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penis pain in urethra nerve ?

A male with herpes during an outbreak. For the first time I am experiencing pain toward the tip of my penis during urination. Is this normal?

After ejaculating and again, my penis hardens i feel pain, why?

After ejaculating, severe throbbing sharp pain in penis, scrotum and sometimes perinium, intercourse or even masturbating ?

Any ideas why is it that I have a sharp pain in my urethra between my testicles and my anus?

Any over-the-counter help for someone with penis pain?

Around ejaculation and when erect i have some pain in left testicle what could this be?

Around ejaculation and when erect i have some pain in left testicle what could this be?

Best treatment for itchy penis scrotum and joint pain?

Boyfriend had pain at the tip of penis after sex twice without break.its been 3 days & he still has pain while urinating.Is there a remedy?

Burning in right groin and buttock after ejaculation. STD?

Burning sensation at the tip of the urethra when urinating and pain in testis. Sometimes inflammation on right spermatic cord.No hiv, syphilis or stds?

Can a trapped nerve cause abdomen pain , urge to urinate and tingling in coccyx anus and penis?

Can coughing lead to pain in penis?

Can dehydration cause ramdom pain/itch shaft of penis? No UTI/STD. Pain off and on for year. Ultrasound clean. Pain sometimes radiates to left foot?

Can I have gonorrhea if I have burning in penis, joint pain, stomach pain, and anal itching?

Can i tell me how i can stop penis head pain?

Can narco cause discomfort in your penis?

Can prostate stones cause pain in the tip of the penis?

Can the prostates cause pain in the penis if something is wrong with it?

Can too much masturbation cause itching and coldness in testicles?

Constant redness of penis head without pain: what is wrong?

Could a prostate infection be causing pain in my little toe when I have an erection?

Could prostatitis cause pain in the opening of my penis?

Dear mam/sir i have pain sensation on tip of penis some time and when i take out sperm it pains on the base of penis plzz helpmee?

Diagnosed with epididymitis 6 months back took my antibiotic but still have uretha irration , touch urethra from back of Penis pain radiate tip ?

Does endometriosis cause pain during penis penetration?

Does excessive masterbation cause pain in penis?

Does pudendal neuralgia cause the penis&scrotum to retract&have pain?

Does urethritis cause penis pain?

During ejaculation (masturbating) Sharp throbbing pain in testicles and sometimes perineum, am I masturbating incorrectly? can I make it less painful?

During ejaculation, having intercourse or ocassional masturbation, im getting Sharp throbbing pain in my Penis, Testicles and even the perinium?

Ejaculations are painful at the head of the penis. What's wrong with my penis? There is no pain, blood, burning or anything else when urinating.

Every time i masterbate I have a severe pain in my testies and penis..Why ? And how can I treat it?

Foreskin infected with pain?

Had the following symptoms for 7 months: pain at tip of penis, testicle pain, lower back pain, painfull ejaculation. Treated for 2 UTI & balanitis.

Had urethral pain for 6 days but it went away. Have had tingling in belly button and tip of penis for 3 days since the pain ended. What could this be?

Having a burning pain that remains after ejaculating; usually hurts toward the top of the penis. What could be the cause?

Having a pain in back area (back, ass & testicles) after anus masturbation with finger, after another day & it lasts few days. What could cause it?

Hello what's cost a burning pain on the testicle and penis please help thanks?

Hello, I have a sharp pain in my penis after urinating. What could this be? Thanks

Help, what to if I have pain in penis?

Hi i had pain in my penis please answear me?

Hi im 16 and the urethra on my penis seems to be swollen and there is no pain can you help?

Hi there can u tell me if oxybutynin will ease penis pain?

Hi there does anxiety cause pain to the penis?

How can I treat pain in the penis?

How does a penis pump work without causing pain?

How painful is it to urinate after circumcision?

How to relieve a pain in shaft of penis?

How to stop the pain in my penis so that i can pee?

How to treat burning and pain in tip of penis?

I am 22 now.last 3 month I was masterbating often.Recwnlty I did last week. After that I had a pain on penis while urinating for 3 it normal?

I am experiencing penis pain and genital lump (penis or scrotum)?

I am experiencing penis pain. The folowing also describes me: Pain with urination,pains when i try to raise my penis up when erected What should I do?

I am having pain and tenderness on my clitoris ?

I am having pain in penis what to do pls help?

I can feel pain going from my scrotum to my penis im not really sure what it may be?

I experience burning pain on penis tip?

I gave pain in my penis while pissing.. What should I do?

I get a pain in my penis after ejaculating is there something wrong?

I guess overmasturbation cause very much pain in my penis and i dont know what to do?

I have a pain im my penis on the top can I know what to do?

I have a pain in my penis immediately after ejaculation?

I have a prostate infection, and now I feel a burning pain in the top of my penis. Is this normal?

I have a sore glans penis. Also have testicular pains, urinate a lot and have a pain in my lower back. I have had two urinary infections in 6months.

I have a sore on my penis that is draining and pain in my hip?

I have an swelling at neck of my glans penis after prolong erection aroung 5 or 6 hours without ejaculation. There is no pain in it, But it is disco?

I have been experiencing discomfort after I urinate in the tip of my penis. the pain only lasts for a couple of seconds.?

I have noctural emmision and after it there is a pain in my penis on erection.How to cure this pain?

I have pain at the time of erection what to do?

I have pain in my bladder and top of penis after urinating what causes the problem?

I have pain in my penis?

I have pain in penis while ejaculating and frequent urination and both side pain what is the cause and treatment for this?

I have pain in the tip of the penis, it has been for around 1yr. Generally when i hv erection it pains.What to do?

I have peniss pain and suffering from a variety of different things to but back pain and peniss pain mainly and have a dripping peniss what to do?

I have some pain in my clitoris, is this normal?

I have some pain in my penis ball . Can you tell me please how i will remove pain ?

I have two cuts near the head of my penis. They are causing me discomfort and pain. What should I do about them?

I hurt my back and i have discopathia L5-S1, L5-S2 and i start feel pain in my penis, can discopathia cause pain in penis?

I think i pinched a vein on my penis now the pain won't go away, what can be wrong?

I used podophylin pain n now having pain in my penis and scrotum?

I'm concerned because I have swollen penis tip, pain during masturbation?

I'm felling soreness on my penis, no pain while urination, no abnormal color, just pain near head of penis. Had it before and went away, what is it?

I've got two cuts on the head of my penis that are causing me pain and discomfort. What should I do about them?

I've had pain in my penis for 9 months now that nobody can figure out why. I'm 59 years old.

I've often been feeling a sharp pain on the left of penis glans for last 10 months. There is nothing on the glans.... I masturbate?

Im having micro ulcers on shaft. With no pain and no itchness. What to do?

Intense pain in my scrotum after not ejaculating.?

Is it normal for someone to have penis pain?

Is my uretha being pinched during orgasm?

Is the penis pulled to reattach the urethra to the bladder during prostectomy? I have painful penis in a.M. And all day soreness.Tylenol&percs no work

Is there such a thing as chronic penis pain?

Joint pain and penis pain - how to tell if it's an std?

Lower back pain, pain in penis shaft and slight burning during urinating/ejaculating. 21,active. Worried about prostate cancer. Should I be worried?

My Cousin is experiencing genital pain, genital lump (penis or scrotum) (quality: in the scrotum or testicles) and genital sores. ?

My wife thinks I should see someone for my penis pain. Should i?

Now having lover back pain and burning tip of penis?

Ocassional pain in penis after urinating?

Pain after ejaculation in penis tip. Never had this happen before help?