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14 year old girl burp a lot and I heard burping is a symptom of stomach cancer. So does she have stomach cancer? Upper abdomen is bloated.

17 year old boy having burning in stomach along with heavy gas and burping/belching. Could it be due to stomach cancer?

57 year old female has gastric problems and previous gall bladder problems. Stomach has gas and she burps a lot.

62 f what would cause constant stomach gas?

A lady at work and i, are having the same GI track symptoms: stomach discomfort, bloating, and gas...Could it be a virus?

Abdominal pain, bloating, growling, nausea after eating.Ultrasound shows excess gas in abdomen.I don't pass a lot of gas/burp, how can I feel better?

Am i swallowing too much air throughout the day and while eating? Why do I have distended stomach? Acidity, anxiety? Will i go back to normal stomach

Are stomach bloating and hypoglycemia related?

Are trapped gas and an inability to burp symptoms of GERD?

Are trapped gas and excessive burping symptoms of GERD?

Ate and drink to much cause me bloating heartburn diarrhea and gas. Took gas x. Just have gas now but stool a clay color is it gastritis?

Bloated stomach, gas in stomach, gastric juice reversed, no appetite, cannot release gas. Anything besides medicine that could help?

Bloating, stomach pain, gas that smells like sulfur, and bowel movements. what's causing this?

Bubbly, gurgling sensation in stomach with belching and passing gas. Some tenderness in stomach. Zantac (ranitidine) and omeprazole calm it down. Thoughts?

Can a bad gall bladder cause your stomach to bloat ?

Can acid reflux cause your stomach to bloat up? I've been experiencing extreme bloating. What could it be. I'm skinny with a big belly.

Can acidity or gas lead to an enlarged abdomen/stomach for someone who does not exercise?

Can anxiety and stress cause bloating, light stomach pain, stomach growling in just a couple of days?

Can beano and gas x help with my stomach making flatulence sounds?

Can c.diff cause bloating in stomach with lot of burping? Is there other condition that can cause this?

Can constant stomach pain, belching and farting be a sign of pregnancy?

Can cpap cause a lot of gass in your stomach.?

Can D.fragilis cause nausea, burping, acid reflux and loud bowel sounds, random vague pain, food intolerances and general stomach upset/discomfort?

Can excess acid cause growling noises from small intestine and gas ? I am passing stool everyday, does not appear to be food related

Can excess stomach acid cause diarrhoea?

Can excess stomach gas cause acidity or push the acid up to the esophagus? any home or OTC remedy to effectively eliminate stomach gas?

Can excessive acid be causing ; loud stomach noises, gas , constant sore throats and occasional vomiting of bile in the morning?

Can milkshakes cause stomach pain if you have IBS?

Can parasites cause bloating and gassiness? been 1 week and I can still hear my belly bubbling but have never taken deworming meds. What could it be?

Can peptic ulcers affect digestion? If they can, how? Could they cause very stinky gas?

Can protonix (pantoprazole) cause excess gas pains in the stomach?

Can stress and worry affect the abdomen/stomach and cause bloating?

Can stress cause bloating, weird stomach sounds, and gas?

Can you die from constant belching?

Can you have gas bubbles in your stomach in pregnancy?

Constant bad stomach pain and bowel movement.Bloated, belching noises, similar to when one is hungry but always happens. What could be wrong with me?

Constant indigestion, no gallbladder, but it feels like it did when i had gallstones,also bloating and gas, no reflux, just continuous indigestion ?

Constant loud stomach noises, abdominal cramping, occasional severe diarrhea, anxiety, sleeplessness, excessive mucus, acid reflux, frequent gas?

Constantly passing gas and rumbling in stomach for 5 days. What could cause this?

Could a partial obstruction cause stomach pain/cramping in belly button region and nausea after eating or drinking and loud stomach grumbling noises?

Could a yeast infection cause excessive gurgling in the stomach?

Could bananas be causing excess gas and rumbling noises in stomach ?

Could I have excess acid ; i experience gurgling in stomach and pain especially at night, burping and farting alot, diarrhoea and a yeast infection?

Do asprin cause gas in stomach 81mg?

Does stress cause nausea and gas?

Does an empty stomach produce gas?

Does anxiety and gastritis cause gas?

Does atrovastatin cause gas in the stomach?

Does excessive burping and gas indicate hunger?

Does gastritis cause alot of gas ? My gastritis is flaring and ive got lots of trapped wind

Does GERD cause gas/stomach pain? I have terrible acid reflux but That's only half the pain.Constantly have gas,and stomachs, Normal BM too. Ibs?

Does moderate antrum gastritis interfere with food digestion and cause gases and bloating in the stomach?

Does multivitamin cause gas in your stomach?

Does paroxetine (paxil,seroxat) cause gas in stomach and intestine? Please, need some answers?

Does ranitidine help gas excess?

Excess flatulence, bloating, feeling of indigestion, burping for a month... What could ite? I'm 24

Excess gas/bloating 10 days now esp after eating (anything at all). Now diarrhea after some meals along with the excess gas. Should I be worried?

Excessive belching and dry heaves, could this be gas?

Excessive loud stomach noise, acid reflux/lpr , constipation, fatty stool when wipe, slight abdominal discomfort and anxiety. Could it be crohns?

Extreme flatulence, stomach cramps, acid reflux?

First aid for gas in the stomach?

For 2 nights,only nights,I have had stomach gurgling,gas,slight bloating, continuous very soft stools. Pepto/antacids no help. Increased fiber.Ideas?

For past few days I have been belching sulpher and having gas also upset stomach .Can this be from victoza (liraglutide)? Or something else?

For the past four weeks i've been bloated and nauseated and having sulfur burps. Could it be h. Pylori?

For what reasons might your stomach bloat up when you have a lot of fibers?

Foul smelling gas. Constant stomach rumbling. Flatulence 400-500 times a day. Diet modification/food journal + probiotics no help. Now what?

Fullness felt on my stomach esp when breathing air into it. Burps a lot too. Gas?

Gas and burning in stomach, what to do?

Gas is moving from stomach to head, what to do?

Gas stuck in the chest and stomach, what to do?

Gasteroperesis. Need digestive enzymes to digest food. Helps but only noises on R lower abdomen. Should there be noises entire abdomen? Is L side ok?

gurgling popping noise around stomach is it gas or something it related to my gerd/acid reflux? or could it be intestine too much gas help pl

Had hemorrhoidectomy 6 weeks ago. Since then have had frequent bowel movements daily, gas, constant belching, cramping, & reflux. On protonix (pantoprazole).

Had treatment for h pylori but stomach pains bloating constipation heartburn and gas havnt been retested yet but is it normal to still have symptoms ?

Had trouble breathing through stomach for years because stomach is tight, can't expand, bloated. Cause: years of constipation problem. What do I do?

Had upper endoscopy this morning. Now have cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Can the gas introduced to my stomach during the procedure cause this. ?

Haunted by nausea, acid and bloating, why could this be?

Having a boiling/bubbling feeling in my stomach. Diagnosed with intestinal metaplasia of the stomach. Stool feels acidic. Burping, and gas. Thoughts?

Having bloating, nausea, constipation and hungry with some pain in top middle stomach. Had gastric byp. Over 2 yrs ago! Help I'm miserable!

Having gas and stomach aches for two weeks. A little heartburn. Never had before chronic stomach issue or heartburn?

Having GERD , I feel bloating and belching after every meal , feel some relief after burping does this can cause dizziness, difficulty in swallowing ?

Having upper abdominal pains all day long did not take my aciphex (rabeprazole) today been belching passing gas an bowl movements acid reflux or gallbladder wch one?

Heartburn, nausea, stomach rumbling loudly & painfully , bloating, emptyness, acidic noises from stomach, burning sensation in stomach, sleep trouble?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes excessive gas & stomach discomfort?

Help!bloating sharp pain in chest sometimes hot terrible gas & belching for the past week. I'm sacred to eat . Pepto Pepcid (famotidine) AC and gas x does not work?

Hey . I have problems with stomach growling every day. Sometimes with belching too . What could be cause of this?

Hi doctor recently I started belching excessively and have gas and stomach noises with undigested food in my stool my doc couldn't figure out please h?

Hi I think I have low stomach acid and gluten sensitivity which scares me. Gas, bloating, belching, heartburn, dry hair, fatigue, nausea, please help!

Hi, every nite i get nausea bloating burping and passing of wind and some pain.

Hi, is stomach growling associated with giardia?

Horrible smelling gas, rumbling stomach, 20 or more times an hour. This has gone on for 3 years. Doc says gas is normal. ?

Horrible upset stomach after too much guacamole. Excessive belching and flatulence for almost one day?

How can I get rid of excessive gas in stomach? I have gas almost every other day. Burping every time.

How can I prevent stomach bloating?:)

How can I put an end to gas/a bloated stomach?

How can you treat gassy/hunger pains in your stomach?

How do I know if I have stomach ulcer? Stomach pain, then nausea after eatting. Could it just be gas?

How do I tell if my stomach is having a spasm or just bloating?

How does pancreatitis act? Does it cause bloating?

How long will anxiety-related stomach gas and bloating last?