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21.6'2 290 pounds .had back problems since I was 16. Pain lower back obviously by kidneys No prob peeing. light color. Renal failure? Infection? Help

**2ND OPINION* went 2 ER kidney stone R Kidney. He said they dont hurt if inside the kidney&when they hit the ureter/bladder, can they hurt n kidney?

1 and a half kidneys I have problems such as, fainting, unbearable sharp pain in kidneys, it hurts to pee at times. I blame it on stress but could there be something else wrong? Im 18 & very healthy

1 week post lithotripsy. kidney pain (not like stone pain) is getting worse, as is nausea. no stone frag yet. is ER needed or wait for DR Appt?

2 weeks ago i passed a kidney stone and now I am getting sharp pains just at the bottom of my sternum and it hurts to touch. Is this kidney related ?

21 yr old male has had kidney stones and is experiencing similar pain. CAT scan showed no kidney stones. Pain is getting worse. Other possibility?

25 yr old male has had kidney stones and is experiencing similar pain.ultrasound & urine showed no stones.Pain is getting worse.other possibility?

29/f-Having flank pain on one side, especially at night x4 months. Hypertensive, constant UTI, nausea. Should I get kidneys checked?

4 mm kidney stone no more pain in back but severe pain in penis. i have good flow but it hurts after flow slows down. been drinking ton of water..

54-year-old woman awakened by pain that goes from her right abdomen to her flank. Kidney problem?

7 year old girl has severe belly button pain and vomiting on and off for 6 months ultrasound show swollen kidney air around kidney possible blockage could this be life threathing and what could this be thanks?

7.5mm kidney stone.I have occasional light pain in my back.I know it has not passed.Could it still just be sitting there not causing it to hurt?

7mm kidney stone confirmed for 4 weeks ...having abdominal pain hurts when I inhale and slight fever ..should I go to er?

8 mm kidney stone in right ureter with hydrophrosis. Now have symptoms of UTI. Headache and dizziness. Should I go ER?

About 1 month ago, i was diagnosed with kidney stones and a uti. The pain stopped, not sure if stone passed. In pain again.Can it subside and return?

After having a kidney stone pass yesterday I woke up today with body aches everywhere and with chills. Is this normal?

After i eat i get pains under my left breast. Its on and off and hurts briefly at a time.Not nauseas, no fever, have here/kidney stones/ burning.Help?

Are kidney infections worse at night? Healthy 22yo female. Lower left pain, excruciating at night. Some burning in urine. Tender where kidney is.

Are kidney stones about as painful a feeling someone can feel?

Are there any medicine which badly hurt our kidneys?

Are there good ways to get a kidney stone to start moving?

Back/side pain nausea/vomiting chills. Diag w/large dense kidney stone 4 yrs ago was told it would never pass, is it trying to or something.

Been having a throbbing pain, my mom was concerned i could have a kidney problem. What are symptoms of pulled muscles and symptoms of kidney infection?

Been on topamax (topiramate) for a little over a month. Today im having lower right side back pain, should I be concerned about kidney stones? I drink a lot of h2o

Been to GP and have a small kidney stone. I want to know why the pain is in the left side of my stomach and not my back. What are other symptoms?

Blood in urine, trouble with deep breaths, fever for 1 day, pain in flank, severely bloated. Ureteroscopy 4 days ago...kidney stone not found.

Both of my kidneys are hurting and a heating pad isn't working, and i'm in pain! so what else can I do? I have & had kidney stones bow and in the past

Can a dr break a kidney stone thats stuck in the tissue lose by hitting on your back? My left kidney hurts really bad after she hit it I have a stone

Can a gallbladder cause sever kidney problems, to the point where you're in so much pain that you can not walk?

Can a kidney function blood test determine whether I have stones or kidney damage. I have frequent pain on my right side front side & back constantly?

Can a kidney stone cause severe abdominal and back pain yet when passed out in urine you can't feel it nor see it?

Can a kidney stone in the lower part of the ureter cause diarrhea or am i catching the virus going around?

Can a women get pregnant with only one kidney ? (Right kidney)

Can applying a heating pad to your back or side to deal with kidney infection pain/discomfort cause damage to the kidneys? Been told by friend it can

Can AZO help with the pain felt during passing of stone? Also feel like I have to pee a dozen time. It's subsided now, but haven't passed stone yet, b

Can back and right upper abdominal pain, cramp dwon to the leg, blotting , nasure dizzines all be from kidney stone or another health issue?

Can back pain continue after passing a stone?

Can constipation make my kidney hurt?

Can even a minor UTI cause tons of pain? Flank pain on both sides, even in the front.Stomach hurts to.No stones either.

Can gas pain be in your back? Sort of goes along flank pain that feels like a kidney stone is passing?

Can getting the flu hurt your kidneys?

Can I use my tens machine for the pain I am getting from my kidney stones?

Can kidney infections cause lower leg to hurt?

Can nerve impingment make it feel like you have kidney infection? Went to E.R. and Kidneys work normally. Can this radiate to the front?

Can period/no bm make kidney stone pain worse?

Can repeated uti's damage your kidneys? When i get them i don't notice them til they reach my kidneys and its always my left kidney that hurts.

Can side pain that comes and goes for a few days be kidney stones? I have a history.

Can the pain from kidney stones be felt on both sides at different times?

Can the symptoms of a UTI disappear if it moves into your kidneys?

Can tonsil stones cause stomache pain?

Can you describe what kidney stones feel like?

Can you feel a kidney tumor though the back?

Can you feel constipated or bloated when you have a kidney stone?

Can you get bad stomach pain and gas while passing a kidney stone? Is this common? I've had them b4 but don't remember the stomach pain.

Chronic flank pain-would ureter stent placement relieve pain? have tried everything

Constant pain and pressure in lower back. Stone came up on CT 6mths ago. Do I have kidney infection or is this pain from the stone? I have no fever

Constant urge to urinate, but small amount produced. That went away after a day, replaced by left-side kidney pain. Pain then switched to right side. ?

Could a fall onto my bottom/lower back cause my kidney stones to move out of the kidneys?

Could calcifacation on shunt be the reason it hurts Pain is along shunt tract ?

Could kidney stones cause a tingling feeling swelling or any other problems in testicles?

Cystoscopy surgery on July 9th. Stent put in on left side. Get it removed 27th. Cramp like pain and blood in urine. Normal?

Diagnosed with kidney stones! flank pain. Is it possible to have this going on without infection?

Do I have a kidney infection im really worred? My back hurts a lot and I know its not my bones.

Do I have kidney disease or something i keep peeing a lot and my back hurts on the left side. What is it.

Do kidney stones hurt worse when moving or coming out? And usually how long do they take to pass please help thank you

Do stones in the kidney cause colic like pain? I feel cramps/pain in my side/back/chest. No fragments passed after ESWL and there is also a 4mm stone.

Do stones in the kidney feel like other diseases such as gallstones? I don't have gallstones but it feels like it along with abdominal pressure&cramps

Docs, could a large kidney stone sitting in bottom of kidneys cause any problems if left there?

Does any kind of kidney disease cause a sore back?

Does it get painful in the ribs for a kidney problem?

Does kidney pain happen when laying ?

Does kidney stones feel like gas or bloated?

Does the size of a kidney affect how much pain you'll feel from pyelo?

Dr said I have a stone in right kidney few wks ago. Now i have pain in mid back that comes and goes. Feels irritatedIs this pain related to the stone?

Episode of renal colic pain gone now still get some twinges in kidney is this normal my md said kidney stones was the likely cause ?

Extreme pain and burning sensation on the right flank area around the kidney but no kidney stones have been found. Also complains of feeling very hot?

Feels like muscle spasms that come and go left flank. No fever or other symptoms but recently treated for uti. Kidney stone history. Kidney related?

Female, 34, 1.5cm stone L kidney and small one in right. Pain after urinating (3 mo) in pelvic & kidney area lower abd. Normal or is it something else?

For abou 2 weeks i been having pain in my kidneys and inflammation they burn and hurts a lot I have a history of kidney phylofriritis and hospitality?

For about the past 3 years i have had to strain/push really hard to urinate.I'm 25yoF w/kidney stone on right side too big to pass.What could be wrong?

For the past 2 days i've been having a lot of lower back pain and feeling real achy and burning up. Can I have a kidney infection or be passing stones?

For the past few days, my kidneys have been hurting but mostly the one on my right side. I've passed kidney stones before, could this be it again?

Found out I have a kidney stone about 5 days ago. Still haven't passed n in a lot of pain tonight and urethra has constant sharp pain. Go to er?

Found out my left kidney is in my stomach?

Good morning. I had my gallbladder removed Friday due to pancreatitis and stones. Now I'm having trouble urinating and my right kidney is hurts more t?

Got a kidney transplant and I have a lot of abdominal bloating, will this go away?

Had a CT scan, I have follicles in kidneys. What can happen? I sometimes have dull ache in kidneys and feel like i don't urinate enough. Infection?

Had a stone in the right kidney, after treatment it went out or piece of it during urine pain stopped but I feel jab in the ureter, bladder &testicul.

Had a ureter reimplantation on the right 8weeks ago. Just got the stent out. Is it normal to have stomach pain?

Had kidney stone removal the 15th stent removed the 20th now i woke up with kidney pain that goes into my lower bladder feels almost clogged.Help pls?

Had kidney stones removed but have been having pain urinating in the penis (like broken glass) and then painful when i sit down for 10-15 minutes. ?

Had kidney stones removed but have been having pain urinating in the penis (like broken glass) and then painful when i sit down for 10-15 minutes.?

Had my right kidney removed cuz chronic plylonephritis left one has it also. Been having flank pain what could it be i don't have a kidney there. Have headache dirrherea feverish chillis tummy ache.?

Had partial nefrectomy on right kidney. Now there are sharp pains on that side with remaining kidney. The pain takes me to the floor.Appetite poor.

Had stomach pain they did ultra sound and said kidney was larger than normal. What can cause a large kidney? Is that concerning?

Had surgery for kidney stone on Monday with stent placement. I'm in terrible pain even with pain meds. Is this normal? Also got bladder infection.

Had utis for 10 months. Told I have hydronephrosis in left kidney and swelling in right. Is it safe to wait 4 weeks for urologist appointment?

Had what doctor thought was kidney infection for six weeks. Now my whole belly hurts for the last week do you have am idea to what this is?

Have 11mm kidney stone in left kidney. No pain. Getting it blasted in 2 weeks. Anything I should avoid to prevent it from moving before then??

Have a 1.5 inch kidney stone. Docs haven't given me anything for pain. Is there anything i can do for this horrible pain till I have surgery?