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diagnosis diverticulitis 3wks ago. took all pain 4 past 3 days,now pain again.after eating worse.Normal?

severe dementia,copd, on palliative care only. Has developed slimy sour smelling stools. Is this possibly a symptom of cancer in gi tract?

\what kind of treatment can somebody get for abdominal distension?

11 yr old son has chronic stomache aches. Major bloodwork and several gi's (upper & lower) w/sm intenstine follow through. No diagnoses. What's up?

12y/o w/ recurring severe upper abdo pain&weight loss.US&labs normal.No FA or celiac. Been to ER 2x & GI cocktail makes it worse. possible causes?

16 year old girl who has been in and out of the hospital with stomach pain and vomiting but nobody can find anything wrong. family thinks ulcers?

1yr ago began GI probs. diangosis of ibs, GI parisis, hiatal hernina, barrett's, &ruq nerve pain. Pain has been gone all winter, came back a week ago. Thoughts?

2 drs suspect hiatal hernia. Appt w/gi not fr 3 wks. Pain under ribs, can't breathe deeply, no appetite, full after 2 bites. When is it an emergency?

2 weeks with complete absence of hunger and early satiety. Can easily go 24 hours without food, accidently. No acute abdominal pain. Potential cause?

2 yr ago I tested high for colitis never went bk to my gp Im ill an have lots of pain near my gallbladder is this cancer unusual bruising?

2-3 days of foul smelling burps, diarrhea, distended abdomen and pain. How can I treat this at home to see if it runs it's course. Thanks!

20 years old with family history of ovarian cancer. For 2 months I have been having constant abdominal ache, anemia and night sweats. Is OC possible?

21 year old male. Took a trip to peru, which may or may not be of importance. Has severe vomitting and abdomenal pain. Has had an upper and lower GI which didn't show any abnormalities. Doctor is calling it ibs, but we were wondering if there could be

24 yr old male..With a chronic history of forcefull vomiting every other day in the morning..No nausea..Condition started 6 yrs ago.Wts differential?

27 yr-old woman with 2 yrs of bad intermittent epigastric pain, persisting after cholecystectomy, without a clear diagnosis, after evaluation.....?

3 months constipation, last 2 weeks severe w/pain. E. R. Visit, left with mag citrate. Worked 1 day then severe again. How long w diet/exercise, weeks?

30 y right flank pain chronic known to have irretable bowel syndrome only ist from IBS or pelvouretric junction obstruction (+ve family hx)what to do?

31 m.Very Svre stom pain/cramping.Severe pain enlarged groin nodes that need biopsy.In need now.What are chances ER would admit me 4 srs care/biopsy?

43, canadian, suffer with chronic constiption, horrible bloating, abdominal pain. Grandad had colon cancer and my doc won't send me for colonoscopy?

5 yr old girl diagnosed with mesenteric adenitis belly probs and symptoms for over yr, also has asthma how to treat after antibiotics if comes back?

52 yr old female with Rh low pain which goes into r rib & up to r shoulder tip. I have no gallbladder. Drs think GERD or ibs, i wonder if it is gyni?

6 weeks of GI complains (dx as colitis w/10D antibx), but mixed with severe anxiety. Will be in the ER one week for vomiting, perfect the next. Ideas?

6 y/o daughter referred to gastro for chronic central stomach pain, what investigations are likely to be done? Bladder, bowels, appetite all fine

63 year-old woman still has continuous mild stomach pain affecting her daily life, despite 3 yrs of medical treatment for gastritis found after.....?

8 year old daughter diagnosed with esophagitis now has sudden onset of white bowel movements. brought her to hospital and they won't even run tests?

Abdominal pain after ER visit "normal" blood (l na/k/cl) &ultrasound. Feels like pancreatitis i had after chicken pox 3yrs ago pain less now , advise?

Abdominal pain for a month. Saw GI two weeks ago. Meds/dairy elim=unsuccessful. Should i get colonoscopy/endo that my gp rec. Or allergy test? I'm 23

Acute issue w/ urges to have a bm, then nothing happening, worse flatulence and stronger odor. history of GERD and fam history of chrons. 2 months post partum?

Adnominal pain, nausea, fatigue for over a year, no ulcers, not allergic to gluten. hard to do normal everyday tasks. All test have shown nothing?

After 2 months of stomach pains and extensive tests i was diagnosed with ibs. Can I do something about it ?

After a trip to the ER I found out i'm slightly anemic & have gallstones. Could the two be related?

After i took oxyelitepro my head feels tight for 3 months now could it be a nerve problem I've seen a ENT GI GI sayed I have hertius hernia cause this?

After visiting cambodia twice, daughter has been having abdominal pain in umbilical area, nausea. If a parasite, who to call and how to treat?

After wrong diagnosis of UTI symptoms of nausea , colicky tummy persist. Doc thinks its bowel infection. How can you treat this and accurately diagnos?

Am i overreacting? I am 19, female. Family history of colon cancer and I am afraid I am showing symptoms. Musty stool, tight stomach, short pains etc.

Antral mucosa with extremely focal chronic active gastritis. What is the treatment for this? Can it come back with stress?

Any home remedies to help with pancreatitis? I have been hospitalized 2 times in the last 6 months. I am currently having pancreas pains but not as severe but getting worse. Is there anything i can do from home or is the e.R. But only option?

Any signs or symptoms to watch for with diagnosed colon cancer in paraplegic that can't feel pain like others?

Any way to releive 8-9/10 cough/exertion ha from GI issues? Working on finding out what the GI issue is from, what can I do in the mean time?

Anyone have experience with abdominal adenopathy? Is it bad sign?

Apparently I have an ileus vs partial small bowel obstruction. What's the tx for at home? How long it take to recover? Ss- severe nausea & llq pain.

Are there any other options rather than ferro med for anemia because i think its causing me abdominal pain?

B12 deficient & having stomach pain not my appendix. Ileum related? Will it be seen on upcoming colonoscopy? A cause for concern at this point?

Barium Swallow showed irregular mass like narrowing of esophagus, loss of 50 lbs in 6 months, weakness, fatigue and extreme nausea daily. Is this most likely going to be a cancer diagnosis?

Basically my gf has been getting severe pains in her abdominal shes had a X-ray which said she had constipation but none of the symptoms match?

Been having painful gallbladder attacks monthly 4 over year also have IBS like symptoms & am worried surgery could make bowl issues worse?

Been having un diagnosis pain over liver and chronic nausea for almost 4 months. I am now getting blood blisters when i scratch. Are the two issues related?

Been unwell 15mths. No diagnosis. Lots symptoms mainly mod/severe pain, night sweats, bloating, exhaustion & gastric/urological/gynae issues. Ideas?

Biopsies of colon indicate inflammation not IBD doc said no treatment necessary. Pain in abdo related to ++ urination and pressure. Advice?

Bloating, abd pain, diarrhea. Dad and grandfather have celiac. Had a painful, blistery rash on face and arm. What are genetic odds I also have celiac?

Bloating, abd pain, diarrhea. Father and grandfather have celiac disease. Had a painful, blistery rash on face and arm. What are odds I have celiac?

Blockage in hepatic duct. Dr suspects stricture. Ercp soon. Chronic pain/nausea worse with solid food. What is the physiology/reason for pain?

Brother has cancer & is on oral chemo plus several pain meds. He has very severe constipation & horrible stomach pain & nothing works. What can he do?

Can a gastro damage colon during colonoscopy? Husband had severe pain for 6 months after. Gastro said it was his crohns. Husband says different pain.

Can a post-Whipple oncology patient get pancreatitis causing inflammation (as per PET) and pain six months later?

Can add ADHD meds give you health problems such as ulcers, infections nausea vomiting etc to where a doctor recommends a MRI a endoscopy a colonoscopy ?

Can an upper GI bleed be related to shingles?

Can another type-specialist manage celiac better than gi? Nutrition, deficiencies, non-gut symptoms? Still feel awful but gi's work seems to be done.

Can anyone help me I have chronic pain in my stomach vomiting blood was told there is a possibility there is something wrong with my ovaries?

Can Chronic Pancreatitis cause miscarriage?What are some possible complications with pregnancy?Symptoms of needing to go to doctor?Also Gastroparesis.

Can crohns lead to peptic ulcer, gastropresis, and rheumatology issues? Can't get to the bottom of my LRA pain and weightloss.

Can doctos decide to induce labour due to gallstone pain?

Can endometriosis cause pain around belly button? Tested for bacteria, ulcers, celiac. All negative. Searching for possibilities.

Can fibromyalgia or lupus make me feel pain differently? I have a small hiatal hernia i wake with intense pain in this area. Dxgasrtopsrisis&ibs also.

Can gallbladder issues make pregnancy morning sickness worse? Is gallblader pain a medical emergency?

Can GI problems instigate pvcs? I've noticed that ever since my stomach has been off and I have hemoroides I've been getting them more often

Can hepatitis B couse abdominal distension and pain in the upper abdomen.?4 years that discovered disease, she dosn't use drugs, should it use?what?

Can one develop "ibs-like" problems following polypectomy? 2+ months still having issues + discomfort in upper right ab. Just started dicyclomine.

Can you tell me how to get rid of the discomfort feeling.. when suffering from ulcerative colitis?

Child has arthritis and gets a lot of belly aches. Was told she needs to see a GI doctor but what kinds of test will they do and why?

Child has arthritis, stomach aches, stools are normal except sometimes has blood in it . Her rheumo is suspecting ibd. Does it sound like it ?

Chills, no fever, chronic diarrhea(3+months).Previously diagnosed with ibs.Post cholycystectomy(12yrs)post eswl 29nov. Bile duct issue?

Chronic (last 2 years but getting worse) severe constipation only relived with glycerin suppository in 18 year old male. Would cancer be possible?

Chronic abdominal pain and lg fever for months. Had various tests done all normal. If I go to the ER, will they turn me away or not believe me?

Chronic constipation abdominal pain 5 yrs now I have what looks like intestinal lining coming out. I've seen doctors all I get is more medicine to try?

Chronic dyspnea not related to the activity!. And sort of dysphagia. Upper abdominal discomfort. Any suggestion or advice? Investigations?

Chronic pancreatitis im newly diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and fatty liver. I've been having attacks one after the other. I am waiting for pain mgmt to start, but last night the vicodin wouldnt relieve my pain. Should I go to ER when the pain i

Chronic recurring lower back pain coinciding with diarrhoea, 5 years. Negative celiac, chiropractic, all blood work we've done. Any ideas welcome.

Chronic stomach pain, mucus diahrea. Physician refuses testing and referral cause hypochondriac history. What should I do now ? I'm concerned IBD

Chronically ill for 9 months- fatigue, dizziness, nausea after h. Pylori, gallbladder removal, and flu. No diagnosis. What type of doc should I see?

Colonoscopy showed nothing. I get lower r ab pain simultaneous /w carpal tunnel, sciatica, skin and mostly digestive issues, but don't know how they're related. Alcohol / certain foods make it worse?

Constant nausea for no reason 20 minutes ago no underlying conditions tho have been diagnosed with gastritis any solutions to ease the nausea ?

Constant RUQ pain all tests normal- doc still wants gallbladder out.. Does this make sense? Rx for bentyl (dicyclomine) also before surgeon consult

Could adhesions from abdominal surgeries be causing my symptoms? (they are in my profile). Please need some thoughts!

Could chronic sporadic RUQ pain, be related to REALLY tender points in my back T10/T11. Comes in waves not Food or BM Related or biliary ?

Could one have a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm and live days with no treatment and minimal/if any symptoms past initial mild stomach pain?

Could undiagnosed endometriosis cause IBS type symptoms? I have horrible heavy periods, terrible cramping etc +IBS type issues wondering if related?

Ct showed fatty umbilical hernia. F/u on monday. Is it normal to have some pain after eating? What signs would indicate immediate medical attention?

Cure for functional abdominal bloating? Developed after put and discontinued anti psychotics, never had before and abdominal always tight

Dad suffers from alzheimer's complaining of pain in stomach & its become swollen markers for infection?

Developed severe leg ache & 99.6 fever next day after last remicade (infliximab) infusion.Late infusion reaction? Gi asked me to see if it recur again. Any advice?

Diagnose w diverticulitis w mri day before end of my antibiotics started diarrhea all the time going on 3rd day no other symptoms please advise?

Diagnosed diverticulitis last month, presented on right side via mri. Daily diahrrea since. Right diag? How to stop dihhrea?

Diagnosed Pancreatitis for 4 yrs no insurance(28yr M)need rerouting of the duct.constant yellow watery diarrhea and nasusea.Any idea if this is relate?

Diagnosed w/ gastritis and blepharitis right around the same time. Can gastritis lead to other inflammatory conditions in the body like blepharitis?

Diagnosed with acute gastritis my periods have gotten back to normal but this month no sign of it yet?

Diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. I have a bad pain in my left side that intensifies prior to a bowel movement. Also have IBS. Never had these issues till I lost 70lbs through strict diet and exercise. What's wrong?

Do doctors see a lot of patients with bloating?

Do gastroenterologist always use colonoscopy to diagnose abdominal pain? Do they usually go with least invasive diagnostics first?

Do I have IBS? I have all the symptoms. Should I see a doctor? Is it a possibility that I could have colen cancer as well? It runs in my family.