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Is H.Pylori contagious? Treatment needs to be followed by spouse too? Once H. Pylori was treated is it gone for good or can you relapse? Thank You.

16 year old male, non smoker, no use of pain killers, neg h.pylori test. Social drinker. Are stomach ulcers likely ?

16 year old non smoker occasional stomach pain and acid reflux, currently awaiting H.pylori test results. If it's negative is in likely to be ulcer ?

3 failed treatments with antibiotics for h pylori. Have stomach pain. After last treatment took a PPI for 30 days. Result still positive. What's next?

4 year old female who was diagnosed with h.Pylori. What are her chances?

45yrd old. I was diagnosed with h.Pylori years ago. I have stomach discomfort at intervals. I'm worried about stomach cancer?

After completed h.Pylori eradication therapy, is it necessary to retest for h.Pylori igg/ urea breath test to confirm bacteria fully eradicated?

After eradicating Helicobactor (Hb), how much will stomach cancer likelihood (caused by Hb) be reduced?

Any treatment for h pylori that would not aggravate the liver enzyme to increase?

Been off of my omeprazole for 3 days. Now my stool is black as black gets. Had h.Pylori but have been off the antibiotics for 4 days. Whats happening?

Blood test came back h pylori positive. Doc has me on 2 antibiotics. How effective are the antibiotics against h pylori? I'm 28, male.

Blood test ruled out h.Ployri bacteria, I have been on omeprazole for 8 weeks, what are the chance I have stomach ulcer? I do not take nsaids.

Both me and husband are infected with H pylori and with symptoms. Is our daughter at risk of being infected too? She's only 20 months.

Breath test= positive sibo due to double peak hydrogen counts. Egd = duodenal lymphocytosis. Negative celiac. Should i take xifaxin if only symptoms is gas?

Can a person have h pylori AND gastrinoma. Would h pylori cause dr not to consider gastrinoma even if patient is high risk w/ pit tumor & family hist?

Can an H. Pylori stool test be false negative if I was on Nexium (esomeprazole) and Carafate and other ppis for a notable length of time when I gave my sample?

Can caffeine bring back gastritis 1 month after treatment? (wasn't caused by h.Pylori, nor drugs)

Can food allergy symptoms cause an infection such as h.Pylori?

Can geographic tongue be caused by h pylori?

Can h pylori also infect children under 5? What is the treatment?

Can H Pylori be spread by coughing or sneezing?

Can h pylori cause back pain?

Can h pylori cause dizzy spells?

Can h pylori cause eos level to go up?

Can H pylori cause gas and acidity.What test to find if it is there and what is the treatment.Thanks.

Can h pylori infection cause stomach bloating and bad breadth?

Can h pylori return after eradication of it 6 months ago, now have pain in the area of the original duodenal ulcer. Cannot eat anything without being ?

Can h. Pylori affect pregnancy?

Can h.pylori eradication lead to decrease appetite ?

Can H.pylori infection cause chronic fatigue ? Been fatigued for over 8 months. Just got diagnosed with with h. Pylori through stool test.

Can heavy drinking cause h. Pylori Infection ?

Can helicobacter pylori be passed through just kissing on the cheeks?

Can high grade dyspasia be "cured" by h. Pylori treatment? Or is this the first step?

Can I use clear lax if I am on an antibiotic for a stomach infection such as h.Pylori?

Can infection with h pylori lead to stomach nodules?

Can it be a herx reaction?I started treatment for h. Pylori, 2 abs and ppi, i also have mild infection(cough, little fever) syntoms worsen 1hr later.

Can it take a while for symptoms to fully clear up after a course of antibiotics for H. Pylori infection? Still having some reflux/belching/etc.

Can my stomach get completely healed from mild chronic inactive infection in corpus? I dont have h.pylori

Can nasonex (mometasone) cause stomach infections such as h.Pylori?

Can stomach cancer be transmitted through kissing? How contagious is h. Pylori?

Can tinnitus be caused by h.Pylori? What are the main symptoms of h.Pylori? Thanks!

Can you have chronic heartburn from infected by h.pylory and what are the sypmtoms ?

Can you have h-pylori and see no blood ?

Can you have headache and throat infamacion if you are infected by H.Pylori ?

Can you have sore throat and too much gas if you are infected by H.Pylori,and how do you know you are infected ,what are the symptoms ?

Can you please explain h pylori bacterium andthe seriousness of it- my dad has just been diagnosed. His father died from stomach cancer so we are concern?

Can you recommend a place i can order a h pylori test for home use?

Can you tell how long you've had h.Pylori by your blood test?

Can you tell me if someone had a blood test for h. Pylori and scored 1.02 out of a possible 0-99 should this person be treated with antibiotics?

Can you tell me what are symptoms associated with h pylori infection?

Can you tell me what you suggest if someone had a blood test for h. Pylori and scored 1.02 out of a possible 0-99 should this person be treated with antibiotics?

Chances of H Pylori in 28yr white/F from America, works in healthcare, has acid reflux past 2.5 weeks with no relief from PPI that I chronically take?

Clarithromycin and metronidazole making it difficult for me to breathe? Being treated for h.Pylori. Doctor says lungs are clear as a whistle.

Could a person be pregnancy with h pylori?

Could a person be pregnant with h pylori?

Could a stomach infection like h pylori make a difference to a bone healing ?

Could h.Plori infection cause nausea on an empty stomach for 6+months ?

Could it be atrophic gastritis?, i feel as if im not healing from gastritis symptoms ( h pylori cleared) , its been nearly 5 months since onset.

Could these red blotches on my face be from a bacteria such as h pylori ? I've had it for 6 months and my boyfriend now has it too

Could this be h pylori if pain below breast bone?

Diagnosed w h. Pylori on liver, currently on a 3 month meds. If the medication doesn't help will it cause cancer?

Diarrhea for 4 years, - c scope, + blood for h pylori. Tx prevacid (lansoprazole) and antibiotic for 10 days then neg stool. Iga 41range 83-485. Tt IgA neg. Celiac?

Do I have to go into the doctors office to get a h. Pylori breath test?

Do I need to stop h1/h2 blockers when testing fasting gastrin? If so, for how long & does h pylori need treated b4 gastrin test? I no longer use ppis

Do you have any remedies for gastritis I have often? I'll get tested for H. Pylori. Thank you.

Do you think ppi / h2 blocker prescriptions are contributing to a c. Difficile epidemic?

Docs, could a person diagnosed with helicobacter pylori(bacteria) drink milk and hot chocolate?

Doctor suspects ulcer, negative h.pylori but still pain with Zantac and PPI. How long to heal? Dark tar stool as well. Help!

Doctor told me I have infection of lining of my stomach. He said it's not Helibactoplyori (H.plyri). What could this be?

Does adrenal fatigue lead to helicobacter pylori infection?

Does chewing sugarless gum before h pylori test interfere with results?

Does h plyori cause most stomach cancers? What are the chances of getting stomach cancer without h plyori?

Does h pylori cause cancer? And is it true it has no symptoms? I feel sick all the time since i've had it 9 months now.

EGD showed inflammation and h pylori positive. Done treatment to kill bacteria but Stomach still hurts. What should I do next? will gastritis improve?

Ended triple therapy a few days ago but still having some stomach discomfort and gas. Does this mean I still have h.pylori?

Endoscopy confirmed gastritis, cat scan normal. Amoxcicillin, additional antibiotic n ppi triple therapy 14 days for h pylori. Lost 12 lbs, normal?

Endoscopy found gastritis and h pylori. 2 treatments and still have it, I'm Allergic to amoxicillin. Being referred to specialist. What will they do?

Endoscopy showed gastritis in pre pyloric entrum. Blood test showed h.Pylori positive, given antibiotics, but still pain in upper left stomach?

Er told me i had a stomach ulcer. Wanted to c if they tested for h.Pylori, what kinda code on blood work would be for h.Pylori?

Extensive intestinal metaplasia with no evidence of h pylori at 37 years old, male.How long in average until cancer ? Please

Finished triple therapy two weeks back for h pylori and now on ppi twice a day. I am having sticky stools and GERD symptoms . What is suggested now ?

Found gastritis via egd, but stool sample of h pylori was negative 6 mo ago, would the biopsy of stomach be negative too?

G.E.R.D and h.Pylori both confirmed. Never had g.E.R.D until i had pylori. Why are they found in the same case? Stomach really sore from antibiotics.

Gastric oxyntic and antral mucosa with active chronic h.P associated gastritis. And h.P immunostatins highlights abundant h.P organisms. What's mean?

Gastritis (8 mos+) with no h.pylori or ulcers. Persistent indigestion resistant to treatment with PPI or Iberogast. Dr. says stress. Any suggestions?

Gastritis Positive h pylori test 10 months ago. H pylori was treated. Endoscopy showed residual gastritis 3 months ago. I've tried all sorts of meds. ?

Gastritis with slight intestinal metaplasia. No h pylori. Had a bout of norovirus and mono months ago. Tore me up. What are your thoughts on this?

Gerd is better, get sympthoms sometimes, doctor told me to take clarithromycin, h pylori blood test was negative, don't feel any pain, should I take it?

Got tested for H.pylori and it came out negative can someone still get an ulcer without the H.pylori?

H pylori gastritis showed in EGD. Pain, nausea, treated 3 x with antibiotics. h p. positive. Is L glutamine and probiotic good to fight inflammation?

H pylori positive Which food is good for me my stomach is working ?

H. Pylori infx eradicated in 2012. 2.5yrs later, still symptomatic and EGD still shows chronic inflammation. When can I expect gastritis in remission?

H/h 7.2/27.7. 2 units blood, h/h came up to 10.2/34.7. Started oral Fe supps, 5 weeks later h/h is 9.0/29.5. Is this normal?

Had a h.Pylori test result was 70 u/ml i'm 21 year old and wanted to ask if its bad ?

Had an endoscopy 1.5 mos ago. Good results, only some gastritis and + h.Pylori. I was + h.Pylori 6 years ago but no ulcers. Do i still ned antibiotics?

Had an endoscopy with biopsies. It found no stomach bacteria just mildinflammation.But, a blood test showed a bacteria infection in stomach. H.Pylori?

Had endoscopy, have 3 superficial ulcers. Took antibiotic before test. No h-pylori showed. Dexilant (dexlansoprazole) caused headache. On prilosec.Will it cure ulcers?

Had stomach bloat doc put me on Zantac (ranitidine) for ulcer did blood test to see if I had h.pylori that came back clear what is the next course of treatment?

Hav H.pylori. Treatment is anti biotics and another stomach drug. will 1 week course affect liver function? Pre Hevy drinker for nearly 1 yr.

Have h.Pylori again. Waited to get treated bc i didn't have symptoms. Now i do. See gastro doc in 3 weeks. Anything i can do at home for gastritis?