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.4mm uniform symmetrical blue mole (I think) on face. The skin around it looks lighter than my normal skin. Does this sound normal?

A dark layer of black dirt comes out when i rub my fingers against my skin which gives it a dark/dirty appearance, my skin becomes light after i shave?

A scab peeled off and revealed a pink/red skin. How do I help it blend it to my skin color?

Am an 18 yr old boy, who has a dark skin, but both of my parents have fair to white skin. So will my complexion change with age or something else?

Anything i can do to fade away the colour caused by hyperpigmentation? I have a wound before around mole and now surrounding turns grey

Are most African-American babies born with pale, light-skin, like myself? Does this very light skin color change and can it change to very dark skin?

Blotch on my skin is darker in color, dryer than the rest of my skin and used to be itchy. What could it be?

Brown skin spots, help. I had facelift and now they are more prominent?

Can a 4 week newborn skin color get lighter?

Can a dark skinned person get skin cancer?

Can a tan skin lesion that was scraped off first layer by fingers change color and still be rough?

Can a white spot, which has been on the skin for many years without changing, be a skin cancer?

Can I use benoquin (monobenzone) to treat my vitiligo? I have dark skin and my vitiligo is not white, it's only 2 shades lighter than reg skin abt 70% of my body.

Can lipomas be white in color if its just under pale skin?

Can people with dark skin pigmentation use sunblock?

Can people with darker skin tones get sunburns?

Can ringworm cause darker pigmentation of the skin?

Can sunlight affect skin mole color?

Can the pill darken face skin?

Can u suggest me a fairness treatment for my dark skin ?

Can white people get vitiligo or skin darkening?

Can you give me suggestion: does eczema changes skin color?

Can you tell me how could i shave and have a softer the same skin colour as before?

Can you tell me how i could get lighter skin color?

Can you tell me how to get my skin tone lighter?

Can you tell me how to shave and have a softer the same skin colour as before?

Can you tell me if there is any ideas on what to do about the hyperpigmentation on my legs (darkened discoloration)?

Chest area pale but rest of body tan, is something wrong with the skin there?

Could I have skin that wont tan?

Could it be something bad if I have blue skin tone?

Could tan be permanent on some types of skin? (i have a dark skin tone im afraid if i tan by the sun it wont go away and have much darker skin tone)

Could u advise me of the best way or cream to lighten my skin.I have a light brown skin&i want it to turn lighter without side effects.Plz;???

Dark spotty rash from waxing face with a body wax. i think its hyperpigmentation. how do i get the skin to peel?

Do dark skinned persons darken even more as they age?

Do i peel my scab, if i don't skin forms over it and darkens skin color in the wounded area?

Do you lose your tan while peeling?

Doctor my skin is dark in colur how can i reduce it?

Doctors can you tell me why does my skin get red with the sun ?

Doctors, can my skin become temporarily darker because of too many vitamins?

Does a decrease in melanin lighten your eye colour ?

Does a new born skin color stay the same skin color from when there born?

Does eczema make skin darker and darker?

Does our skin darken as we get pregnant?

Does pale skin tend to show more thread veins than darker skin?

Does shaving make the skin around your bikini line darker?

Does sun tan eventually fade away from a darker skinned person?

Does your skin darken as we get older or just looks that way due to freckles?

Due to the lack of hygiene, sun and not bathing for days over the years there are dark dirt accumulations on my skin which have made my skin dark brown?

Fair and white skin products, . Do they work actually work?

From past 2 years, I have lots of spots & blackheads on my skin.The skin tone too, is uneven. Please suggest something that can my skin flawless as b4.

Have 2 yellow skin marks what could cause it ?

Help docs? Why is the skin around my butthole darker?

Help, how to keep my white skin from becoming darker?

Help! I sweat under my breasts and it leaves my skin with rashes and dark markings. What can I do?

Hi doctor. Iam 22 years old and my skin is very dull.. And having thin black marks on face. Please suggest me a cream. For glowing skin.

Hi I am 22 years . My skin tone is dark. How can it become fair?

Hi I have a friend with a dark skin discoloration on the back of her thighs.

Hi, how can I change my skin colour which is naturally black?

Hi, I am having naturally black skin, can I use benoquin (monobenzone) lightly to change skin color?

Hi, what is the best way for lightening my skin? I already have a bright skin but I prefer it looks more pale :)

Hi. i want fair skin colour especially face which is very dull. what i do?

Hot room can cause skin to darken?

How bad is it to tan my skin?

How can an extremely white person with some red skin get a tanned skin bronze ?

How can hydroquinone turn skin darker and cause hyperpigmentation?

How can I change my colour of skin from tan to pink?

How can I change my skin color? Which creams lighten best?

How can i get ligher skin color in a safe way?

How can I get my skin color back ? It changed a lot a it's darker than before ! i can't apply sunscreen on it because my skin will be grayish & i'm 17

How can I lighten my dark skin complexion?

How can I lighten my skin and be pale?

How can I lighten old dark scratch marks on my skin? I have very dry skin, and the marks are roughly 6 years old.

How can I lighten up my elbow? It is darker than the other parts of my skin.

How can I reduce melanin from the face skin as it is becoming darken day by day.?

How can I remove sun damaged skin from a sunburn last year? It's two colors......the darker browner skin that did not peel and the lighter skin after it did.

How can improve my skin color?

How can my skin colour get lighter?

How can u get a even and lighter skin tone ?

How can you get lighter white skin ?

How come I have naturally tanned skin? What causes this?

How do I get a lighter skin from head to toe about 3-4 shades, i now have very dark skin?

How do I get rid of tan (my skin has turned brown because of tan)?

How do I lighten dark skin?

How do I make my pale skin darker?

How do I make my pale skin darker?

How do you clear up hyper-pigmentation on dark, sensitive skin?

How does jaundice present itself in those with dark skin?

How much should I worry about darkening of the skin?

How my skin become more fairer?

How to change my dark skin complexion to fair?

How to fair my dark skin tone? Naturally

How to get a fair skin?I am 16yrs and having many pimples as well as some dark spots on my face.My skin is a oily type of skin.

How to get a tan that won't damage my white skin?

How to get fairer skin tone?

How to get my skin color back from discoloration of mosquitoe bite scars some are brown and some are a purplish color is there any cream?

How to have fair skin color?

How to increase skin brightness?

How to make skin more transparent?(so veins show more and skin has a more pink hue)

How to make your skin glowing and colour white?

How to perfect my skin tone and color?