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I have Not felt any pain from my hemorrhoids only some bleeding every few months . They don't seem severe and my family doctor socks. What do I do ?

Pain after passing stool, aching rectum when sitting, mucus covered stool, Small bumps inside anus. Stabbing pain in anus? Hemorroid? What to do?

(External) hemorrhoid is painful. (Didn't try to pass stool; it just hurt all of a sudden after a lot of walking). Ways to ease discomfort at home??

1 week ago I had a bloody stool, difficulty with bowel movements since. minor pain left side of lower abdomen. Also, a vibrator was inserted in rectum during sex? How concerned should I be?

17 y/o is it a good sign if external hemorrhoid only bulges out when trying to move a BM. No symp of pain either. I am also constipated.

20years old having burning sensation when passing stool with abdomen pain.also itching in the anues some times.what to do?

28 male. 9 mo constant dull burning sensation in anus/rectum. Difficulty emptying, fullness sensation, strain. Clear colonoscopy. What could it be?

2nd time. I've had a BM and had to strain. When straining I feel bubbles popping and burning burps

32m hetero. Pain in rectal area while sitting/walking/passing; non solid stools/no blood. Pain increases after passing, punctured sphincter?

5 mnths post colostomy. Kept rectum, sudden rectal pain, severe sitting pain along with bladder/pelvic pain ball of mucus in rectum too. Causes?

9 mons after delivery still have anal fissure pain and sore vagina still can't sit down. and headaches daily so much health issues plz sugges?

After a bout of constipation a few weeks ago my hemmoroids acted up and caused pain which subsided . I used prep h to releive it but as of now mucus?

After an all night bout of painful diarrhea, not only does my anus hurt but my rectum as well. It feels as though my bottom is tense and cannot relax.

After bowel movements, i go to my desk, sit down and seem to have unpainful spasms, rectal/anal closures, then fine? Concerned as to cause

After rough anal sex with vibator I am experiencing pain in bowels back legs going bathroom is like ripping out insides is this normal ?

Anal bleeding/dripping today lots. Have hemorrhoids. This happens on occasion. Did one burst? No abdominal pain or anal pain. Been sick/on cold meds

Anal burning sensations and itching what is it? Note: I don't use toilet on daily basis I think its constipation.

Anal burning/stinging sensation lasted 5 hours after a bowl movement but eased off after applying anusoul cream. What is this? Not the first time!

Anal dryness no pain no bleed change bowl movement weakness bodypains?

Anal fissur& sphinter surg. 4 weeks ago. Still in terrible burning pain. After bm burning for hrs. Dr said I should not feel pain. Did surg not work?

Anal fissure I have a cronic one but I am now feeling feverish and shivering could you please give me advice

Anal itching, before passing gas through rectum.After passing i get relief.

Anal pain and stool leakage after BM.done colonoscopy everything is normal.few times pain in coccyx during defecation but now it hurts when I sit too?

Anal pain when passing gas and pain/bleeding when passing stool. Feel like something is blocking and tearing my anus. Doc scheduled a colonoscopy.

Anal pain&stool leakage,did a colonoscopy& everything seemed normal.I think I have sphincter spasm which causes constipation which worsens spasm??

Anal play 48 hours ago. Other than having soreness and slight abdominal discomfort could I have rectum perforation? I can poop and pass has normally.

Anal sphincter swelling , after sitting for a long time i still feel tightening will it go away is there any treatment ?

Anal swelling really bad around & itches really bad at night most very sore to sit on I do have last stage hidrandenitis? Keep abdominal discomfort?

Anus hurts from pushing bowel with slight blood also. Do I call someone?

Anus is getting blood and pain, what to do?

Are hemmoroids usually associated with fever? What if there's anal swelling?

Been noticing blood in my stool for awhile now (a month maybe) but no pain, just very mild discomfort. Anal fissure?

Bleeding and itching, burning sensation around anal area after every bowel movement?

Bleeding near the rectum with a sack or bubble that grows then breaks out with blood, is it hemorrhoids or intestinal worms? Since a month ago I have started to feel sharp pain near the rectum and it would just occur once a while, but i cannot feel anythi

Bleeding, multiple swelling around anus, around it raw a bit. I do have hidrandenitis suppurativa but been also going through abdominal pain, nausea?

Blood in stool when minor pain movment. Doc thinks it's just a tear or fissure a months ago. Happens every once in a while? Should be worried? Heals?

Brief shooting pain in anus and a heavy ache in anus, female previous cerix abnormal cell. Worried it's anal cancer. ?

Bright red anal bleeding, no pain/ discomfort. Any way to get treatment with out being physically examed? I REFUSE.

Burning and tearing pain in lower abdomen rectal bleeding also have anaemia which as been playing up, what can this be?

Burning anus/tailbone pain. Sensitivity in area. Is this a symptom of a chordoma or am I ridiculous for thinking this?

Burning pain when defecating , feels more intense after BM with occasional blood after hard stool. Is this a sign of cancer?

Burning, painful urination on that day when i have a bowel movement. On other days things are better? Where is the problem?

Buzzing and vibrating feeling in anus for 3 days, day/night, no pain, worms or bloodbowels ok, hemmorhoids mild, what's going on, is this cancer? Help!

Can a perirectal abscess go undetected for 20 years. I had pain over the years but thought it was hemorrhoids.What cause this to be there long time?

Can an anal fissure cause occasional dull ache felt at the base of the penis? No other symptoms for prostate issue etc.

Can anal abscess be mistaken for internal hemorrhoid? I have constant downward pressure/ pain. Doc. Glove exam felt bump—"hernia..I mean hemorrhoid":(

Can anyone tell me what can be the reasons for blood coming from anal region during defecation?

Can bad fissure in rectum (not anal) from constipation cause back pain, muscle spasms, decreased ability to feel stool in rectum, sphincter weakness?

Can coccydynia make the anal sphincter ache?

Can constipation be painful? I have been constipated for 2 days straight only small hard stools I have like stabbing pains not severe either it hurts

Can fecal body odor be caused by an anal fissure? I figure I have one because of a yellowish discharge an the pain i had after a bm 1 month ago.

Can gas give you pain on the rectum area & buttocks ? It's not frequent. Has happened 3 -5 times soon as waking up. No trouble during g the day.

Can gas problems cause irritation around the penis and anal erea?

Can having a foot and a half or your bowel removed cause chronic pain and bowel dysfunction? Everytime I have to use bathroom am in severe pain?

Can hemmroids cause pressure like a balloon and rectal spasms? Also.. can internal hemmroids not cause bleeding, just pain, pressure and spasms?

Can hemorrhoids cause anal discomfort even when not defecating. I have constant discomfort and pressure and doctor keep saying hemorrhoid. Cancer?

Can hemorrhoids cause urinary pain or discomfort every time they become internally inflamed?

Can hemorrhoids cause you to feel pressure in the anal are? I feel a lump in anus . No bleeding or pain. Colonoscopy done 3 yrs ago. Ok

Can hymen break by extreme constipation and straining hard?

Can ibs cause deep penetration to be painful ?

Can internal bleeding feel like appendicitis?

Can internal hemorrhoids develop without bleeding ? I have an itchy feeling and an urge to go to the toilet for a while after bowel movement.

Can internal hemorrhoids make you feel like you have urinary pain or an enlarged prostate?

Can levator ani syndrome cause miscarrage pain in anus and vulva sharp pain when orgasm or sneeze and lots of gas r these symptoms of this ?

Can long term constipation and straining cause ongoing pain in the rectum, testicles and scrotum even after you become regular again?

Can nerves in the anus be damaged by a fissure? Fissure seems to be healed but i sometimes feel a twitch or discomfort in the area. Maybe due to spasm

Can one suffer a bruised colon?

Can ovarian cyst make your butt hurt? I feel a lot of pressure at the anal, im not sure if its a hemrroid or ? I always feel this way around my period

Can over straining while passing stool leads to nerve or vein in head & neck to break ?After straining during bowel movements feel pain in forehead .

Can pinched nerves of S1, S2, and S3 cause anal sphincter dysfunction that prevents me from completely eliminating stools? Anus seems cant relax.

Can proctalgia fugax cause miscarrage i havin pains in anus and vulva not all time but most day when I have orgasm or snezze sometimes and full of gas?

Can scar from fistulotomy when healed might also cause pain like sharp shooting pain within a 2 seconds in anus sometimes? no pain on BM and no bloodj

Can sticking something up your butt help relieve constipation?

Can straining hard when constipated cause pressure on the bladder up to a day later or is there something separating these two body parts?

Can u have a tear in rectum(not anus) from constipation+weak pelvic floor?No blood, muscles in low back tense from it.How to tell from serious piles?

Can Weight Lifting Cause Anal PaiN And Tightness With Bowels Even Though Soft Overnite?

Can wrong sitting posture in toilet can be a factor of chronic constipation that will cause later a varicocele?or anal fistula? suffered badly to them

Can you tell me about gallbladder pain, boils, oil in the toilet?

Constant pressure in rectum, like a drooping feeling. No prolapse, nothing coming out of rectum though. No blood. Extremely uncomfortable?

Constipation caused my rectrum to split what's the best to fix soreness?

Could a bladder and rectal prolapse cause mild cramping, throbbing whic h gets worse with activity?

Could rectum typically hurt after constipation?

Cramp in left testicle and perineum, before passing gas or stool. pain comes and goes, masturbation relieves pain for days. (rarely masturbates)?

Days ago i had a prostate examination. However, later, i always have a sense of defecation but cannot and seems anus is about to fall. What is wrong?

Dear doctor my friend have a lump (stretchy n does not pain) on the butthole ege ..What is that and is it serious?

Diagnosed w/severe anal fissures.Having hard time getting the medication filled in timely matter.What can I do to relieve pain? Can't walk w/out pain

Diagnosed with anal fissure. Pain not getting worse but is now spreading frontwards. What can I do?

Did my doc miss something? rectal bleeding and razor pain when BM 4 1m. She said no hemroids. Month later no blood but pain. I feel a lump. Revaluate?

Doctor, i can feel that little tiny particles in stool...and unable unload completely....there is sensation of burning anus....sensation of

Does finger up the anus check for appendicitis?

Does rectal prolaspe get worse with a lot of activity and being on your feet?

Dr diagnosed me with hemmrhoids a few weeks ago. Now have pain/ stinging sensation during and after bowel movements? Is this related ? Or cancer ?

Dr Michael michaels thanks fir your answer but it's not my anus that is painful it's higher up & lower stomach it's really painful after opening bowel?

Dr said bulge in perineium was splincher muscle also have hemmroids but why at age 26 do I have to push on bulge to empty ny bowel completely?

Due to rectal pain on one side and small anus md is sending me to a surgeon....She said she didn't feel or see anything, should I be scared?

During and after passing stool i experience severe itching around my rectum area(anus).?

During my bowel movement, I feel a muscle(?) come out temporarily and then after I defecate, I feel it retract in. I see a moist flap of skin on anus.

Every time my stool is thick, i feel that my anal fissure tears again. It hurts for a few days then goes away after the defecation is smoother. Is surgery needed?

External & internal hemorrhoids. Back pain. Everything I eat, hurts me. Severe constipation. Pulsation in vaginal area. Tingling in hands & feet.

Extreme pain in cocyx area, nausea, anus has lumps inside and appears swollen, pressure like I need to have a bowel movement. Very intense. Cancer?