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I've been sick to the stomach for a whole week. feel like i have to vomit and can't. Not pregnant and had an bowel movement. ?

5 months after vsg, I ate too much 3 days ago. Now i'm very bloated , burping, uncomfortable. Have I screwed something up?

57 year old women. Vomit and diahrrea. Stomach is bloated. Cant go to doctor no inssurance. Plesase need some help?

5wks pregnant&I have no appetite.I eat a little just to have something on my stomach. I am not sick nor nausea.Is it normal or should i see a doctor?

6 wks pregnant everytime I eat I get gassy, my stomach aches, and I have loose stools. hormone related?

9 weeks pregnant can't eat anything without my stomach being in knots or constipation or diarrhea ?

9week pregnant.After eat my stomach will feel unconfortable.Lots of gas that need to induce burp otherwise feeling nausea or throw-up is this normal?

About a week ago I came down with what seemed to be a stomach virus or food poisoning. Is it normal to still feel very gassy and bloated?

After a bout of the 'stomach flu', is it normal to feel bloated and gassy for several days? My stomach still doesn't feel 100%.

After a night of heavier than normal drinking my stomach feels full and bloated with constipation..gastritis related?? Will this pass??

After eating i feel very bloated and nauseous, are all these ulcer signs?

After i have a bowel movement my stomach is very sore and i'm very nauseated why does this happen?

After i eat anything i get super bloated right away, then upset stomach and diarrhea. Mostly at dinner time. Im on my period 2nd day. Start 3 days ago?

After I eat every meal, my stomach feels heavy, full and my stomach always grumble. I also feel like vomiting?

After I eat every meal, my stomach feels heavy, full and my stomach always grumble. I also feel like vomiting. ?

After i eat something my stomach starts to growl a lot. Is there something wrong with me ? Do I have worms in my stomach? I also don't poop as usual.

All day i've had super lose stools with a lot of mucus. Also upset stomach randomly and i'm not sure what's going on?

All of a sudden the last 4 days: distended stomach, lower back pain, tired, thirty, voiding more, hungry but don't want to eat cuz stomach too bloated?

Ate a ton last week, now I have bloated stomach, been pooping more and i'm more tired than usual. What is this?

Ate fast food last night. Few hours afterward started feeling sick with sharp pain in pit of stomach below sternum. Stomach Cramps and queasy.

Ate subway. Had a 6 inch. Now my stomachs really bloated & is uncomfortable. Some pelvic pain. What is this?

Bad stomach ache like something is ripping intestines I felt nauseous and had diarrhea but the next day it was gone. Could it be lactose intolerance?

Been feeling sick for a month now with stomach pains and had black stools any advice please?

Been having gas, uncomfortable stomach noises, stomach aches after meals for the past week. Even tried prune juice today, didnt help. What can i do?

Been nauseous last 2 days when I eat or drink. Accompanied by stomach cramps and gas. What's going on?

Bloated stomach throughout the day feel like vomiting after meals and can't even have liquids after meals as I have reflux and recently was treated for?

Bloated stomach, gurgling, general discomfort keeping me from sleeping?

Bloated upper stomach and a lot of gas since I ate a pretty heavy meal 12 hours ago. What could cause this?

Bloated, growling and upset stomach for over 3 weeks. I was traveling in scandanavia when I got this. No fever, sometimes diarhea.

Bloated, heartburn, Upset stomach.... Wake up ever night feeling like I'm so bloated and gassy... Doesn't go away Feel sick after I eat Pain in abdom

Bloated, not hungry. After meals stomach feels gassy & burns. Loose stool. Symptoms go away & come since past 2 months. Something to do with my diet?

Bloated,nauseous,cramping, burning feeling in stomach &sour stomach feeling for 1-2wks but it all comes and goes.Vomited once,have bad gasWill I die?

Bloated,nauseous,cramping,&sour stomach feeling for 1-2week. Vomited once,have bad gas. comes and go. Burning feeling in stomach sometimes to. Am I ok?

Bloatiness off tummy are worse when I eat?

Bloating tummy, gurgling, flatulence, pain, feel like pooping, specially after eating or drinking even a little bit. What should I eat or how to treat it?

Burping a lot and feel like vomitting on the first day of period. Will throw up if food is taken. Why is it so?

Burping and flatuence after eating. Burp tastes like what I ate. Nausea, lower stomach cramps. Tummy making noises. Gag at the smell of food?

Can being gassy or constipated make your stomach hurt?

Can i eat something that might stay in my system to stop the diarrhea.I have stomach pain at the top of my stomach under my breast. Im 20 weeks preg.?

Can IBS make you bloated and have a stomach ache in the morning hours before you've eaten anything?

Can Lexapro (escitalopram) make your stomach bloated and nauseous?

Can you feel bloated and pass gas a lot during pregnancy?

Can you please explain why the starving kids in Africa have such bloated stomachs?

Can your stomach growl like feel like hunger with appendicities or chronic appendicites ? Or feel hungry if you have this two conditions ?

Can't stop burping/farting. Constant excessive gas these past 5 days since low-abdomen cramping & diarrhea. Worse after I eat. Better in the morning.

Can't stop vomiting and have very watery stool & stomach cramps. I feel very tired. What could I do to get better?

Caught stomach flu 4 days ago.Not vomiting anymore. Good appetite, fiber,drink lot of water. Really bloated, no bowel movements since 2 days! Feel bad?

Churning, gassy, hungry stomach pains for 5 days. Below average eating because of pains, toilet usage is less than normal. No vomiting or diarrhoea.

Constipation, nauseous and bloated after eating, constant belching, foul smelling gas, bad breath, I feel blood in my mouth after eating, cracked lips?

Could it be bad that i ignore my stomach when it growling at me cause im hungry?

Cramps in stomach my breast feel like gas from of myvstomach to the breast?

Diarrhea making me sick and puke since last month. On period now.Align, helped first week.still diarrhea, my bowel makes me hurts in stomach?

Diarrhea, nausea, constant eggy burps, and flatulence. Tired for no reason, been going on for 3 days. Please help.

Diarrhea, rotten egg burps, and stomach cramping and feeling clammy (sweaty but cool). .causes? And ways to help get better?

Do I have a stomach ulcer? I spend most afternoons feeling hungry (gnawing feeling) in my stomach - a bit like i need to burp.

Does eating watermelon and then tea in empty stomach in the morning bad? I have stomach cramps for the past 2 days since i had it...Is it serious?

Does fibroids move in the stomach? And do they cause vomiting after meals

Does gas make period cramps worse? I have been having gas and cramps since last night. I feel the need to pass gas or burp to feel better.

Does green loose stools associate with giardia? I feel fine and have been losing weight also have stomach pains and stomach growling.

Early morning my stomach growls and hurts and when i poop I have diahreaa. Happens one time or two time during the day. What culd be wrong?

Episodes of constipation every now and then and stomach feels gassy at night sometimes. All seems normal in the morning. concern?

Every time I eat or drink, I poop. My stomach hurts and I feel nauseated. I had my gall bladder out a couple of years ago. Thought on what it could?

Everyday i gagg severely and usually vomit i can hardly eat anything I have a tickling pain in my stomach and sometimes have diarrhea what could it be?

Everything I eat causes stomach burning and indigestion. I'm also feeling lightheaded is this normal? Two days ago I was vomiting with diarrhea

Everything is making me nauseas/sick. Eat smell and pain in stomach. What would cause this?

Everytime i eat no matter what it is i become bloated and have stomach pain and cramps. I've had gastritis before but it only flared with certain food?

Experiencing cycles of bloatedness then stomach cramps like stomach is completely empty. Almost always uncomfortable stomach. Just finished Accutane.

Extremely bloated, gassy, lots of belching and now bad diarreha/ bad omelet at buffet?

Feeling gassy and stomach is upset, is this a kidney infection?

Feeling like I need to throw up but when I try I can't. Belching helps a lot. Belching a lot when I try to puke. Really nauseous. ?

For more than a week I've been feeling bloated and full with gases, what could it be? my stools look pretty normal

For the last 4 weeks, I've had a feeling of fullness in my stomach. I can only eat a few bites of any food and then feel full and bloated.

For the past 2 weeks, i've had a bloated stomach, pains, diarrohea, gas and blood in the stool but feeling better now. Do i still need to visit a dr?

For the past 4 days I've been getting full really fast when eating and have had stomach aches. Then this morning I had diarrhea. What could this be?

For the past few days I have been having a very gassy upset stomach. Is there any way to find out what the cause of that is?

For the past week my stomach has been bloated, gassy and have a slight crampy feeling like everything i eat causes gas. What gives?

Had c diff. Now appendix removed. Appetite low. Stomach very upset anymore. Feel like I have to poo all day. Just a upset ill feeling?

Had gallbladder removed in 2 days haven't been hungry bloated bad and pooping water for 2 days no puking no fever can you help?

Had gastric bypass 3 yrs ago, past 2 months been hungry a lot.Irregular, constipated, bloating take probiotic.Today pain off /on, is it stomach virus?

Had gastro, threw up 3 times, over in day but 3 days later, still having cramping, sometimes hungry, sometimes no appetite, thirsty, still with bug?

Had my gallbladder out a year ago now ever since then everytime I eat food I get bad cramping and nausea what could it be ?

Had the stomach bug for 2 days, diarrhea is gone but every time i eat I have bad gas and cramps. Normal after stomach virus?

Had upset stomach 2 days ago now i've been tired and nauseous and gas. Could it be PMS or something else?

Have loose & very frequent stool, stomach cramps, but no nausea/vomiting. Other than that stomach feels fine. Has lasted 5 days. Virus? Food pois?

Have slight nausea hurt in left stomach. I feel full...can't eat much. Could it be diverticulosis. On colace. I had BM. Stopped Carafate (sucralfate) for heartburn?

Have to force myself to eat. Gnawing feeling in pit of stomach before and after eating. No appetite Acid feeling in pit of stomach with nausea at time?

Having diarreah for over a week, 10 minutes after I eat I'm in the bathroom. There's no burning sensation or blood my stomach just growls before I go?

Having indigestion for last few days. Burping foam and getting nauseous.

Having nasuea after eating for a few days, i feel nausea but i don't vomit. I only burp and have upset stomach. I feel like theres smth in my throat?

Having soft orange stool followed by orange diarrhea. Not having no stomach pains or cramps just stomach gurgling before using restroom and heartburn off and on after eating meals.

Having stomach cramps feel like contractions . Bloating even having sips of water is making my stomach contract?

Hello I useally eat a lot of spicey food and after a Nite out the next day my stomach does be very sore /bloated feeling /cramps and stomach very sore?

Her stomach is herting her a lot and she's vomiting everything she eat what can be the cause of it?

Hi docs what causes nauseous feeling sore breast and bloating tummy but very gassy ?

Hi I've been feeling sick (nauseous) pretty much every day and get stomach Cramps. My stomach is making noises as if it's stones?

Hi whenever i eat any kind of dairy food, I have an upset tummy afterwards and also any kind of stress causes cramps and upset tummy too?

Hi, I've been feeling nauseous , dizzy, bloated, excessive salivation and horrible stomach pain.I'm on implanon so i can't be pregnant, is it food poisoning?

How come I wake up with an upset stomach and dry heave?

How come my breakfast give me a bloated stomach later?

How do I know if I should to go to a gastro doctor? Every time I eat something, I get nauseous, an upset stomach, and bad gas.