis always end up in vomiting? How often does gastritis cause vomiting because I might have gastritis and I'm scared of vomiting

Does nausea medicine always work for nausea caused from stomach "flu" bug? Nothing has helped the nausea yet. I get it on and off through the day.

Every time I eat, I have been getting, nausea, and stomach pain this week?

Everyday I have vertigo, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetitite, heartburn, stomach cramps, slight pain relief from vomitting? Feel very tense.

Experiencing upper stomach spasms, diarrhea n chills.

Finished my h-pylori meds about 5 weeks ago. Still belchy and rumbly stomach. Is this normal? Have had slight vertigo too.

For a month now I have had huge stomach issues. Always have stomach pain, have diarrhea every day, not vomiting. Can barely keep anything down.

For the last 3 days i have woke up with severe stomach pain , nausea, diarrhea, gas, and a really bad taste in my mouth when i burp what can i do ?

For the last couple days I have felt down my stomach has been upset and I've had a headache but no fever?

For the past 3 days i've been waking up with an ipset stomach and diarrhea in the morning, its very painful should I see a Doctor?

For the past few days I've had diarrhoea, nausea, occasional stomach cramps, heartburn and feeling fatigued. do you know what It could be?

For the past month she has been throwing up and diarrhea atleast 3 days out of a week. Stomach pains and nausea every single day. Sleeps a lot also?

Frequent diarrhea , nausea, and mild stomachs aches for 3 days now? Stomach virus? I haven't throwed up

Frequent fever, stomach ache, feeling of nausea, stomach bloating, yellow urine&water detected in stomach ultrasound.Can you please suggest?

Gastritis for a year. Ppis don't work, symptoms are inconsistent but horrible. Now waking up with stomach aches that can last all day. Suggestions now?

Had cefxime ornidazole for stomach ache and infections for two days now pain is gone...But their is indigestion , bloat burp and mild nausea. Pls help?

Had stomach flu symptoms. Puking, bloating, non stop belching, nausea, and cramps in abdomin. Next day no symptoms and felt normal. Then again today s?

Had stomach virus with a lot of vomiting (5 days ago). Had pizza last night and now feeling bad nausea again..Could one experience a relapse?

Had the stomach flu for 3 days not vomiting anymore but still have mild stomach pain is this normal ?

Have gastritis but having a nausea around stomach,upper abdomen. No pain. Watery feeling and better after eating but still there. No other symptoms.

Have uncontrollable diarrhea with no stomach pain (woke covered in it). Now stomach is swollen & painful. Have horrible gas and have nausea and flu.

Headache bitter mouth nausea and alot of gas?

Headache, dizzyness,bitter taste stomach ache and abdominal pains.

Headache, feeling cold, upset stomach?

Headache, stomach cramps, back pain, nausea, bloating, heartburn, fatigue, frequent urinating, for the past week and a half.