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I'm a 27 year old male i have this inflammation/dull pain in what appears to be my left spermatic cord. did a lot of tests, but nothing, advice?

'06-diagnosed w/prostatitis. '11-testicular/groin dull aching but urol. Found nothing serious. '13-intermittently, the dull ache is back. Thoughts?

16 month old boy, diagnosed with hydrocele (swelling in groin, left side). No other symptoms. Does he need surgery? Tests? What symptoms look for?

16 swelling and rash in right testie no blood in per doc said UTI 6 days ago, still have swelling, some nausa lack of appitite, could it be mumps?

25 m.Got uti.After that my right testicle started to swell n pain.It was epididymo orchitis.Aftr meds. The pain has gone but painless swelling isnt.

3 mnth back scrotal trauma(rt-testis pulled toward thigh)led 2 groin pain.Met 2 urologist.Physical exm, mri(3t), usg, all ok.Still sme pain why can it b?

3 urologists couldnt find the reason as to why i have pain in right testis sometimes, they did uv sound and examined me, what to do? Pain for 2 months

32 yr male. Having left testicle and pelvic pain. Happening for 2 years. Doctor did physical exam and found nothing wrong. Worse after alcohol Ideas?

32yo male has sudden onset of severe testicular pain. Dime size lump found on front side of left testicle. No other symptoms. Had vasectomy 3 yrs ago.

33 y/o male. Recovering from Bronchitis w/ bad cough. Having discomfort in groin around left testicle. Possible from cough? Had epiditymitis before.

8 months back I was diagnosed with adductorstrain+osteitispubis after 6 months avoidance. Now I have long standing pain between rectum and testis-left?

80 days after scrotal trauma still some actions cause pulling pain in groin.Its not 24/7.Urologist says still some swelling is present, possible?

A 30 yr old man complains of swelling at the inguinal area. what is the diagnosis? What brings about the diagnosis and how will you manage the man?

Ache in both testicles, loss of appetite and ache in groin. Ultra sound booked for Monday. I am terrified it could be testicular cancer. Any advice?

After aggressive sexual activity the night before, my left testicle is in pain with some swelling near epididymus. Also hurts to touch. Walking is ver?

After ejaculation i feel pain for sometime in left inguinal area. No uti, no lymph nodes, no urinary problem. Am suffering from chronic constipation.

After having bacterial orchitis in my left testicle about 2-3 months ago it is now twice as "fat" as the other. No pain. No bumps at all. Scar tissue?

After having your appendix removed can you experience testicle pain as a temporary side result, like referred pain?

After orciopexy pain and swelling in testicles near and on epidydymis 2 doctors I've seen can't tell me what my problem is please help refer to my bio?

After taking paracetamol during vas deferens infection, will the feeling be painless or there will be some pain?

Are there any other possible causes of a thickened epidymis and pain on touch of the epidymis BESIDES epidymitis?

As I have increased my cyproterone acetate dose from 50 to 100 mg a day, I feel pain around scrotum/testicles. Common or normal? And why?

At 1130am moving in a chair, i jammed a testicle into the seat of my jeans. I have mild pain, as of 5pm, mild stomach discomfort. Testicular torsion?

Been having testicle pain for four years after vasectomy. Doctor recommending removal of epididymis. ...will this stop the pain?

Bodybuilder. Had left pelvic and testicular pain (and atrophy) after one year of invisible diagnosis. Just prescribed doxycycline 100mg. Need i worry?

Both testicles have ache/pain when touched or massaged. Been bothering me for 2 weeks, had ultrasound done, no cancer but it still hurts. any ideas?

Burning / pinching pain in area of left testicle since vasectomy 6 months ago. Urologist says its nerve irritation - cymbalta (duloxetine) and time. Prognosis?

Burning in testicles after urination & urine stream is low + pain in testicles after urination right side testis veins swells. E.Coli in culture.Help?

Burning sensation in left testicles alone. Took scrotal ultrasound test. It said no problem. But still worried. I have GERD problem. Is it related?

Can a 19 year old get fourniers gangrene? Testicle pain but ultrasound and ct scan normal. But still have testicle pain,hot testicles and they smell

Can a penis yeast infection in men also cause abdominal pain and discomfort in the testes?

Can a peyronies plague cause aching or pains in the testicles that leads down the leg? If so, what is actually happening at that time.what can I do?

Can an injury or hit to testicles or groin region cause blood in stool?

Can chronic prostatitis cause the scrotum to feel really warm? Especially increased warmth when pain is increased?

Can constant arousal without ejaculation cause epididymis to swell and cause pain?Can this cause permanent damage?

Can constipation can groin/testicle pain? I've gone to the clinic and they said i was just pretty backed up but didn't answer my questions very well

Can cystitis cause exclusively unilateral groin/scrotal pain in a man (especially lingering after urination or long sitting/bending) or something else?

Can excessive masturbation cause lumps on testicles that cause pain? And can this symptom lead to infertility?

Can i get some advice for minor testicle and hip pain that is spreading?

Can I have sex one week after bilateral orchiopexy? Apart from some minor swelling i feel fine.

Can it be testicular torsion if it is swelling only a little and elevation does decrease discomfort?

Can mild pain for over a month be a sign for possible testicular torsion?

Can my mild epididymitis be the reason behind the constant scrotum motions? As for epididymitis, no antibiotics was prescribed for me. Why?

Can orgasms (not painful) be helpful for testicular nerve pain, long-term?

Can pain associated with testicular cancer wax and wane for a couple of years?

Can PGAD persistent genital arousal disorder cause groin & pelvic pain & feelings of something sharpe &pressure & feelings similar to hernias? Help!!!

Can Prostatomegaly cause pain in the groin area, just beside my penis left side. i am taking in duodart as a medication for my mild prostatomegaly.

Can pudendal neuralgia-like symptoms, burning pain in the perineum and scrotum-testicles, present without trauma to the area? Prostatitis caused pain?

Can scrotal trauma cause the cremaster muscle to swell & become inflammed which can b felt as groin pain&can it swell and compress ilioinguinal nerve?

Can testicle pain be easily mistaken by symphisis pain?

Can testicular pain onset over 2-3 hours be torsion? Primarily pelvic pain and testicle later. No hernia per exam. No swelling. Improved to milder pain worsened with activity 20 hours later

Can testicular torsion happen twice? had it before, had surgery and now woke up with a bad pain in testical vomited and fever.

Can the removal of one testicle (due to a tortion) cause discomfort for the other? After examination doctor said the one left has no problem.

Can trace of blood appears in urine because of inguinal hernia? Sometimes while sitting have a dull pain around left scrotum.

Can urine reflux into vas-defrense of into epidydimis? What t the causes, symptoms & treatment? I am a bodybuilder, mild pain in right testes veins.

Can you get epydimititis without having swelling or lumps? Have pain above right testis, last for 3 months, three doctors did US, didnt find anything

Can you have a testicular torsion/spermatic torsion with MILD pain? My testicle feels smaller/higher but MILD pain. Other possibilities? not"go todoc"

Can you have testicular cancer if you don't feel a lump but have pain and discomfort esp after varicoecele treatment?

Cant feel testicle. feel discomfort. i have never experienced testicular torsion symptoms. what is it?

Causes for numb testicles? No diabetes, have had chronic epididymitis (doc says not infection related). The testicles were painful before, but now numb

Child age 5 kick to testicles, pain gone in 5 mins, no swelling/bruising/bleeding. Can you confirm this will not reduce sperm production as adult?

Chronic epididymitis not getting cured, pain in right leg and right epididymis for 10 months? Please help, i can't afford anymore hospitals.

Constipation. Ache in testicle during bowel movement. Testicles contracts. No lump or largeness. Is this ingenuial hernia?

Could enterococcus fecalis presence in semen be related with varicocele?. I keep feeling something weird in my left groin/testicle area.

Could intermittent dull left testicle pain only (no swelling or other problems) be a result of epididymitis? How could a doctor confirm epididymitis?

Day1-kicked in testicle, pain passed in 4 min day2 - discomfort in testicle when sitting day3 - testicle sowllen, pain in palpation day4-epididymitis?

Dear sir........I was sifsuffering from hydrosol testis..Pain.So please. Give me answer.

Diagnosed with epididymitis. Took my 10 day doxycline and just finished. Still feel slight testicular pain at bedtime. Also urethra still irritated?

Did urinalysis and ultrasound both clear, signs of mild prostate inflam., but have nagging L-testes pain, and painful perineum, no fever.What is this?

Discomfort in groin above and behind testicles, slight swelling on left side. No urinary or erectile trouble. Better with rest but it is bothersome.

Do you feel pain or your testis veins swells pre and post urination if you are diabetic? Or any other testicular issue if you are diabetic?

Doc said i had varioceles a year ago and no I am having pain it feels in particular veins in sack? Could it be worse than thought?

Doctor diagnosis orchitis& hydrocele few weeks ago. Got better, but now I have ab/testicular discomfort w/ nausea. Should I head to ER?

Does genetia herpes cause testicule pain and nerve pain?

Does caesin supplements causes pain in testicles?

Does epiddymitis have a damaging effect on the cremaster muscle? Why r testicles always in motion and contraction since swelling has gone?

Does lipoma on the spermatic cord cause pain? If so what are the symptoms?

Does no severe pain rule out regular testicular torsion? (not referring to intermittent testicular torsion since that doesn't need immediate surgery)

Does testicular atrophy occur after minor testicle traumas with no swelling and pain that goes away in a minute or two?

Does the time frame to save a testicle from torsion start at the time it was twisted or from when pain is severe?

Does too much masturbation causes a problem Iam experiencing scrotal pain on the right side what causes it,i was operated because of hernai ?

Does your testicular vein inflamed when urinating if you are having varicoceles? Could it be urine reflux into vas-defrens?Pain and inflammation. Help

Dr lin, on my earlier question you stated a dull ache/pain in one testicle is not indicative usually of orchitis. What things can this possibly be?

Enterococcus was found in my sperm. I also had experienced groin and minor testicle pain.How could i got infected? (never had anal sex) should I worry

Epiddymitis has cleared up some time back. Ultrasound normal. Blood flow normal. Why testicles feel cold sometimes?

Epididymitis possible from trauma? 2nd occurrence from year ago, no stds, aching testicles and sometimes groin. Do i need antibiotics again? Game plan

eppidydimis in left testicle aches when scrotum tightens or contracts. Scan is normal. Ciprofloxacin hasn't helped much. What should be done next,?

Feeling discomfort, warm feeling and mild pain in left testicle after incomplete ejaculation from 2 days.Should use Cipro (ciprofloxacin) 500mg?

Feeling pain in my groins,behind knees and testicles after walking alot daily,what to do to fix this ? Sonographee said kidney/prostate/testcles is ok

For the last month my urine has been cloudy every now and then, and i had somewhat strong testicular pain in right testicle every so often. Problem?

For the past year or two my testicles have been ascending a lot and nowadays it's usually inside me more than its hanging down. I never had this problem 2 years ago. I have no pain or any other symptoms. What's causing this?

Frequent and cloudy urine, pelvic pain, pain in right testis, swelling in right spermatic cord. What it could be?

From past 6 months I am experiencing on/off pain in left testicle. A bulge is also seen sometimes in groin.Shown to doc .Says no hernia, varicocele?

Got kicked in the right testis....Momentary pain 3-4 min...Lack of cremasteric reflex on day 2 and discomfort while sitting or clossing legs..Torsion?

Groin pain since 3 mnths caused by scrotal trauma(not hit with something, but rt.Testis pulled towards thigh)pain reduced not gone.(mri, usg, phy.Exam)ok

Had chronic suprapubic pain for 3+ years. Spreads to groin and thighs. Never found anything, except 1 mycoplasma. Could there be a connection or not?

Had epiddymitis swelling in July . Now it has cleared up.ultrasound normal. Y r testes feeling different? Y constant motion & contraction?

Had high risk sexual intercourse, 4 weeks later had testicular pain, now 9months later i still have pain and a left and right sided varicocele.Causes?

Had injury last week on testis n have discomfort, tingles n coldness in groin region 2day urologist say I have vericocle can this be caused by injury?

Had Neurolysis of the spermatic cord surgery on the L side, due to dx of Chronic Orchilgia. Swelling/bruising still & lump on R side of penis. ?