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? Er, left sided pelvic pain. Age 40 . Have cyst . Never have bleeding between cycles. Large amounts of bright red blood pain w/ tampon , pain ^. Family h/o mult gyn cancers. No gyn doc in new state.

<1cm R collapsing cyst & IBS Have Pain in Pelvic + abdominal area where I have normally have IBS pain. Concerned since pelvic pain hasnt diminished?

1 wk post op LAVH. One ovary remains. I'm periodically having heavy pressure and shooting pains in rectum. I am having normal bowel movements. ?

1.3cm fibroid found causing pain and pressure. Would I need a hysterectomy? Btl 11 years ago

1.mild fluid in cul-de-sac 2.Mild PID 3.Pelvicalyceal fullness 4.Abdominal pain, diarrhea 5. Missed,heavy period. What kind of specialist do u prefer?

10 days post helica to endometriosis, ovary and loaded bowel freed, started to have crampy/sharp pains right side and bleeding very heavily with clots?

10 months after rad hyster for cervical cancer abdom pain, tenderness, swelling, and slow bowels. 25 radiation treat. No urge to urinate since surgery?

12 weeks ago i had a csection followed by a leep procedure 8wks later(cin iii). Now i'm having abdominal & kidney pain... Should i be worried?

14 months back my wife had MRI hifu treatment for uterine fibroid. There is not much reduction in size, also she has pain in her leg. Any advice?

14 months back my wife(39) had MRI hifu treatment for uterine fibroid. There is not much reduction in size, also she has pain in her leg. Any advise?

15 weeks prego, have scar tissue attaching my rt ovary to my uterus, causing severe pain, nausea & high blood pressure. What are my treatment options?

1st csection 4wks ago I've read what issues Csec cause numbness scar tissue adhesions hernias intestinal issues ect do all women have these problems?

2 weeks after assisted keyhole vaginal hysterectomy. Does it effect your bladder ? Slight pain in tummy when weeing and pinching feeling after.

2 weeks and 3 days post op for LAVH, also took my tubes and ovaries. I have rectal and stomach pain when sitting. Is this normal?

2 years after having a laproscopic mymomectmoy, I am not experiencing pain in my left hip. Could this be normal or scar tissue or another fibroid?

2008 pubo vag sling now having severe lower abdomen pain I had 3 lumbar surgeries prior to MESH sling. NOw I have gained approximately 50 pounds. Help?

21 endometriosis for two years ,tried lupron, (leuprolide)depo n such, endo attaching to my pelvic wall... help!! Sick every day surgery every 6 months?

28 yrs old GPA 3 2 1. Heavy periods severe back pain and abdominal tenderness. 2 c sections. 6 abnormal paps. Is cervical cancer a likely candidate?

28yr old female with chronic pelvic pain/cramping. Lapryscopy showed scar tissue, it was removed, still having pain. What could be the cause?

2years after ectopic with tubal removal still suffering sharp pain on side tube was removed, pain durring intercourse and abdominal bloating, common?i

3 1/2 wks post hysteroscopy w/3 polyp removal. Having 10/10 abd pain w/ stringy red tissue d/c with brown SMELLY blood. Pain is in abdomen/lower back ?

3 colonic polyps removed. R these wat causing my heavy night sweats weight loss and lower back pain? Confirmed benign polyps. Still have symptoms

3 yrs since laporoscopic total hyster (endometriosis, adenomyosis, fibroids, heavy bleeding, anemia, very low ferritin levels). Been having a lot of pain over the last month or 2 & pressure in the right side of my groin & ovary area that radiates into my

33. Urinated 8 times in less than 12 hours. No burning. Had tubal ligation in 8/2014. Have had some abdominal pressure off/on. Is this ovarian cancer?

34 year-old woman continues to suffer gynecologic pains, especially with bodily movement, after da Vinci surgery for fibroids and endometriosis.....?

39 yo female with intermittent pelvic pain. history of female cancers. I've called the dr for referral. Should I use a heating pad? Advil (ibuprofen) until seen?

3dys post uterine ablation. 100.2 fever, dizziness, fatigue, pain near kidneys/ovaries. No symptoms until last couple hours. Dr closed, when 2 worry?

4 days post Lap. hysterectomy inc cervix & ovaries also removed endometrial plaques/adhesions. I awoke today w/severe swelling entire rt side of body?

42yo, total hysterectomy followed by 2 ovarian remnant syndrome surgeries. Fsh at 21.8. No menopause symptoms, pain is back. Could it be remnant?

49yr post meno, hysterectomy 21 yrs ago kept ovaries had sudden onset pelvic pressure, menstrual like cramps, hard to urinate,heartburn for 1 month ?

4cm complex ovarian cyst. Mri can't ruleout neoplasm. Hysterectomy in apr. Age 37. Horrible pain, bloating, urinary incont. Bowel changes. Surgery?

5 days after laproscopy my abdomen is swollen and sore. Is this normal? Surgery was due to a mass of blood surrounding my uterus.

5 weeks ago, ovarian cystectomy, new endometriosis. Bad adhesions most of uterus freed from bowel. Severe pain back after first period, fatigue no fever?

5 yrs ago had extensive endometriosis removed from pelvic & stomach area. For 2 i've had all the symptoms of kidney stones without them connection?

54 years old had d and c oct 23 and polps removeddidn'thave any pain until 5 days later is that normal didn't have any trouble now I do?

6 abdominal surgeries c sections and one partial hysterectomy. I have been urinating every 2 hours at night and I have lower pelvic pain. What could be the issue? Thank you for your expertise

6 years post menopause, bleeding with simple 5.6 CM cyst & free pelvic fluid on HRT now have pain, nausea what is the next best step?

60 obese lady highsugar heavy bleeding after manapause uterus stick with intestine surgery rcomendd but surgeon will attach stool bag severe pain what?

61 yrs old female. Complete hysterectomy. 20 yrs ago. Having menstral-like cramps on left side. Why?

6months pp from 1st c-sec how would I know if adhesions are causing me problems in my pelvis?

6mos of ado pain diag.Diverticulitis via scope pain is now intermittent occurs weekly surg says reassess in 3mos why still in pain if no infection?

6wks post op for surgery to remove endo (stg 4). Having right side pain after BM & cycle. Have had this exact pain since IUD insert 2yrs ago. Normal?

7 days post laproscopy for hyst/d&c/endo removal. Now experiencing dull radiating pain post eating / drinking in mid - upper rhs ab near bellybutton?

7 mo. out from subtotal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingectomy. Monthly light spotting, chronic dull lower abdominal pain & low back pain. Reasons?

7mos chronic pelvic pain. Offered and scheduled lap, but the past week pain went from 8-9 constant down to 3-4 intermittent. Should I postpone?

8 yrs post donation, have pain in morn on the side i still have. Why? Developed fibroid tumors in uterus, is that normal? It came post donation.

8months ago i had a tramatic/rushed birth due to failed epidural i been having sensitive/tender pain in my incision/tubes. what can i do?

A friend had a hysterectomy about a year or two ago and recently experienced a tear in her stomach and experienced a lot of blood loss. Is this normal?

Abdominal pain>spasms>pain. Pelvic abscess 2010. Psoas adhesion>kinked ureter? No IBS, no spinal nerve pinch, had stent in ureter, kink returned. Norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) depnd. Dr? for spasm Rx. Want to avoid surgery.

About a week to week and half after my period I have abdominal tenderness and pain. The whole pelvic region. I have my tubes tied and have had 3 kids.

Admitted to hospital with lrq pain, had lap to remove endo, had left ovary freed & 3days ovarian suspension, 2wks on & still have lrq pain, causes?

After having intercourse I have pain in my upper left abdomen.. Could it be an ovarian problem..Had hysterectomy. Two years ago for cervical cancer.

Almost 2 months ago i've had surgery for pelvic inflammatory disease from a infection and got my right ovary and tube removed , and my doctor told me?

Appendectomy 4 months ago.3 weeks ago RLQ pain returned. I have had normal gyn , CT, colonoscopy exams. Suggestions on next steps (non pain mgmt)?

Burning in abdomen and vaginal bleeding a week after adhesions removed?

C section x2 and hysterectomy 2yrs ago with in tact ovaries (cervix gone). Lower sharp abdominal pain when working out. I am fit and just started gym?

C-section 7wks ago with my first baby was wondering what are my chances of getting adhesions that cause pelvic pain and bowl obstruction?

Can a pulmonary function test be done safely with a patient with ruptured ovarion cyst and lower abdominal pain with free fluid in the pelvis?

Can a urologist check for uterine prolapse?? 1 week prior to period I feel full down there protruding out of vagina and pressure, and abdominal pain

Can an inflamed fallopian tube cause lower back pain? I've suffered for years. Had a lap and dye test expecting to find endo but didn't

Can bowels cause back pain, presure on bladder an person has hard time makin it 2 bathroom, worse when layin, hyst + mult pelvic surg yrs ago 4recur endo?

Can csections cause endometriosis and/or adhesions? I've had 4 sections and have had lower right pain. Wondering if it could be endometriosis?

Can endometrial polyps cause severe pain?? Im waiting on my polypectomy & D&C but its 3 1/2 weeks away & i have severe cramping in my vagina/lower abd

Can endometriosis br diagnosis w/o surgery? diangosis today with endo based off monthly r pelvic pain during mens that is getting worse.

Can endometriosis cause pelvic pain outside of menstruation? My dr says no, but wants to do a laproscopy. What are the risks of this kind of surgery?

Can endrometrios come back after having a full hysterectomy? I had severe endrometrios before surgery.

Can estrogen injections during IVF be responsible for lower abdominal pain ?

Can hot flashes radiate down legs causing numbness /tingling.? Thought vaginal/urinary fistula at one point. Had divinci hyster 1 yr ago . One ovary

Can hysterectomy cause issues w constipation for 5 mo's post op? Also experienced fecal impaction twice. My OBGYN surgeon found no signs of prolapse.

Can I take Advil (ibuprofen) with Gabapentin. I have horrible adhesions from a not so normal hysterectomy and an abcess from a laparoscopy for endometriosis. ?

Can L4 & L5 damage cause pelvic pain (specifically ovarian pain)?

Can L4 & L5 problems and spinal stenosis cause pelvic pain (post-menopausal) specifically ovary pain (post partial hysterectomy)?

Can menstruation cause diverticula (not infected) in colon to cause some pain/pressure/discomfort in pelvis? Us of pelvis fine.

Can ovaries still produce endometreosis even after the uterus has been removed? I had an hysterectomy after having severe back pain. Endometrosis had left scar tissue which attached my uterus to my rectum. After removal of the uterus, the back pain subsid

Can p.O.P, or enterocele cause rectal pain to be worse and more constant during menstrual cycle? If pertinent, in add. Uterus is also retroverted.

Can pain from a c-section scar indicate a possible new pregnancy?

Can scar tissue from a previous ectopic cause pain in a healthy pregnancy? Like the shoulder tip pain. I'm 4 weeks prrgnan.

Can somebody have endometriosis if everything is normal except a mild pelvic pain? If not what else can it be

Can uterine fibroids cause intense groin pain. I had 8 fibroids removed in 2008 and had similar pain. Can there be any other causes?

Can uterine polyp cause uncomfortable pain in the stomach?

Can vaginal bleeding mean cancer or a problem with an organ? I am also constipated, have muscle and joint pain and headaches for 3+ weeks. Why?

Can vaginal vault prolapse after a hysterectomy with a cystocele and a rectocele can cause pain and discomfort in abdomen and mid/low back on the left?

Complete hysterectomy 4y ago. W/vaginal cuff revision 1y ago. Scar tissue removed. Painful sex. Spotting. Pain in back & abdomin. Low grade fever.?

Complete hysterectomy in 2011 due to cervical cancer pap 1 yr after no problem. now have abdominal pain after intercourse this year and no STDS?

Complex left pelvic cyst 5x4.6x4.6cm on scar of previous hysterectomy. Is aspiration via us possible or is surgery better? Abdominal pain and bloating

Continuous vaginal bleeding since 5 months. Lower abdominal pain. On U/S. Left ovarian cyst of 7.7cm. CA-125 is 14.50 U/mL. On Visanne 2mg. Help. ?

Could a high ca125 be due to pelvic adhesions?

Could scar tissue be causing me to have pelvic pain especially when I have a sonagram vaginally, i had a csection in 2010 then a hysterectomy in 2011 ?

Ct confirmed fluid/blood in abdominal cavity post gyn surgery. How long should it take for the intermittent sharp pains to subside?

Ctabd/pelvis norm but have pelvic pain on both sidewhen sneeze hard or have bm- could be from scar tissue from c-section in nov? I also get constipati

Daily fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, rectal bleeding & wake with soar kidneys.4yrs ago had ovarian cysts, fallopian tubes removed & eggs frozen. Ideas?

Deep pelvic endo & residual endo, stage 4 servere.kissing ovaries stuck to bowel. behind uterus & cervix.endometrioma. Can I get pregnant? 3rd op soon

Diagnosed before with myoma with AUB. Now with inflammed cervix and inguinal irritation accompanied with lower abdominal pain. Is it an indication of cervical cancer?

Diagnosed before with myoma with AUB. Now with inflammed cervix and inguinal irritation accompanied with lower abdominal pain. Is it cervical CA?

Diagnosed w/ stage 4 endometriosis in 2010. Had a laparoscopy in 2010 & a laparotomy in 2011. My ultrasounds are clear but still have pain (sometimes debilitating). Should I have another laparoscopy?

Diagnosed w/endo in 2000. Get sudden stabbing pains/pain that keeps me from walking long afterperiods. Robotic lap shows "no endo" what could it be?

Diagnosed with retroverted uterus. It's pressing on my rectum and i'm having lower back pain because of it. What are my options for a cure?

Divinci hyster yr ago. Adenymosis found . 1 ovary left. Tingling & numbess legs. Dr thought uro/ vaginal fistula at 1 point. Causes leg discomfort ?

Do surgeons do pathology tests on endometriosis adhesions and lesions?? I have servere endo deep pelvic & residual with kissing ovaries & endometrioma

Doctors diagnosed blood in intestines, colitis, bladder infection abs ovarian cyst, then discharged me. Pain not getting better any suggestions?