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29 yo female with two aneurysms in my splenic artery. Short of breath and pain in upper left abdominal area. Chance of rupture? Elective splenectomy?

33 weeks pregnant, abdominal pain coughing. Ultrasound shows a complete and extensive tear to my left rectus ab muscle! can I have normal labour?

A friend has an acquired loss of a large area of rectus abdominus luq. He is 56 and in good shape. He wants it fixed. Seems it could be repaired.

Abdominal "mass" vs. Abdominal "lump", what is the difference?

Abdominal rash after surgery?

Abdominal ultrasound: technician pressed abdomen too hard and therefore it was somewhat uncomfortable. Chance of internal organ damage?

After bochdalek surgery, is it normal for the belly or lower abdominal area to now have a large bulge?

Are there any good books on abdominal adhesions?

Are there exercises which strengthens the abdominal wall and which can help against developing a hernia in first place?

Are there masses in abdomen/intestines that can develop postpartum (3 months) related to hormones?

Beating sensations different areas all around belly button under ribs all different areas is it likely to be abdominal aortic aneurism last few months?

Best treatment for an abdominal mass?

Black holes in organs in abdominal ultrasound, what could this be?

Can a diastasis recti cause painful spasms in the upper abdomen?

Can a male have pelvic ascites without having it in belly?

Can a one-inch cyst on the left ovary cause enough pressure on the colon on that area such that it traps gas and cause lower abdominal distention?

Can a seroma from a panniculectomy cause backpain and nausea? I feel multiple fluid pockets in my abdomen as well.

Can a wide open rectus abdominis cause you pain?

Can abdominal adhesions strangle your gallbladder?

Can abdominal hernias affect stool?

Can abdominal hernias protrude backwards into back muscles?

Can an abdominal hernia be dangerous? Does it cause any pain? Patient has esld as well.

Can an abdominal hernia rupture by pushing it back in?

Can an hiatal hernia be seen in an abdominal ultrasound?What else can be seen thru it?Thnks

Can diastasis recti cause problems?

Can ectopic present as some sort of abdominal trauma?

Can my doctor feel an abdominal aneurysm by examining me?

Can puberty have to do with lower abdominal inflammation?

Can pushing too hard on my stomach and intestines during a bowel movement cause an abdominal aortic aneurysm since I'm so skinny?

Can unexplained abdominal pain be caused by epiploic appendagitis?

Can wearing abdominal support during exercising prevent recurrent abdominal hernia?

Can you die from abdominal distension?

Can you feel and see your intestine move when you have thin abdominal wall muscles surgeon said no hernia?

Can you have peritonitis with only mildly tender abdominal examination?

Can you tell me about aorta upper abdomen enlargement?

Can you tell me how to distinguish belly/abdominal/visceral/organ fat from bloating?

Can you tell me is hernia a possible cause of abdominal part swollen?

Can you tell me more about abdominal adhesion?

Can you tell me, why in diaphragmatic hernia the abdominal organs herniate into left chest cavity?

Confused about abdominal ultrasound. I know it sees the abdominal area but does it also see the colon, stomach and si for any masses or tumors?

Could a right abdominal buldge be related to uteran polyps? Buldge is caused by gas, I think. Not a hernia (had it checked). Ideas?

Could a weak spot in my abdomen wall be causing a seroma?

Could hernias float around in the abdominal area?

Different between abdominal and gynecoid obesity?

Does a separation of abdominal muscles occur with obesity?

Does a visible pulsation at the epigastric region normal? I have medium built body. Abdominal circumferrence of 29.5 in. Help

Does manual therapy really work for abdominal adhesions?

Does the intestine have to be pretruding through a weak spot in the abdomen wall for it to considered a hernia?

Doing crunches caused upper abdominal hernia, help?

Existing hiatal & naval hernia. Recent exercise produces a wide long uncomfortable protrusion beneath ribcage down abdomen toward naval. What is this?

Females and abdominal obesity a very bad omen?

Good morning docs, my educational question is; can any pressure or movement on the abdominal cavity cause an inguinal hernia? Thanks for your time!

Had a CT with results "small hernias with fat only nonconcerning". Is this the cause of my pain in lower abdomen/pelvis? Does hernia pain=strangulate

Hello doctors, what does abdominal swelling mean?

Hi I have a vertical abdominal hernia 2cm x 8cm and a prolapse bladder. Can I have them repaired at the same time?

How can an abdominal tumor affect you?

How can I effectively treat abdominal or belly fat and to expand chest?

How can I prevent abdominal adhesions?

How could a weakened spot in my abdomen wall be treated?

How does wearing an abdominal binder help resolve a seroma and a weak spot in the abdominal wall?

How many muscles or tissues are connected from scrotum to lower abdomen.Can they be counted and named or are there just too too many?

How much risk is there for lower abdomen skin removal?

How rare are abdominal lumps?

How to tell if I have an abdominal mass?

I have a hiatal hernia 28f abdominal pain worse when stomache is pushed on weightloss. Loss of appetite also have fatty tumor in colon need answers?

I am a 23 year old female who has had abdominal distention for 10 months in addition to constipation. I have a pulsating mass around my belly button ?

I am experiencing abdominal lump. The following also describes me: Abdominal mass. What should I do?

I have a abdominal anurism .How can this be fixed?

I have a desmoid tumor in my adbominal wall by the rectus muscle should I remove it?

I have a spleenic infarction caused by infection having abdominal pains does it need to be corrected?

I have an enlarged uterus and ovary and a hiatal hernia, also top of my stomach has thickened. What does this all mean?

I have been told that I have metabolic syndrome of the abdominal area. How do I reduce my belly? I have had many surgeries of the abdominal area for testicular ca. And imbilical hernias. The right side of my belly and the center have no muscle tone left

I have Diastasis Recti (4 months pp) with 7-8cm gap in my abdominal wall, lining stretched very thin. Can they still remove my gallbladder?

I have painful gas after incarcerated abd wall hernia?

I have pelvic pain, could this be caused by retroperitoneal fibrosis?

I was told I have a fat containing umblical hernia can that be causing my ruq pain?

I’m having abdominal pains. Where are fibroids and what organs are they interfering with?

If a tennis ball hits you very hard in the abdomen, could that cause an abdominal organ to rupture?

If pancreatic juice leaks into the abdominal cavity, does it cause organ damage?

If you have an abdominal aneurysm that gives pain, would the doctor be able to feel it in belly when examining it? And can a small aneurysm give pain?

In Feb., I had intra abdominal abscesses from a ruptured appendix drained. On 7/14/14, I have pain in my belly button. Could this be related?

In someone with a large gut, will abdominal muscles undergo atrophy?

Intussusception of abdomen, will it heal itself over time?

Is abdominal anyurizm hereditary?

Is abdominal compartment syndrome the same thing as an aaa?

Is an abdominal mass curable?

Is cramping abdominal pain and distention an intestinal blockage in person with incisional and umbilical hernias? Have crohn's, previous volulous.

Is it normal to have every day life disrupted from ripping and tearing in the abdomen from adhesions?

Is it possible 2 feel internal organs with recti diastasis near navel?

Is it possible for you to pull an abdominal muscle when vomiting?

Is loosing weight initially associated with early symptom of ingenuial hernia? When abdominal wall weakens does blood test show anything?

Is penetrating abdominal trauma from knife?

Is there a difference between the risks associated with abdominal fat located over the muscles compared to abdominal fat that forms internally?

Is there any way of the abdominal aorta being effected by pressuring the abdomen or stimulate your stressors in abdomen so it constrict?

Is there more than one good way to treat abdominal adhesions?

Its said MRI is good in evaluating soft tissues in pelvis.So can it be used 2 diagnose weakness of abdominal wall in advance that can lead 2 hernia?

Large abdomen in utero sign of down syndrome?

Midline abdominal bulge, blood in stool, can they be related?

Might it be possible to get carry a pregnancy after abdominal hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction?

My abdomen has 2 protruding lumped on either side of a surgical scar, could this be a hernia in the lower abdomen?