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pain in my chest where my stomach and rib cage are. feels like something is stuck in my stomach i took antacids but doesnt work burping all day long?

sudden urge to vomit and mouth water excessively, acid reflux, pain in lower abdomen and hurts to poop n hurts to pass gas, dizziness as well ?

03/12/14 I had my gallbladder removed. Since then, I've been unable to keep a lot of foods down. I feel nauseous and burning sensation in stomach.

11year old gets sick every 3 months.Abdomen pain near belly button.Feels nauseated, vomits mucous, last episode 3 months ago: lower GI bleed..Now again?

14 years old and after I eat I get stomach pain also constipation ever since I had the stomsch flu last week (5days)?

15 years old. No appetite for 5 days. Dull ache in lower stomach and pooping a little more. Also some acid reflux. Is this stomach cancer, I'm worried?

16 weeks pregnant and recently have a pain in my upper stomach? Its a acidic or fluids that cause the pain? Its normal or not?

2 days I had hurting in my chest like heartbun if I dont eat or I do it still hurts,nausea to my stomach, back hurts too, is it heartburn or anxiety?

20 yrs old bad stomach spasms it feels like ruq gallbladder gone. Pain/spasm last for like 4-5-6 minutes help . Wat can I do?

A year ago i was hospitalized with stomach pains. They called it infectiousness colydis, now my stomach hurts everytime i eat and keeps swelling. Help?

Aafter a few bites of food i get stomach pains, have to breath shallow, and usually get sick to my stomach.

Abdominal pain, flu every other week, coughing, feel like intestine in my private parts, having gas, what is wrong with me?

Achey gas/dull cramps i get through out the day.Especially after eating some things.Suspected gluten allergy.But wouldn't that be in lower stomach?

After almost every orgasm, I get very, very bad stomach pain and diarrhea. What could be causing this?

After almost every time i eat i get severe all over abdominal pain belch and fart alot. I get diahrrea a lot too.

After eating feel tired, dizzy, stomach bloats and stomach right upper pain. What is causing this? Mornings my stomach is flat then eat look prego.

After gallbladder removel my abdomen hurts like gas and bad indigestion i can't even eat a pineapple without pain! what could this be?

After I eat my stomach bloated and hurts, sometimes the pain radiates into my back.When it starts to feel better I have a lot of gas .No gallbladder.

After pooping early in morning i get bubbling voice in lower abdomen and gas for whole day, why???? And food is normal

After relief from constipation, my stomach swells and I get horrible feces smelling burps. I get really sick with stomach pains and nausea.

Almost every time after I eat I get stomach pain,At the very bottom of my stomach, feels like gas.It happens quickly to.Any idea?I have GERD as well

Among other stomach pains im having. My stomach feels sore like ive done crunches but havents. What could this be?

Anxiety causing stomach issues hurt to eat and heartburn stomach pain am I headed towards GERD or ulcer? What should I take for this

Any explanation for why i get an acid feeling in my upper stomach and rectal bleeding?

Anywhere from about 3-10 times a month, my stomach feels so bloated and I have stomach pains that make it hard to even walk. Could this be IBS?

Are some people more prone to getting upper abdominal pain and upset stomachs?

At times my stomach seam to be full when I now I have not ate anything, it feel like it has something restricting my lower stomach .?

Atleast 3 nights/week, I get severe stomach pain & bloating, acid reflux/nausea & just a general uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen. Some nights are wayworse than tonight! What can I do?

Because it is Ramadan I eat a full meal at around 2am&go straight to sleep now I have stomach pains when I wake up, what is causing the stomach pains?

Been gassy for 2 weeks and stomach has been making a lot of noise. Have some gas pains. Back hurts. Had unprotected sex. What can this be?

Bloated belly and stomach pains.. Could it be alcohol infection?

Boobs sore, can't hold down food, stomach pains. Could i be pg?

Build up of wind causes alot of pain in stomach & back Why could this be??

Burning &gurgling in upper left center of stomach, no nausea or vomit, i don't eat spicy or sodas, first time this happens. Massaging aliviates.

Burning between breast, full feeling. Went to Er, gall bladder removed. Now alot of gurgling sounds in stomach, constipation and shoulder pain. Norm?

Burning in stomach upper middle ALL day: worsens with movement and cough, I try to eat but doesn't do anyrhing. In so much pain! What could help?

Burns and stomach pain from what comes because they did ultrasound and didn't found anything?

Can a bladder infection cause swollen nodes night sweats muscle ache's awkwardness to go to toilet gurgling in stomach and on the side of stomach?

Can anybody tell me why my lower stomach has numbing like feeling on it 7 weeks out of a hysterectomy?

Can barium sulfate drink give you stomach pain?. I have gastritis and hurt the entire day.

Can cake give you gas pains? B/c this is my second day eatting it and my stomach hurts really bad 

Can constipation be causing bad acid reflux? My stomach feels so raw n won't settle with my omeprazole but am also constipated n loud noisey stomach

Can I have h pylori my stomach hurts bloated and back hurts no cardiac problems. I threw up and it looked like coffee grounds and I have heartburn?

Can trapped gas cause a GREAT deal of stomach discomfort? It came on suddenly. Not the typical pain associated with stomach virus.

Can't tell when I need to pee,nausea,bladder/uterus cramps, stomach noises,random pains in stomach. This has gone on for two and a half months.

Constant acid refulux for 3 years , stomach/navel burning , chest pain and loss of appetite and stool streaking with blood. Possible stomach ulcer?

Constant bloating and tight stomach muscles but normal stools? For the last ten days. Also got it last Month for a few weeks.

Constant feeling of stomach growling/stomach aching in upper mid section of stomach that radiates to posterior. Not hungry, gets sorta better w/food?

Constant nausea (not pregnant), pains from my belly button down, constantly hungry. Had scope; stomach is healthy, no ulcers. Please help! thanks?

Constant stomach pain doctors said my woman parts r fine no reflux, ulcer,all organs r fine they havent checked my intestine it makes my back hurt 2?

Constant stomach pain that comes and goes, causing some nausea. Changing bowel habits. Sometimes feel nauseous. I'm 22. ?

Constipation problem since two year and stomach gone bigger. Did not feel hunger feel burning on chest?

Could gp pushing on stomach cause vomiting?

Ddnt eat anythgn spicy horrible upper tummy pain and cramps. What could this be?

Diarrhea stopped after taking BRAT diet but feeling mild pain on both side of the lower stomach and lower back. Also feel like bowel is not empty. ?

Diarrhoea for 3 weeks.Stomach cramps.Going about 5 times, day & night.I'm under a lot of stress right now, is it related?How can I ease my stomach?

Do you think I should go to the doctor for a painful distended stomach?

Doc said take fiber laxative for constipation. Im avoiding cuz i started getting pain and burning-like feeling in lower left stomach. Make sense?

Doc, I have some kind of pain in my stomach...Almost three years...In the center of my tummy.....May i know what is that...Or any suggestion for me..T?

Does appendicitis pain come and go? My pain comes and goes and is usually dull, stomach gurgles lots and I'm gassy, eaten lots of chips and chocolate

Does fibroid move in the stomach?

Does insufflation of the stomach go back down?

Does laying on your stomach cause back problems or any other problem? Is it bad for your stomach or lungs to lay on your stomach? How should I lay?

Dr told me that I have costochondritis, i would like to know if that could be causing pain in the epigastric stomach, pain after i eat, and drink wate?

Dull belly ache, easily bloated & full, not hungry, gas, lump feeling occasionally in throat. Anyone know what may be reason (s)? Thank you!

Dull burning pain between navel and breast bone increases after I eat, sometimes moves lower. Feel bloated, hard stomach, nausea, burping, heartburn?

Dull Pain in middle of stomach, and right side. Not hungry until late afternoon. Stomach is active with growls and noises. Bloated stomach. Why??

Dull pain right side and middle of stomach, bloated and stomach makes lots of noise. Not hungry until late afternoon and grooves in my poop. Help?!

Every morning i feel pain in my upper stomach, the pain disappear after I have breakfast..Is it just because i'm hungry?Or is it something else?

Every time I eat I get a pain in my stomach like burning and I burp a lot and I've been really bloated for about 5 days. What should I do?

Every time i eat my stomach bloats bad and i get these awful pains?

Everytime after i eat i get stomach pains and feel nauseous. I've had this for over 2 years and numerous test have been done. It's not my gall bladder?

Everytime I eat vegetables my stomach burns I have abdominal pain and get horrible heartburn. What could cause this?

Extremely Painful gas bubble in stomach. Causing runs and vomiting. How do i get rid of the pain?! Please help!

Feeling gasy and bloated everyday in the stomach, is there anyway to get rid of it? As many time i would also have a stomach pain with it too?

Feeling of bloat and distended stomach no matter how bland i eat. Heartburn and nausea most the day. Now intense pain on my right side back of waist?

Feels like there is something swollen in my lower stomach. Cyst? Bad gas, bowels not normal, Flagyl didn't help.

For the past few days i've had dull stomach aches. Not in one particular place. A good bit of burping and occasional passing of gas.

For the past two maybe three months my stomach has a twitching that it it gas or something else...? Is this normal.. Its kind of annoying

Full after food easily, bloated uncomfortable stomach. Slight aching pain on left side of stomach occassionaly...

Full hysterectomy about 2 months ago and after I eat my stomach hurts badly and also does it a lot at night?

Gas like pains in chest and entire stomach. Last for about 3 mins. My stomach gets really hard when it happens. I'm 35w6d pregnant. Contractions?

Gas stuck in my stomach or chest after i eat. The pain is so bad i end up doubled over in pain for days. I think its IBS but what else, acid reflex?

Getting severe stomach pain and liquid gas charge. It's mainly happening during long travel.

Gnawing pain below sternum and above stomach, sore Esophagus, fatigue. Worse on empty stomach and in the morning. Watery mouth occasionally?

Going through a bad constipation for over a week .had taken laxatives once but no stomach feels bloated stomach pain when pressed?

Got a cholecystectomy but i still have a strong pain in my middle upper stomach like super hungry feeling burning before food sometimes after why?

Had a bad stomach bug 2 days ago and I still can't eat much without having bad gas. I have chest pain on the right side when i deep breath. I vomited.

Had a stomach ulcer. Stomach hurts very bad, just vomited too. Pain won't go away. Could it have ruptured? Or is this likely just something i ate?

Had burning feeling along with nausea in upper stomach & gas come and go for weeks. Had ultra sounds and blood work done all normal. what could it be?

Had dull pain that comes and goes in stomach for 2 weeks.Get bad flatulance, wind, bloating, smelly gas, indigestion.What could b the problem.Thanks?

Had gastro yesterday now have serve stomach cramps is this normal how can I reduce them?

Had stomach bug friday and still have nausea and stomach pain under ribs on left side am only able to eat small amounts could it still be from virus?

Had to run and my stomach was full (food and water). Now I have a little pain on side of belly. Could my stomach get twist for doing that?

Hard mass under my stomach, above my belly button. No pain, just gas noises in stomach. Thought it was pancreas. What could this be? Also constipated.

Have a stomach ulcer I always have stomach pain whether I eat or not always feels like a ball rolling around in my stomach not pregnant what's wrong?

Have drainage in throat. Get stomach pain/cramps after i eat. Is there a relationship?

Have dull ache in stomache when I eat or drink anything, last a long time. Endoscopy was fine, where can pain be from if not stomache? Thank you.

Have dull stomach irritation feeling kind of like sore from abdominal work out (but I have not).what could this be? Ibs? Ulcer?

Have enlarged spleen and gallstones...Horrible stomach and back pain. Loss of appetite, eating makes the pain worse. Stomach cramps and greasy stools?