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I have a troubled mole, is sensitive and a little bump underneath, what could this mean?!

How do I know I've got a melanoma? Which are the symptoms? Does it have to look all black ? Or how?

i have a mole that has been growing over the last 30 years it recently got what looks like a blackhead in it should i be worried?

I've had 2moles on my legs my whole life noticed they both got like an abrasion on 1 & scab on 1 . They don't have irregular borders color change tho?

1 month ago pink spot/lump on face scratched bleed a lot scabbed over it fell off now normal skin. Nodular melanoma? Would the lump grow back by now?

14 yr old son has a few < 6mm moles that are darker brown on the inside and lighter on the borders. They otherwise seem normal. Are these of concern?

18 yrs old, white. Many dark lines in nails. Diagnosed as benign moles. One line recently and suddenly disappeared. Worried about melanoma regression.

2 lifelong moles. on same day 1 had an abrasion, other a scab in center. Both came off. 1 looks pinker than before both look symmetrical, worry?

2 weeks ago i had a mole on my back bleed as skin came off and now I've had 2 on my arm today bleed as skin has come off? Dont know what's going on?

25/m flared up mole 4 inches below left nipple. Went to 2 drs, both said no. Ribs around the mole feel bruised. How do I make sure its not cancerous?

26 years old. New mole on neck. It's very small and kind of looks like a line. Could this be cancerous? I"m hardly ever in the sun...

29 year old female. I have a small mole that has appeared within the past month. I first thought it was a bruise. It is flat. Now it is scaly feeling and has more than one color in it. Should I be concerned?

2mm mole on inner vagina lip- I don't know how long it's been there. Was at OB 6 months ago and he didn't say anything. Round ,one color. Concern?

3 to 4mm mole on legs. The mole gets darker brown in the middle of the mole. I am 26 male. The shape looks fine. Should i be worried?

34. Freckle suddenly appeared in May on my face, it was larger & darker than others. It turned into scab & accidentally picked it off. Should I worry?

4mm mole on face since birth. Recently grew fuller, oozed/popped with little touch, bled like crazy, & shrunk. Is there a chance this ISN'T cancerous?

7 years ago, i had a mole on my arm that shrunk, then completely went away over period of months. Is this normal? Could it have been cancerous?

7yr old with mole since age 2. Jan developed central dark area. Size of mole 5-6mm stable since jan. Dark area size stable since june derm june and nov dermascope and not worried ok just to monitor?

A ball-like lump keeps appearing and disappearing near my clitoris - what's going on?

A birthmark that hurts when shower water hits it? Dermatologist looked and was not worried. Should I get it removed or could a birthmark be sensitive

A brown spot - similar colour to a mole appeared today on my chest. Should I be worried ? Its bigger than any other moles i have

A bump on my cheek several years old grew to about pencil eraser size in a week to two week's time. Picked at it, some bleeding & now it's gone?

A few days back one of the moles on my arm scabbed up. The mole now looks like this http://i.Imgur.Com/1nvpkpu.Jpeg is this anything to worry about?

A freckle on my breast appeared 1.5 yrs ago. It was black & very round. Just noticed its now brown & MIGHT have possibly changed shape very slightly. Its remained flat. How likely is it melanoma? If it is, does flat mean it hasnt become invasive yet?

A largish light brown mole has just appeared on my arm within a day, I'm 24, is there any reason for concern?

A mole had appeared on my neck within last three weeks it has grown over the few weeks and causes pain slightly when I woke up the mole was black what?

A mole on back that recently changed from black to pinkish black, raised and larger than before with a hair growing out it. Should i be concerned?

A mole on my face and my doctor says I can't have it removed so I picked it off and haven't left my room In weeks because it looks bad. What do I do?

A mole on my scrotum has grew in the past 1.5-2 years and is 6 by 3mm. It is now oval, flat with no itch/ pain. Its edge is not entirely smooth. Safe?

A mole on the forehead that recently has become larger, red, and started bleeding.

A month ago I had a small brown mole i scraped and the scrape healed but there is still a red mark and the mole grew back a bit darker. why is this?

A skin mole of mine are shaped like australia, should I be concerned about it?

About 14 months ago I went to see a dermatologist about a growing mark on my cheek. He said it was a solar lentigo. It is bigger and changed. Scared?

About a week ago I got what looked like a black head on my back and I picked at it and now it's a scab. Could it be skin cancer. ?

About a year ago I grew a mole in the back of my head and my dr said it was normal.Now the mole look like it shrinked.Should I be woried?Is it normal?

Accidentally shave a skin tag. but it didnt came off. it turn black/purple. will it come off by its own?

Accidently picked at a brown mole now it is red mole and hurts and red skin round mole, not itchy or no pus can't get to see a doctor for 6 weeks

Almost seems like it can a regular mole, so what is the possibility of skin cancer?

Always had a small, dark mole on calf. Dr checked in Feb, ok. No color or border change but feels raised. Maybe already? Just shaved. Should I see dr?

An asymmetrical brown mole with black spot appeared seemingly overnight on the inside of my bicep. I work outdoors in Texas. Should I be worried?

An oblong mole the size of a grain of brown rise appeared on my thigh overnight. Also I have noticed multiple moles sprouting up all over. Cancer?

Are black moles normal? I have a mole that is a slight bump on my back .

Are newer, tiny moles a cause for concern? Moles kinda run in my family, but should I be worried if I have a few new small moles on my chest/body?

Are skin-tags something to be concerned about? Or are they completely harmless? I have skin-tags on my stomach and in my arm pits, should I worry?

Asked dermatologist about super tiny new moles for which I'm unable to assess ABCDE. He said since they're too small no worry & didn't check the. Ok?

At derm today. He used device said mole slightly atypical and removed. Last year other derm not concerned. No obv changes. Mole is like two brown and one reddish combined 5mm. Worried now ...

At what age should you stop getting new moles I am 33 and in the past year or so i got a new mole on my forehead I have other moles on my body.

Black spot onclitoral hood vagina.dermatologist said its a mole wont do biopsy because she said it would hurt.had it 6 years.and its grown.pic in file?

Blackish spot left at shave biopsy site after a medium brown mole was removed. Dr didn't think it was anything. Cause?

Boyfriend has red moles, should I be concerned?

Can a benign mole that was scratched off come back after a few months? I have a mole on my arm that was scratched off and now it's slowly returning.

Can a mole disappear and leave slightly pink spot?My dermatologis said it was ok but I asked for a biopsy and it went back fine. Should I still worry?

Can a mole go away? I've had this mole for 2 years min. That has always looked kinda faded. It's smaller than a pencil eraser and mostly one color.

Can a mole that looked slightly irregular on dermascooe come back benign?

Can a spot grow under a mole? One of my moles has changed, seems to have got bigger and more raised the last week or so

Can adult get new mole? It is perfectly round one colour and 3mm in size. I would say size stable since june. Derm saw but i forgot to say newer mole

Can age spots become cancerous? I have noticed what i think is my first age spot. Should i be concerned that it could turn cancerous? .

Can melanoma mimmic an innocent looking light brown bump with even boarders thats one color? My GP scared me saying it might be serious. Removing ASAP

Can melanoma pop up suddenly?

Can moles get irritated or scratched?

Can splinter cause penile cancer? saw urologist who said he didn't feel anything. not sure how long had two spots like moles. is it cancer? some red.

Can touching a mole constantly or picking at it cause it to get bigger or turn cancerous?

Can you get a spot under a facial mole at 24 years old I've noticed my mole has become painful and stared to fell like a spot?

Concerned re: mole on my ankle that appeared about 8 months ago. It is about pencil eraser size, but I googled and found "nodular melanoma", and one of the images looks like my mole... i I have derma appt in 6 wks, should I get looked at sooner?

Could a brown scar in the ridge of the palm of a hand grow? Was once a spot, picked it off and it scared. Very small, derm said come in if it burns.

Dark area appeared overnight on my three weeks ago. Someone may have stepped on my foot that night but im not sure. Im scared of melanoma. Thank you?

Daughter was born with a 6mm brown flat mole on buttock. Dr said it was fine and will just be a mole. What causes this? Should I worry?

DERM ? Derm froze 2 small spots side of my nose yr or more ago. Spritzed less than 2 secs. New spot just appeared same area. Too soon for SCC?

Derm said new mole fine 3 mo ago. Seems bigger & darker. Could this be normal? Should I get biopsied even if derm thinks it's still fine? Still <1mm.

Derm today for full body. Showed him a light brown oval spot on back much smaller than eraser. I'd never noticed before. Shave biopsy but 'looked fine'. Underside clear skin.1 sev. Dys. Prev. Sound ok?

Dermetology- is my mole normal? I have a mole on my shoulder that has been there since i was a kid. The past few years it has gotten much bigger. It was flat before(looking like a very large freckle or small birth mark) but it is now raised up quiet a bit

Does mole bleeds when its gets scratched accidently ?

Dry hard mole scratched off in my sleep, should I be worried?

Few weeks ago I shaved my head and cut my mole, now a lump next to the mole has developed and 2 large raised rashes have appeared underneath??

For a very long time now I've had a dark mole on my hip with a slightly irregular border. It's never changed. My dr just double checks it each appt?

For the past 18 mo. I've noticed black specks that feel like scabs growing on moles/freckles. I usually dig at them and pull off. What are these?

Found a new mole under left breast. not there 1 day, but there the next. perfectly round 2mm, flat, med brown color. Never had problem moles. Normal?

Found a questionable birthmark with a crusty yellow top. I have a lot of birthmarks, but have not seen one like this. I'm concerned it may be melanoma?

Going to doc next wk. Mole on back is size of eyeball, turning black, slightly popping out. What should I tell doc? Can removal wait till winter time?

Got a brown mole which feels rough should I be worried and had it for years now?

Got mole cut out this year. How should it look after 9 months?

Had mole on my neck since was born. never bothers me went to get it shaved off at 12 yrs, no problem im 22 & got a cyst near it went to derm she was concerned about the mole said it looked irregular- biopsy it sent to lab should i be worried?

Had a mole on my leg that turned into a blister and popped. Should I be concerned.

Had a mole on my nose since childhood, had a possible spot/biteunderneath/at the side.when healing dry skin came off with mole on bleeding/pain.

Had deep shave biopsy done on mole that came back benign. After scan fell off, area has been red for two months.Looks like red circle.Will it go away?

Had my third mole biopsy today. It has black spots where they removed it. My others never had that. What colud it be?

Have a dermatologist appt for new light brown oval shaped mole on the 12th of June. IF it is cancerous is that to long to wait to get it diagnosed?

Have a small raised mole on cheek my entire life. a part is now bleeding like a popped acne.Mole has no change in shape and color.Should I be worried?

Have lots of moles they are in arms some are shaped different I have 2 moles in my back right next to echer my mom does dermatology she said its fine?

Have three moles. Pink, crayon tip sized, follow the ABCDE rule, are raised, had them for a while, & they don't bother me. They seem scary.Suspicious?

Haven't had period for months now, today I noticed maybe 50 tiny moles all over my chest and a wart like mole on my inner thigh. Should I be concerned?

Hello i think i have a pimple under a mole becuse i see something exactly like a pimple in my mole . ?

Hello sir, i have two moles on my arm, both round and elevatedbut slightly asymmetrical and one grew hair. i had them my whole life but i'm worried th?

Hello, I have a mole on my fave that is hard, risen, and seemingly wants to pop. Can you please help. Please assure me it's not cancer?

Help MOLE! I am experiencing an itchy mole on my back. This itchiness comes and goes every few months for the last 2-3 years. I'm worried now!

Hey I have moles that are growing plus new ones that have appeared and they are stuck up inch out of m skin they also itch so i be concerned?

Hey my girlfriend just got back from the doctor because of a new mole we discovered on her left foot( sole) the doctor didn't do much but scheduled her an appointment to a dermatologist next month.. This mole is new and about the size of a eraZer. The sha

Hey, i am worried because a black mole appeared on the left side of my tongue today, it was not present in the morning. it is pear in shape.

Hey! I have a bumpy mole (very bummpy and has pieces hanging off) and im getting in removed in about a month. Please tell me if it will hurt ?

Hi I am a 21 year old guy and I have recently been witnessing severl moles and red spots growing around my body 4 of the moles ar on my groin ?