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I'm 39 and recently gained about 10 lbs over the last 2 mo.w/ bad diet and no exercise. I have mid/lower back pain on right side when taking deep bre?

"I'm 22 years old. male. my tall is 185 cm , and my weight is 72 kg. since the past 5 years I usually have a sudden pain in the middle lower left side?

10w baby rolls from back to left side but haven't seen her doing that with her right side yet. Is that a developmental concern? 2m appt last wk all ok

12wks pregnant. I was bending over to wash my hair and developed a lump in my right upper abdomen by the rib. I stood up straight it went away.

13 yr old daughter lower back and side pain. Only in stressful situations. Could it b just stress?

18 months since orchiectomy (R) and orchiopexy (L), still experiencing pain in healthy Left. Told I was fine a year ago, no change. New doctor needed?

18 yo female, random stabbing plans under left rib, lasts few minutes to hours, reflux results - ve, other possibilities?

18, female, lower left side stitch like pain, increases if i suck in my stomach, doesnt last long, fades if i change posture, only at night, worried?

19/02 hospital with severe chest pain, pain in left arm and severe pain on right of back. Ldl 4, 98 HDL 1, 95. Put on simvastatin.Cholesterol high?

1939 01 31 ageIwhy do i have burning pain in my grion right side?

19y/o F(DX: Inappropriate Sinus Tach): occasional abdominal & lower back pain. Just noticed a pulse feeling around bellybutton. Could be connected?

2 weeks post angiogram, husband has sharp pain at groin site...He's back to work lifting up to 80lbs, should we be worried?

20 yo f w/ right lower quandrant pain after first time being intimate via rectal. paint started the following morning, less than 12 hrs after intimacy?

21 weeks preg. Very healthy preg. So far other than heart palp. issues. Just noticed a large bulging vein upper left leg, concerning?

21yo female. Pain lower left ribs and sternum. Got checked for a heart health condition and everything came back normal. What could this be?

22 years old and experiencing piercing chest pain near the left brest, for <1 minute. Not fluently . What can this be, i'm fairly healthy. ?

22 years old. I have been trapped in the cycle of bulimia or ednos for 3 years. I've been getting a pain in my left side chest. What could this mean?

25 yo man.Healthy. Just started to have muscle twitching in my right arm last 24hrs. Comes&goes. No pain.Why? What to do? Already got nerve issues.

25 yo woman: For the last couple of months I have needed to urinate more often. Not at night, only during the day + have slight swelling on left abdo.

26, active, low bp, great cholesterol, normal labs. Hypothyroid. Sudden L upper arm pain L today & on & off chest pain left side near armpit. Scared. ?

27 year old women 110 pounds 5' tall. Pain in veins in left arm when working out? Heart doctor said not to worry. However, I can't help but worry.

27wks pregnt.When i lie on left side my baby is less active and on rightside he is hyper active.Is this mean he is more confrtable on right position?

28 female, history of bulging L4 & L5 back in 2k5 wo follow up. Currently 18 weeks pregnant and bk pain is severe now to point it hurts to lay in bed. Help?

28 weeks carrying very low I can feel baby moving around close to the pelvic bone and causes mild pain is this normal?

28 year old male, recent history of acid reflux. Noticed a knot in the upper inner left chest 2 days ago. Painful when touching or lifting/reaching. ?

3 month ago I stopped to be active ( gym 6 times a week), a week after i Got pain in right testis, can this affect my circulation and cause pain there?

31 male I am into bodybuilding and jogging running etc.. Why I am having continuous pain in left shoulder, back, arm and neck i .E full left side ?

31 y/o. Dull pain w/ burning upper abdomen. On &off 3-4 yrs . What is most like to cause? And what is chance this is cancer? Have appt but scare

33 f healthy have had a headache on lt side front pain near eye side of nose when i press and when i bend over it throbs going on 3 dys cancer?

33 female has had hip pain since jan2012 not always constant rt hip only dull I am otherwise healthy. What should I do?

33 healthy female has had rt hip pain not groin since jan dull can't sleep on that side is it cancer hurts when walk sometimes to what do I think?

33 unmarried have light redness on breast+heavyness+sometime sudden pain occur for just 1to 3 seconds & then go aways by it self?

33 weeks pregnant 2cm dilated babies head is low. I am in extreme pain right now. Feels like my lower uterus ripped. Is this normal? Cause of it?

33yr old female 112 lbs when is upper back pain something to worry about or a serious condition inbetween shoulders healthy asni know of?

33yr old female, ran 1st half marathon last Saturday. Getting sharp darts of pain in left mid and upper back since then. Muscle or heart related?

34 m. Having random sharp sudden pain in left testicle for three days. A few times every hour. Seeing doctor but wanted opinions on pos. Diagnosis?

34, F. How common is it for a mild dull ache in lower back to be caused by cancer? No fam hx cancer, father has back issues. Could I inherit them?

35 yo male, history of chronic gout, had it since 14 undiagnosed until 22, eats ibuprofen like candy because colcrist is unaffordable. Now has lower left abdomen pain that affects lower to mid back and left testicle feels different.?

35 yo wife has pain below sternum this pain waxes and wanes over past few days?

35 yr female, nondrinker, nonsmoker obese and has a meningioma tumor in front right area. Experiencing dizziness, increase irritability what to expect?

36 yo F, right side middle back pain and tender to touch after eating. Gallbladder removed 1 yr ago. Suggestions?

36 yr old male non-smoker, experiencing occasional feeling like pulled muscle in mid/upper left chest. No other symptoms. Safe to wait it out a bit?

37 yo female. Experiencing ache/pressure in left side above breast and severe ache in both forearms. History of high BP. Should I be worried?

3month baby suddenly refuses to eat from left breast.right breast is more productive.not ear infection& left hand was erbs palsy.Can it be torticollis?

4 month old won't put as much pressure on left leg than right. She kind of pulls it upsometimes too. Could she have a physical development issue?

4 yr old girl complained of stabbing pain left boobarea. Acting normal. Only lasted a short time. Should I worry? Had normalecho 2 yrs ao for murmur

47 yr old perimenopausal female with two brothers with hemochromatosis. She suffers issues inc. Debilitating right side pain..Odds of her having it?

48 hrs ago tingling across tops of breasts. Woke up today from entire left breast burning tingling.Doc says heart ok. Just started thyroid meds.Ideas?

5 days had dull ache on and off on left side of head. Not painful. I just saw a dr 7 days ago for checkup, im in great health 29 male. What do u think?

52 male with constant severe pain bottom right front rib cage. Best treatment for pain relief while actively body building with free weights?

54 yo male, softball sized swelling in left abdomen a few inches below his ribcage. Rapid onset (one day), no diarrhea, pain or other symptoms.

55yrs; already menopausal; experiencing dulling pain in left breast, underside. No lumps found. Best relief so far is cupping/heat. Concerned greatly?

60 year old healthy male has constant pain on the right side, mid-torso. Any idea as to the cause? No bruising, no strenuous activity

61years, she has made hysterectomy 1year ago, it has a strong gland on the lower left side of the abdomen, it has only low back pain and cough/rarewhat?

62 female pain right lower back radiated to buttock. Worse if resting. Ovaries removed kidneys fine. After a year dr did XR. Why? Worried! Help!!

65/year old female. For the past approx. month, when I look up, or frown, a muscle above my right eyebrow contracts and then slooooowly releases. ?

6wks pp C-section & noticed pressure in the middle of my chest sometimes even when I press on it no other symptoms. What can it be?

7 months ago- left side of my throat became numb. Difficulty swallowing, rash appeared on same side exact area days later- took 5 mths to fully disappear. Had CT scan- nothing. ONGOING as well as: IBS, anxiety, more- but no room to list. Vagus Nerve?

76 year old mum battling with an itching upper back. She's a double amputee.

9 month girl has a lump on top of her girl part on the right side. Is it hernia? If so, what caused it and the risks and treatment for it?

9.5 weeks prego. My neck aches when i stretch it towards the back left. Is this a bad sign? Dangerous? Is it related to pregnancy even?

9mm nodule in mid right lob 35 yr old female history of smoking for 5 yrs none in past 8 . Sob and a lot of discomfort.?

A 42yr old female trucker, overweight, right side of heart working harder than left side.Whats it mean? Blockage on left side? Docctor recently told her this and wants to do echo test.

A indian man aged 28 yrs complains of pain at the back of chest with shift to right lower chest. No h/o of trauma. High grde fever present.Probable dx?

A shooting pain in the mid back on left side since 2 yrs now.increases when I am resting & during sleep & decrease while I workout in the gym.plz help?

A week after I gave birth to my 3rd child I have had left upper abdominal pain and numbness. What could cause this?

A+ Physical last yr. strted gym 2 wks. noticed funny bone sensation whn holdng items in LT hand. Also TMJ ear ache on LT side. 2 diff issues or heart?

After childbirth a lump started to grow under my right arm now 4 years its big now and lying down what is it becoz of weight and what is the treatment?

After getting the HPV vaccine, it's really messed w/ my body. Achy legs, shooting chest & pelvic pain & reacivated Epstein bar. meds 4 this? pls help

After getting the HPV vaccine, it's rlly messed w/my body. Achy legs&arms, shooting chest & pelvic pain, & reactivated Epstein bar. any meds 2 help??

After giving normal birth Nov. 30, 2014, my body is not comfortable. I have chest pain in front and back (right side portion). I have 1 week cough.

Aftr cobalt radiation therapy my lower abdomen area has become very hard&at times I experience pain too should I b concerned.

Almost 33 yr old female 112 lbs 5 fr 2 in healthy as I know of past 3 days dull weird ache between shoulders blades stand at work all day whay could b?

Already asked, but forgot to mention. Pain under my left breast/ upper left abdomen (since July) and a pressure of fullness. 21 years old female.

Also with high tryglcerides right side constant pressure upper ab eye sensitive, skin jaundice, hard start urination w/drip half impotent, trembling?

Am 21 BP is normal and every morning am having chest left right side pain and it reduces till afternoon my heamaglobin is 11 normal is 13 for males ?

Am 32, male, for past two years I am suffering from a constant ache in my right calf while resting and night. Unable to sleep at night. Please help?

Am a 26 yo female. Since delivery 10 months ago have been getting numbness in the upper right part of the back + other parts of the body. Why is that?

Am on beta blocker and my doc siad i mgiht hve a block artiries and the past two days my left jaw feels tight and my left side of my chest feels hevey?

Anxiety.Loss appetite for close to 2wks.On amoxicillian for bronchitis and 3 days left. Feel slight pressure lower left of abdominal.Worried is cancer?

Aprox 3wks back of rhs hand=constant numbness with moderate pain. Have a soft med size lump btwen thumb/index fingr closer 2wrist. Past wk pain&gt;tia

As i said earlier having pain in my right side back n front besides h.Pylori with heart burning. Which doctor I should consult professionally, urolg?

Asked a question 3 days ago about thyroid cyst well now I am having pain on the left side of my thyroid pretty much every day. see specialist 3/5/15?

At times i get a pain in my left arm after a large meal. I used to he 300lbs but now at 210. Could this be a heart problem?

Awoke 4am by pain left abdomen @hip bone v. Sharp when touched;like muscle strain when untouched. Constipatd. Had it 2x before over afew yrs. Sudden onset, days to resolve. Saw doc prior: no action/dx?

Been having left chest pain and on back of left scalpa i lift weights and do cardio could this pain be possible due to weight trainning?

Been to the doc recently for chronic bowel issues. Last night, lying on my left side, my whole body went numb as if my blood circ. Stopped, fast heart?

Body aches during 24hr stomach flu. Day later sacrum area tight, tender to touch on right side. Still that way 3 days later. Whats wrong? 26/f. Cancer

Bp constant at 160/120? Worried about my health, point me in the right direction please?

Bp is normal and my haemoglobin reduced to 11gm/100ml am having daily chest left right ribs pain which vanishes till mid day DOC said due to weakness?

Can a woman with twisted scoliosis who have a left rib cage higher thn left give birth without a complication? Or is there a problem being preg wt sco

Can feel one bulky veins in scrotum right after standing.More than 80 percent disappeared after started walking slight pain. Should I consider surgery?

Can it be normal to feel heartbeat mid/low back *right* side of spine? Felt briefly, been having some pain there lately. 32, f, 132 pds, 5 feet 9.

Can sharp pains in my head in the front mean i could have a stroke I'm on the contraceptive pill so im at risk only thing is i dont smoke?

Can symptoms of lymphoma come and go I have lost 65 pds in about six months eating 5 x more Now having pain in both sides of neck and groin Very weak

Chest pain mild on left side in mornings and throat sore mild frm 15dys. Haemoglobin is 11 am male age 21 weight 85kg?

Chest pain on left side of breast mainly in certain positions i sit to drive or walk its close to abdomen ekgs fine?

Chronic heaviness in upper arms. Is it arthritis. 57 and 30th overweight female?

Continue work heavy labor w chronic pain n numb of rt arm/hand/upper rt quarter of back? Long term risk?

Could kidney failure or disease sometimes ppresent with a rash on yr upperr abdomen in a straight line but only on the sides?