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Asian female tan skin has Brown and black spots in area inside both ears and behind, Itchy,1yr 4 Doctors say Eczema, Steroids only work temp, ideas?

sleep study Thursday and the nurse put some type of cream on me, and NOW I have I rash,its itchy and painful, light red NOW dark red ,what is it?

yrs overseas, max sun exposure. liver/age spot on L hand for decades, no change. last week red, crusty, rough, a little raised. like red blister?

? can leave 2 bite marks (resembles fang) 3/4 to 1 cm" apart. No itching/swelling. 2areas on my body from w/in the wk 1 scarred from 2 yrs ago. Iowa

1 Cluster of 5-6 petechiae spots appeared on my thigh. Was red, then purple, now back to red. Can I wait on this or should I have it seen?

10 year old child scalp hurts when touched or brushed in certain area. Face turns red 30 mins. Small bump in scalp. Drs have no clue?

12 year old daughter has small, white, flat round patches on her forhead. What can it be?

13month baby has a red spot on her cheek for 8+ weeks. Not healing. Initially looked like a zit. Now just red. About 3mm. No halo. What could it be?

14 year old daughter has painful black spots on vagina. What could it be?

15 month developed flat red spots on legs 2 wks ago there now raised pink spots docs said chicken pox but theres no change and no signs of blistering ?

15 month old son has red spots on him. They do not seem to bother him. All over him?

16 month old has had a scrape (light red scratch) on her neck for over a month and it isn't healing at all. Should I be concerned?

17 month old son has three pin prick red dots on arm. I checked his whole body and he doesn't have any anywhere else. Is this caused by low platlets?

1mm open sore on forehead hasn't healed and it's been there for over a month. Looks indented and red no growth but stings with alcohol. Skin cancer?

1mm red slightly indented sore beside eyebrow has been there for > 1 month. No itch, bleeding, or pain. Could this be indicative of malignancy?

2 red raised skin lumps look like moles bright red in colour on neck and back are these cancerous?

2 red spots where the line of the vagina starts above the clitoris in between the line red, itchy and both in exact spot in opp sides? Shaving caused ?

2 years ago a little red circle appeared on my nose, it's really obvious even with makeup , it's bright red ! please help , what is it ?

20 years ago I found a small discolored spot on my wrist, was insensible by touch, went away spontaneously. Was it leprosy? Am I more at risk now?

26 year old son noticed a few flat tiny red dots inside mouth cheek, should I be worried?

28 male smoker raised bumps on hard palate tiny red dots in rough texture appearance red and white pigments any ideas. Not sore or painfull?

2mmRaised blood spot on arm at elbow 3 weeks no injury scratched it top came off very easily bleed very small amount now flat wound. nodular melanoma?

2nd toe for 3rd time has on the tip a red spot (looks like tiny dots). Its is painful and cold. As days go by spot increases skin peels. No injury.

3 month old soon has very red rosy cheeks all the time except when he sleeps, it goes away and looks pale skin toned again. Why this rednesslike it is?

37 weeks and my tummy has red dots is it normal?

4 days ago, son developed bright red splotch on one cheek that grew and is hot to touch. Faded quite a bit and now very red again. What can this be?

4 yr f has had a second chillblain occurrence in 5 mos. summer here. On cushion of toes all 10 help . Lupus red size of pencil eraser.. What to do?

4mo boy has red irregular shapes rashes on face at night, disappear within one hour or so. Rashes not above skin.Don't see at day time. What are they?

5 days ago a small infection appeared on inner side of my legs.The infection increased in size (2-3cm diam), dark skin and it bleeds. How to cure it?

5 days ago i hit the inside of my wrist on something that broke the blood vessel with use i get red blotches, sore and now its white in the center??

5 unexplained quarter-sized bruises on calves over last month. Small unitchy rash on forearm. A dozen teeny red spots spread out on arms. Two headaches in last two days. Sore xiphoid process. No other symptoms. Leukemia? What tests should I take?

5 yr old son, with black oval spot on leg surrounded by raised itchy skin. He's been playing in woods lately.

6m old daughter had tongue tie release surgery under GA.  she has developed distinct red under-eye patches, like dark eye circles. Is it normal?

7 months old baby having rash in a red random shapes, concentrated around the diaper and the nick also lightly spreaded at the rest of her body?

A bit of some kind on the bottom of my foot white bump little black dot in middle itches and is sore?

A bump on the toe with a small black dot coming out of it.Is it dangerous? Plz help Thnx

A burn caused by flames 2" long ×1" wide on leg. Red ring, white, can see veins & white bumps that itch sometimes. Possible infection?

A few months ago, i had a clear full body exam by my dermatologist. I now have a small pink round spot on my leg. Can a skin cancer appear suddenly?

A got a white patch near my nose a brownish dot in the middle of the patch. i also noticed slight discoloration on my face but they are barely visible?

A little black bug left a red spot and its itchy also when i pop it liquid is released?

A mammogram showed a grape sized white area. The mammogram was redone and the white area is gone, butthere are white irregular vein type shapes spread out. Is itokay?

A mole on my lower back is red, and itchy. I have a picture and I'm not sure if I should be worried or not.

A skin level red dot is on my skin. It was the size of a pin head and itched profusely for an hour then turned brown. Now it's back. What is it?

A small dark bluish spot formed randomly under my foot. It is painful to touch. What can it be?

A small light brown spot appeared on my thigh a few of days ago. Does not hurt or itch and its not raised. Does not seem like a mole. What can it be?

A small light brown spot appeared under my skin on the top of my thumb and I don't know where it came from. Should I be concerned about this?

A spot that looks kind of like a mole showed up on my lip in the past hour, followed by under my lip there are tiny spots that resemble blackheads. ?

A tiny mole appeared out of nowhere on my toe. What should I do?

About a month ago i noticed a red lump on my breast. It is not a pimple and is still there. It sometimes leaks dark red blood. What do I do?

About a year ago I had mosquito bites. The marks are still there and have become a dark circle of about .5 cm and with light skin inside and dark centre again. Recently I had a minor scratch on my feet which turned into a infection and I have a similar b

After 1 month of hair transplant at the hairline i can see 2 very tiny dots appearing to be like blood clots... should i be worried?

After being diagnosed w/genital herpes noticed small red pustules around face, neck, chest area. Consistently/seemingly same exact locations?

After being out in the sun today, my breasts have red, veiny looking blotches on them. Could the heat have caused this?

After coloring my hair during the washing process, when colored water runs on my cheeks, they become red, inflamed with fine broken blood vessels. ?

After getting nipped I have developed a series of red dots and a purple coloured bruise. What is it?

After I got out of the shower, I noticed tiny dark purple spots up the side of my left forearm. Not itchy; no bumps. Could this be dangerous?

After minor sunburn just bad enough to peel I have little red dots on area. Causes ? I have a + ANA, been told it is a false + . Is this signifgant

After working in kuwait city i'm having extreme sudden outbreaks of red raised itchy red streaks all over my body. Help.

After years of applying heat and having web like purple skin on inner thi, I'm upset to learn I have erythema ab igne. Is skin cancer now likely?!

Age 52--- woman rash looks like little red raised bumps. Could it be symptoms of menopause?

All of my recent cuts have scarred red and are not similar to my skin tone. Also ive noticed small raised individual deformities on my penis tip.Im 18

Also, my hands are thicking with a rubber blackish color my face has painful red spots w/ulcer very deep?

Always in winter suffer from blisters with a white head, but when i remove it doesn't come out of abscess except blood & become brown & v. Painful why?

Ankles and calves have brownish freckle like discoloration. On occasion I will also get large O shaped or C shaped spots along with swelling. The red spots are hot to touch and sometimes the skin will become flakey or peel when the spots begin to go away.

Any clue of what this rash could be? Very slow spreading starts out looking like an aunt bite and develops into a bigger scabbed over discolored sore

Any possible explanation for a red-purple mark on back of hand?Flat, not itchy, no known irritation/burn/impact.Size of small matchbox, had it ~5 days

Any time my son (3) is in the sun for about 30 minutes, he gets small white bumps that itch on any exposed area--and some unexposed areas.

Are dark patches of skin visiible signs of herpes?

Are red dots on the forehead normal after an appendectomy? 

Are red streaks in the upper arm indicate capillary fragility related to my menstrual cycle?

Are sunburned little white spots on shoulders normal?

Are teeny tiny red veins in your eye normal?

Are the red parts of the fifth disease rash raised and hot? Can they sometimes appear as streaks in adults?

Are there any stages of rosacea??there is redish pink patches On the both sides around my nose.they get more red in sunlight otherwise they're pink..

Area encircling my mouth, about a centimeter away from lips is blotchy & brownish. I'm on birth control & biotin. No pain, bumps, or itch. What is it?

As I rub my skin it gets red and marks appear for five minutes. What is the reason.

At what point should the presence of petechia become alarming? I have 2 small splotches in my shoulder and i don't know how they got there.

Baby has bruise like rash on left side of her chest it is not raised or bumpy and has not changed in colour brownish purple with red for over a week?

Baby has weird, tiny red dots on a part of her arm. What could it be?

BCG blister becomes itchy red inflammed after many years connection with DLE or SLE ? have had itchy spots in both ears scalp blood and and urine ok

Bcg vaccine but no sign of red dot or swelling is that normal?

Bcg vaccine caused no sign of red dot or swelling. So is that normal?

Been itching for months, mainly on my legs.Theyre covered in purple and brown bruises due to scratching.Skin is usually pink at the time of scratching?

Been itching same area for days (middle at the bottom of back) just noticed it's a cluster of small dark red spots?

Below stomach just above my pelvis there is a group of pink raised dots is this an std?

Besides giving up drinking, is there any way to erase red circles or redness that looks like a rash?

Big red spots on a kid?

Biopsy on lip and leg yesterday with 10 spots frozen on face. What are the signs that these may be cancerous? (red hair, blue eyes, fair skin)

Bit the inside of my cheek a couple times and now have a small bump that is dark red/black; is this just dried blood? Feels like a pimple

Bitten by insect on lower leg in 4 sites. Swells red (thumb size) with brown center and itches. Treatments thus far contain but don't cure. Advice?

Black dot that looks like a mole , appeared after i burnt my skin in the kitchen. Should i be concerned?

Black dot with red line that looks like a rash on leg. What can I do?

Black spot noticed to side of foot which has got bigger, slightly raised. Should i see dr?

Blackish freckle appeared suddenly. I squeezed it a little thinking its blister and now there is a lot of bleeding under my skin. The freckle hurts ?

Blood pimple appeared on my sons chest a month ago very small and now is 3-4cm diameter it bleeds for 20min after shower what is this? How do we fix?

Blood pimples appear and disappear then appear again always on my vulva and labia and there a cure for them to stop showing up.please help me?

Broken out in flat dark brown and red spots above my left eyebrow- never had spots like his before, they don't seem right?

Brown recluse bite confirmed. What type of Dr. Do I go to for a follow-up, especially if it turns into an open ulcer with tissue damage. Bite has red/purple center, surrounded by white ring, then wider red ring that is fading. Still burning a lot.

Brown spot some of foot and red raised tiny spot on pinky and raised spit on back of hand as well?

Bugbite-like growth on scalp for 4 weeks. At first skin color, but now looks red inflamed. Symmetrical, clear borders, not bloody.Looks like one patch of eczema. Black hair, 28 yr male, no family history. Biopsy is pending. What type of skin cancer?