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Cholecystectomy clips seen in right upper abdomen in lumber X ray taken 4 years after gall bladder removal. No symptoms. Any problem?

have no appendix, having sharp pain in lower right abdomen that is recurrent, also have had swollen abdomen with neg pregnancy tests petechaie too?

Have pain under my ribs on my right side. ER did a ct scan and they said it was normal, enlarged appendix. Why didn't they take it out? More issues?

Son has had epigastric pain for a week and a half with no relief also rlq pain went to hospital found it is retrocecal appendix but nothing done ?

"I have been having flatulence , bloating and constipation for months. I have already had a CT scan done and my abdomen, especially my lower right han?

"Within the limitation of the exam the visualize segment of the upper abdomen is unremarkable."CT of chest is normal, is above also normal on CT chest?

+be preg test but slight pain in lower left abdomen and left back with on of. Plz help also tell about which food to avoid after +be test?

1 year back pain uppr spine, nausea, lower rt side ab pain after eating. test show born w/o gallbladder, hyda scn ruled out sphi. of oddi, normal ct?

1 yr back u/s abd with CT screen showed 7mm appendix with feca lith. Recent u/s no CT showed 7mm appendix normal what happened to fecalith. Pain onoff?

11 cat scans parts of body three years (40), 7 chest/abdomen and 3/4 of the throat/head area. Doctor is recommending another one of abdomen, should i?

11yr old sick for 9wks persistent vomiting, abd pain, chest pressure & back pain. Test wnl except 28% EF on Hida Scan. Is GB removal recommend?

12 years of severe attacks of excruciating stabbing pain in right groin, 30 year old female, no hernia, lots of tests done, nothing can be found. Help?

16 yr old female with recurrent RLQ pain / tenderness. CT, sono, endoscopy WNL. associated with menses, associated headache. family hx of migraine ?

17wks pregnant pain and fullness under right rib. Normal blood tests and abdom ultrasound. Why would dr/do check to see if tender on outside if hip?

18 yr daughter w/constant pain in luq w/very sharp pain test: upper GI colonoscopy CBC liver CT & xrays normal. Seen family dr gi, obgyn er, nothing?

19 months ago I has cesarean. I am having Increase urination, pelvic pain lower quadrant, shorten menstual cycle. Ct scan w/o contrast showed normal?

2 chest erays (scaring), cbc/diff(norm), ab CT scan(ok), colonoscopy(2polyps), mono(neg), mammo(normal), lft chest/ab/neck pain. Severe fatigue /heada?

2 weeks ago I've had upper abdo pain, still haven't gone. On antib, had bloods and ultrasound but nothing is showing up. Not preg. Pain still there:(?

20 year old female ruq abdom pain sumtimes nausea pain feels sharp/spasm had a lot of negative test results n scans seen n ER a lot pain hurt help?

21/f I have severe lower abdominal pain for about a month my ultrasound an pelvic exam came back normal it's in my back as well. Any ideas?

22yr oldmale softyellowstools, upper abdomen/back pain,itching - blood test ultrasound,hidascan,all normal,fear of pancreascancer, opinions doctors??

24/7 nausea and abdominal crampingfor 1+ yrs. Normal CT. Normal pelvic ultrasound. 5 drs/specialists- no answers. Any idea??

25 year old gnawing pain in back where pancreas is located. Two ultrasounds 6 months apart showed nothing, full visualisation. Still pain, worry?

3 months left side abdo & flank pain and tenderness blood urine cystoscopy & CT scan fine. No diarrhea, but some constipation. Colonoscopy next. Cause?

3 mos after hysterectomy and I feel pelvic floor discomfort intermittently and sometimes during urination. CT showed nothingBelly pain too at times.

3 mths in/out of hospitals with right side abdomen pain.I did a scan and they found a stone.2nd scan, clear, 24 hr urine collection, normal. stil pain?

3 weeks ago at ER severe pain in upper right rib area. I was given ultrasound, CT scan, blood work. All tests neg. Wbc hi. Still w/pain vomit daily.

3 years have intense constant soreness on left side of pelvis and pressure when lay down. Every test and imaging done is negative. Done EVERYTHING!

3/12 history anal & lower back pain. Saw gastro..colonoscopy & uss abdomen & pelvis both clear. Still got symptoms. Could all this be my back?

3+ month history of right upper quadrant pain with redness over area. Very localized. Labs, ultrasound, and xray normal. Weight loss. Any thoughts?

30y/o F. Diagnosed with uterine didelphys on Ct and US. Having burning pain rt mid back area. Urine normal. Wouldn't a kidney abnormally show on CT?

39 yo male. Pain in the lower left quadrant of abdomen for 2 years. Ct scan unremarkable except shows bladder wall thickening. Could this be cause?

3x spleens detected on Ct Abdominal Scan with dye & contrast - Pain in let side got worst when doctor pressed on left side of stomach referred to hospital on waiting list. Taking more pain relief.

4.3cm simple cyst in my left kidney upper & has slowly grown 1.5cm over the past 5 years seen on ct. Can this cause epigastric pain?

40 days of lower rigjt abdominal pain. Went to ER to rule out appendicits. Everything came back fine even doctor found my appendix on us?

41-menopausal. Lower left belly pain for 6 months, gas, diarrhea, fatigue., Doc did CT scan 6 months ago w/o findings. Could I still have a problem?

47 yrs diagnosed with an adrenal adenoma, still get pain in left side, painful periods. The next step is?Seeing an gastroenterologist who found by ct.

4mos of upper rt quad acute spasms under rt breast, ribs , back, mrcp & sono w/ dilated 9cm bile duct , lab work neg/no stones. If hida scan neg ?

52 yr old women. Pain right side& back into hip. Bloating and gas. Doc found blood in urin. Ct scan showed nothing. No appendix

5wks post csection random stabbing pains lower r quadrant. Somedays none some a bunch. Bloodwork shows normal no inflamation or infection. Ideas?

6 months of pelvic pain, mostly right side, need to pee more, internal scan clear, no bleeding, right hip, leg pain, no infection, could it b cervical cancer?

60 years, she has made hysterectomy 1year ago. She has lumbago, moderate pain, usualy night. It should make the bon scan or abdominal scan ?

60 years, she has made hysterectomy 1year agoshe has lumbago, doctor says to do bone scan but also she has to do abdominal scan.Which have to do.

7 year old daughter with constipation and abdominal tenderness x-rayed and had an ultrasound. Ultrasound revealed bright spot on liver. Causes?

8 weeks of nausea.bowel probs.right side abd pain.weight loss.ct colonoscopy was normal.worried I've pancreas cancer.would CT scan have seen anything?

8 year old had CT scan for appendix around 2 months ago now she complains with leg and foot pain and she had a real bad nose bleed is this related?

8 year old have spasms in left hand and foot. Spasm getting more frequent and larger. There is no pain and the CT scan showed nothing abnormal.Advise?

9 yr old with omental infarct 10/2012. No surgery. Chronic pain llq&rlq worsening ever since. Recent us, ct, xray all normal. Any thoughts?

9.0 x 5.5 mm prostatic utricle cyst seen in USG-abdomen and having lower stomach pain(left) as well as sometime siemens in pee! what should i do?

9yr old has wbc 25,000 CT SCAN, Xray, and ultrasound all clear. should I worry its leukemia? lower left side stomach pain w vomiting. Doc says virus?

A chest X-ray showed a 12mm nodule. I am a nonsmoker and a runner. Have been tired, short of breath, abdomen discomfort and bloating, alleviated bilirubin and low back pain. Getting CT scans but another week before doctors appointment. Any idea? ,

A CT scan shows a spot on the liver. What could be the results? I was having stomach and lower abdominal pain, low blood pressure, and was diagnosed with ibs, the CT scan showed I have a spot on my liver. What would cause that?

A few days ago I was in ER, they ran a ct scan and found a large cyst on my ovary, I feel a constant dull pain that causes me to limp sometimes and have had this sensation of something "sitting" in my stomach making me lose my appetite. I recently returne

A friend has severe pain and hard lump below lower left ribs; a CT scan and blood work in the ER were negative. Could it still be a hernia? What else?

A mid back MRI ordered for history of 8 mo abdominal pain, right flank pain, 3 CT scans neg. How likely is it that the abd pain is spinal related?

A ovarian cyst 23x67 showed up on ct to rule out lymphoma , my onocogist states it's big and can cause severe lower abdominal pain with fever ?

A recent MRI has showed a bubble in my urinary tract, should I be worried? I suffer wit severe back pain and pain in left side of my 'area'

A ultrasound could not see my appendix due to inflammation. So i had a CT scan done and that was normal. So what is causing my pain in my right side?

A ultrasound of the upper abdomen, should I be concerned?

A ultrasound showed a 3mm gallbladder wall polyp, is this big enough to have the gallbladder removed? I've had tons of pain linked to right rib area

A xray of my lumbar spine showed a abdominal aorta anuerysm at L4-L5. A follow up C-Scan for a fracture reports, the abdominal area is unremarkable.?

Abd pain x 4 months, nausea,Abd CT showed severe stenosis of celiac artery possibly by ligament.Referred to vasc surgeon who ordered aorta scan. Why?

Abd pain, nausea for months. Med history includes lupus.MD wants to look at gall bladder,etc Ordered NM PET scan. Is that the same thing as HIDA scan?

Abd pain, nauseax4 months.CT showed severe narrowing &hook-shaped appearance & post-stenotic dilatation of celiac artery likely d/t ligament.Next step?

Abdo pain right side middle. Appendix out in jan. Clear X-ray and ultrasound, bloods & urines normal. On and off pains for months. Had blood in stool?

Abdomen pain and heavyness very frequently. The recent scan report found that, subacute intestinal obstruction due to postoperative adhesions?

Abdominal discomfort above navel, feels like pressure, could it be a hernia? I have had a CT scan and blood work, both normal.

Abdominal hernia found after a CT scan I have little to no pain from it general surgeon recommends no surgery for now does this sound normal?

Abdominal lump right groin, pain, gas, low and mid back pain, fatigue, cycle changes for 12 wks. Ultrasound, Colonoscopy,CT, CBC clear. What to do?

Abdominal mri, ruq pain unknown origin. How useful is it? And when should it be ordered with a contrast agent?

Abdominal pain 8 wks after my prostatectomy. Is this because UTI (Klebsiela >100,000) or I have intra-abdominal abscess. Dr wants a CT, is MRI useful?

Abdominal pain and normal CT scan. Help! when to go back to er?

Abdominal pain for last 6 months. Never goes away.Pain is on left and right side a little above hip bones. Had xray CT scan an colonoscopy no answers!

Abdominal pain lower left side, 5-7 bowel movements per day, blood and mucus also, colonoskpoy clear but CT scan showed focal wall thicken, crohns?

Abdominal pain radiating to back. Treated for h.pylori negative celiac. Chronicinflamation since thn ctscan showed no anomalies.Can it be kidney stone?

Abdominal pain, mid center to right, Ultrasound, HIDA, & CT, blood work all normal. Pain is increasingly horrible still. Going on 8 months. Any ideas?

Abdominal pains with belching. Had barrium swallow CT of chest abdomen negative. Had colonscopy negative. Any suggestions? I'm 25

Abdominal post muscle pain on the Rt with a Diaphragmatic plication. Surgery was 28 months ago. Xray, MRI show nothing. Had a Cholecystectomy.

About 12 tmes a day, sharp pain in lower lft groin & something swelling up about an inch or so in diameter. Apprs 2B at juncture of bldder & lft uretr?

About a month ago started having severe upper right abdominal pain. Gallbladder gone and CT scan only shows ruptured cyst on left ovary. Any ideas?

Ache in kidney area right side. Negative abdom ultrasound and negative home UTI test. Lots of bubbles in chest maybe not related. Cause kidney muscle?

Ad bloods n CT scan 2 weeks ago all normal had low left side pain scan showd faecal loadin 3 weeks later im still in pain wht can it be ??

Adhesions kidney, bladder surgeries years ago Now, bad pain left flank to pelvic bone. dizzy, fatigued. Can adhesions grow? Show up on CAT scan?

Adominal pain like contractions for a month had xray cat scan no answers not ibs,kidney stones, bladder, or appedendix. Any suggestions ?

After 2 wks, docs say kidney stone passed since ct scan showed up clear. 3 days later still having pain (not as excruciating but constant). Is normal?

After a month of open acute appendix opt. The pain persists in my lower right abdomen.Yesterday's usg reports are also absolutely normal.Plz help?

After a normal endoscopy still having the same symptoms of on/off gnawing pains. Doc now wants to do a CT scan and blood work. What is he looking for?

After prolonged lower back pain, did a Pelvic/abdominal CT. Results: enlarged peritoneal lymphs. Later US showed all clear. What does this mean?

Age 26 male. Had mild stomach pain and vomiting bile and it went off the next day. Ct scan showed bulky appendix with 10mm dia. Surgery is required?

Age 65.colonoscopy clear last year,gynecological tests all clear ,left abdominal pain thats moving to the right,especially when standing up.

All chest tests, CT scan&endoscopy clear.Elevated liverenz on&off. Bad bellypain by diaphram, b.Button&lower my left side.No g.Bladder&appendix. Help..?

Almost daily right side mid abdomen pain like contractions. Ct scan blood work sonogram showed nothing . Pressure on back under rib cage eases pain.

ALT is 85 and ct scan shows homogenous liver enhancement. could any of this cause right side abdominal pain, nausea and fatigue? is it significant?

Am16 , I have pain in my right lower back and testicle for 6 month, it get worth when i play/move i madeurine test blood and kidney xray but found nothi?

Ana+ 1;640 spec pattern. Rheum dr said neg on all othr test. I have had this back pain since may an right adom flank pain. Have had CT of adom/pelvis?

Any clue why i could have up back pain and knawing burning in right abdomen on flank. Comes and goes . Not present at rest. Ct ok and MRI was ok.

Apedix remooved but still have intense abdominal pain 3 months later with mid to lower back pain. HELP bloods are clear nd so is MRI . Apparently?

Apparently I have a swollen gallbladder after going to docs, have a ulrasound test booked in next week but pain is constant 2 weeks now should I worry?

Appendix is upside down (in ultrasound). Blood cells are inflamed and white cells high. Dr can't find reason of pain. lwr right horrid pain. Help?

Appendix out 3 yrs abdominal dull pain since, colonoscopy result clear, ultra scan showed scar tissue holding Rh ovary to bowel.?