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16 years of age had peptic ulcer, 2012 ulcer in ileum took up over 50% w scattered lessions now gone I have a hiatus hernia?

Is it possible that the doctor misdiagnosed me with acute pancreatitis?? Severe gastroentritis? Gastritis? Intestinal problems? Diarrhea 2x in 1 week

2 egd in 2 mos.and bx grade c erosive esophagitis and 3 New gastric ulcers. on carafate (sucralfate) ppis and h2 blockers. Bx this time requiring more tests?

22 yrs old medical student diagnosed with acute erosive gastritis, -ve H. pylori, non smoker, been on Nexium (esomeprazole) 40 mg for 8 weeks, no improvement help?

26 years old--upper endoscopy report said "slight gastric erosion' in stomach. What could cause that? Alcohol? Coffee?

3 years ago an Endoscopy results showed that I have a Hiatal Hernia, Gastric Mucosal Erythema, Diverticulosis, a few Gastric Polyps should I be worrie?

8 weeks of Nexium&Protonix40mg for severe esophagitis & eritemous pangastritis.Now erosive antral gastritis, no esophagitis. Causes & treatment?

After an EGD, colonoscopy, my sheet says Granularity in antrum compatible w/ gastritis. What does this mean? That I have gastritis?

After upper endoscopy (no sedation, mild gastritis and esophagitis, weak LES, one biopsy) my heartburn is much worse. Why?

Antral erosion with (mild) congestive gastropathy with gastric polyp with erosive duodinitis (polypectomy done) explanation, advice and diet please.

Are angioedema and gastro paresis related ?

Are Gastric Fundic Polyps that are induced by PPI's considered/classified as "sporadic"?

Been taking prescribed meds for diffuse erosive gastritis, h pylori & hiatal hernia for a month but it doesn't seem to help. Anything else i can do?

Biopsy on Gastritis tissue. Neg for Pyoly h. No ulcers. It is not caused by pain meds. and I'm assuming no Cancer. What other causes are there?

Can antibiotics caused gastritis?

Can antral gastritis be treated with prednisone?

Can bentyl (dicyclomine) mask the symptoms of gastric cancer?

Can carafate and DGL help treat antral erosion gastritis? I take prilosec too, but got antral erosions while taking it oddly.

Can chronic gastritis (not from hpylori) be from my lupus? Egd multiple times shows gastritis but no known reason... I wish i could drink coffee again

Can chronic gastritis be cured with pump inhibitors?

Can chronic gastritis lead to other conditions such as gastroparesis, obstructions, stomach cancer, etc?

Can chronic gastritis/stomach irritation without h pylori cause stomach cancer? How likely is it?

Can chronic sinusitis cause digestive diseases such as pain in stomach, bloating, acid refulx?What are the diagonsis can confirm chronic sinusitis?

Can constipation x4wks (or erosive gastritis) cause food to back up in the stomach & give you a false-positive result for gastroparaesis upper endo?

Can eosinophilic gastritis be only proven by biopsy?

Can gastritis healed if caused by NSAIDS and excessive coffee? Had endoscopy showed mild antral gastritis

Can h pylori with ulcer or chronic gasritis cause difficulty swallowing (food goes down slow)?

Can hyperplasia in the stomach have a relation with B12 and iron malabsorption?

Can i tell me how i can treat erythematous duodenitis ?

Can mild acalculous gb wall thickening with fatty liver be managed by proton pump inhibitor medicines?

Can my gastritis be caused in part by my ra?

Can non-hpylori chronic gastritis cause stomach cancer?

Can severe esophogial erosion cause diarrhea?

Can stomach burning from alcohol be caused by the pancreas? (Normal blood work, abdominal ultrasound, and endoscopy, and neg h pylori)

Can stomach cancer be diagnosed without actual tumors being visuall? I have hpylori, severe gastritis and ulcers along with interstitial cystitis.

Can stomach nasia be cured?

Can stress and anxiety be the cause of gastritis in the stomach antrum?

Can upper endoscopy aggravate heartburn? Got scoped 5 days ago (no sedation, mild gastritis and esophagitis, one biopsy).Having severe heartburn now.

Can you please tell me how can an inactive gastritis lead to active gatritis then gastric cancer? Thank you.

Can you please tell me how diffuse erosive gastritis is different from other types of gastritis? What are the symptoms and causes?

Chronic gastritis sintomas?

Chronic gastritis; chronic duodenitis, hyperemic gastric mucosa; positive helicob. Pylori stool test. Do i need treatment for helicobacter pylori?

Chronic gastritis/ulcers/irritation not caused by H. pylori can still lead to stomach cancer. What diagnosis tests would help check for cancer in this case?

Chronic non-helicobactor, nsaid, drinker, h-pylori or bile gastritis for five years. Can foveolar hyperplasia lead to gastric cancer?

Colonoscopy showed a cecal ulcer. What is a cecal ulcer, and can it be caused by long term NSAID use(like a gastric ulcer)?

Could a peptic duodenal ulcer affect my menstruation cycle?

Could chronic gastritis not caused by H.pylori still lead to metaplasia, causing REDUCED symptoms but actually INCREASED canc risk? How would we diagnose?

Could having surgery for my GERD also help my duodenal erosions and ibs?

Could lactose intolerance cause my gastritis? I have mild villi blunting too and some bile was seen during endoscopy. Is that normal?

Could my gastritis be from milk intolerance or allergy? Endoscopy showed gastritis and blunted villi in duodenum. No Celiac though. Must find cause.

Could the Epstein Barr Virus cause gastritis and intestinal metaplasia? Or would norovirus be a more likely culprit? I have had gastritis for 3 months

CRP 2/mgL ordered because of chronic gastrtis. does chronic gastrtis h.pylori increase crp?

Dear sir, my GI diagnosed moderate gastritis in my stomach and prescribed me mebeverine and ppi and i used for 3 years but now i'm not good... Help me?

Dear sir, what is difference between moderate gastritis and pan gastritis ?

Definition of gastritis antrum? What causes it? Can it be treated?

Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) reflux, ulcer and now mild fatty liver. Still having discomfort and pain had endoscopy what to do now?

Diagnosed marked antral gastritis & pylorus gastric erosion w-tiny ulcers I can eat small amount, else I have nausea Do I have to force myself to eat?

Diagnosed me with bile induced gastritis. Wants to do a gastric bypass. In my 40's,(5'4", 203), but isn't there a less invasive answer?

Diagnosed with Ibs, gastritis, and hiatal hernia. I have had ct, and EGD. It is uncomfortable to lay on my stomach is this okay? Just nervous Thanks

Does Carafate (sucralfate) help heal ulcer from non-infectious ulcer (i.E. Prior pancreatitis damage) in stomach/upper intestine for non-alcohol drinker. ?

Does chronic gastritis heal? No H pillory, No Nsaid. Endoscopy showed chronic nodular gastritis.

Does chronic hpylori gastritis actually heal in a 20yr old? . If ulcers heal, shouldnt gastritis?. Info online contradicts, would appreciate dr's view

Does gallbladeebremoval increase gastritis?

Dr. Give pantoprazol 80mg per day for my grandma,is it right (she have cirrhosis and gastric ulcer )?

Endo biopsy result regenerative changes consistent w/ healing erosion or chemical gastritis(antrum). neg for h pylor and intesti metaplasa. is cancer?

Endoscopy Indications: GERD with Esophagitis Antral Gastrititis Duodenitis Detected: Erythematous mucosa in : 1. lower 3rd esophagus 2. antrum 3. duodenum 1 (mild) Prescribed: PAN L PAN 40 PAN MPS wht does all this mean? something serious? heal time

Endoscopy Indications: GERD with Esophagitis Antral Gastrititis Duodenitis Detected: Erythematous mucosa in : 1. lower 3rd esophagus 2. antrum 3. duodenum 1 (mild) wht does all this mean? anything serious? worried! what's cure?

Endoscopy 6 years ago found severe erosion of esophagus, h pyloric and large amount of acid. Now have chronic cough for years, especially at night. ?

Endoscopy 2 month ago and the result was that I had mild chronic gastritis just asking is this serious and will it increase, what to to do?

Endoscopy biopsy 6 yrs ago showed "mild chronic gastritis, no h-pylori." Symptoms are infrequent, managed with tums (calcium carbonate). Worrying about cancer. 35, female

Endoscopy Gastric Mucosa Biopsy result Gastritis mild, inactive Complete intestinal metaplasia without dysplasia No H.pylori repeat test in 6 mth why?

Endoscopy in Asia with Gastric Mucosa Biopsy result Gastritis mild, inactive Complete intestinal metaplasia without dysplasia No H.pylori ,meaning pls?

Endoscopy report said slight linear gastric erosion on distal body of stomach. I don't take nsaids and h.Pylori negative. What caused this? I'm 27.

Endoscopy report says, erosive funeral gastritis, multiple acute duodenal ulcers, rut/ negative...... Please let me know what is mean by rut/negative?

Endoscopy result (antral gastritis) and dr. Said it is GERD and prescribed rabeprozole(no fix). Antrum shows diffuse gastric erosions. D1 & d2 normal.?

Endoscopy revealed foveolar hyperplasia, mild chronic idiopathic gastritis. Have had abdominal pain for last five weeks, could this be stomach cancer?

Endoscopy show regenerative change consistent with healing erosion or chemical gastritis. neg for both hpylori and intestinal metaplasia. is cancer?

Endoscopy showed: severe pan-gastritis, pre-pyloric ulcer and bulbar duodenitis. Does this cause excessive saliva? And how to treat?

Eosinophilic gastro enteritis: does it stay for the rest of your life?

Epigastric pain, neg H pylori but pos FOBT. Colonoscopy normal but endoscopy showed gastritis. Cause of gastritis?

Esophagitis grade 2 can reoccure?

Fam hx of stomach cancers, ulcers, gallstones). I'm 50, gallbladder out 20 yrs ago, 2 ulcers. Now dx with IBS. Taking natural supplements. Any advice?

For dyspepsia and peptic acid disease which specialist to be contacted?

Gastric body-type mucosa with mild chronic, non-specific gastritis with intestinal metaplasia, negative forhelicobacter pylori.Have 5cm hitas hernia, ulc?

Gastritis and colitis, are they related?

Gastritis antrum- best cure? A year of 40mg Prilosec has not worked... Ideas?

GI doc said... Your gastritis is chronic and will persist. It was not acutely inflamed when I last looked. What does that mean? I have some stomach IM

Good day Dr. Hiroshi. I have been diagnosed with GERD 3 months after endoscopy and colonoscopy. Stomach shows severe gastritis; atrophic type I think.

Good evening sir. i am rahul 27 year old. i have stomach problem last 4 years. my ultrsound ifound colits and endoscopy found gastritics and H. polyi?

Good morning. I've been diagnosed with intestinal metaplasia of the esophagus. Can this be reversible?

H pylori negative. no dysplasia. chronic gastritis.. what followup need for focal intestinal metaplasia stomach, incomplete type? worried abt cancer

H.Pylori IgG is 0.94 u/ml. Endoscopy showed gastritis in stomach. Using ppi since 2 years. Still pain in upper left abdomen. What is wrong with me?

Had an endoscopy done with findings : moderately severe esophagitis, erythema, 4mm sessile polyp chronic gastritis, neg h pylori, naus, up GI pain, ??

Had endoscopy today. It's a gastric ulcer w/antral gastritis and duodenitis! wondering what else might be inflamed & how to correct w/o nsaids?

Had two GI doctors tell me that non-hpylori gastritis will not lead to cancer. Is this true?

Had virus go through me 5 months ago. Caused major gastritis and stomach intestinal metaplasia. Gastritis not healing. Using PPI and H2 blockers. ????

Have acid reflux. Recently had EGD.Told I have atrophic gastritis. What does that mean? Could it be caused by the reflux?Biopsy to check for bacteria

Have had chronic non-hpylori gastritis off and on for 5 years and hiatle hernia. Now I have abdominal discomfort after eating. Clean egd in apr '13.

Hello, I was diagnosed with gastritis. What should I avoid to stop my gastritis flaring up?

Help docs, is helicobacter pylori related to gallbladder problems?