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had ultrasound no stones been quite ill dull pain upper right tummy burning arms and legs moderate alcohol use 2yrs pancreaitits? or gallbladder?plz

I have 3 small gallstones but don't cause problems. Can starting cholesterol meds cause gallbladder issues? feeling achy pain rt. side around waist

Mild/mod pain (jabbing) 2 inches down from belly button & 1 inch to right - sometimes on walking etc. began few days ago. Also painful to press deepl

-30 lbs in a month, severe stabbing/burning in lower abdx1.5wks, large mass in U/L left abdx4 days, tender, hurts to move, breathe, etc. possibility?

1-3 days after flying i get intense abdominal pain. Why is this, and what can I do to prevent it?

10yr old f. W/severe abdominal pain below sternum at night. No fever, pain is like squeezing hard, antacids dull the pain. Wakes up crying. 3 days?

11 days post-vasectomy. 2 days ago, developed lasting, cramp-like pain on both sides of lower abdomen. Doesn't seem normal. Help appreciated. ?

14 weeks pregnant. Itchy legs and upper right quadrant pain for the last 6 weeks. History of NASH, normal LFT 1 year. Could it be ICP?

14wks pregnant. Slight discomfort under right lower rib and lots of bubble noises in chest stomach area and heartburn past few nights. Possible cause?

17yr female, not sexual active, Lower left side pain, fever 99.8, back pain, nausea, dizziness, hurts laying down,cant eat not passing urine often

18 yo competitive tennis male; 1 yr of stomach pain near navel; 3 random cases of vomiting. Occas. constipation; also low back pain. Next steps.....?

18 yr old has pain in lower parts of right side of abdomen, side, and right lower back has history of lapband, h pyloria, poly cy cystic fibrosis

19 w/ sternum/intercostal stinging pain random w/torso movement(breathings ok)3rd day pain way less frequent but stings same, how long b4 visiting dr?

19yo relatively healthy female severe stomach pain near hips and ribs severe shoulder pain severe headaches short of breath and hard belly. any help??

2 days of mid to uper abdominal pain. Waiting for a scope but worries could be a abdominal anuerysm? Tender to push on. Feel fatigued

2 days of sharp pain to tummy that spreads throughout, no radiation of pain to extremities. No diarrhoea or vomiting , its more painful when.Pressed?

2 days post colonoscopy, with no biopsy, blood or fever, is upper left quadrant stomache soreness and pain gas related, and when to get it checked?

2 days post period. Intense dull deep achy type pain below belly button? Serious or not?

2 mnths after myomectomy & have sensitivity in area where removed, heavy lifting hurt stomach muscles then had acidity & pain in abdomen is it related?

2.5 months post lap chole - constant pain in upper central abdomen radiating to the back...Tender to touch, hurts 24/7?

20yo F, sharp/stabbing pain in left lower abdomen during intercourse occasionally. Same sharp pain when sneezing, coughing, twisting etc for >2yrs?

22yr old girl with a constant sharp upper right pain followed by upper back pain, no loss of appetite, no health problems, no drugs or alcohol?

23 years old not overweight leg pain after eating with weakness and lower back pain and constant smell of metal in nose?

26 yr old, 38kg female, feels heaviness in left umbilical region, and stomach diameter has also increased in last two months, feels no pain.What is it?

26, m, healthy. Having left chest pain near & above nipple region. Sometimes seems to spasm. Pain subsides w/ movement. Doesn't happen upon exertion?

27 male worried about Pancreatic cancer, upper ab discomfort under left ribs, upper/mid back pain, indigestion. Should I be worried? What are chances?

27/f abdominal pressure w/minor discomfort below right rib cage, nausea, lump in throat feeling. Started Prilosec until dr apnt monday. Advice 4 now?

27/M lower right abdominal pain. Pain scale of 6/10. Worse when pressed and released. More pain when bending over or taking deep breaths. Past 4 days.

3 months ago had kidney stone lefy side removed now I have soreness not painful on both sides of upper ribs would cat scan not have seen some else too?

3 years after Novasure ablation extreme lower abdominal pain (left). Feels like pain is building for about 10 hours then suddenly stops. Not every mon?

30 YO F, sharp stomach pains on R side radiate to R shoulder when inhaling can't move, last 15 minutes- hour. US for gallbladder normal. What is it?

34, F. Very mild abdominal discomfort just today/tonight & dull ache in lower back. I do tend to bend incorrectly when doing daily tasks. Related?

35 year old female persistent burning pain in ULQ under ribs after straining during a BM a few months ago. Felt POP at the time of strain.. ?

36 female, tender spot near spine right side, mid back. Pain between shoulder blades, right abdomen pain loose stool after eating? Pancreas cancer?

4 weeks post lap chol have pressure in midline left abdomen w/ occasional shooting pain. Seeing doc soon, but any ideas in the meantime?

43 y old m with chest pain radiates to back shoulder blade and ribs cardio work up normal no gb/stones liver normal mgram brest normal

46y.o. female upper back pain when food enters stomach. sharp/stabbing/severe. happens 97% of time. started 30 hours ago. what do u think it is?

5days ago i developed a pushing dull pain in my upper left part of my stomach, not responding to medicines, passing stool more often, worse while lying?

6 Days of r) side lower breast pain radiating to shoulder. Belch w/ bile. R) side headache. Excessive bloating. Could this be my gal bladder?

67yof w/upper abd pain to back rt side cleared pancreatitis/liver issues ER gave carafte Pepcid (famotidine) for ulcer still in severe pain/naus labs only ?

7 CM ovarian cyst now constant discomfort and pain in front of right thigh , stomach feeling full all the time and feeling sick, weight gain?

82y.O. F presents upper abdominal discomfort and tightness. Also bloating. Now has a swollen lower left lip. Any ideas?

90yr old gram.septic gallbladder removed 2 yrs ago.2 heart stents. Heart good.Right sided recurring chest pain radiates to back.causes? Gasx helps

A deep ache in the right upper shoulder blade present for two years is how likely to be missed cancer? It is chronic . Do have low functio gallbladdr

A friend has been vomiting a black substance and has terrible pains on her right side. Gall bladder or appendicitis?

A shooting pain when taking a deep breath in his back..Lower left side .No injury, doesn't hurt or change with movement. No fever or bowel changes :)?

Abdo pain nausea and upper central Back pain. What could be causing this? Also I keep feeling like I need to deficate but I can't.

Abdom. discomf, mild pain upper abd 1/2 hour after meals. radiated to back. relieved when lie down. i am 43..had a bowel surgery when 6-month-old baby?

Abdominal burning and pain - can't sleep at night?

Abdominal pain on right. Gerd, frequent diarrhea. Gall bladder is removed. Stool is very foul smelling. Pain lies right under right rib cage?

Abdominal pain right side under ribs, spreading to back, hip and leg. Lab shows ALT high, gallbladder was removed last year. Should I be concerned?

Abdominal pain, centralized right under the breast bone, comes on abruptly, lasts a few days, disappears for months at a time, neg for ulcers?

Abdomominal Itching mid section beneath sternum and above Umbilical. No Pain or rash - Intermittent Needle like jabs on mid right side. could thisbe?

Add more to problems. The lower stomach pain on both side follow with burning sensation that travel to lower back. Heard to Breathe. Constant Diarrhea?

Aerophagia from CPAP. Right shoulder pain (along w/ belching, abdominal pain). Is shoulder pain normal w/ aerophagia?

Afraid2have GB removed eJF 20%, occas nausea occas urq pain burp, reflux?, lower right back pain. May redo HIDA was taking BHRT & dr. ? if effected %

After eating i got severe pain below middle of ribcage. Is this just because i'm so full?

After eating, stomach pain/burning travels down abdomen esp. left and right sides. Abd. hurts when pressed on.Dr.says too much acid in body. Thoughts?

After every bm i get nausea & a tight knot feeling right below ribs in center & towards left ? I suffer ibs-c

After feeling pain n my upper left chest i often have a period of loose bowel movements.....I have been diagnosed with angina.?

After labor i've had pain in the middle of my chest, it affects my entire back its so painful i cry and get very uncomfortable is it my gallbladder? ?

After surgery 14mos ago to remove rt colon and sm part of intestine. I have severe pain on left side upper abdomen and swelling. With burning sensatio?

Age 16 and I have discomfort near left ribs mostly after eating. Doesnt decrease appetite. Is this just gas or strained cartiliage from golf? Concern?

Age23f,Burning sensation in left side of abdomen,non radiating,specially at empty stomach.what could be the cause and how to treat?!

All liver& pancreas CBC bloodtest came back normal. Why am i having horrific pain& nauseaunder rt rib? No galbladder . Removed 15 yrs ago. Comes&goes.

Along with my abdominal and underarm soreness, I have began to feel and see a pulse in my stomach area. I have no idea what's going on?

ALT came back 39. I'm concerned. I've also been having some upper right side pain, but I've had problems with my gall bladder...any advice?

Am 54 female over weight, has pain right abdominal high mid ribs to back dull + stab @ naval, nausea, bowel changes, cough + feel some lumps not on ribs?

Am I having appendicitis upper back pain and upper abdominal went to hospital a week ago they said nothing just prescribed me zantac (ranitidine)?

Amilasa enzim in blood above normal about 30%. I have a pain in my stomach, upper part, right, 2 inches below ribs. Is the pain coused by pancreas?

Anus growling noise also aches in groins and tight feeling in chest when deep breath is taken don't have a stool as often either sometime groin growls?

Any reason why I have painful pressure in my rectum when I sit down & also sends pain to my stomach? Could it be related to ov? Its not consten

Aortic anuerysm? Extreme upper and middle back pain, small stomach discomfort, I'm very scared please help can I have one at 16

Appendectomy in 2007 appendicitis never showed up in blood or scans my stomach is hurting under right rib cage for months dr doesn't know what to do?

Are there any muscular or skeletal reasons to get pain in your lower right quadrant? Ob And gastro cleared me

Arthur has had a sharp pain in his gut for the last week, made worse when in certain positions or pressed on along with gas. His bowels are normal tho?

Back aches lumped up spots in muscle tissue, sternum pain, some problemsbreathing and recently constant vomiting after intake of food (22 male)?

Back pain and right upper side pain. Have fatty liver disease. What do I do?

Back pain upper where my gall badder use to be located?

Bad abdomen pain lower right side, hurts when lifting leg, walking ect. had pain for over 24hrs. no loss of appetite or nausea. any ides??

Been experiencing a slight discomfort under my left rib cage, occasionally find it difficult to pass gas and feel like a blockage on the lower left side of my stomach which is occasional too. It's been the case for more than 20 days now and nor is the pai

Been getting pain in my upper right side and abdomen very tenderbtontouch, i had a scan to chefk for gallstones but it is clear, don't know what it is.

Been having lower left quadrant pain since august 2011. I had gallbladder us and ct. All fine then. But I've been throwingvup everything. Help please.?

Been having pain in my upper right ab near rib cage that comes and goes. Have gastroparesis, could this just be related to my gastroparesis?

Been having sharp pains under left boob. Could it be pancreas? Shes 59 and been in ER before for the pancreas doc said she just need to stay hydrated.

Been having tests for RUQ pain. Ex-labs and u/s.. It's been constant about 1 month. I notice a pain in the LUQ. Could it be related to gall bladder?

Been having upper right quadrant pain somewhat under the rib had gallbladder removed awhile back been to the ER several times have fatty liver it is t?

Been masturbating for 4 yrs (3-4)times a week and now i m 18 and getting probs like constipation, lower left abdominal pain at instant, pain deep anus?

Been with neck/shoulder pain 2 days. Within last 4 hours,pain spread to severe mid-abdomin pain -lower chest to pelvis. Should this become concerning?

Below my testicles in between both i occasionally get a small pressure. it has me uneasy. no pain no discomfort. is this normal? what organ is there

Bloated stomach, soreness rib cage, high pressure, occasional itching, tiredness. What is going on? How would you diagnosis?

Bloating feeling under right ribcage when sitting. Not painful, no nausea, just discomfort. Doc thinks possible gallbladder? Could it be liver?

Bloating when stand, pain in stomach/sides (esp on right), belly button discharge, slight fever, mid back pain, clean med history. Thoughts?

Blood pressure 93/63, light headed, empty feeling in stomach even after eating. Gripping pain upper right ribs, sort of spasms and like a muscle spas?

Blood work is normal, there is no swelling in abdomen. I have a dull back (middle) and stomach pain with a mild itch under armpit for 4 months.

Bottom right and left rib sometimes feels sore/achy both at the front and back. Ultrasound for gallstones, liver, pancreas and kidneys clear.

Burning ache from ribs to hip left side.Weeks of this w no diagnosis yet.Distended luq knotted.Tender to touch.Fatigued & nauseated.Blood in stool.

Burning pain 20-30 min after eating. Pain starts in upper right abdomen and moves to middle-upper left back. Happening consistently and more frequent.

Burning pain under right rib cage. Foul taste in mouth. Right side aches after sitting at desk. Helps to eat. Gallbladder out 2014. Pancreases90% '06.

Burning pain upper right side on and off over past 2 years.. Gall bladder? chances of cAncer? 31 yes old