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24 yr old c-section scar, 15 yr appendectomy scar and I am having severe ripping tearing pain in pelvic area. Shouldn't these adhesions be removed?

2 days post op. Laparascopy gallbladder removal. Pain at the back and chest. Vomiting. What seems to be the reason?

2 wks post op l5s1 TLIF. Sudden excruciating sharp/burning pain near incision site off and on. Particularly upon moving or standing up. Normal?

22yr old, had exploratory laparotomy 2 years ago due to retroperitoneal hematoma. Now, I have abdominal pain. Heating/less movement helps with pain. I am young and do not want another surgery. Advice?

2day Father had surgery removed cyst from bladder. In pain has catheter is pain normal. Can't urinate as well is pain from surgery or catheter? .

2minths post surgical abortion and still abdominal pain after sex lasts about a week?

3 days post op: laproscopic appendectomy and lysis of adhesions. Passing gas, but abdomen distended, intermittent sharp pains, dizziness. Now what?

3 days post open appendectomy, have fibroids, and pregnant. I feel very full, have some pain on the non surgical side, and gas pains today. Is it norm?

3 mnths ago i had surgery for a hysteroscopy, insertion of mirena (levonorgestrel) & currettage. Since the surgery why do I have left groin, hip & lower back pain.?

3 weeks post op hysterectomy.Having aching throbbing pain lft side by kidney off and on.Could it be related to surgery? Need to take med for pain.

4 months post op robotic hysterectomy. have a sharp pain on left side above belly button that just appeared about 1 week ago ?

5 days post-op divinci hysterectomy. I am not experiencing any pain at the 5 small insertion sites but am experiencing pain in right groin(10) tx?

5 weeks post op hysterectomy. Swelling on left side of abdomen with niggling pain/ burning sensation. do you think it's just scar tissue?

5 weeks post op pain from a supracervical hyst with righ side oopherectomy . Pain only on right side . Fairly severe. What could it be?

5 weeks post partum , c section, dull pain in lower right abdomen. No other symptoms besides periodic incision swelling and pain. Appendix perhaps ?

5 wks of my c-section n having upper abdomen pain can internal stitches open????

6 weeks post bilateral inguinal hernia surgery with scar revision. My right side is still in horrible pain. I had an injection but not working. Why?

6 weeks post op supracervical hyst with right side oopherectomy . I have flank pain where ovary was removed. What could this be? Dr says he doesn't know. Ct scan of abdomen normal.

7 months post op hysterectomy abdominal pain?

7 years old surgery is a little open with some pus .i have pains in my lower abdomen ..what can i do ?

8 months Post Dv Hysterectomy RSO, Sex is painful, I have constant pressure & pelvic pain, and sharp gas type pain & pain in butt. Doc says I'm ok?

8 months post op total hysterectomy. Sex causes instant severe lower abdominal pain. Why?

Abdom. Pain, left lower & right mid.With constipation for 1 month.Colonoscopy 1 yr ago, all good.Laparoscopic bilateral hernia repair 07. Any thoughts?

Abdominal surgery 10 weeks ago - electric shock pain now. What's going on?

Abscess pain post appendectomy laparoscopy, what to do?

Adhesions surgery due to painmy abdomen has distended horribly, discfort, mild pain, constipation, nausea, cramps, and adhesions post-surgery yrs ago.

After abdomminal surgery pain overhips and in back?

After gallbladder surgery I still have pain lasting 20 minutes. The surgery was 9 years ago. The ultrasound done was normal. What is cause of my pain?

Appendectomy 3 month ago laparscopicly, bad immflamtion. Now experiencing discomfort on lower left abdomen. What could it be?

Appendectomy 9yrs ago, incisiion aching?

Appendectomy post-op problems, what to do?

Appendix surgery recovery help please, I had my appendix out 3 weeks ago and was healing good but then after 10 days I pain on left Keyhole inner leg?

Are there ways to help resolve the gas pains leftover from laprascopic surgery?

Back pain on side where i've had ovarian cyst removed? Is this normal? 4 days post op

Bleeding after intercourse and right side pain. Partial laproscopic hysterectomy 9 years ago. Belly button pain as well.

C section. 5 weeks ago severe pain above incision hurts to event sneeze?

C-section it's over 3 yrs and still have severe pain below my bellybutton and above my scar when it is pushed on or when bending over. Why?

C-section pain 3 years later? I had a c-section 3 years ago, I am experiencing pain where i had stitches, is this common?

Can a c-section about 4 years ago still cause pain?

Can a small vericocele which is only felt when squeezed cause pain. Is surgery necessary if the pain is mild.

Can abdominal scar tissue come back after being surgically removed? Still having chronic lower right abdominal pain after tah and abd exploratory surg

Can anything help to reduce the pain of co2 after abdominal surgery?

Can being diabetic affect how i heal after a hysterectomy, pain in lower abdomen and back two years after surgery doctor said it is diverticulosis?

Can c section (14 weeks ago) cause PID? Had abdomen, back and hip pain since few weeks after section.

Can endometriosis come back after an operation and cause pain ?

Can fatigue and belly button pain be normal 4 weeks after laproscopic surgery for endometriosis?

Can lower back pain cause pain in laproscopic hernia repair 4 1/2 months post- op?

Can there be any surgery to cut off pain to your stomach?

Chest pain after laproscopic appendix surgery. How long does this last?

Chest pain after prostate surgery, what could be wrong?

Constant ovary pain, laparoscapy operation done - no improvment. HELP!

Could a large endometriosis implant cause severe back pain?

Could pain and discomfort in my deltoid be caused from a past cervical surgery?

Could the extreme pain i'm experiencing be a hernia of some sort? Colostomy reversal done last week & pain is on rt side 1-2" below stoma location

Cramp pain 2yrs after hiatus hernia op?

Do you still feel pain a couple of months after sigmoid colon surgery?

Experiencing angina pain? Do I need bypass surgery?

Experiencing pain and pressure scheduled C-section in about 12 days?

Extreme pain in lower right groin female full hysterectomy at 25 from cysts and severe endometriosis had ingunial hernia repaired n 2004?

Feel tightness and pulling sensations 6 months post C-section on right side. Is it normal. Will it be ok with time or laparoscopy needed for adhesions?

Gas pains and abdominal pain 3 weeks post bypass an valve replacement surgery is this normal?

Generally, how long after having a C-section do you feel pain? I am experiencing some pain near the right side of my C-section incision and its been nearly 3 months after having the procedure

Had a c sec 4 mnths back. Feel stiffness and stretch near incision in pelvis.Cud this be adhesions. Will it ever be normal. No pain only discomfort.

Had a c-section two weeks ago, experienced a pph right after the operation. Am currently having fever, smelly periods and abdominal pain, what is it?

Had a diagnostic laparoscapy done 4 week ago today to remove endometriosis . Since week after the operation had severe abdo pain it's been 4 week now?

Had a laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis and woke up with horrible rib pain and hurts to breath deep with it is this normal?

Had a miscarriage surgery 3 days ago, should I still be in pain? Can't lift left leg up without being in a lot of pain only on 1 side, still bleeding

Had an lap appendectomy 3 weeks ago.feeling pain on the ex-appendix place after eating, and pain on the post op scar (same location). Okay ?

Had hysterectomy 5 wks. Seroma drained 1 wk ago. Groin/abdomen/upper leg burning pain returned but worsening. Doc felt it might be nerve issue too??

Had keyhole surgery 4 days ago to remove ovarian cyst, been sitting up all day and having a lot of stomach and back pain why is this?

Had lapro surgery for ovarian cysts and lysis of afhesions from previous gallbladder surgery bad pain lft side of belly botton 9 dys ago what is it ??

Had laproscopic gallbladder surgery 6 weeks ago. I still feel pain at the site. Maybe a pulling or internal bruising feeling. Is something wrong?

Had microdiscectomy/flavectomy 2days ago,sciatica pain and tilted pelvis are gone...what do you recomend for these days of recovery?

Had painful colonoscopy yesterday. No pain afterwards. Does the pain felt during procedure increase risk of perforation occuring later? Very anxious.

Had reconstr surgery upper lip (removal of bcc) how long is pain normal at site.Was pain free 2 days now mild to severe pain at incisions?

Had total thyroidectomy 4 weeks ago. Rai treatment 2 days ago. Woke up this morning with pain at my incision site. Is this normal? No pain before

Has anyone had a hysterectomy and had residual symptoms of pain or discomfort?

Have had several surgeries all done laparoscopic inc appendix & gb I also have IBS. Can I have any adhesions that would cause pain always in LRQ?

Haveing lower back pain after gallbladder surgey week post opt ?

Havin the worst lower abdominal pain and it radiates to my hips and back in the past I've had 7 laparoscopies endometrial ablation and tubaligation?

Having lower back pain after 4 week post op hestorectomy.

Hello Dr. I had inguinal hernia surgery on Jan 11th. The incision seems to be healing fine; however, there is a feeling of heaviness near incision and I still experience pain. Although pain is less than before but same heaviness still exists. There see

Hello i recently had appendix surgery laparoscopy jan 7 to be exact but I have back stiffness?

Hello, I have done hernia surgery 3 weeks ago and during that period i had no pain but last night its pained lot and still same. I want to know why ?

Hello, i just want to ask what causes pain in right upper thigh after appendictomy? I'm now in 24days after the operation

Help for gas pains after laproscopic hysterectomy?

Hi , I am 52 yrs old woman I had full hysterectomy operation 12 weeks ago everything went well , but after 5 weeks of the operation I had pain on my right side in my rib cage with full pain it hurts when I sneeze move around or sometimes just sitting down

Hi, I was diagnosed with endo 2 years ago, iv had 2 laps my last one 8 weeks ago. I'm in a lot of pain again and it's travelling down my right leg ?

How can ruptured appendix pain compare to labor pain?

How can i help myself recover quickly from abdominal surgery (laparoscopy), reduce referred pain from CO2 gas and reduce pain from incisional wounds?

How can I relieve abdominal adhesion pain from surgery?

How common is it to still have pain 3 weeks post abdominal hysterectomy op.?

How do you handle the pain and discomfort of chemo?

How does a pain pump work after nephrectomy?

How does anesthesia during cesarean section block out pain? Will I feel anything?

How is ruptured appendix pain compared to labor pain?

How long after a laproscopic surgery will the swelling & gas diminish? I'm 72hrs post-op and still swollen and have terrible gas pain. Thank you.

How long after a pannulectimy should you have pain in the abdonin from the drain tubes?

How long do you have pain urinating and pain with bowel movement after a total hysterectomy surgery?

How long does shoulder pain last after laparoscope?