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-hot/cold flashes -severe acid refllux -indigestion -gas -nausea -regular bowel movements of varying consistencies. any ideas on what I might have?

2 week symptoms. Bloating after eating. Stools floating. Some central abdo pain. Some indigestion, some gas. No anemia, kidney/liver function normal.

31 yr old female 5 ft tall 100 lbs. Severe abdominal bloating since I can remember. With constant burping/flatulance and constipation/diarrhea. Cause?

50 year old female with IBS diverticulitis/ delayed gastric emptying/ the bloating, pain diarrhea and nausea making me miss work any suggestions?

65 yrs male chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, gaseous intestines,feeling bloating what is the best medicine can be used???

Abdominal pain, bloating and acid indigestion thought to be GERD now followed by constipation/fatigue/nausea - high fibre+omep/ran no effect, causes?

About constipation ; how much stool content can our bowels hold ? In terms of very severe and chronic constipation, what would be excessive?

Acid reflux sufferer for over 10 years, I use fantodine. Two weeks ago I have issues swallowing, infrequent bowel movements and pain in both armpits?

After passing stool there was blood around it. I also have gas but no other symptoms. I strain sometimes. I am lactose intolerant and my father has utrativcolotis. Couldit be related?

Anything to do at home for severe constipation/impaction during pregnancy?

Are any other medical conditions related to constipation?

Are digestive enzyme supplements helpful during pregnancy in alleviating symptoms such as heartburn and or constipation and or gas/bloating?

Are hormonal changes and intestinal spasm and pain linked?

Are hormonal changes and intestinal spasm and pain linked???

Are IBS heartburn indigestion and bad gas all related can an IBS sufferer have all of them?

Are laxatives and appendicitis related in any way?

Are there any medical issues that prevent the passing of gas?

Are there any non-medicinal cures for intestinal gas/cramps/bloating? I'm male, so not period-related.

Bloated stomach and constipation after surgery. Is this normal? How do I treat these symptoms?

Bloating and constipation after I start exercising. Dehydrated?

Blood black with stool and tried ulcer medication only constipation and pain in prostate , bladder with frequent urination. Any medication you advise m?

Can a gut yeast infection cause bubbling abdomen , chronic sinusitis , gas and fatigue ?

Can activated charcoal tablets reduce chronic, SEVERE abdominal bloating (6yrs+) of unknown cause? docs dont know why but so bloated I look pregnant.

Can alesse cause digestive problems such as bloating and constipation? Ive taken it for a year but am only experiencing this now. It's Just a thought

Can all of the sudden passing a lot of gas be related to enlargment of prostate?

Can b vitamins lead to noxious gas and constipation?

Can bloating and excessive intestinal gases in elderly trigger attacks of paroxysmal afib what is asafe treatment for this colonic discomfort &gases?

Can caffeine pills cause frequent defecation and gas? Or can peppermint tea cause frequent defecation and gas? Take both in the a.m and have "issues"

Can changing COCs (or being on a COC, in general) cause bloating? Where bloating means gassiness, not necessarily water retention?

Can constipation end up causing an appendicitis? If not treated, what can constipation cause?

Can constipation give you headaches/nausea, mess with metabolism/digestion, and other forms of stomach discomfort ?

Can dysphagia be caused by having constipation?

Can EGR zone stomachache or heartburn-like discomfort occur in IBS patients, with no other symptoms, in days after issue-free colonoscopy ?

Can gastritis cause diarrhea on a very frequent basis? (Every 2 days)

Can haldol (haloperidol) decanoate or zyprexa be the cause of excessive smelling flatulence and smelly feet? Also lack of regular bowel movements

Can hypothyroidism be the reason behind constant belching/flatus?

Can insufficinet sleep cause nausea, bloating, and cramps? Can it also cause more frequent bowel movements?

Can internal hemorrhoid cause Constipation, diarrhea & bloating? What approach is the best solution for healing? Thank you!

Can long term use of modafinil explain gastro issues (belching, diarrhea, bloating) aggravated by sitting & driving and if so, how best to alleviate?

Can my overactivity be due to constipation?

Can pmdd cause digestive symptoms like burping and bloating?

Can seroquel (quetiapine) be associated with abdominal bloating?

Can severe constant anxiety cause change in bowel movements?

Can someone develop IBS and not know they have ever had it? Had some sudden issues and was told it IBS. I've never had it before and was just wonderin

Can there be a specific health problem with symptoms of constipation and diarrhea at the same time?

Can thyroid dysfunction cause extreme stomach bloating?

Can vaginal discomfort be caused by bowel problems such as ibs?

Can you have IBS pains without diarrhea or constipation Cus your controlling it with eating right ?

Can you please describe the best ways for getting rid of prolonged abdominal bloating in teenagers?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to relieve the bloating after a colostomy.?

Can you tell me I have IBS and i'm trying to see a gastrologist. Is this weight gain or is it due to the constipation?

Can you tell me of any clues on what could've caused my constipation?

Can your stomach have problems like constipation, diarrhea, bloating & mild pain after stop smoking. Is it one of the symtom? Thank you!

Can't seem to find my IBS trigger. Drinking more water, changed diet, no new meds. Gas. Bloating. PAIN. Diaharria. Constipation. Help??

Change in bowel habbits/back pain/constipation could it be colon cancer? I also had much anxiety too

Chronic constipation for years lived on mirilax. Several weeks bloating like in opregnant , prssure enemas don't take the bloating away .

Constant bloating and gas after almost every meal no matter what i eat. Infrequent bowel movements and chronic fatigue. Been this way for years. ?

Constant bloating, gas, belching, fatigue, and malaise. Comes on suddenly and lasts weeks on and off. IBS? SIBO? Or what?

Constipation problem, I'm afraid it may be chronic. I feel My digestion is not uniform.

Could anxiety cause bowel problems/cramping/gassiness?

Could having Anorexia in the past mess up my digestive system? And cause chronic constipation?

Could hiatal hernia lead to lower GI problems (sensitivity to fatty foods, loud borborygmi, abd. cramps, urgency to defecate) as well as GERD?

Could inducing vomit reduce the pains caused by constipation?

Could my constipation be due to my allergies?

Could ruq pain be IBS related gas, if so does it always get expelled in farts or can it just dispell internally.Dr suggested fodmap diet?

Could side effects from anusol supposit's include intestinal spasms & abdominal cramps, & is it major cause for concern if it does? Bm, appetite normal

D laxative worked well but still hv the lower abdomen discomfort, can it be caused emotional reasons as i had many traumas or is it ibs?

Dear doctor, due or chronic constipation and why my stomach purring?Thank you!

Diagnosed with IBS two years ago, prescribed amitza. early 20s unexplained bowel movements on myself, sulfur gas, chronic cramps & nausea what is it?

Diarrhea, irregularity, excessive gas, abdominal pain for a month. Taking probiotic, Metamucil. What could I have? What can I do for relief?

Do UTI symptoms include gas bloating?

Doea gast-reg cause sleepiness?

Does a change in sleep position cause abdominal bloating?

Does anxiety have a link to lack of bowel control for gas?

Does Clomid (clomiphene) lead to severe constipation and pain for hours after voiding?

Does colon surgery recommended for a person suffering from extreme bloating, flatulence, passing gas ?

Does constant constipation lead to bowel cancer?

Does constant night time belching indicate any health issue?

Does constipation caused by abdominal adhesions have different symptoms than that of typical constipation?

Does diabetes cause excessive passing of gas and constipation?

Does excessive sit up cause diarrhea?

Does stress make your constipation worse? I've been suffering from chronic constipation and it gets worse in extreme stressful periods. Why is that ?

Elderly male patient has some kind of abdominal hernia, has constipation. Could they be related? What kind of diet to relieve the constipation?

Excessive abdominal bloating and i'm often very uncomfortable because of it. What type of help should I seek?

Excessive flatulence, silent odorless. 2nd month on pill period due next week. no change in diet/habits. minimal bloating. VERY EXCESSIVE. ok? normal?

Excessive pain,bloat,gas,distention after each BM lasting all day. Sometimes with palpitation and breathlessness. Severe hemorroids as well. HELP!

Excessive painful gas, cramps, constipation but with sudden urgent need to have bm, nauseau especially in morning, chronic low abdomen pain- IBS?

Excessive passing of gas, constipation and weight loss. Are these symtoms of diabetes?

For past 2 months I've had mild abdom. cramps and bowel habit changes (more frequent; undigested food). Could it be caused by prolonged antibiotic use?

Gassy digestive system. Not gluten/ lactose related. Found no pattern. Worse at night, wake up, painful digestive sys. Extreme diarrhea. Dehydration?

Gastroparesis and anul discharge, are they related ?

Gets occasional dizzy spells followed by the need to void bowels or expel gas. Been told the dizziness is anxiety. Could it be a digestive issue?

Have Crohn's. Constant flatulence and bloating. Pentasa (mesalamine) and like medications make condition worse. Is there anything else I can try?

Have endometriosis, bad bloating for 48 hrs, passing gas often, not helping, bowl movement 1 a day Taking Xanax (alprazolam) to relax for anxiety not preg, normal?

Have mild abs pain above navel. Have borborygmi, bloating and excessive gas in evening. Defecate 3x/ day. On omeprazole for 8 days. Mild improvement.

Have severe flatulence weekly causing abdominal pain and cramps.Have to take tabs for flatulence for relief.No change in diet nor change in stool.

Haven't had a bowel movement in like a week, prob due to insomnia, poor diet, dehydration, inactivity, can constipation cause pain right above buttocks?

Having pain due to intestinal gas, not able to pass gas due to constipation. No reduction in mild pain even after taking medication for gas.Whattodo?

Having constant abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, and alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea. Often brought on by stress, anxiety, and diet.

Having issues with constipation, what's a good non- stimulant stool softener for a patient with gastritis and acid reflux.