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Bilateral ovar. cysts+enlarged ovaries few yrs ago. Bloating,fatigue+joints pain recently ,sudden severe low pelv. pain today for 30 min,possibility?

having signs of a popped ovarian cyst, abdominal pain, felt like I had to release Bowles ect. Now sending me to a gyno, wht should I expect from that?

I went to the ER where I was diagnosed with colitis and an ovarian cyst on the right side. I do not have frequent bowel movement but pain Is awful. ?

painful periods lower abdominal n back pain matter discharge swollening entire body.fabroids n ovarian cysts.Do I have uterine infection?

1 wk ago told have a large cyst on left ovary bursting on own. no longer have brown discharge but I still have pain nausea stomach pain. How long last?

10 days ago I had ovarian cyst rupture.went to work after week and feel pain and tenderness long does it 'heal' inside?i'm still resting...

18yr old girl, severe abdominal pain for months with attacks needing hospitalisation, face greenish/grey, had ovary removed recently for dermoid cyst. ?

2 weeks &menses don't stop,secod weeks they are brown &black clots.pain in pelvic&back,vomiting,dizziness,bloating&gases. Is a5,5cm ovarian cyst cause?

28 with PCOS on mini pill with new baby. Twinges of pain in left ovary. Constipation last month, better now. Worried about ovarian cancer. Mom had 37.

2cm cyst on right ovary. Extreme pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, nausea, no appetite, headache, etc. Should i be concerned? Should i be seen?

37 old ..Menstrual cycle for 7 months pain everyday. Nausea feeling full quickly bloating no appetit ultrasound done 2 cyst 1 solid. Scared of cancer?

38y/o.Severe menstrual cramps(almost went to er). Left side from groin to ribs and kidney area. Only this bad 2 yrs ago. Er said cyst, gyn said not.

3wks post op from explor. Lap. Multiple cysts found . more and bigger on right than left. Sudden ovary and uterus pain with fever. What should I do?

4 days ago i went to ER with a severe pelvic pain & low back pain abdominal side results rupture ovarian 3.7 cyst is itnormal to feel weak & fever?

41 yo with a 6cm nonfunctioning complex cyst on left ovary since June. Having intermittent slight twinges of pain in vagina and rectum. Related?

41 yr old with left pelvic pain bloating and excessive gas. Vaginal and top us showed ovary cyst. Cr scan also without contrast came back normal. What is the like hood of this cyst being cancer. Doc said they usually go away on their own without treatmen

4cm ovarian cyst. Several sudden sharp pains over the last 2 days and clear fluid leaking from vagina...Could it have ruptured? In a lot of pain

5 CM paratubal cyst is causing radiating pain pain. Dr doesn't seem to think its an emergency situation. Why does this happen?

5 days ago I had a cyst rupture i'm still having discomfort and a lot of bloating how much longer will this last also pain in my bladder?

5 days ago i had a cyst rupture on my ovary. I ran a fever with severe pain. Now i'm bleeding. Is this normal. Not due for a cycle for 12 more days?

5cm cyst on right ovary, grown from 2cm in a year. in a lot of pain and bloated persitently and pain in flank and heavy legs. need to be removed?

5cm ovarian cyst; I've had plenty, usually dull ache, unless it ruptures then fairly intense pain. this 1 feels like it's burning, which is new for me?

6 CM ruptured ovarian cyst on 9/21, just finished period, extreme nausea and severe pelvic pain just started today, normal gyn exam 10/1, spotting, ?

6cm cyst rupture 2days ago. Still abdominal pain/bloating, heavy bleeding with clots, dizzy when I stand. Pelvic US normal but had diff finding ovary?

6wks pregnant w/ inappropriate sinus tach. Severe cramping, sharp pains on left side like ovarian cyst pains but no bleeding. Should i be worried?

7.8 ovarian dermoid cyst nausea urination, bloating and constipation had MRI dr says surgery. Waiting on a call back. Spotting too. Possible rupture?

8 weeks postpartum, 1st period is black, sometimes pelvic pain when sneezing, and painful intercourse, could it be ovarian cysts or is it normal?

A week after sex,had sharp pains in pelvic region and lower back.doc said ovarian cyst. Could it have been a miscarriage?how young can u be to have 1?

A year after having some cysts removed off my right ovary i have suffered with strong cramping on my right side and heavy bleeding. Also have endometr

Abdominal pain constant, like labour but not pregnant, ongoing period (5months of bleeding) ovarian cyst found, possible causes of pain?

Abdominal/pelvic ultrasound/ct negative exept small cyst on left ovary pain on my right side of my stomach nausea constipation/diarhea headache hurt every time I eat what's next?

About 3 months ago I was diagnosed with a 2mm hemoraging ovarian cyst. Pain was bad for a week but dull ache still persists. Is that normal?

Accompanied pain w/ ganglion cyst? What should I do?

Adnexal cysts left side ovary extreme tiredness no energy is it cancer? I am 26 years old have been exhausted for months can't get out of bed anymore

After 3 weeks of ovarian cyst rupture fluid in my uterus i still get abdominal pain upper & lower , pelivc pain & menstrual cramps is it normal ?

After my ovarian cyst has rupture i've had a 4 week serious infection possible uti, sharp side pains and lower abdominal. Could they be linked?

An ultrasound I had for abdominal pain for a viral enteritis found cysts on my ovaries, should I be concerned?Thank you :)

At ER May8 diagnosed w left ruptured ovarian cyst. Pain is increasing again. hurts w/ any movement. Also frequent urination is it normal a week after?

Bad pain in r.ovary with yellowish discharge. Cysts on both ovarys Pain during sex .G.mother. mother and sister have had cancer im scared i do too?

Bartholin cyst (abcess i think) while on period . Leions and very painful. Pain in groin also. Help!

Been suffering severe tummy pain for last 6 weeks have been hospitalised and released told it was cysts and endometriosis but i still have the pain why?

Been to dr & they found fluid behind uterus. Said it could be ovarian cysts causing pain, but now I have pain in groin sometimes. Should i be worried?

Been told I have a "simple" cyst on right ovary which is quite normal, surely any sort of cyst is abnormal?Still in pain on right side, gp not bothered

Bleeding between periods 12 mo. 2 wks from ruptured cyst. sudden onset of pain lower left abdomen like ruptured cyst. Another cyst, something else?

Bloated, nausea, abdominal pain, low fever, back pain for a week what could be the problem? Also have an ovarian cyst on my right ovary

Both ovary big in size. Peripheral cyst there. Abdomen and back pain and sometimes nausea. How to take treatment for this? Is it dangerous?

Can a slow leaking ovarian cyst feeling like mild burning in the ovary?

Can a small, solid, ovarian tumor still rupture or twist? I'm experiencing pelvic pain and am wondering if this is the cause.

Can an ovarian cyst cause vaginal pain?Also, if the pain is getting worse does that mean it is rupturing?

Can an ovarian cyst on the right side cause pain on the left side with diarrhea ( foul smell yellow) cramps, chills. Blood work and CT scan are ok?

Can cysts on the outside of the overian shed away with a period? What can help the pain? Heat?

Can endometriosis or painful, but normal ovarian cysts cause radiating pain to lower to mid back? Or make stomach area feel full? Cyst usually 3-2cm

Can having the flu cause my ovaries to hurt?

Can i get another ovarian cyst about week and half after it ruptured. Painful dull achy pain. Seems like when hurting there's discharge with odor.?

Can large ovarian follicle thats ruptured cause constant abdominal pain near hip and bellybutton? Could it have caused my abscess in perirectal area

Can metformin cause panc pain if you take it but don't need it? Was given met for pcos, but all my tests are ok, no cysts. Pain in mid/left abdomen.

Can nabantion cysts on cervix cause pain? I have multiple one is 8mm I'm tcc and I'm 9dpo and I have pain that feels like it up inside my vagina.

Can ovarian cyst cause painful urination? Pain below belly button to the right if not what can these 2 symptoms mean

Can ovarian cyst cause you to have constant pain in your right hip? I have been to the ER twise and both CT scans showed ruptured ( bleeding ) cyst

Can ovarian cyst rupture (free fluid in uterus) cause upper & lower abdonminal pain , pelvic pain , menstrual cramps , discharge & back pain ?

Can ovarian cyst rupture (free fluid) cause pelivc pain , abdonminal upper & lower pain , menstrual cramps & discharge ?

Can ovarycysts and sudden hairgrowth, light hair allover body and face, be related.Ct show cysts on right ovary, lot of pain still after cyst broke, cramp?

Can pelvic pain due to late period & ovarian cyst rupture also cause abdominal pain ?

Can the morning after pill cause an ovarian cyst and cause it to burst? Took it 5 days ago, and after sex I got a really sharp ovarian pain and nausea

Can the ovarian cysts cause extreme need for sleep and fullet areolas and more montgomery glands?also back pain?

Can u get tubal reverse if. It causing cyst. Having pelvic pains ?

Can you get adhesions on the opposite side of a removal of a part and tube? Seems my pain is where I still have an ovary and a 1.7 cyst there. Was told that was not causing pain?! feels different then IBS but it's iintermitten daily pain. Lap scheduled ju

Chronic moderate postmenopausal r side pelvic pain/fullness, etc. L side oopherectomy x 13 yrs 4 hemorrhagic cysts. ?

Complex ovarian cyst 5.6 cm. 2 ER visits in 1 week. Current severe pain, frequent urination, no bowel movement 2 days, feel bloated/distended. ER?

Constant abdominal pain three years after finding cysts. How do I get them treated?

Constant pelvic/ back pain for a month.1.5cm complex cyst on right ovary found. Other symptoms too Dr says to wait 2 months to monitor. Should I wait?

Constipation, frequent urination and sharp ovarian pain on left side for almost a year. Afraid of ovarian cancer?

Continued abd pain w/ bm and sex. Bad abd pain weeks ago CT scan said ruptured ovar cyst. Gyno did ultras, fluid present, said no r. Cyst. Why pain now?

Could a large renal cyst (5cm) be causing my lower back pain? If so, what are my options and what doctor do I need to see?

Could a ovarian cysts cause pain when you need to go to the bathroom, or when you need to pass gas?

Could a ruptured ovarian cyst cause light spotting followed by sharp stabbing pains the following day.. ?

Could I have ovarian cancer? Lots of pain in my ovary area (extreme during ovulation) feels like my uterus is going to fall out. Back pain, fatigue

Could severe cramps while running be caused by my ovarian cysts?

Cramping and alot of pressure on lower right side i am being treated for bv could this be pid or ovarian cyst? Have pcos and am not sexually active

Crippling pain mainly r. Ovary cyst every midcycle- bursts. Pains inside n during s** doc tried bc n aygestin (norethindrone). Pos. Surgery to explore. What is it?

Cuurently..Pcos...Ovaries -10 cysts on left, 15cysts on right. Stomach swollen/bloated, back pain. Hospitalized recently severe kidney infection.Help?

Cyclic breast and abd pain, ultrasound showed fibroids and cysts, breast pain EXTREME, left always worse. Any other treatments besides birth control?

Cyst on left ovary fluid in the womb found on internal scan. Lower abdominal pain, irregular bleeding, left leg hip pain, gas, bloating, what is it.

Day 20 of cycle, severe cramping left front and lower back. Much like a cyst. (History of getting them) Could this be a cyst or implantation?

Diagnosed ovarian cyst a month ago & now having full-length periods every 2 weeks. Localized stabbing pain still. Can't see OBGYN (bc $).Will ER help?

Diagnosed w/ PCOS in 2011. Last 2 weeks, feeling of pressure on bladder/left ovary region. Worse when standing/walking. Could this be fibroids? Cysts?

Did an ultrasound for my appendix,but they found nothing.pain has gotten more intense! What can this be? No ovarian problems...

Discomfort both sides of back, below ribcage. US abdomen=small renal cysts.LDH=270, US kidneys+everything=normal, apart from cysts. Remove the cysts?

Do I have uterine cancer or cyst im extremely bloated have abdominal pain and pelvic that comes and goes i was at the e.R and called it a fibroid. Im?

Do i need immediate care? severe pain in my abdomen pelvic and lower back. I've already been diagnosed for large ovarian cyst but don't know much else

Do i need to see a doctor asap? I have had two ruptured cyst on my left ovary and now I have very painful cramping on that side and it wont go away

Doc said I have cyst on right ovary thats resolving, now I have cramps where cyst is(mild), back pain (mild) and frequent urination ...Normal?

Doctor have done multiple test to see why I'm in pain on the daily the say I have slight endometriosis and a small cyst on my right ovary but the say it doesn't explain my pain on the daily and why it so severe sometimes?

Doctor said i had a cyst in my ovary and is resolving but now i'm getting achey pain not too bad, frquent urination is that normal?

Does a ruptured covarian cyst feel like bad cramps?

Does a ruptured ovarian cyst feel like bad cramps?

Does cyst causes any disadvantage?As my mum is havn cyst in her stomach when diagnosed but she is fine and have no any pain symptom

Does endometriosis cause pain on just one side of your stomach? Or does this sound more like ovarian cyst? Mild cramps during period. I have pcos

Does my period make the pain from an ovarian cyst worse?

Dr found an ovarian mass but at the time i had no symptoms now i'm in constant pain, nausea, tired a lot what does this mean?