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a week after gallbladder surgery I'm still getting pain under my ribcage and in my back, how long does this go on for ?

1 week post gallbladder removal, keyhole. Deveoped pain lower right flank towards back. Help please?

2 years ago i had a calcified blood clot removed from my left side below my rib. I'm having sharp pains in that same spot again. Do i need surgery?

3 or 4 years ago i had my gallbladder removed 3 or 4 months ago i noticed a knot comes up when i cough where the scar is on top of my stomach?

4 months ago I had a bowel resection on right side I've been fine but for the last 2 days alot of pain in tummy around scar area any idea at all?

4 weeks post laproscopic gallbladder removal and having moderate pain in my abdomen. Left side upper deeper pain... Pancreatitis? Kidney stones?

4 wks ago laproscopic gallbladder removal. this wk I have had pain in back on right shoulder. heat massage helps for a bit, but it remains

52, perimenopause, gyn laproscopy identified dense adhesions between gallbladder and abdomen wall. Do I have to remove gallbladder? Occas. rib pain.

6 days post op lap gallbladder removal only sore where liver is under right ribcage not around lap incisions hurts to press Normal? Or liver prob?

Abdomen feels numb gallbladder or appendix?

Abdominal pain in the upper middle it comes with cold sweats. What can this be? Gallbladder has been removed 4 years ago.

Acute pain in my first molar on right lower side. It had RCT done 4 years ago, which was removed this Jan due to's open right now. What to do?

After 2.5 years of gallbladder removal every few months I get spasms on the right rib right where gallbladder used to spasm no pain. Should worry?

After a week after kedney stone removed still have sharp pain in same area how long will this last?

After cholecystectomy surgical clips left in my upper right quadrant?

After gallbladder removed, i still have discomfort on left side by the top of the colon, why?

After thread was removed from kidney stone removal i am getting indigestion every day plus groin area feels cramped?

Appendix Removed -2yrs | 'Untangled' Sharp, Quick Pain a Month Ago | Now Cold Feeling where Appendix was | Has been 'tight' on Inside by Appendix?

Appendix removed 10 months ago and have bloatness pain stomach area is something wrong?

Appendix was removed had surgery 1/23/12 now having pain upper left abdomin.

Bad pain in my right hip bone. Is it my appendix? I had issue with that area but doctors told me it never was my appendix. Could it be my appendix?

Been 2 years since i've had my gallbladder removed. Is it normal to have some minor pain in that area from time to time? Also sometimes looks swollen

Been a mth and 2 days since my gb removal. Why am i still having pain on my side?

Been diagnosed with lots of gall stones half CM long due to pain under ribs frequently in past 6 months will i need surgery?

Been experiencing nausea for a month. Had gallbladder removed in March and still have pain. Could this be a new problem or my body still healing. ?

Been having kinda sharp pains in my abdomen area is this just constipation or could be something else? Also my gallbladder was removed in 07'

Been having pains in lower right side, got my appendix checked, wasn't that, got my gallbladder removed 3 months ago, what could this be?

Can Focal nodular hyperplasia cause pain? Gall bladder was removed and I still have pain.

Can getting your gall bladder removed hurt?

Can I have cholecystectomy and lipoma on lower back removed at same time?

Chest pains went to er ended up getting gallbladder removed due to malfunctions caused by gallstones. It's now two weeks later having the same pains??

Chest tube removal hurt?

Extreme pain nausea doubling over gi doctor suspects adhesions from when galbladder was removed in 2009 spasam sensation is it worth getting removed?

Feeling of something stuck in chest/back like a rock i was diagnosed with gallstones had gallbladder removed 2 yrs ago but now have that feeling again?

Feeling pain in middle back when i inhale deeper, after 2 weeks after laparascipic gallbladder removal. Is that normal?

Female 29 2 c sections gall bladder removed & tubal ligation from 2013-2015 acute abdominal pain dead center underneath rib cage what can I do?

Following the removal of an appendix, can there be referred pain in the right flank?

Gallbladder removal/hernia repair 2mos ago. Now lower right side abdo pain going on 2 weeks. Some diarrhea. No fever. Appendix? Hernia?

Gallbladder removed 1 yr ago. When i got gas hurts right where gallbladder was. Hurts all the time. Had ok abdomen CT scan. What can it be?

Gallbladder removed 2 months ago. Sometimes have abd pain when laying on my left side. Why?

Gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago. Sudden sharp pain by incision below breast. What could it be and what should I do?

Gallbladder removed 5 weeks ago. Pains occurs on right and left side of belly button area. Is this normal at this time in recovery?

Gallbladder removed a little over a week ago. Still Mild-mod pain under right rib and back. Surgery related? Or possibly SOD? When should I see doc?

Gallbladder removed last year. Have pain in middle of chest sometimes like before removed. Recently diagnosed with GERD. Could this be the cause?

Gallbladder removed, Diaphramatic hernia still fixed. Gets stabbing pain below her left ribcage. Pain subsides feel something contracts. Nausea?

GB removed 2 wk ago - chronic cholecystitis; no stones. Still nauseated (not food related) and lower r back pain. URQ pain gone; healed well from surg?

GB removed 6 months ago. Getting pain in the same spot with diarrhea now. Also pain where I think my ovaries are. What can it be? Pls help scared.

Girlfriend had gall bladder surgery on august 27 and having pain on her side still where the incisions was at what could be causing the pain?

Had acute appendicitis w abscess, eventually surgery to remove appendix. Felt good, but 4 months after surgery have swollen pelvis/abdomen & achy why?

Had gall bladder removal 3weeks ago but now have pain when having bowel motion Pain in lower back as well Why could this be?

Had gallbladder removal 2 weeks ago. Had black pigment gallstones. Prior to surgery had back pain right upper side. Yesterday and today pain is back?

Had gallbladder removal yesterday. Extremely swollen and painful entire abdominal region. How long till swelling and pain goes away?

Had gallbladder removed 2 wks ago rib gt accidentally broke I am still having severe pain in abdomen & back I feel worse now then b4 surgery. Why?

Had gallbladder removed a week ago and now experiencing light vaginal bleeding and a pain in the upper right area close to the one incision.

Had gbladder removed 3wks ago. Went to ER for tender stomach and pain. Doc think ulcer. Why is ulcer so painful. What's wrong?

Had my gallbladder laparoscopically removed 3 days ago, I now have bad pain in my lower right side of my back, any ideas?

Had my gallbladder out over 2 yrs ago now I have had pain in the same area for two weeks should I be worried?

Had my gallbladder removed on 4/3/14. When i inhale, i feel a sharp pain where my gallbladder was. Doesn't hurt if i put pressure on it. What is it?

Had spleen removed laparoscopically almost 3 mo ago due to itp. I still have some pain and tingling mostly near my navel. Is that normal?

Had surgery to remove diverticulitis and a bladder fistula a year ago it hurts in my right pelvic area when I cough?

Have back pain still 7 months after gall bladder surgury...why?

Have rt lower abdomen pain has had appendix, gallbladder, part hysterectomy & back surgery an have small ovarian cyst. What could pain be?

Having pain in my back and lower abdomen. Had laprascopic surgery monday and some scar tissue was removed. Do i need to get this checked out or wait?

Having severe mid back pain urine normal gallbladder removed what could it be. ?

Hello, its been 4weeks since ive had my gallbladder removed..the pain is awful feels worse now then before hurts around my front where gallbladder wad?

Hey i underwent a gall bladder surgery 4 months back and now the centre portion of my stomach aches, what should I do ? Thank you

Hi I had a lap chol over a year ago and am having consistent pain in right rib pain around the front edge between 8th and 9th rib. The surgeon had a time removing gall bladder (my 1st ever surgery) due to extensive skin adhesions attaching liver and gb.

Hi I am a 50 year old male i had my gallblader removed last june i get stomach right side and bad back pains in both sides kidney area. Treatments?

Hi. 2 weeks after laprascopic gallbladder removal I suddenly have a rash under my ribs. Anything to worry about?

Hi. I have pain in my right side of my back...right in the middle. I had gallbladder removed with polyps.

Hi. Is it normal for abdominal pain and hardness after 3 weeks of removing gallbladder surjury?

How can I remove the stomach pain?

How do you get rid of gas pains after a gallbladder removal?

How is an i.U.D. Removed without pain?

How long does tenderness last after apendix removed?

How long until able to go back to work after gall bladder removal?

How many days feel stomach pain after removing appendex?

How to remove gas around the lower right lung area?

How would i know if my galbladder ruptured? I went to my doctor for pains in my stomach and he scheduled an ultrasound on my stomach in a couple days.

I am 2.5 months post gallbladder removal, now in constant pain in the upper central abdomen. It started 2 weeks after the surgery, with a bout of esophagitis. What should I do?

I am a 20 year old female. I have been having chest pains since I had my gallbladder was removed in March. Please help. ?

I am having abdominal pain, left and right side, bad back pains have had complete hysterectomy and gallbladder removed

I am having horrible burning pains in stomach since surgery in Feb 0f 2015 had gall bladder removed repaired hernia at same time but hurts worse now?

I am having severe pain in my right abdomen especially after i eat anything. I had my gallbladder removed over a year ago. What should I do?

I am scheduled to speak to a surgeon about gall bladder removal in a couple weeks. but I have been having pain up into my ribs for a couple days now. ?

I found out I have adhesions in my intestines causing pain. It is getting worse on my lower right side, is surgery needed?

I get nasty keloids after surgeries. Can they show up in my abdomen years after gallbladder removal and cause vomiting and pain?

I get pain in my abdomen its in the middle right side. I already had my gallbladder removed what else could it be?

I got my gallbladder removed 4 weeks ago. Why do I get bad gallbladder attack-like pains in the mornings that go away when i stand up?

I had a avm removed and still have pain, what do you think is wrong?

I had a thymoma removed 25 days ago, is it normal to still have a lot of pain and pressure?

I had a thyroglossal duct cyst removed a couple months ago but the doc only removed the cyst. I am still experiencing a lot of throat discomfort. Pressure and pain. Could this be due to the tract still being there?

I had a toenail removed 5 days ago and i'm still in terrible pain. Is that normal?

I had an ovarian cyst and my appendix removed at the same time. I now get stomach pains and diarrhea after i eat. Is this cause from my surgery?

I had emergency laparoscopic gall bladder removal 2 weeks ago. I am still getting discomfort on back and upper right abdomen. I am afraid of bike leak or stone. Is it normal to still feel discomfort after 2 weeks? My liver enzymes retured to normal.

I had gall bladder surgery 3 weeks ago and now I am having pain in my left side above my belly button. Why?

I had gall bladder surgery on august 27 and still having pain on my right side where my scars are what could be causing the pain?

I had gall bladder surgery on august 37 and still having pain on right side where the scars are what is causing the pain?

I had gallbladder removed in 2013. I still get pain in my side as if my gallbladder is still there but the pain is not as bad. What could this be?

I had gallbladder surgery about yr ago. I ve been having pain were the scars are and in middle of my stomach. Not sure what it is.?