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A black spot appeared on my left foot between big toe and next toe, is very dark and is spreading what could it be?

A blister on my foot turned black, should I be worried?

A few days ago I noticed that my 2nd toe on my right foot was purple. It was also turn a deeper shade of red/purple when I am in the shower. ?

A red mark has just appeared on my foot and it is quite big and there are smaller ones on my other foot?

Black between small toes, what is it?

Black dot on left pinky toe that's not a mole. What could this be?

Black patch on the bottom of my big toe? What should I do?

Black spot on the heel what's this?

Black spot under toenail, no injury, what is this?

Black streak in big toe and tenderness what could it be?

Blue faded small spot on right toe nail there is no pain just a spot what could it be?

Brown @ black rash on my feet @ my feet are pilling?

Brown spot on bottom of foot, what is this?

Brown spots in my toe nails that look like bruises. What could be the cause? Is it diabetic foot?

Brown spots on sole of feet?

Btown color on top of feet?

Can amlodepine cause dark splotches on the top of my feet?

Can discoloured toes be Raynauds without going white?

Can of Febreeze fell directly on my pinky toe about five hours ago and now it has turned a purple and red color (bottom & inner side of toe). Normal?

Can your toe turn black if you have gout?

Cold feet and looks like bruising on my ankles purple Redish colour. Even wearing socks feet still cold. Blood range normal not diabetes.

Color back to toes from corn?

Could brown spots on my big toes be cancer?

Could you tell me why I have dark spots in my toes?

Cut on my foot quickly turned black. What should I do?

Dark patches on feet?

Dark rings appeared on the outside of foot. One turned septic and pussey. Rings appear to have moved 1/2 from toe. I've been to subtropical Oz?

Dark sometimes reddish spots on instep and arch of feet. They do not itch?

Dark spots in between toes?

Do corns between toes turn brown?

Does edema in ankles cause them to be black and blue?

Does the foot become discolored (black and blue) following a rupture?

Erm I am having a dark spot or a big black dot under the toe of my left foot. It is not pain at all but I am kinda worried. What should I do?

Erm I am having a dark spot or a big black dot under the toe of my left foot. It is really big and almost about 1/3 of the toe. What should I do?

Freckles appearing in between toes and fingers?

Getting spots on feet mainly toes. Start off red an turn brown when peel. When can that be?

Gray spots on the bottom of my feet?

Has greenish black spot on big toe part of huge callous larger everyday slowly. Pain and now numbness in all toes on same foot.

Have toe fungus, now random dark round spots ?

He has weepers on his legs is a diabetic and his calfs are a dark purple color and has scabs. His feet look dis colored to me. Diagnoses anyone?

Heels of feet turned black from dirt. What can I do?

Hello doctor.My 11 month baby has red dots on bottom of her feet.what to do?

Help, I have black circle under skin on heel of foot?

Help, I have black spot on my big toe, what could it be?

Hi I have a black dot under my left toe nail. It does not pain.

Hi my partners big toenails have turn a dark purple colour and he also has a dark spot on one side of his fourth toe on the left foot. ?

Hi why is my foot turning from a green to red and theres no pain or odor this is on the top and my foot now theres a sort of purple spot on my sole

Hi, I have recently developed athletes foot and a small brown freckle has appeared on the sole of my foot! Is this normal?

Hi, I have this bump on the heel of my foot for about 3 weeks now. It's solid, painful, dark in the middle and has a slight yellow coloration to it.

Hi! I have this dark spot on my toe , is this ok? It didn't grow or change , has been here for months

How to conceal dark spots on feet coused by shoes?

How to remove black corns from my toes??? It's like black marks that look like corns

I ahve black swollen feet, what do I do?

I am currently getting over MRSA in my 4th toe on my left foot. What would cause my toe and half my foot to become a dark purple color?

I am having pain in my big toe, its colour is now being blackish.. What should I do ?

I broke my foot 4 weeks ago and it's not healing, my foot is turning black, what's wrong.

I broke my tibia near the ankle a month ago. I have circular orange brown spotson the sole.Why is this?

I found a dark spot on the bottom of my foot today. It looks like a mole, but under the skin on the sole of my foot. Should I be worried?

I had a blister on the back of my heel after walking around all day, still there after a few weeks and it turned black and kind of sunk in.

I had a cast on for one month and now i'm wearing a boot, but now i've noticed that my little pinkie toe is turning black.This has never happened before. What should I do?

I had a medium size hole on the side of one of my toes, then after few days my toes started turning black, what could be the cause of this?

I had black spot on my toes. What causes that?

I had surgery 6 weeks ago in my foot now the scar is turning a dark purple almost black color. Why? no problems healing until now

I have 1 spot in each big toenail and is purple/red color the spots are gettin darker and it don't hurt at all Both are By the same place of the nail?

I have a 'streaky' looking mole on the sole of my foot, one between my toes and a new flat brown spot has appeared on my palm. Should I be concerned?

I have a big black sore spot between my pinky toe and the other what can it be?

I have a black circle on the sole of my foot that has not gone away after a month.It is not a blister and not painful. What should I do?

I have a black dot under both my big toenail, it is on the same spot on both toes. I only discovered it a few months ago and its worrying me.

I have a black mark on the sole of my foot near my big toe. It has changed in size but looks a little like a blood blister. It is 1cm wide?

I have a black round spot on the bottom of my foot. Now it has a one inch red swelling around it. I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. What is it?

I have a black spot between my pinky toe. I would like to know what this could be?

I have a black spot eating my toe. What should I do?

I have a black spot on my second toenail, I've had the same thing before on my opposite foot, but it went away, I was just wondering what it could be?

I have a black spot on my toe. It appeared overnight without any trauma. What could cause this?

I have a black spot under both of my big toe nails. What can cause black spots under my big toe?

I have a black spot under my big toe nail I'm only 19 and just discovered it yesterday, I'm worried it might be melanoma?

I have a black spot under my feet and it hurts what is it?

I have a black spot under my third toe on my right foot. It's small but covers 1/4 of the toe. I'm wondering if I should be concerned about melanoma.

I have a black streak under small toe of each foot and a black edge on one side of the toe next to it. Is this something to worry about?

I have a black wart on my toe now what?

I have a blister on the bottom of my foot near my center toe. The blister turned black n there is a little red skin and dots. Been like this 4 a week?

I have a brown spot on the top of my toe. I am a runner. Thought the nail had hurt me but the spot is not under the nail. It was under a blister?

I have a circle with 3 black dots in my toe and it hurts when I walk?

I have a dark little circle under my big toe nail, pretty worried. What could it be?

I have a dark spot under my feet, its dry & doesn't doesn't hurt?

I have a round black spot on bottom of my foot. It is about 3 weeks old. Should I be worried?

I have a slight brownish color on the lil toe (next to the big toe) nit sure what it may be from?

I have a small black spot that appeared after a pedicure under my big toe nail, what could this be?

I have a toe unlike any other on my hands and feet, its very black and dark, its grows downwards and occasionally drops off, can u explain this?

I have a very slight orange coloration on the bottom of my feet. Sometimes yellow when I press on it. The arch of my foot does not have this color.

I have black patch on my heal of my foot?

I have blue black squiggly lines on foot under the skin. Appeared 3/4 days ago. A larger blue/black spot underside of foot. Ulcer on same ankle.?

I have brown patches almost the size of my feet and on my toes as well as my shins what this?

I have brown spots on both feet just above toes and below one armpit what is it? They seem to be geting bigger

I have brown spots on my feet ?

I have brown stains on my feet. I didn't have them yesterday. They are on the bottom of both feet?

I have had discoloration from my ankle to my feet for the past 2 weeks, it looks like a dark tan. What can this be?

I have identical black marks on both my big toes. They are not bruises. Could this be a bacterial infection?

I have like these black dots on my ankles and sides if my feet - is this a circulation problem?

I have little brown spot on both feet and even on my thumbs could these be moles? Or what could it be I'm not in any pain!