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Have severe stomach pain but it goes away for 2 minuntes then comes back again ?

i have bad pains in my lower stomach, most of the time it hurts when there is gas, urine, and etc. i have had this pain for a long time?

Im having severe pelvic pain,I've had a total hysterectomy and I've had my appendix removed. Should I go to the emergency room?

My son have v p shunt and have severe abdominal upper pain after surgery. They find anything wrong its been 4 weeks pain everyday all day and vomitti?

suffering from constant lower back pain with constant and consistent kidney infections. I have a ulcer on my left side under my breast. Help me plz.

'what does it mean if i''m having abdominal pain when going to the bathroom?'

10 yrs ago I had shingles on left side of stomach. I have pain, diverticulitis not yet confirmed and costocondritis, Could the pain be related?

14 weeks 5 days pregnant having stomach pain more on my left side pain i can tolerate but still hurts do I go to the ER my doc apt is this monday?

18w5d. Twins. Having major lower abdominal pain that comes and goes. Should I be worried if it gets to the point of excruciating?

19 year old female, had many kidney infections, past year I have been having bad abdominal pain. Doctors have.Said its just gas, but its too much?

19 year old with PKD. For 3 days I've been having kidney pain, mainly on my left side. At points I also get abdomen pain also. What could this be?

1decade of severe right upper quad pain & fever in that area at times?

2 days ago my pcp had me go to the ER to see if i had appendicitis. I was diagnosis with a "mild" inflammation of my appendix. They put me on antibiotics. The symptoms are not stopping. Now what?

2 days ago, criminal strangled my abdomen with his legs until I vomitted. Cant afford ER. Rarely feel sharp pain/ nausea. Will I heal from home/be ok?

2 hrs. After a snack, i started having severe abdominal pain that has only mildly improved over 3 hours. No insurance. Should i go to the er?

2 weeks Upper abdominal pain , cant eat because pain makes me just want to sleep an not move was nauseas at one point at what point should i go to ER?

20 weeks pregnant. Did myomectomy 8 months back.Now some times i feel sharp pain in my right groin area.If i take rest it goes witin 10-15mints.Why pain?

22 yo f in good health experiencing mild pains on right lower rib cage. Pain in right back when running. Kidney disease or liver cancer likely?

22y male, discomfort and a dull constant pain in right iliac region for 6 months. Could it be chronic appendicitis? How is appendicitis diagnosed?

23 year old f with history of kidney stones and pid. I'm two weeks pregnant with severe flank pain on left side. The pain is unbearable.

23, f. After having a bowel movement (didn't go for a couple of days), i get an intense pain in the pelvic area and then the pain spreads to abdomen?

25/f/i'm having mod to severe r side pain which extends straight to my back. Also having intermittent severe lower abdominal pain which causes nausea?

26 yof, hx of svt, pvc's, pcos. Sudden onset of dizziness, nausea, and moderate to severe right sided lower back/flank pain Insight?

27 yo f with 1 week history of l side stitch btwn hips and lower rib + chronic constipation and pain with straining. Thoughts?

27yr old female with pyelonephritis, symptomatic low blood pressure, r flank pain and intermittent l chest pain, on antibiotics; what can I do?

28 weeks pregnant, have mild preeclampsia, I'm having pain/cramps in my upper belly, and goes away. And I've been having chest pains come and go. ?

28 yr female, would ic cause severe pelvic pain w tenderness anf swelling, lower right side? Also previous CIN iii, dr says its my bladder hurting ...

2nd day after gallbladder surgery still in pain with trapped gas how long till this goes away? Also having a stabbing feeling in right shoulder

3 days after lap surgery and still getting severe pain in my shoulder and rib from the gas. I move around a lot. Any tips for getting rid of the gas?

3 year old crying with abdominal pain. Just started this morning. Pain comes and goes. What can I do?

30year old female, non smoker. I am having a pulsating feeling in my right upper quadrant. I do not have any pain associated with it.

31 yo/f - dull vague aching/tenderness in hips/pelvic region (more right side) for over a week now. Could this be ovarian cancer? PCP said muscular

31, male w/ stomach pain. I use to get this in my teens, went undiagnosed. Symptoms: pain, nausea, lower abdomen sucked in.

31/ m. Lower left abdominal pain for two days. Had diaharea and un-controlled bm yesterday at onset of pain. Pain seems to be getting worse.

33 weeks pregnant having severe right flank paim. Diagnosed with moderate hydronephrosis.  What can be done for this  miserable and in lots of pain?

33 yr old female, with chronic right side abdominal pain, severe abdominal swelling, pain radiates down right leg. Been to ER many times no diagnosis?

33yr old female, severe chronic lower right abdominal pain, swelling, radiates down leg and lower back, gotten worse over the past year. No diagnosis?

35 weeks pregnant lower adominal pain chest pains and headaches. What is causing this? Should i go to the er?

36 weeks pregnant, severe constant hip pain, occasional cramping, and very painful constant back pain, have tried moving around, wont go away. Help?

36weeks with dull back pain and pain in the abdomen lost my mucus plug last night when should I go to the hospital ?

37 weeks pregnant 2 and a half CM dilated having bad pelvic pain is it normal also having stomach ache bad like if i need to go to the restroom?

4 days tender RLQ when pressed, occasional ache/sharp pain that comes and goes after few seconds. Not severe, anxiety history, dr said watch, concern?

4 the last year experiencing discomfort in the left lower quadrant of my abdominal cavity. What could be the problem and how could I treat the issue?

5 year old girl, localized lower back pain for 4 months. Chronic constipation.No falls, kidney scan negative. Any ideas?

50 year old female. Currently admitted into the hospital, no diags. just yet from her docs. Abdominal pain&bloating, headache neck pain& swollen feet!

55 yrs old female w/ severe lower right abdominal pain. Ct w/contrast normal. More pain when sitting than standing. What could it be? No gallbladder.

55-year-old woman, excruciating pain in right abdomen and flank. Go to ER now or gp in am?

8 months since i had bby by C-section lately I have some pain in the incision site is this normal? Will pain come and go? What can help with the pain?

8y/o son has significant midback, slightly to the right and radiates some to his front. No urinary sx, no injuries. Daily movement increase pain a lot?

9 weeks pregnant had pain in stomache all last night while was asleep and today as well is it serious what do I do it's about 5/6 pain? Answer ASAP

A sharp left sided lower abdominal pain. Is this gastrointestinal? Kidney function and blood count are good.

Abd pain right above umblicus region. Goes to back constant or come n go nausea. Low appetite. Told I have a fat containg umblical hernia. Pain sharp?

Abdomen pain & side, chronic back pain, headache & chronic nausea Painful gas What can I do? Am waiting to have gall bladder out

Abdomen pain between breast and navel. Possible ulcer? Comes & goes for years now. Hurts! Nausea and painful, watery diarrhea accompany it. See a dr?

Abdominal cramps usually made worse when moving around, but better at rest. Some diareha, what could be the problem?

Abdominal pain ; weightloss ; feeling to go toilet.

Abdominal pain and pelvic pain comes and goes, some shoulder pain here and there, bloody stool, young female, please help, i don't want to die?

Abdominal pain feels like contractions I am breastfeeding what can I take for pain ?

Abdominal pain for 2yrs, for the past week it is worse and now above the navel and I have temp 99.5. ER? I dont have insurance yet.

Abdominal pain going into penis it started at the same time as some constipation had hit me which for me i don't usually have issues with.

Abdominal pain that is worse on right side but is also present on left. Upper region. 2 different doctors, 1 said liver, 1 said gallbladder, any ideas?

Abdominal pain two inches down from sternum that comes and goes. Gerd, gastritis, early first trimester pregnancy.Doesn't hurt more to touch. Worry?

Abdominal pain when lying down. Have had heart burn recently.pain goes away within 45 when I get up. No previous stomach illnesses that cause pain. ?

Abdominal pain with throwing up and head ache do I seek medical care now or wait and see how I feel in the morning ?

Abdominal pain won't go away since Friday. No fever or diarrhea. Feel like a fist stuck there. Burping..aspirin like taste comes up. Hurts more when lying down all the way though my back. Appendix and gallbladder removed when I was almost 57.

Abdominal pain, severe gas, passing blood & mucus w/ no stool. Do I need urgent care or should I wait and call doc tomorrow?

Abdominal pain, then sudden nose bleed is this bad?

Abdominal spasms painful and take my breath away has been going on for about a month tonight is the worst its been almost passed out any suggestions?

Abdominal swelling under left rib with chronic constipation. Should I see a doctor?

Abdominal symptoms getting worse means you might have appendicitis?

About once every 2 months i get a sharp pain in my pelvic area and it only goes away when i (not to be rude) poo. What is it and what can I do?

Absence of fever, how to distinguish pancreas pain from peptic ulcer pain assuming presentation luq burning pain radiating to back?

Acute flank pain on left side 2 weeks ago. Now chronic mild pain in right rib cage since a month ago. Sometimes cloudy urination.

After coughing i did get a sensitive abdomen with pain sometimes what does that mean?

After coughing i get a sensitive abdominal sometimes with pain. What does that mean? Pls help

After gallbladder surgery my temp is 100° is this OK or do I need to go to er?

After I lay on my stomach, I get sharp unbearable pain in my abdomin. Meaning cheats and stomach and sometimes lower back. It doesn't go away easily.

After painful diarrhea I have a pain in lower right part of abdomen.It is worst when I sit goes away by passing air. Should i go to emergency? Thank U

After taking my daily medication i get a pain in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen. Could this be a serious medical issue?

Any way at all to relieve ovary pain? Feels like mittelschmerz but I am 59.

Appendix burst in 2007, filled abdomen with infection. Surgery & abdomen drained of infection 10 days. Now tight & pain by navel. Shooting back pain. Pain worse after i eat. Not pregnant.Have diarrhea?

Are those symptom below caused by a rectocele? What is the treatment plan? Should i see a gynecologist? Lower back pain that is releived by lying down it worsens as the day progresses & is most severe in the evening. Lower pelvic area tenderness. A

Are choclates good for my wife during her periods? But she oftenly has severe abdominal pain. This pain makes her stuck & leave her screming. Help

Are intermittent sharp pains signs of aneurysm?

Are spasms in the pelvis region a symptom of appendicitis?

Are there any tests that the ER department can run to check for appendicitis? I have moderate to severe pain in my lower right abdominal area.

At age 88 I (male) suffer intermittent moderate pain in my lower right abdomen. It comes and goes. What gives?

At what point do you go back to the er?I I have diverticulitis&colitis and the diarrhea for it.I feel like im putting out more than i take in

At what point should someone seek a dr/ ER for a severe migraine ( or worry if it's something more; aneurysm!!?) ?

At what point should you go to the ER for shooting pain in the navel? Possible hernia?

Awoke with severe upper mid abdominal pain from front to back. History of gstones. Is this an attack and if so what can be done for temp relief?

Bactrian - sinusitis: I have lower back pain, muscle pain, just little stomach cramps, no other symptoms. What's the worst can happen if don't call dr?

Bad abdominal pains a lot of the time it comes with diarea and in some cases vomiting and some times puts me in right agony and temp, what could thisbe?

Been gettin lower abdominal pain on & off, what does that mean, is it an infection?

Been having acute and intermittent sharp upper left abdominal pain, under ribs. No other symptoms. Almost daily for 4wks. Pain can be mild to intense?

Been having lower abdominal pain/gas pain, and upper thigh pain for about a month and a half now. I'm not bloated, my appetite is fine, I don't get full quickly, and I don't feel fatigued. I'm scared I might have cancer. What could this pain be?

Been nauseous on and off for a week, experiencing very hard stools,& now have pain in my groin area on the right side. No fever but should I go to ER?

Been on very heavy period for 3 weeks now severe pain feels like I'm in labor and am passing clots I feel weak from the labor like pain ER visit?

Been suffering with middle and lower back pain and nausea. Can this be caused by liver problems?

Been told to go ED for an urg ultrasound re intense to pain liver/gallbladder & can't get apt sooner at radiologist. Can i postpone ed?