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Meds don't seem to help. I'm in pain. I also ended up with a yeast infection. 2 months straight I've had these problems. What should I do?

16, never had intercourse, no STDs known, vaginal irritation, sometimes pain, not much pain with urination, irritation through the entire day.

17w4d pregnant and i am experiencing mild vagina pain it comes and goes really fast Is everything okay?

18 Y/O girl. Treated for uti earlier this year ,symptoms still there. Night time urination and abdominal pain when waking. Possible alternatives?

2 days ago I was told by a dr that I have a bladder/kidney infection. Pain has since slightly worsened and I have vaginal bleeding. Is this normal?

20yr old sexually active for 2 yrs. Had pelvic 8 months ago for pain. Was normal. Have had 4 more partners and pain is pretty constant now. What wrong?

21 y/o, 2 mos ventral penile shaft pain worse c erection. Sexually active. No history sti, dysuria, discharge, lesions, hernia or testicular pain. Us neg. ?

34m. Treated for STI last yr with cocktail of antibiotics. Pain near tip of penis. Urination ok. Discomfort after ejac. Numbness & pain in jaints?

6 weeks postpartum having vaginal pain and pain in lower back left side and some discharge history of HPV but was cleared up what is causing this?

6 weeks pregnant, cold hands and feet, can't control my temperature, pelvic and abdo pain. No infection no abnormalities. Is this Normal?

65 and have pelvic pain, no UTI infection. Ultrasound negative. Hysterectomy 29yrs ago. Ob doc prescrib. Vagifem, can it really help? Pain seems muscu

A few hours after sexual comtact with my wife i develop pain in testicles and tender penis like a reaction. this continues for days or weeks and often includes leg joint pain. this has been case for several years. sti tests negative?

After sex (esp. after period of inactivity) I often develop yeast-like symptoms. Itchiness, dryness, shooting pains. It can last for weeks. ?

After sex, often have yeast symptoms. Esp after period of inactivity. Dr. tested for yeast--negative. Itching/shooting pain can last weeks. HSV?

After the urethral swab, how long does the pain persist?

Am having dull ache in lower abdomen with watery vaginal discharge. Am a dentist by profession and facing dental xray dere any connection?

Am single medical student, 23 years, suffer from recurrent white vaginal discharge, secondary dysmenorrhea and severe loins pain for more than year?

An abnormal pap (sil) total hysto, with these symptoms do they mean anything..Burning pain, itching, bleeding once in a while \u0026 pelvic/groin pain?

Any advice? What STD causes nociceptive pain?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with vaginal pain?

Are painful balls, problems starting peeing, itchy peeing (not burning), unsatisfactory orgasms all typical symptoms of Chlamydia? I tested positive.

Are STDs often linked to some sort of discomfort or pain?

Ast few months, as soon I reach orgasam through cliterous stimulation, I get intense sharp left-side pelvic pain. No stds. What evals needed? Cause?

Azithromy for chlamydia 7 day treatment over but now day 10.New notice of slight discomfort in right testicle & urge to pee still slightly

Back pain both sides 3 days. Then spasm feeling inside urethra. Positive Leuk. Do I need to see a dr? Yeast inf X2 mo. Little urine but feel full all

Bacterial vaginosis and groin pain. Does vaginosis cause groin pain?

Bad pelvic pain brown discharge the er doctor said I have cervicitis been with same partner for 3 years no stds but I think it's more serious like PID?

Bad vaginal burning 6 weeks. Dr puzzled.None of usual diagnoses. 53 long endometriosis history, very dark urine/bladder pain.Hot flashes/hysterectomy?

Been experiencing pains in the cone of my penis. How do I treat it?

Before I am always cleaning my vagina by my fingers before can it lead to infection or PID or something without sexual contact. Pain in lower right ab?

Besides uti/stds what could cause casual discomfort on penile shaft and burning after urination? Also come and going pain on the body sides like kidne

Bladder, pelvis, urethra ache constantly, NEG for UTI, POS for BV. Will treating BV solve my symptoms? No discharge; symptoms don't really match dx!

Bleed during sex, without pain. Last period was the 17th of May. No pain after urine.. Have an IUD and history with UTI and yeast infections... Help??

Both my partner & i recently testd & treatd for chlamydia. Why after weeks of being symtom free, I am having pain (feels like a tear in vagina) and odor?

Burning in right thigh, groin and rectum when bladder is full. Notice burning when sitting. Herpes? IBS? History of unprotected sex. No outbreaks

Burning in tip of penis that comes and goes and also in legs . Neg test for STDs and uti. I have lumbar spinal stenosis.Could it be that?

Burning pain when pee, itch after pap smear. Lab test shows no infection. Doc said allergy to rubber glove. Can allergy cause urination pain for days?

Burning pain when urinating . after Pap smear. Had UTI before but it was already cleared then Pap smear was taken place . Is it normal to feel Pain?

Burning sensation in vagina, pelvic pain. Went to doctor, no UTI or infection. Going to gynecologist for pelvic ultrasound, what could it be?

Can a dairy allergy/intolerance be the cause of chronic excessive vaginal discharge? 4 paps and exams came back normal. No infections!!

Can a tense pelvic floor (i.e. Years of heavy squating) cause CPPS? Initially had infection, possibly NGU but symptoms persist. Urethra discomfort100%

Can a vaginal yeast infection spread to other areas like the intestinal tract which can cause symptoms like abdominal pain or feeling bloated?

Can anyone tell me what can be causing my vagina dryness, causing pain on urination?

Can cramping & low back pain be from both a yeast infections and ovarian cyst? Or just one ? Because apparently I have both. How long till relief?

Can endometriosis cause an occasional bad odor down there? No STD but have endo. Us that normal? All random as to when it flares up.

Can GBS in vagina being not pregnant cause chronic pain of burning and discomort?

Can I have PID? For almost a month I have had pelvic, abdominal pain.. It's mild and dull. I also have bloating and increase burping. I thought it could have been an std so I was tested for gonorrhea

Can interstitial cystitis cause pain in the vagina when menstruating and during sex? I had a laparoscopy and my doctor did not find anything.

Can MS cause ear pain? I thought I had an infection but I don't so could this be the cause? Had pain for over 1year now (being tested for MS)

Can on and off ovary pain, slight vag. Itch chills headache and some body pain be a sign of STI if your a virgin who's never had vag, anal or oral sex?

Can sex therapy treat vaginal pain?

Can STDs such as Gonhorrea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, or Hepatitis cause moderate to severe intestinal spasms/cramping and loose burning stools?

Can these pains mean i'm pregnant or have an infection?

Can yeast infection cause leg pain in man and hip pain.. And can yeast infection be passed on in a releationship?

Can you be prone to having bacterial infections, i seem to always have discomfort and pain of my vagina every time I am stressed and exams start ?

Can you get an vaginal infection after miscarried it been a week know nd i feel discomfort?

Can you get chlamydia wothout penetration? What are symp in women? Cramping, mid cycle bleed, painful urin, itchy vag, pain joints..Symptoms?

Can you hAve non developing pregnancy or miscarriage because of cystitis ? (High gardenerella and green discharge very bad pain lower andomen)

Chronic abdominal pain similar to cramps , std's neg, not a uti. With daily discharge. What could it be?

Chronic back pain and painful sex. Required STD and UTI tests done and it seems ok. What could be the problem?

Chronic constipation,pelvic pain ,feeling to urinate but little urine out,vaginal infection are all related together ?! Im having all of this ?!

Constant, extreme discomfort/soreness along with UTI symptoms the day after sex? Is it treatable at home?

Could a STD cause pain in my joints near my pelvic area, an uti, anal itching and blood in my stool?

Could back pains be a sign of an infection in the reproductive system?

Dark or bloody urine And dark stool And sore throat And back pain from the Two sides And abdominal pain And bloody gums after sex HIV syph gono chla n?

Deep pelvic and ovary pain after sex and finger penetration. Also some pain when using tampons. No infection. Sign of endometriosis? Cramps most days.

Diagnosed w chronic prostatitis, day after sex I begin having some reoccurring urination issues lower abdominal discomfort Is that possible ?

Diagnosed wirh pid. Esr and blood count normal. Now I have itching and burning in vagina along wirh burning when urinate. Also back pain. Cause?

Does bacterial vaginosis cause pelvic pain or clit pain? I was just diagnosed today with it and im experiencing that

Does chlamydia cause pain when pressure is on vagina? Where does chlamydia usually cause pain and what are the most common symptoms?

Does pain experienced during gynecological examination necessarily necessarily mean vaginismus?

Experiencing pain when urinating and abdominal pain. Moreso on the outside of my vagina than in the urine. Yeast infection?

Experiencing pain while sexually aroused. How can I treat this?

Experiencing pain while urinating and a slightly swollen penis tip.No discharge but tests indicate high WBC.Gonorrhea or UTI?Norfloxacin easing pain

Female, 23: opening to my ureathra is swollen and sore. There are no other symptoms, I have been urinating normal and pain free. What is it from?

Finished medication other day but still experiencing testicular pain along with tingling in feet and hands. Could this be an STD or sti?

For 5 months I have been having painful urination, abdominal cramps, and back pain. Don't have STD or infection. Need help finding out what's wrong.?

For 7 weeks after pap smear, mainly vulva pain with urethra pain. Doc said probable nerve injury. Any treatment? Chance of recovery? What doc to see?

Freqnt pelvic pain prior to ejaculation. Pain is centered btwn belly button & penis. Urine & prostate test neg. Vasectomy 3 yrs ago. No other symptoms?

From 2 years I m having only anal sex no vaginal. Is it a reason for chronic pelvic pain syndrome? As 1 day aldo had heavy bleeding in urethra.

Goodday,pls I have dis symptoms of vargina discharge,pain at my pelvic and pain during urination,what could b the cause of dis?

Got paragard last month with no problems. Went in for vag exam 3 days ago and has experience extreme cramping and pelvic pain (similar to insertion)?

Had 2 UTI's this year given CIFLOC 500 and it cleared.Penis normal but recently sharp pain on inside of urethra randomly each day.Sexually active.Help?

Had a pelvic exam six months ago, having severe pain again will I have to be examined again, and there is a foul odor too?

Had circumcision 2 weeks ago, now I slight burning pain and yellow discharge. Got antibiorics just in case but dr said no sign of infection. Possible?

Had PID a year ago. Only had 1 sexual partner eversince my husband. Cured, but felt d same thing again left pelvic pain. But ob findings is uti.Help?

Had unprotected m2f anal sex. 3 days later pain in testicles. Took 9 veetid, pain went away. Pain returned 2 days later. Could this be UTI and or sti?

Have pid. Finish meds. Doc suspect uti. How is that diagnosed? Have burning when urinate and itching and burning in vagina. Is PID linked to this

Having vaginal pain near the vulva, during sex I'm negative on STDs, the pain is not bad but uncomfortable. What could this be and should I worry?

Hello Dr.Schappa. I have a few questions about chlamydia I can't seem to find the answers to. I had symptoms of Chlamydia for 3 weeks before being treated (I was in denial, at first it was just painful urinating but progressed into heavy discharge for 3 d

Hello, my question is i'm having pelvic pain along with a yeast infection. I've tried otc, and calling my obgyn. No call back, what do you suggest.

Hello, so I had a Pap test three days ago and sex is now painful, it's almost like burning pain. What could be the cause ?

Hey doc, i am a male 19 years of age who was most likely diagnosed with chlamydia or gonorrhea, as my doctor stated,because i was getting a frequent urination and burning while doing so. Also yellowish and sometimes white discharge throughout the night an

Hi I took 2 tablets of postinol 2 at once and am bleeding, also when I want to urinate I feel some kind of pain inside my vaginal around the pelvic re?

Hi Doc, I have had on and off throbbing-like vaginal, lower abdominal and anal pain for 2-3 days this week and has stopped completely. Period may or may not be a day late not entirely sure. Do you think I should get myself checked out or not necessarily

Hi doctor, I have a problem of vaginal bleeding during sex and with no pains but when I examine my self with two fingers the blood don't come out . ?

Hi Dr I slept on my stomach the other day and now I have pain from time to time on my testicles. Could this be an infection or an STD?

Hi i have vaginal and back pain i urinate frequently but normally i thougt it might be genital inflammation But it seems not what could be the reason?

Hi, I'm wondering what this could be and how serious it is. Here are my symptoms: 1) bleeding from urethra area not vagina. Also not necessaril when I?

Hi,I suffer from a brown flaky discharge in my urine.I might have a STD which I caught from the public toilets and also I having mild abdominal pains.