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i went to the ER. Ovarian torsion. It ruptured. Pain shot to right shoulder. Shoulder still hurts. Ovary hurts again. No med prescribed. mass on panc?

I'm experiencing a sharp terrible pain that goes in a straight line from pubic bone to left ovary. Had endometriosis removed in June 2014?

iwas diagnosed with ovarian cyst then i had my period but There is pain at my lower right side and inside buttock does this mean i still have a cyst ?

1 CM dermoid cyst on my left ovary . Im having pain when i bend and sometimes when i sit .Why is it hurting ? Should i go the the hospital?

10 weeks pregnant have two cyst both on left and right ovary have lots of abdominal pain is this something to worry about?

10cm cyst causes pain on right side. I have a renal transplant same side. Should I have it removed?

11 months ago I had a TAH because of a large fibroid. Right ovary left. I am now noticing Left upper quad swelling (ball shaped swelling). Mild pain. ?

13week preg.Posterior placenta.Left adnexal cyst 5.19cm x 5 cm.Sometimes having lower back pain in bone.Slight pain on lower right abdomen.Pls suggest?

17mm cyst on left ovary. I do have a banana shaped lump on left abdomen. Could the cyst cause excruciating pain? Doctor- no reason for side pain

2 months ago i found out i had a right ovarian cyst @ ER i'm still having sharp pains lower back pains leg pains and headaches could it b cancerous?

23 f; am experiencing dull to sharp pain around lower left quadrant. Ultrasound for ovary: inconclusive. Any ideas to wga t it could be?

25 w/noncyclical Bilateral breast pain x4weeks, ultrasound normal. Outer lower quadrant on each hurts only when pressed and both ache-possible causes?

2am rlq pain & bloating w/ lower back pain if lying.Ovarian cyst very tender to touch but felt much smaller. Can an ovarian cyst rupture only halfway?

42 year old female. Pain in left side during orgasm?

42 years old my left ovary is hurting?

4cm hemorrhagic ovarian cyst, discovered today. I have awful right sided lower pelvic, hip, back and right rib pain. Is this the cause?

5 days postlaparoscopy dr found endometriosis & had to mobilize appendix.Swelling right side of abdomen. Is this normal?When should be concerned?

6 CM left ovarian cyst, extreme shooting pains on right side, gyn says referred pain and should wait another month, doubled in size in 2 months, wait?

7cm cyst on left ovary seen a week ago on ultrasound. Started with stabbing pain in left groin came and went all week now it's back.

A 5cm ovarian cyst was removed from my left ovary last month. About three days sharp shooting pain started every once in a while what could it be?

A few months ago i had an ovarian cyst rupture and since then i've had random, sharp stabs of pain in that left ovarian area along with headaches, bac?

A streak of pain in my left ovary, should I be concerned?

Abdomen right side tenderness where my dead overy is?

About 5 months ago had surgery to remove ovarian cysts. Now uterus seems to have moved forward and to left causes a bit of pain sometimes. Any advice?

Am 5 weeks pregnant and i feel a sharp pain in my left lower abdomen, could it be an ectopic pregnancy? 2 years ago , was diagnosed with ovarian cysts.

An MRI showed several cysts at the bottom of my tailbone..I am having severe pain in my left buttock...are the cysts causing the pain?

Appendix location left or right?

Are the appendix and the right ovary very close to each other? I have adenomyosis and get loads of pain on my lower rt side. Getting hysto this month

Bloating, severe pain left side during mid cycle, i already have an ovarian cyst in the right side, is this an indication of another cyst ?

Burning pain in right pelvic area week before and still there after period also pain in right leg Had a small bleeding ovary cyst 18mths ago. Worry?

Burning/stinging skin over top of right ovary and pulled muscle type feeling shooting from ovary around to back. Ovary or appendix ?

Can a 2.5cm ovarian cyst cause bad groin pain and aching behind knee (same side).The ovary is painful and the groin/leg pain started at this time also?

Can a 2cm ovarian cyst on rt side cause sharp intermitten pain along with nausea and vomiting off and on? appendix showed normal.

Can a cyst cause 2 months of missed period? And sharp pain on my left side around pelvic or ovaries area

Can a cyst in the abdomen cause back pain?

Can a cyst on the spleen cause left abdominal pain?

Can a ovarian cyst on the right ovary (5cm)cause pain in the left pelvic area, along with back pain? It feels like severe menstrual cramps on left sid

Can a ovarian cysts cause pain on my right side when the cysts is on the left?

Can a right sided hydrosalpinx have any affecton the appendix?

Can a ruptured ovarian cyst that bleeds in the abdomen cause back and side pain residually?

Can an ovarian cyst rupture more than once? I had one a few months ago and the same pain started tonight (lower right abdomen) Thank you!

Can anybody give me advice about lower right ovarian pain help please!?

Can appendix be on the left?

Can chronic appendicities cause lumps I have this lump bymy right pelvicarea the pain seems to spread into appendix or side pain I have costochodritis?

Can cyst on left side cause pain on right side and continue to cause pain after being removed and then not have period for five months then have one?

Can cysts that are located on my chest go away?

Can left leg /groin pain be caused by the 4cm tumor near uterus on the right side of body?

Can ovarian cancer cause pain in right side and hip?

Can ovarian cysts cause pain down thighs? I have one on the left side and feel pain/discomfort down my thigh.

Can the pain from a 4cm functional cyst on my left ovary be referred to my right side?

Can uterine fibroid and back left side upper pain?

Can uterine fibroid cause middle left back pain?

Can we get pain when egg matures in the ovary.Have mild left lower pain which is not consistent.

Complex with daughter cyst left ovary, 5x3x4. I do feel pain on my left side but i also feel pain on my right ovary. Why would that be, sympathy pain?

Constant left pelvic pain for 15months. last week I had my left ovary removed but pain still persists no endometriosis found I'm now having flank pain?

Constant severe left side pelvicpain I thought ovarian cyst sono normal painful sex&radiates to groin when climbing stairs. possible Sacroiliac joint?

Could a myoma on my left ovary measuring 3.0 * 2.6cm be the cause of my lower back pain on my left side for the past 9 months?

Could endometriosis or an endometrioma cause frequent urination and nearly constant lower left side back pain? Have history of endo located on ureters

Could long term lower left abdominal and pelvic pain be ovarian cysts? I've had the pain for about 3 months now and some days are worse than others.

Could recovery from left ovary and fallopian tube removal cause pain in the left side of the rectum, with no pain during bowel movement and no blood?

Could this be a ovarian cyst? Have off and on pain in my right lower abdomen that radiates down my leg. Sometimes i get a cramp feeling on that side

Dear doctor...I have a left femur bone cyst.left ovarian cyst.disc bulge at L4, L5..i always feel sick at left pelvic and lack of left leg.why doc?

Dermoid cyst on right side, but pain on left side instead, what is this?

Dermoid cyst on right side, but pain on left side instead, what to do?

Diagnosed with a semi solid ovarian cyst 6 weeks ago on left side now having lower abdomen swelling on right side could it be another cyst?

Diagnosed with PCOS and a 6 cm functional cyst on my right ovary. Currently experiencing tingling and numbness in my right leg. Should I be concerned ?

Do you know if a small size kidney on left would cause a lot of pain? I have pain always in the left side back around kidney. Have 2 cyst inside.

Docs, could a right sided hydrosalpinx affect the appendix?

Dull ache lower right abdomen down to thigh.. Is this ovarian cyst or appendix?

Ectopic removed with right tube 4 months back when to try again still hv pain in lower abdomen on rt side ?

Er doc said no bladder or kidney infect. Cyst on left ovary causing pain in lower back & right side. Pain med not working and pain pressure when i pee?

Ever since i had my first ovarian cyst rupture i've been having discomfort in my upper & lower abdomen i've never had this issue before , why ?

Experiencing pain in lower right side and back. Recently diagnosed with ovarian cyst. Do you think this is related?

Feeling lots of pain in lower left abdomen, not sure if it could be an ovarian cyst or part of constipation?

For a week I have been having a throbbing or pulsating feeling in my lower abdomen, closer to my ovaries than appendix. It isn't painful! HELP

Good morning I am 30 years old and had a hysterectomy 3 years ago and the surgeon left my left ovary. I have been in excruciating pain debilitating pain for about the past 6 months in the pelvic area on the left side. I just had an ultrasound performed to

Got told I had ovarian cyst but it was small but now I'm having bad left sides abdominal pains has the cyst grown do you think?

Had a recent pelvic exam(normal)but now i have left side pelvic pain. Whn i press dwn i feel a lil lump & it painful. Have history of cyst. Cancer? 17

Had a ultra sound and was told i have bilateral epididymal cysts on my testicles. I have dull pain on the right side. Could this be cancerous? Please help me!

Had abd. Hysterec. 18jul13 with bilat. Tube and left ovary removal. Get strong lower left pain when bend down from standing or sitting position. Why?

Had an ovarian cyst rupture 2mnths ago on my left side, having exact symptoms one right side! Should I go to the ER? Appendix was removed already

Had an ovarian tor.on my right side and lost ovary. Went to doc in May for pain and fnd a 2 CM cst on my left side.Went for pelvic exm in doc said not?

Had cyst removed from right ovary along with my about a year ago, but now am experiencing pain on my left side. Ultra sound good should I worry?

Had laparoscopy 22nd feb, for 5cm cyst on left overy have a sore left lower side again, is it possible for a cyst to come back?

Had laparoscopy last month due to 5.6cm cyst benign but caused pain on left side,recovered but still have pain on left side, got scan 2 months anyidea?

Had lower right pelvic pin for over a week. Dr thinks cyst in ovaries. Would I have known by now if it was appendix as that's my fear. ?

Had ovarian cyst rupture over a week ago is it common to still be feeling some discomfort mainly in one spot and leg ( right side)?

Had pelvic pain last month ultrasound showed 2 left ovarian cysts had right sided abd pain 2 days ago showed 2 right ovarian cysts. Any suggestions?

Had surgery 2 months ago because ovarian cyst but 3 weeks ago I've been getting stabbing pains last 2-3 min on my right side . Is it back?

Had tubes tied after third C-section and experiencing dull throbbing pain in lower bottom portion of uterus is this normal? 1 month later from surgery

Had ultra sound 3 times on my ovary. Left always very enlarged, but no cysts. It's causing discomfort, as I can feel it. What could this be?

Hadappendix out 3 weeks ago still pain and discomfort on left hand side from Keyhole the more active I am the more sore it is this normal?

Have a serious pain on my left (29mmx21mmx10mm ) and side, right ovary ( 24mmx22mmx17mm), my left side is always hurting especially when i'm ovulatin?

Have a sharp pain in my left ovary area (if i poke that area it can hurt in response have had pain before) period is 8 days late could it be a cyst?

Have ovarian cysts. Have a little pain in lower abdomen every after eating. Only left. When is the time to see a doc? I know cysts can go away

Have pain all the way down close to my overy in the righ iam worry if this appendix or just overy pain what are the differnt?

Have pain in right ovary, had a baby 8 months ago had pain then to but in the left ovary, didn't have a c-section, I alo have lesions on my cervixs?

Have pain lower left side...went to the er and had a catscan it showed an enlarged ovary. Why would this be causing my pain?

Have period but there is no clots and the pain is more on the left side above pelvis it burns have multiple follicles in ovaries could this he why?

Have pricking pain in lower abdomen a few times in a day. Only left. Had lap surgery last year to remove an ovarian cyst. Possible to come back again?