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i had taken sm spicy food in last one week... also i had loose motions 3 days back... now i m facing this stomach ache n uneasiness?

i have a block stays in my diaphragm/upper gastrotract, can breath but very disturbing ,like spasms.blood and infection tsts no help.

My breast are swollen , My stomach mâkes noises , My pooh Is soft And I had diarrhea last week .i have chest burn at Night ,nusea all Day What wrong?

-shortness of breath -sensation burt stuck -flatuenses everything worst after eating deep fried -anxiety diagnosed -morning nausea is it gerd?

“Medium Stomach cramps and feeling a little nausea , I've had my gallbladder removed 2 years ago, until now I've had no problems I have put on weight?

1 1/2" above b button, tightness, bloated, gurgles, ache usually after eating. All other systems good, appetite, BM's, no fever. U-sound recmd'd?

1 Mon ago i suff from GERD + weird abdominal sounds( empty/without empty stomach). my acidity is cured now but i am i am still getting sounds . why ?

1 more ?. I have this sudden need to clench and release my stomach, like you would a stress ball. Not muscle but my stomach itself. Should I worry?

1 yr ago had endoscopy due to symptoms of indegestion ,result was normal explained sometimes prone to inflammation in stomach from production of too much acid Burp alot ,regularly after bowel movement ,Normal? drinking water comes back up in 5 Sec!

1)burping and 2)sensation in upper abs and chest joint area together is a sign of stomach gas? Or acidity?Suggest some quick remedy except medicine.

16 days postop from gallbladder removal.Had too much to eat and 2 glasses of wine and feel horrible--severe nausea/indigestion.Should I be worried?

16 yo female 5'4, 185, pain in center of stomach beneath ribs at every meal n even not, bloating w food, ideas?

17 days postop GB removal.Had a high fat meal last night and have felt horrible since.Feel severely nauseous and indigestion.Should I be concerned?

17yr old, severe gastritis, in agony for last six weeks, lost a stone in weight, zoton not working. Any suggestions please?

19 years old nausea after meal sometimes and nightime scared could it be cancer ?

2 Mon ago i sufffrom GERD + weird abdominal sounds( empty/without empty stomach). my acidity is cured now but i am i am still getting sounds . why ???

2 years post sleeve gastrectomy, i feel like my maybe my stomach stretched. How do I start the diet again with results?

20 yrs,male.Eating outside food causes bloating,something stuck like feeling.Strain sometimes inspite of stools being normal.Lymphocytes-3600,46%.

21yo female. Felt unwell and haven't been eating much. Can constipation cause symptoms of avid reflux and a "trapped gas" feeling?

23 year old male, Burping, abdominal pain and increased appetite. Also stomach feels empty all time. Is this a ulcer?? I'm worried. No smoke, no alc

23yo male experiencing trouble swallowing for a month. heartburn&ab pain too. Had a Normal swallow test and CBC in the ER.Odds of stomach cancer?

25y woman. Problems pain in stummic, slow digestion, slow movement.Dont empty stummic often and reflux-deseace.whats wrong?No medication work.pls help

25yo female with stomach discomfort and fatigue. No bloating just very gassy and little appetite. Gets a little full faster. Serious?? Ovarian cancer?

2mnths&all of a sudden gas so bad farts it startels her&she screams like it hurt on soy formula also mild thrush and umbilical hernia what cld b wrong?

3 days intermittent(nausea belching left abdom discomf very constipatd tired) food n water make worse. Zantac (ranitidine) mild temp.relief.what could b diagnosis?

3 wks. Ive been exhausted. My stomach/lower abdomen is harder than normal. Get sick from certain foods. Gas bubbles. Frequent urination. Pregnancy?

3-4x a year I get chronic stomach pain lasting for 6-10 weeks. Not triggered or impacted by stress or food. Endoscopy was inconclusive ?

30 y f. Hunger pangs alot even after eating. No pain jst empty hungry feeling mid upr abd.prilosec evry 2-3 dys. Acid?Cant be hungry! Ulcer??

30yr old.feel fullness,less hunger,bloating,hardness.No pain.CTscan,endoscopy,blood tests all normal.I sweat if i eat a little more.anything serious?

31yo F feels like she's been punched in the stomach (she hasn't), consistent belching, loss of appetite and feeling full. Visited Virgin Islands.

36 M with clean cardiac bill from Doctor. EpigAstric pain, abd bloat, gas and sob for last one year. Esp after eating or playing. Frustrating. Help!

37.5 wks pregnant miserable. Id it normal to have this constant full feeling? Stomach is really tight.

39 weeks. Severe pelvic pressure worse over last 24 hrs. Leaking colostrum .vomiting and diarrhea. Restless legs,.can't eat or sleep anymore?

3mths old. Still havin painful and irritable colic. Stressful and short hours of sleep cos of it. Taught the colic shld be easing by now. Need advice.

4_5 soft stools daily since teenaged, now I am 36. Worse when traveling or stressed.How to cure, sometimes along with stomach cramps.What is the reason.

52 year from last 60 days keep on getting fever at night time 99 -100 also feels like bloating in stomach too much off gas. Been to drs but no outcome?

57 female.Middle back pain, maybe after eating greasy food.Chest x-ray, blood test , gallbladder normal. Is it a muscle ?Also belches

58year w bloatedness, feel full of gas, hear gases in tummy, discomfort feel like unable to empty gases, loss of appetite? Had mucus for 2 weeks then stop

5mo born w/ & continues 2 have distended abdomen now has vomited & had diarrhea for 3 days & stomach is flattening, decreased appetite fussy @ night??

8 yr old has probs with constipation, it made her sick & had heartburn. Now breathing fast, started when she was very backed up. dr or will it go away?

A doctor did a celeaI block on my spleen and stomach which did not work in April 2016. I woke up in a bed of poop and have had diarrhea ever sense. ?

Abdominal pain 9-11, odd reaction to Nexium (esomeprazole) 5-12 then felt really weak, now lost 100 lbs and tissue down to bone. Ct neg. Eating normal. Ideas?

About 2 weeks ago I tried quinoa for the first time with in the hour my stomach inflated like a beach ball which was accompanied by extreme pain flatulence belching and vomiting. I also broke out in a rash. I took some benedryl to help if it was an allerg

Abt 30 minutes aft every meal, i will feel bloated and my stomach will be uncomfortable.Can i know the result and how can I rectify this problem?

After eating high doses of white sugar I felt gas and a litle burning on my right side of intestine after that constipation, and a lot of gas what is?

After i eat i get upper abdominal pain, bloating, bubbles in stomach, lots of air, nauseas, sometimes spew. Losing weight fast. Bloods say allergies.

After many many tests the gastro says I have severe ibs. Why does the IBS act up in early morning hours? I get woke with pain daily meds make me sleep

After meal,I get wet burps & feeling like food stuck in the mid of 2 ribcages.Gas relives.Indigestion.No Dysphagia.Mild nausea.No early fullness.PPI helps but not completely.HB 14+,CBC,Lypse,Amylse,LFT,USG-Normal.Pain in a point of spine.35/M.Ca sym?

After semi forcing out some faeces, my stomach hurts in the area where you get gastric. Right below the bra. Could this be acid reflux? Am prone to it

Age 16 mild stomach discomfort for pat 24 hrs. Not constipated, seems better with anti acids. What is causing this?

Am losing weight.My physical turns out okay.But I have stomach pain.My urine foams, i urinate a lot but am not diabetic..I pass a lot of gas .

An uncle of mine, always complain of his inability to pass urine at ease, he equally complain of noisy stomach. He is above 50 yrs, what is his problems?

Anxiety attacks n barretts disease have meds but frequent soft hot stools kinda like diahhreah. Could that be combo of both it causes freq gas n pains?

Anxiety, 3-5 second pains in stomach, fullness after eating (i eat fast), scared to death it might be stomach cancer. Pains only when im anxious? Help

Ar there any other ways too work your stomach besides crunches?

Awaken from sleep with mid-abdominal pain and after passing gas 6 times can go back to sleep. Colicky abdominal pain x8 wks. Sleep interrupt only 4x.

Been about 10yrs of ab. Pain w/bloating and burping. still can't swallow w/out air going down, even with only mucus. Is it mechanical? Nerve system?

Been experiencing heavy stomach rumbling with gas for 2 days. I'm in week 2 of titrating off a ppi to an h2 blocker, possible reason or infection?

Been having "burping episodes" where i'll burp every 7-10 seconds. burps are usually short&small but sometimes will be big belches. ep. was 10hrs 2day?

Been having stomach pain/cramps last 24 hrs. Had crumpet which was possibly undercooked. Could this have an effect as its hard to digest ?

Belching a lot with chest pressure sob sometimes liquids & food hurt going down dr says I have pneumonia also have high urine output?

Big increase in passing gas freq nasuea after eating was in hospital only was low pottass wouldnt run more test even had stomach pai can't afford doc?

Bit embarassing, people constantly ask if i've farted. I'm always bloated but am 100% certain i haven't. I may have IBS & incur stomach cramps often?

Black stools stomach spasms doubling over from pain nausea heart burn feeling out of it and no energy?

Bloated, increased frequency of loose bm's , &general feeling of sickness 3 days.Stressed due to school, maybe slight tachy, could be over thinking?

Bloating , face;body break outs.Frequent peeing, barely drinking fatigue as well as acid reflux. 2 1/2 weeks until period. Could i be pregnant?

Bloating, gassy, typically feeling worse after meals with carbs and symptoms are like ibs-c got worse.Can there be a yeast overgrowth in intestines?

BP 110/60 morn 140/70 aft no pain but discomfort sometime Constipation and gas too.Is BP due to gas or heart.

Brief moments of hot burning feeling in stomach sometimes accompanied w/ strong waves of nausea, 2-3x daily? Advice/ suggestions/diagnosis please!᤾

Burning between rib cage with gurgling stomach. Going through bad divorce so high anxiety and constant worry?

Burp/gas,abdominal/backburning like pain,feeling ill,alot of blood test ultrasound,hidascan normal.Fear of pancreascancer its been 2 22yrold ?

Can a hiatal herina or IBS cause upper gas pains after sleeping? I wake at 4-5am in agony. Nothing helps. Gastro can't find a cause. I have ibs

Can a poor digestive systom and acid reflux give you lower back ache and sickly feeling dr?

Can a small hiatal hernia cause a feeling of a band of pressure across the top of my stomach and can anxiety cause fatigue? Recently diagnosed with barrett's, and small hiatal hernia, while experiencing ibs-like symptoms, i.E., diarrhea, loose stool upon

Can acid reflux or ibs cause hair loss or thinning? Everytime I eat my stomach starts gurgling and I have to burp but I noticed my hair is thinning?!

Can allergic Rhinitis cause irritable stomach? Been sensing some "kicking" and sensitivtie in upper abdomen, after taking antihstaminic this improved.

Can anxiety and constant worry lead to ulcers especially if your worries always focus on your stomach?

Can anxiety or the drug mirtazapine cause gas to 'gurgle' up the throat (without causing an actual belch?)

Can gas in chest mimic skipping heartbeat? Will burped afterwards.I have GERD and 36weeks pregnant.Had EKG result is normal. Is this just part of GERD

Can gastritus make stomach distend/ tight.. My stomach is thight 24/7 . What can I do .. Also would this cause any deep breathing issues?

Can ibs gas buildup cause ribs and underarm areas to be sore.Stomach has been bloated lately, quit drinking coffee and pain reduced.

Can kidney stone make u have any kind of trouble breathin? I kno nausea im terribly feelsick 2 my stomach i feel as if I have pressure/pai in my body

Can lithium cause gasy feeling or indajetion?

Can tons of gas, indigestion result in really anxious jumpy tummy.I have a really bad infrequent diet. ?

Can trouble breathing in deeply result from recent pancreatitis & gallbladder removal? How so? It seems worse after meals & i sweat also at night.

Can very bad anxiety cause GERD symptoms to get worse or act up. I ate food that norm never bothers me had mild anx attack n guts r killin me.

Can vomiting slow stomach ulcer or gasritis healing? Im asking because IV been feeling better from gastro problems , recently aggrevated by vomiting :/

Can you tell me why ever since i went into surgical menopause I have been having a lot of heart burn and gas, upset stomach?

Cause of DAILY nausea &upset stomach? All tests and lab work are normal. Anxiety? I can't handle it anymore

Cholecystectomy over 7 months ago. Still feel heartburn and nausea. Wouldn't the body be already adjusted by now to not having a gallbladder?

Chronic stomach pain , I have ulcers. All the meds are not working i'm frustrated.I lost weight, changed my diet nausea and pain are very upsetting?

Clean egd 6mo ago. Colicky stomach pain sometimes after eating sometimes on empty stomach last 8wks. Coffee and honeybun seem to ease symptoms. Ideas?

Clear upper endoscopy & colonoscopy Nov '15, but now having unusually excessive belching, bloating and loud stomach noises. What next steps? Thanks!

Colonoscopy done about a week ago. Now feeling nauseous w reflux particularly when laying down and bloated. Any possible side effect from colonoscopy?

Completed h.Pylori treatment. But now, I am having excessive gas, getting chest pressure/pain. My GI said its cause of overeating.But i dont. Any ideas

Concern I have diabetes, eat a lot, tired weak and vision changes. 21 male. Been happening for 2 months. Stomach, esophagus inflamed. Something wrong?

Consant feeling of fullness lower belly after week of medicine related diahrea. (week of 15mg daily metformin., never used be) was painful with urge to go to the bathroom. Now just fullness. Normal ct?

Constant bloated feeling, acid reflux, short spells of breathlessness when bloating is worst, small black bits in stool, constipation. Should I worry?

Constant bloating/excess gas 9 days now, worse after eating. Get full super fast and short of breath from the bloating. Tried GasX n Zantac, (ranitidine) no relief?

Constant nausea, especially after eating, and mild stomach cramping/pain for 2 weeks now. Ultrasound clear. 21yrs, Acid reducers + diet - no change.