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wound on my lower back seems to have healed fine, only thing is the scar seems to have an SLIGHTY reddish color. Been there for 5yrs. Is this normal?

Hi IV been itchy in my vigina. And IV got this spot on my vigina. Is it cancer. The spot is pink. Can u help me.

Got a white spot on my left kneeI ?

I got a sunburn today and now have a black spot. What does that mean?

I had rash both back of a my forharms and neck it was etchy turned red and pinkish and then got dried and peeled of there white patches they g away ?

'freckles' appeared on back in my early 20s (37 now), noticed them now on the sides of my face too. What can they be? They're small brown unraised

10 y.O son has black spot tip of tongue since nov.Spot has not grown.Doesn't feel pain.Gp looked & advised see dermatologist.Is dentist more correct?

10 yr old daughter has patches of tiny white bumps all over her body saw a dermatologist she said there is nothing that can be done. Any advice?

11 weeks pregnant and every now and than i see silver spots, it's like they are floating. Is this normal?

11months has small oval spot on chest since 7months. now she has another 1 on thigh which is not white but lighter than skin. is it temp?hypomelanosis

15 weeks pregnant, yellow line going side to side in exact same spot on both eyeballs. Should i worry? Dont want to bug doc for no reason... Help!

15+ year old splinter now starting to scab over white. Been happening for 2 years. Has 2 black dots on scab. Is this normal?

17yrs. Brown skin.everytime go out I do get signif darker and get tiny pimples along cheeks and shoulder/arms. Worried abt color loss + pimples. Help?

2 and half year little baby has dark spots on her forehead, chick, nose, chest and arms to remove these dark spots.I will be very pleased your reply ?

20yrfemale, small bright red spots keep appearing, 14 spots all together, 3 on forehead, 5 onback, 2 on chest, 4 on shoulders. Found 1st 2 8months ago?

27years old, light smoker had white spot on the lower lip and feels liked light tingling sensation please help. Thanks?

2pink bumps inner thigh for 6 mnths, white center when light shone on them. Went to doc and she did nothing about them bc warts. What to do? Warts?

3 mnth ago i dot spot was appeard on my face .doctor said that it is vitiligo.n again before 5 days one onother spot is itreatment availabl?

3 year old has light brown pin point freckle on palm of hand.. just noticed, is this concerning? I'm a worried mama..

4 yr old daughter wke up w/ stawberry mark, or bruise, perfectly round on middle of earlobe. Late forming birth mark or something else?

6 weeks postpartum I have brown spots all over my breasts and darkn brown on belly button what is this and when will it go away i'm caucasian btw

6 yr oldsays he sees colorful and white spots in low light or dark. Should I be concerned?

7 wks pp from C-sec and noticed a little scab that formed on my scar and it's falling off in certain spots and leaving it pink no pain is that normal?

A 16 month old baby girl has a strange spot on her sholder whith layers of the skin. It started as small pimple and has grown to 1cm radius, and pink.

A 1x4 inch red spot appeared on my knee overnight; the next day same color appeared on 2/3 of the back of my right hand. They quickly turned dark brown and have stayed that way for a week. I have appt with derm in 2 wks. No other symptoms. Any ideas?

A couple years ago I noticed a 2 inch patch of light brown freckles on my lower stomach. There has never been sun exposure there and there's no other ?

A dark brown line has appeared on my daughters tongue. It doesn't hurt but I wondered if it's anything to worry about?

A few Tiney white patches on arms, on taking closer examination I notice teeny Tiney red pinpoint in the middle. Have had them for year Should I worry?

A red line suddenly appeared between my eyebrows from a pimple that had burst earlier. Should I be concerned? It's about one inch long.

A tiny brownish speck appeared on my 4 yr old's forehead literally overnight. I've been watching it for about 2 weeks & no changes. See MD?

A year ago the very tip of my gland, around where the urine comes out, turned blue and hasn't changed since. Now 2 more blue spots appear in the shaft?

Acne like pimples on shoulders and back start red and after a while turn into brown spots that stays for ever... What could it really be ?

After 7 days led my daughter in the middle of the back of her tongue black dots and is in good condition breastfeed naturally?

After every orgasium i spot a little. Why is tht?

After i went tanning i notice tiny black spots had appeared they were not there before and it's the first time i went tanning should I be worried?

All of a sudden i'm getting a lot of pussy spots and i've never had this problem before. What is this?

All of a sudden my gf face is looking clearer but with brown that something serious and can they go away.what causes that?

All of the sudden I have a bunch of freckles on my back that was not there long ago? 2 of them are almost black.

Am a black female , in 2013 i noticed that my lower lip had a dicoloration,a pink patch..never thought so much about it but now everyone keeps asking?

Am so worried about my friend. She suddenly got white spots/points/ all over her back. What are these? How to treat them? Thank you so much doctors!

Any advice? I have got a pretty large brown discoloration on my right rear molar. How concerned should I be?

Appeared pink not itching tough not big stains on the face of tiny spots, was gone for a couple of weeks, now the same stain on the neck. Whats wrong?

Are dark brown spots on back and chest caused by acne for 6 years permanent or can they be removed?

Bleeding on eyeball white after getting hit- should I be concerned?

Brown flat spots on my back what are they I am 19 yrs and have had this problem for some time now and would like to know what's wrong

Brown oddly shaped raised spots on my stomach started to appear I am 26 years old and I am concerned what could cause this???

Brown spot on my nose, recently moved to the caribbean; been here for 3 months now and this spot showed up within about 3 hours of looking in mirror?

Brown spots appear on arms since taking Lanotrigine. Is this cause for concern?

Can age spots start from the age of 11?

Can vitiligo get confused with something else I have a white little spot and my doctor thinks is vitiligo i havet since 5 yrs ago never grow or spread?

Can you spot at 4 weeks pregnet ?

Can you tell me what a black shapless brown patch on one side of my neck is?

Child 5 years old has two round sore brown spots on the bottom of one foot. Should i be worried?

Constipated off and on for several weeks. 1st noticed small dark spots throughout and now small white spots. Stool medium brown. What is going on?

Could melanoma be picked off? I picked a dark brown 4mm spot nothing there now besides some pink where it is healing. On leg 26male

Curious why I have a brown spot on my left thighs? It's lik3 a beauty spot or big brown dot ..Worried that can it be skin cancer?

Dark brown patches around both areolas - looks like a stain, is a bit dry, is itchy sometimes. Its grown slightly over past two nights.. Whats up?

Dark spot on scrotum so i've had these spots (some larger then other, some as small as a dot and some 5 times biger then that) i've been tested for HIV (and aids) twice in almost 2 and a half years, and came out negative. They don't hurt nor bleed, it ma

Daughter has small brown spots on both feet, just came back from beach and has sun burn?

Daughter noticed this white line under nipple & when she stretches it it looks like her skin is going 2 tear this normal since shes developin?

Do you get white spots on your mipples if you are not pregbant?

Do you think I should see an ER dr if I have a red ring around the spot i removed a tick?

Does red mark or black mark left by pimple fade? its been there for awhile already, a few months i guess? 1 to 3month. help hehe thks

First my wife had small white spot in stool after she got pregnant. Now the spots are bigger. .anything to worry?

First off im nearsided every since i was 13 i started seeing these little moving dots when i looked in to the sky and i see these cobwebs looking thin?

Flat NOT RISED red/pinkish tiny spots on my right breast. anyway 6 months ago w/just 3 n now its spread the length of a bic lighter. cananyone please?

Flat, dark brown, tiny beauty spot recently appeared on cheek. Cancer?!?! currently unable to afford detmatologist.

For a few minutes I was seeing green spots. They are gone but I have never had this before. What causes that?

Found a dark is red spot on 1yr old's back. It's not raised, by doesn't fade under a glass. Dd acts normal. No fever.Spot appeared suddenly. Concern?

Good morning I got dark spot at both side of lip corner and very noticeable to others. What should i do I went to doc visit anf she think it's fungus?

Got about 10 2mm hard to feel lumps/spots visible, same colour as skin, couple appearing/day, had for week ish, came back from borneo over week ago.??

Got some black spots on my teeth since i was 14-15.. Now I am 28 and they're still there, what are they?

Had a brown dot that looked like a freckle on my chest whole life... I squeeze it & puss came out like a pimple. Now brown dots gone. Why?

Had a dark spot next to belly button for years. Sometimes itches and may be tiny knot underneath. No changes. Derm doesn't know. Any ideas, serious?

Had a hard pimple on lower back in February. It took a while to go down and since then there's been a brownish red mark in that spot. Normal?

Had blinding headache couple months ago. Light sensitivity is better but since then have developed hard lump and brown spot on upper left forehead. ?

Had for i week of reddish /brown flat spots rash? Above my elbow on forearm. Id say bout 5 spots , what can it be ?Is it danger ? No other symtoms

Had skin irritation like 8yrs left black round scars,d scars are now faded to light brown but I stil feel concious, how do I get rid of them?

Had tonsils out last aug, benign,noticed a small, faint white spot where they used to be. Likely it is scar tissue I'm seeing?no other symptoms

Have a mole that appeared on my fore head after I went to an air shiw and got burnt my face peeled but it has not gone away its dark brown and raised im also so weak and fatigued and bruise super eaisily what can be going on I had skin cancer 5years ago a

Have a mole that has little black dots surrounding it on one side. Shld I go to the doc? thanks

Have a tip of pen size mole on lower thigh since birth,white in color,last 6 months got twice as big and is darker worry? see doc?

Have an oval brown spot on private area (mayb birthmark) and noticed lil blk mole (maybe) peeled off a little bleeding. Stopped. Should i see a doc?

Have black and brown flat spots on vulva, maybe three, never noticed them before wondering if they could be dangerous?

Have brown spot on nose for 7 yrs. Getting larger?

Hello doc , i have small black spots on my back and arms .. Do you have any solutions how to remove those ? Thank you ...

Hello doc, my boyfriend has a weird dark brown patch on his back, it's not itchy nor annoying him, but it seems to be growing bigger over the time.

Hello Doc. I have a red mark in the middle of my forehead,that appears randomly and goes by the end of the day or the next day and not sure why it is?

Hello dr. I have small dot on my nose, it coulor is between blue and green, from wehen i young, how can i remove it?

Hello I have a little red spot and flat in my nose, i went to the dermatologist and he use an electric needle, after 2 weeks the red spot came back?

Hello I'm really worried as I have got a skin tag on my back. It seems little legs are growing. The colour is grey!! Please help! What is it ???

Hello. My son is 15 years old and has light grey spots on his arms. On the left arm, the spot is very large and is of irregular form.

Hello. some few years ago I discovered some few black spots on my pennis and later they started growing and the spots keep coming even till now. I don?

Help, I have black spot on pelvic ultrasound? Is this bad?

Hey i got brownish red hole on face i dont know how to clear it faster please help me with it?

Hey I've got this dark coloured honey cone pattern on my left thigh. I've just noticed when I got back home what could this be ?

Hey Im 22 and in the past couple of years I've developed cafe au lait spots one is rather dark and the others are getting darker should I b worried ?

Hey is It possible to spot twice a month?

Hey the patches are dark brown and they are the left out of pimples on d backwat should be done to rremove them?

Hey,i'm 20yo male and today i noticed some brown spot on my back, it kinda a circle brownish and feel kinda dead and dusty and its flat,am abit worrid?