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Had gall bladder removed Nov last year. However, running to have bowel movements for at least 2 years. Now always diarrhea with recent urgency to pas?

I have a severely redundant colon that is also permantly distended by gas, why can stool slowly get through but the gas does not, it goes backwards?

Had appy in March. Could it have messed up my bowels? Problem with constipation since. Linzess? Increased fiber too fast? too big to pass. Hemorrhoid

I have IBS related tenesmus. Every 3 or 4 days I get tenesmus. How can I stop or prevent it?

its about a 2 week that i have pain all over my abdomen on and off ,no specific point ...also my bowel movement is 3-4 time a day,no blood in stool. ?

18 YO F After bowel movement a mass protrudes anus and sometimes bleeding occurs. It goes back in excess skin sticks out.Had for 1.5years. What to do?

26 years old female have a regular bowel everyday but this past 2 days i can't poop is there a problem?

30yr fit male. My leg will often go completely numb when constipated combined with a feeling of inability to to empty bladder when doing a bowel movement. Is this normal? What could be the problem?

32 yr old female. 40 lb weight loss, tailbone pain for 7 months, heavy rectal pressure, change in bowel habits. Possible colon cancer?

35 weeks 4 days pregnant. Frequent bowel movements since yesterday. 3X loose a day. Is it normal? Why does it occur and how long will it occur?

37 weeks pregnant and having lose bowl movements and has change over two days from constipation what's this mean ?

39 male bowel movements have changed for about a week now not going as often stool test was normal and xray also feeling full not sure what caused it?

4 normal bowel movements, which is about 1-2 more than I usually have. Should I consider this diarrhea and assume I can't trust my BCP?

5 weeks after episiotomy i think I may have torn while trying to pass a form bowel movement. Is this possible?

5yrs chronic diarrhea every bowel movement watery, sudden, urgency, unbearable smell. Gastric bypass 5yrs ago. Partial colon removed, hernia 3yrs ago?

60yr 90 lbs, Colitis, Unable to eat for 5 days, was impacted, holding meal now, can feel transverse colon pulsating 0.5s after heartbeat. Prognosis?

60yr 90 lbs, Colitis, Unable to eat for 5 days, was impacted, holding meal now, can feel transverse colon pulsating 0.5s after heartbeat. Prognosis?

88 yr old female has inflamed tissue extending from rectum from straining to have a bowel movement. How long does it take for tissue to withdraw?

After BM, I'm having bowel leakage especially if I sit on buttock or run. I can't also control passing gas. Can pelvic floor exercise be helpful?

After bowel surgery I still have no sensation when I need the toilet, i have been caught out a few times will I need extra treatment or will it settle?

After chronic constipation which has been treated but result in presence of skin coming from anus size of 1 CM only at defecate time . What is this?

Almost 4 months from a tah-bso robitically. Is it normal to not have the same push with bowel movements as before surgery? It's not as strong.

Anal fissure healed but 11yr old now has acidic leakage x2 per month, daily bowel motions. Often c/o of tummy pain&headaches. Drs at a loss, please help?

Anal sores, does it also cause a lot of gas to be passed? Does it infer as another symptom for something else?

Arachnoiditis symptms say loss of bowel and bladder. What degree?Do constipation/frequent urinating fall into this category?I have most other symptom

Are liver cycts related to extra long bowel and constipation?

Are more frequent bowel moments and anal mucus in stools signs for concern? As of this past week i've begun to have much more frequent then usual bowel moments. I've been having 3 or more a day instead of my usual 1 every other day or so. This has been co

Are the symptoms of small bowel lymphoma bad?

Are there any other conditions besides colon cancer that can cause thin stools and constipation for so long? I have no pain at all, so IBS seems unlikely. I also don't have much of an urge to urinate, either, however, the urine comes out just fine. I also

At times i lose control of bowel movement. I can't feel when it happens. Not watery, normal consistency. Childbirth or vertebrae pinching nerves?

Been Constipated even after emptying bowels with prune juice. I have recurrent Constipation, and no insurance to see a medical provider right now. What could cause constipation to constantly be of recurrence? Also some back pain sometimes, and random shar

Been have a pain with I siactic nerve for months .. Doctor gave me medication helps . Now have problems with bowel movement go frequently?

Been having inconsistent bowel movements and I can't quite figure out what's going on. Often results in bloating or discomfort, don't have any dietary restrictions that I know if. Any advice?

Blood in stool (good amount, but periodically occurs) and painful bowel movements often. Is this a serious issue or a lack of good diet? Uti history 2

Bowel issue constipated/some times loose stool. Had anal intercourse not by choice. Still uncomfortable feeling. When do I need to involve a dr?

Bowel movement after every meal, any medicine to make this once per day? Why its so quick?Medical reason.

Bowel movement is becoming increasingly difficult. I have an internal hemmoroid that i can feel. Could this be blocking stool and making it thin?

Bowel movement went from x2 a day to 2 a week with rapid weight gain and difficult to hear bowel sounds is this a thyroid issue?

Can a 17 year old get colon cancer because i'm scared to death and I am showing symptoms. Such as constipation and change of bowel movements i go less?

Can a coccyx that curves inward cause problems when trying to have a bowel movement?

Can a fall on the back cause bowel blockage and autoimmune problems as well as lack of mensies. I'm gassy, constipated, toxic feeling and bloated. ?

Can anal cause it to become difficult to hold in your bowel contents?

Can bulging disc's from & including T12 to L4, cause loss of bladder & bowel control & also legs to go to sleep while on stool? Thanks!

Can damage of the end of the abdominal wall cause pain initially? Can it make a person loose weight and effect bowel movement? is constipation involve

Can fibers like psyllium be helpful in addrsing slow bowel movement problem where food stays in stomach for long time resulting in acid reflux symptms?

Can having diarrhea for 3 to 4 days be damaging to your rectum, intestine and body? What's the worse that can happen and could it possibly be fatal?

Can having impacted bowels cause edema? What other problems can this cause? Thank you.

Can holding your bowels too long gives you cancer?

Can i be admitted to the hospital because i had something wrong with my colon/bowel area due to the seat belt?

Can i irritate able bowl syndrome be fixed? How?

Can I take castor oil by mouth to help with a bowel movement due to hemorrhoids?

Can IBS cause feacal incontinence what could be other possibilities ?

Can lack of pigmentation be linked to rectum discomfort?

Can my inflammatory bowel disease make it hard for me to get pregnant?

Can nerve damage be caused to the bowels/intestinines, suffer from severe conctipation and no urge to have a bm since had a comp hyst and 2lapoporotoys?

Can nerve impingement at L3 and 4 cause constipation? opiate pain mess, but no measures, including digital stim and enemas have produced bm. BS + x4

Can p.O.T.S (postural orthostatic. Tachycardia syndrome) cause fat malabsorption due to impaired motility in bowels? Such as small bowel overgroweth.

Can people who have hammeroidectomy in their mid 20's have problems controlling their stools(holding for sometime) in their advanced age?

Can proctitis cause prostatitis like symptoms? Dr told me i had proctitis due to prolong sitting.

Can recurrent cystitis be a clue to problems in small/large bowel? I have very slow transit in bowel "lazy bowel" and crohn's under control

Can severe bowel straining cause kidney problem?

Can some sort of tumor be mistaken for constipation or impacted poop on an x-ray?

Can spending most of my time in bed prolong IBS? I've had bowel discomfort for 3 months. I was also successfully treated from a parasite 3 months ago

Can sperm come out of the uterus after they are past the cervix, possibly due to straining (heavy exercise, constipation, etc)?

Can straining for a bowel movement worsen a shortened cervix? Am 30 wks with 2.5 cm cervix and chronic constipation with hard stools & strain at times

Can straining on the toilet due to constipation bring on labour at 34 weeks pregnant or beyond?

Can straining/pushing while pooping(from constipation)lead to formation of aneurysms? Due to increased pressure. Someone told me this. True or untrue?

Can surgery on s1-5l cause neurogenic bowel dysfunction, i can't push or feel the stools moving, I have to take laxitives and seeing a specialist soon?

Can there be a definite issue with my intestines if I am constantly constipated and having difficulty passing stools occasionally?

Can you get a stroke through strain (e.g. bowel movement)?

Chronic constipation no obstruction or any disease, just an extremely boated and distended stomach. Howcan i clear out all the built up fecal matter?

Clear, foamy discharge from rectum in toddler an hour after large bowel movement. Mild temp. Minor pain, history of constipation, hemmorhoid. Cause?

Constipation ,how to overcome it? Furthermore, I only pass motion for once in three days.

Could a man still control his bowel movement if he receives anal sex frequently?

Could diverticulosis make me pass out during normal, everyday activities?

Could I have inconsisten bowel movements when i had a bad vaginal mesh operation?

Could it be possible I have a bowel obstruction or am i overreacting, any recommendations?

Could strong bowel movements cause problems with my renal stent?

Could there be a serious health issue if there is blood on my stool after a bowel movement?

Could you tell if there anyway my hymen is affected by severe constipation?

Dad just had spinal fusion had constipation problems afterward, he said now when wiping he feels a thread and still constipated i'm stumped please help?

Dear doctor, Sometimes I get semen leakage while bowel movements. Is it normal or something to worry about. Your advice would be greatly appreciated?

Diagnosed with gastroparesis, slow transit bowel and tight sphincter/rectal muscle problems. Help!?

Diarrhea symptoms/frequent bowel movements but he refuses to test on return from s asia?

Difficult to urinate and almost impossible for me to have a bowel movement if so it's very difficult?

Difficulty going to the toilet opening bowels L4 and L5 compression?

Do bowel movements have an effect on urine flow? For example you body might wait until the bowel movement has passed until it starts the urine flow?

Do nuts cause bowel irritation for people with a sensitive bowel? If yes, what are the symptoms?

Do other people get small bowel obstruction, or is it unusual?

Do you have any suggestions for healing fecal incontinence? I've had trouble with fecal incontinence for 4 months. Small amounts unexpectedly, especially during high impact sports, and sometimes when passing gas. Excessively soft and frequent stools seem

Does an external hemmorhoid cause bowel problems like diarrhea or would that just be two separate symptoms at once?

Does constipation or poor stools have any connection to aching and tighting testicles? can it also cause them to enlarge?

Does extremely low Vitamin D affect bowel movement?

Does having rather large bowel movements (ever since I was a teenager) make me more prone to colon cancer by stretching my colon or something?

Does masturbating for men block bowel movement so we can't go to the bathroom ?

Does myself ejaculating cause abrasions in the colon? (not someone ejaculating into me). The force pushes my gut inward and wonder if can damage colon

Does narrowing of the stomach, mean the same as narrowing of the bowel? Because my pain medicine says don't take if have this problem.Its fentanyl pat

Every morning i have a loose bowel movement with no other major symptoms, i get a bit bloated by the end of the day but i used to go 2-3 times a day?

Excessive scrotal tightness, worse when needing to move my bowel for the last 3 years which started after excess straining due to constipation. Help!

Family history of bowel complaints/cancer. I suffer constipation due to extra long bowel. What precaution should I be taking re history?