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. Went to gasto. Dr said I have bile in my stomach lots. I have bad pain in chest also bilrubin is high.He is sending me for stomach scan.Why no g/bl?

+ fatigue, right and back pain, irregular bowels. Colonoscopy normal apart from mid section inflammation, US + bloods normal incl. celiac test. Advice?

++ anxiety.5 mths bowel habit change fatigue right sided+ leg pain. Colonoscopy, abdo+ pelvic scan normal. CRP 20. Doc running out of ideas. Help?

1 yr, intermit. Severe upp abdo pain. Sono showed small gstone no blockage, no dx. Now, same pain, alter. Loose/constip, constant grumble for 2 wks. ?

11year old son diagnosed with mesenteric adenitis.(4 time in 2 years)ultrasound shows 6.2cm appendix.Pain, vomitting, diarhhea, stool pelts.Appendectomy?

13yo son has had off/on stomach pain, nausea & heart.B for roughly 3yrs. Had norm upper/lower GI & gastric emptying scan. Often stopped up. Any input?

13yr old dtr with abd pain for 2wks. No n/v/d, fever or const. What else should I consider?Has appetite, but doesn't want to eat due to pain.Gastritis?

15 days heavy period, back pain, diarrhea, cancer, recent lumpectomy and radiation, fever, nausea. Body scan -adnexal . Should i go to ER? Or wait

15 yrs old, persistent ruq abd pain, vomiting when eating, and weight loss x4mos. Hida 100% eject. Fraction. No stones. Gas. Eosinophils found only (lvl 3) on steroids. Could it still be gallbladder?

16 mos abd pain l side, now steady dull ache, sharp @ xs, 4 abd cts = wnl, 5th CT 5/6/13: bowel malrotation. No hx! how missed? Adult onset? Next?

17 month old weights 20lbs, alkaline phosphatas level of 2, 125, diarrhea x 19days, stools black not back to normal, ?

18 wks pregnant, diagnosed w/ moderate GB sludge (mri) suddenly waking up at night very nauseous. Could this be a GB issue? Had no nausea before now.

19yrOld teen,abdomen painsevere.gallstones.diagnosed w ulcers.Has had CT,HIDA,endos/colon.fullness,can't eat,fever off/on,shakes,flush face,miserable?

1yr sober. Ct liver spot. Egd minor antral erosns. Chronic d. Last 6wks, painful d w/blood 2x/wk. Last 2 wks, constip. Low fever, abdo pain daily. Some nausea. Had shingles last year. Autoimm issue?

2 docs wondering why colonoscopy @ 25. Chronic diarreah, cramping, nausea, fatigue. Polyp found waiting on biopsy.

2 months left back pain, discomfort in LUQ, yellow floating stools and gas. Bloodwork, lipase,amilase,liver all normal,what is this?scared of pancan

20 yr old daughter w severe abdominal pain. Tender. ED visit. Neg labs. CT neg but small amt fluid in RLQ. Sent home. Still fatigued, belly tender.

2013 HIDA scan at 35% for stm pain. 2015 repeat HIDA scan at 81% for 24hr nausea, diarrhea over 1mo.Can GB funt get better even when more syms appear?

22yr oldmale softyellowstools, upper abdomen/back pain,itching - blood test ultrasound,hidascan,all normal,fear of pancreascancer, anxiety??

22yr oldmale softyellowstools, upper abdomen/back pain,itching - blood test ultrasound,hidascan,all normal,fear of pancreascancer, toughts? Doctors?

22yr oldmale softyellowstools, upper abdomen/back pain,itching - blood test ultrasound,hidascan,all normal,fear of pancreascancer,helpdocs?Am in fear!

24 y.O. Ibs for yrs. Recent tenderness next to belly button, dark stools, extreme fatigue after eating.X ray 3 months ago ok -would cancer have shown?

24 y/o F. Asian. Unintentional WL (8 lb) almost a year. No night sweats, steatorrhea, blood in stool. hx of episodic mild abd discomfort. Worm?

28yr F ALT 192 mod-severe RUQ pain prev dx as IBS. Normal U/S. No hep or lupus. Yellow diarrhea/ dark yellow urine full bladder. -19lbs 5 wks. Help! ?

29 m intermitent sharp mid abdominal and back pain reflux & 1 pale stools. Abd US  fatty liver normal blood, fecal test & endocopy pancreatc cancer?

2mos constant LUQ & back pain w/ freq soft stools, & cramps, new reflux. Edg shows only mild gastritis. blood tests normal, CT negative, what is left?

2yrs ago GI probs began Scopes& scans&blood, badGbladder&ibs-remove GB. 2yrs later still hVe Ruq tenderness and flat stool-hard to go, every day?

3 mths loose reduced stools, fatigue, malaise. On/off increased urination.Colonoscopy showed acute inflammation.trans vag us and CA125 normal. Advice?

3 painful LUQ spasms in 13 mo. DX GERD. Stones found, no symptoms. F, 55+,veg.nonsmoker, never fat, tests perfect. Dr. strongly suggests surgery. Why?

3 weeks I've had abdominal pain, nausea & have vomited after meals. I'm not pregnant, had an ultrasound &have small polyps in my gallbladder? Now what?

3 years ago i had pancreatitis due to ercp. Occasional bouts. End up in the er, no diag. Nobody knows what it is. Tired & don't know what to do.?

31 yo RUQ pain x 8 mos. no weight loss- CT w contrast abdomen &pelvis normal- (GI tract WNL on CT) CMP, CBC, fecal occult blood normal- used to have constipation regularly now stools nml- pain in same spot all the time- could this be colon cancer?

31 yr old- RUQ pain 8 mos.- CBC,CMP, AbdomUS,EGD,HIDA nml 6 mos ago.Dr say acalculous scared of pancreatic cancer.No weight loss 7 mo

35/F - intermittent LUQ pain 2wks, fatigue. Amylase norm, Low: Lipase Stool dark/small/soft. Worried about PaCancer Are these symptoms suggestive?

39fem-uterus, gb, apndx removed.Still up rt quad pain, nausea, diarrhea; all tests normal-ct, abd.Mri, urine, us, endoscopy, bloodwk shows low wbc-what next?

3rd Humira (adalimumab) shot, fever 99.5-100.7 on&off for 2weeks, labs, urine ok, pelvic&abd CT scan scheduled, why? UR pain, bloated, no appetite; vaca end of wk!

4 mnths of upper GI nausea-loss appetite-fatigue-irritable-headache-twitching, diarrhea.Had uppergi, bloodwork, hpylori , fecal test, hida scan- allnormal?

4 mo llq pain on palpitation, epigastric & umbilical pain after eating, eustachian tube blocked, turbid urine w/white flakes. Swollen glands. Tests &results are listed in my profile. What can it be?

4 month pregnant elevated liver enzyme bad upper abdom paindark green almost black stool for 2 days pain 3days Have APLS AST is 86 ALT 99 what's wrong?

4 months loose stools fatigue abdo discomfort. Colonoscopy shows acute mid section inflammation. Scans all normal. Started accupuncture. Need energy??

4 yrs chronic rt abdo pain since appy. Today dark urine & diarrhea started. Extreme fatigue & lack of appetite. Liver or kidney? CT in July

40s male with IBS, with nagging EGR pain 6days post biopsy-free colonoscopy. No fever, blood, some bm. What non-perforation complications are likely?

43yo male RUQ ache better after eating, gllblder rmvd 4 yrs, stools yellow/loose, started sucralfate ystday in case bile refl gasritis-when is urgent?

44 y.o. F, nausea w/o vomiting for 3 wks, some aching glands, flatulence approx. 1 mo., history of ovarian cysts, abdom. pain past 3 mo. - related?

44 yo F, 5 wks with loss of/light appetite, early satiety, bloating, belching, intermit upper L pain, maternal aunt died of stomach cancer in her 40s?

45 male last 2 months stomach pains especially in right side. In blood test asca was positive , rest ok. Ultrasound ok, no diarea. Do I have crohn ?

45, crampy&burn stomach pain in 2 months mainly on right. Bloating after meals blood test ok but +ve asca, CT ok. Gastro ok.No diareah. Crohn or IBS ?

45yr lady having pain at lt lumber region wid diarhea, u/s show swollen bowel loops, faty infiltration in normal size liver, cause n treatment of pain ?

49 yof, extreme lethgary, freq, lung infections, now periods lasting more than 2 wks. What could be the cause?

4mo same recurring issues feel nausea one day chills mild fever next day stomach pain cramps diarrhea my c protein high ct & mri neg stool bact neg?

4yo - severe lower abdom pain for 1+ yr. Diarrhea, bright green stools, constipation. Raised WBC off and on. CT showed brief inflam. Dr not concerned.

5 mm thickening of cecum 6-19-14 CT scan - ER trip on 7-22-14 with severe pain and vomiting and extreme on-going gas pains off and on for weeks now. WBC 19.6 + neutr 79+-pain stopped and was sent home?

5 mos: Steatorrhea, LEFT upper pain, 2 negative CTs, Hida 83%, Gluten neg, Endo neg, ultrasound shows only mild sludge. At a loss - recommendations?

6 mo ago Barrett's esophagus EGD.Have pain in center abdomen.&RUQ.Could esophageal cancer been missed? 31 y/oHIDA nml, abdom u/s nml, Cbc,CMP,EGD nml

6/10/14 lap/cholecystectomy. Increasing abd/r-flank pain. 7-8/10 and fatigue. 0Fever. RA Patient 0 meds 6wks (metho-humira) no appetite. Please advise?

65 yr old lady complain of chronic fatigue n anemia n blood in stool. Endoscopy n colonoscopy are normal. What's it? What do next?

8 months post c-sec and pressure in lower abd. Norm pelvic ult. Norm CT abd/pelvis & colonoscopy & norm pap, feels 'gassy' like pressure all the time?

86yr fmle. hist of nausea and acidreflx. No gallbladder. Pancreas atrophied. bright yellow diarrhea 3 weeks but last routine blood work normal. ideas?

AB CT Scan good. Stomach pain, back pain, diarrhea, blood in stool, dizziness. Colonoscopy scheduled. Could it be colitis, c diff, gastroenteritis?

Abd gas and crampy upper & lower after eating. No gallbladder. Ct w/contrast is normal bloods good & colonoscopy normal worried pancreatic cancer?

Abd pain 6 mo. With nausea hida 98% us showed thickening neg colonoscopy, ges, sb follow through and ct's%0a%0agallbladder trouble?%0aworse after eatin

Abd pain cramps off and on.low back pain blood work good ct w/dbl contrast neg SIBO colonoscopy removed 1 6mm polyp worried about pancreatic cancer ?

Abd pain with eating. All GI tests normal.Diagnosed with MALS via aortagram. Back blood flow in SMA and celiac stenosis. Might surgery help?

Abd pain,nausea, burping after meals x3 weeks.vomiting.AST was 39. US showed fluid around gallbladder, otherwise normal. No stones.whats the next step

Abd pain/bloody diarrhea, what does inactive colitis mean on colonoscopy biopsy report? One 3yrs ago was normal & was done bc of only abd pain. 20s/f

Abd ultrasound 2 months ago normal. Blood work and colonoscopy normal. 25 y/o f. Depressed. No appetite. Ulq pain. Pancreatic cancer? Would i be jaund

Abdo discomfort, no appetite, severe dyspnea, tychardia (110+), lymph nodes. 6 mths+. Had ct, ecg, echo, GI workup, ultra, many bloods, urine. Help!

Abdominal MRI found a "fluid filled gallbladder with no gallstones" & a 1 CM cyst in liver-can it b cause of nausea, diarrhea, rt side pain for 3+ mos?

Abdominal pain and nausea/vomiting. Ct shows cbd dilared 11-12mm. Blood work is normal. No jaundice, fever, itching. Gallbladder removed - help?

Abdominal pain for over a wk with nausea. Clean MRI and normal blood work what could be going on? GI appointment not for a month.

Abdominal pain when I eat, nausea, anorexia. CBC, CMP, lipase, celiac panel all normal. Been going on for about 2 months.

Abdominal pain, dignoic stomach ulcer , loose weight 15kg in 5 month, low b/p, fast h/b , stool habbit change, bumps, vomait, noversa,faint view,?

Abdominal pain/nausea/vomiting. Ct shows cbd dilated 11-12mm. BC is normal. No jaundice, fever, itching. No gallbladder. Lesion near ampulla - cancer?

Abdominal pain/nausea/vomiting. Ct shows cbd dilated 11-12mm. Blood work is normal. No jaundice, fever, itching. No gallbladder. Lesion near ampulla. ?

Acid/bile in throat, upper abdo/chest pain, floating stool. Tk 8wks 20mg OMZ & improved. Came off symptoms rtn. Same after 4wks 40mg. On this forever?

Age 23, had cholecystectomy 3 months ago w/ pancreatitis & chronic liver disease @ same time. Nauseous every day, throw up once a week, what's wrong?

Age50, chronicly ill (fatigue, mcs): upper left quad pain intermittent x ~1year, sticky stool ~6wks, pencil thin ~3wks, [email protected], abd.Ct ok. Cancer?

All tests normal except lipase.lipase started at 930 a wk ago has dropped to 775.still unable to eat w/out pain near pancreas,nausea,vomiting.

Alternating constipation and diarriah flat stool , upper abdom tenderness. No gb. Upper gi, ct, bloodwork normal. Waiting colonoscopy. I am in agony !

Are there complications with a liver/gallbladder cleanse if I have experienced light pain in the LRQ in the past and now on my cleanse?

AST decrsd frm 17 to 11 (ref 15-38) & BUN incr 97 to 114 (ref 70-100). Frequent pain in URQ thru rt ribs/shoulder. Could be gallbladder issues?

Ast/alt ovr 800.Pain in bk, vomit, diareah, wgt lose, weak.Had all tests inclding liver bpsy-norm!dr.Dont want to do ercp due to my sm ducts.Any ideas?Pls

Bad nausea and abdominal pain, zofran no help. Doctors ruled out h.pylori and ulcer, ultrasound normal. Waiting on stool sample results.WhatElseCaniDo?

Been diagnosed with IBS after having mild abdominal pain. Very anxious. Had abd ultrasound all clear, full blood count clear. Can I have bowel cancer?

Been having a weird pain in ulq 1to2 hours after eating last 5 to 15 seconds then disappears lipase normal upper edg normal what could it be?

Been having severe low abdominal pain,but how is it possable to put on up to 5+ lbs in a day sometimes wihout eating and im not drinkin 5+lbs,????????

Been nausea vomiting 4 wks now. Gastritis, hiatel hernia, esphaghitis, duodidtis, gb sludge. Drs. don't think is that. Nausea more when standing. Why?

Biliary dyskinsia w nausea, urq & back pain, occas reflux - symp come and go. Doc advises GB removal but no guarantee symp will improve. What to do?

Bilirubin 1.3, ALT 32. Nausea, pain not terrible, bloating, gas, 2 wks. Is it gallbladder if CT is normal, hida scan 3 yrs ago at 33, cdiff 9 mos ago?

Bloated enlarged abdomen, cramping, occurs after high carb dinners--what is this?

Bloated pain upper left quadrant into back. Adrenal glad tumor/cancer? Had abdominal ultrasound a little over a month ago for gallbladder, said no problems with kidneys. Diarrhea, no appetite 25yo f.

Blood,urine,stool,ultrasounds,xrays,paptest.2 much acid,NOdairy.PCOD & bicornuate uterus. Gurgling,bloating,nauseous,gasy,headache freq. & after food.

Burning abdominal pain, both sides. Not heartburn. Enzyme test was normal. Ab. US looked okay. Can't have HIDA scan, 11 wks pregnant. What could it be?

Burning sensation around navel, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation. U-endoscopy, ultrasoung neg. Gi done all she can, doc wont say its ibs?

Burning stools, diarrhea, burning under right rib since 4 yrs, UScan no stones, but has remark, fatty liver impression,doc said small ulcer,Im worried?

C diff, done w Flagyl for 2 days now. still have abdominal pain, very empty stomach, intense hunger. diarrhea gone for now, tho. are my symp's normal?

Can a fistula from roux-en-y bypass in 1997 be cause of gastric pain; bloating; fullness w/ small amnts. Of food and wt. Loss of 76 pounds in 4 mos.?

Can Arnuity cause hoarseness, diahrrea, Nausea, stomach pain? On it 3 wks.Had CT scan Oral/IV contrast 1 week ago .History of Cdiff and diverticulitis

Can carcinoid tumors cause carcinoid crises with clonoscopy&endoscopy anesthesia?I have elavated serotonin;constipation,heat in neck&head;night diahri

Can I have biliary colic 3 yrs after gb removed? Hospitalized 2 times in pst 3 months, pain upper rgt abdomen & bk. Ast/alt over 800. No hep/autoim.