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a lot of pain in my pelvic area with a lot of pressure in my vaginal area and my bowels now when I pee then wipe there is light blood. What is it?

beeN having pain in the pelvic or uterus area during sexal intercourse every time there is pressure deep inside the vagina could it be a fibroid tumo?

16 weeks pregnant is pelvic cramping normal? I've been cramping not in abdominal area or belly and there's no blood but its been in pelvic area

22 years old virgin having frequent pain in ovaries area specially in morning. What could it be?

4 days ago i had abdomen and pelvis ultrasound,it turns outi have kidney stones but ever since the area below my abdomen above my vagina is rly itchy?

4 weeks pregnant and my tailbone and both sides of my pelvic area is sore?

A 55 year old man with carcinoma bladder complains of severe lower abdominal pain in supra pubic area. What is the best treatment?

A lump in pelvic area and difficult urinating?

A mild but uncomfortable pain in the pelvic area, around the prostate and spread all over the pelvic. What could that be?

Abdominal pain at pelvic region. Did i pull my muscle?

Abdominal pains radiating into vaginal area, pelvic, lower back, hips, tender breast and upper legs 1 year after novasure procedure.No periods for a year?

Aching over hip area could be a sign of kidney infection?

Acute cystitis cause pubic area pain?

After a month of untreated uti, I think it's gone. But now, I'm having major abdominal/all around pelvic area pain. What could it be?

After abdominal myomectomy and hysteroscopy 3 weeks ago, I had significant vaginal swelling (labia area). Is this normal? Cause? Go back to normal?

After masturbation, my entire pelvic area hurts, as well as inside my vagina (only sometimes). What could be causing the pain?

Around my pelvis area is quite firm. My bladder is not full, what could it be?

Been 3 days since I've had sex. the bones in my lower pubic area are still very sore plus the clitoral area. What causes it and how do i help the pain?

Burning sensation in lower abdominal/pelvic area?

Can a speculum from a vaginal exam cause an injury that leads to pain in the perineum area (while wiping) and a swollen lymph node in groin for a week?

Can a uti cause your pelvic area to feel tender to touch?

Can a yeast infection cause sharp pain in private area?

Can a yeast infection make your lower back hurt with pressure to my pelvic area?

Can after having sex cause u to have pelvic discomfort to 5 days later where it feels u are having spasms in pelvic area ?

Can an inguinal hernia cause pain throughout entire lower abdomen and throughout all soft tissue within the pelvis and surrounding area?

Can applying a heating pad to inflamed stomach (organ, not abdomen) cause it to rupture?

Can Cauda Equina Spinal Nodule cause pain/pressure through bowel & pelvic area; and severe constant worsening pain through sacral & tailbone area?

Can cycling have negative effects on your groin area?

Can I get pain by my appendix area with IBS ?

Can past cyctocele surgery cause pain in the groin and lower pelvic area?

Can really good sex with someone with a very large penis cause you to have abdominal/uterine pain for a few days after?

Can scar tissue cause the following symptoms: pain and pressure in pelvic area bloating and frequent bathroom trips?

Can scar tissue from 3 sections cause sharp burning pains in the incision/right ovary area?

Can the obstructor nerve cause genital pain? I'm female

Can using a douche cause pain and cramps in the pelvic area after having intercourse?

Can you feel your colon above pelvic area ?

Can you get pain by appendix area with IBS ?

Can you have painful sex with Crohn's disease? Very painful deep vaginal pain in R low abdomen. Colonoscopy showed redness inflammation in that area

Chronic internal discomfort near/below pubic bone (possibly clitoral area?). Pelvic ultrasound normal and anti-inflammatory drugs didn't work

Could varicocele cause pelvic and lower ab pain outside of the scrotum area?

Dark spot in my vagina to the left of the entrance(the pink area), extreme pelvic pain. Mild vulvar pain. What could be the cause?

Dear Doctor what can cause a deep pain inside my belly area after intercourse? I am 41 and had a hysterectomy 2 yrs ago because of endometriosis.

Do vaginal mesh and surgical mesh cause pain in the lowerback, lower abdominal , hip, buttocks, legged, and lower pelvic. Please help me .

Doctor said it was a strained ligament in pelvic area but could it be an aneurism?

Does a woman who had a c-section 5 years ago feel pain near the vaginal area when due with only 4 more weeks to go?

Does fatty area of pelvis cause penis length issues?

Does UTI cause hardness in lower abdomen and pelvic area?

Dull pain on both sides of groin area. Is this my ovaries? Period just ended. Area on the same level as hip. Could this be a cyst?

During and after having an orgasm I have severe cramping on the right side of my pelvic area. Is this a pinched perianal nerve? Have had it for years.

Early pregnancy and having shooting pains in vagina and anus area. Help?

Early pregnancy sign? Feeling very heavy around pelvic area and private area

Extreme pain in lower. Abdomen/pubic bone area during exercise. Also after bowel movement. Could it be an ovarian cyst?

Feel itching at night while sleeping at pelvic region, legs, hips between thighs etc no infection?

For the last 2 days I have been having a pressure feeling in my anal area and in my pelvis area what could it be. I can't have kids due to having a tubel?

For the past month I have been experiencing a dull pain with Itchiness and Swelling in the area between my Scrotum and Anus. I am also bleeding.

Gall bladder area itches and hurts when pressed on?

General aches and discomfort in pubic region. Sign of labor?

Had Pap smear one week ago. Since then I have had pain in the perineum area/outer vaginal area. It hurts to wipe. Could it be injury from speculum?

Have a buzzing sensation in lower groin/ vaginal area .. Age 66.. No other female issues... Neg for bleeding , infections or surgery?

Have had appendixs out so what other organ is in that area that could be sore?

Have pain in my pelvic area and goes to my backside puts a lot of pressure on it my gyn says its nothing what could it be?

Have weird discomfort/slight pain that moves from virginal area to anal area & vice visa, what could it be & should I go to a doctor about it?

Having a burning, tearing pain in my pubic area and I have a supra pubic catheter. I'm over weight by a lot so i'm not sure if its deep bruising ?

Having pain in lower abdomen with sex and sometimes pain radiates to rectal area. No pain in the actual vaginal area. What could be causing this?

Hello Doctor How are you ? Am sure you are doing just great . I feel pressures and discomfort in my cervical area . Also in my vagina area.

Hello, 20 year old female, had intercourse two days ago And have developed pain in my left pelvic area 4 inches above clitoris when presssd/bending?

Hi I am a 25 year old male and I am having pain from my bellybutton and down to my pelvic area. I am suspecting it's a hernia but am not sure. ?

Hi im a 21 yr old woman, ive had abdominal pain and pelvic pain, will an ultrasound cover that area if i want a checkup?

Hi..I am concerned about the pain i get in my lower left abdomen. And also i sometimes find the vaginal walls(passage) this normal or do i?

How can I tell whether I have osteitis pubis or a pulled groin?

How come I have really bad pain in my pelvic area?

How come I have vaginal and pubic bone pain?

How do they check for pelvic inflammatory ? Or anything infected in lower stomach.

How do you treat pain in ovary area during sex?

How long does pelvic pain associated with separation of the symphysis pubis last?

How much does a tattoo hurt on the pelvic-waist area? Is it safe?

How would i you find a Dr in my area that would no most about endometriosis? Please.

I am 19 weeks pregnant, and have been having discomfort pain in the pelvic area on and off all day, and I have a very full feeling in same area?

I am 3 months pregnant and having pain in the pelvis area what should I do?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and having pain in the pelvis area. What can I do to alleviate this?

I am 6dpo I have pain in pelvic region when i stretch that area is this due to the scar tissue or could it be due to ovulation? Happens every cycle.

I am a 21-YO hispanic male. I have been having mild, dull pain all throughout my abdominal area and have anal pulsing. What may be the cause?

I am experiencing pressure and heat in my vaginal area. What could be the cause?

I am having itching inside pelvic area and below belly button can this affects my fertility?

I am having pressure and pain in my pelvic area... What can I do?

I am having sharp pains in my vaginal area. what does that mean?

I an experiencing discomfort in my rectal area( tail bone).What can I use to ease the pain or discomfort ?

I currently have itchiness in the genital area and lower abdominal pain . Female . Also have round rashes on my hips that are itchy?

I experience server pain and pressure on my pelvic and private area, during mentrual cycle. What can cause that?

I get a lot of acne on my pelvic region after a lot of intercourse? What can this be?

I get dull aching pain in my pelvic area on mild heavy daily activities from last 3-4 months. My ultrasound pelvis is normal. Please suggest.

I had a cesarean operation last year, now im having pain in both pelvic joints and groin area. What can be the possible reason and cure?

I had a misscarriage and now there is a lump in my pelvix area what is this?

I had bladder sling surgery 3 months ago, my private area feels some pain, what's wrong?

I have a cramping sensation goin on in pelvic\pantcreus and anal area, what could it be?

I have a lump or bulge on my pelvic/vaginal area. I had it for the past 3 weeks now, it won't go away. What should I do?

I have a rimroy that really hurts in the rectum area. What would help me?

I have a stabbing pain that lasts a few seconds in my left hand pelvic area. Bleeding after inter course and painful. Erosion of cervix, 2children?

I have bee having pain where ovaries would be for 4 months now. Goes all they way across my pelvic area and now goes to my back! what could it be?

I have been feeling a sensation around my vaginal and my anus which is affecting my thigh and also causing pain in my abdomen and pelvic... Pls help?