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Does injury or abnormality in CNS or cranial nerves cause EKG changes or disturbance in electrical signals? Does nerve damages above c-1 cause breathing difficulties? How can they identify which nerves are damaged? From the symptoms?

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Each peripheral nerve provides what innervation to peripheral structures.?

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How many nerve endings are there in the body?

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How to calm vagus nerve?

I am undergoing vagus nerve stimulation, what happens if a seizure occurs while asleep?

I had surgrey on a brain tumor in 3/14. I had trilgimal nerugia the tumor was on the nerve. So he did a partial cut to the nerve. I'm doing radiation could it bring the trilgimal nerugia back ?

I had vestibular neuritis and then some burning sensation on the trigeminal nerve, could all this be caused by the same virus or no connection?

I had vestibular neuritis six months ago, and now I developed some neuropathy on the trigeminal nerve, could there be a relation?

I have a brain tumor also trigeminal neuralgia . I'm planning on the brain surgrey tumor on the trigeminal neuralgia nerve. Can they remove the tnnerv?

I have a mengimoa brain tumor along with trigeminal nerugia i'm have surgery the 21.What do you think about cutting the trigeminal nerve?

I have a vns vagus nerve stimulator for epilepsy, how safe is a mri?

I have an autonomic dysfunction, just found out I have gastroparesis - could damage to my vagus nerve be causing this?

I have been diagnosed by my neurologist with occipital neuropathy. Is an implanted nerve stimulator safe for this?

I have had a nerve stimulator implanted for occipital peripharil neropathy. It was said a damaged hypothalmus caused all this. Is this true?

I have mengimoa on the cranial nerves 3, 5and 7 .I also have trilgimal nerguia would i be a candidate for gamma knife ?

I have trigimal nerugia on the right side caused from a brain tumor mengimioa would i be a candidate for peripheral nerve stimulators ?

I suspect vagus nerve damage with gastroparesis and nerve pain ?

I was diagnosed lone atrial filtration caused by vagus nerve. Could you give me advice how to calm down vagus nerve?

If my bradycardia (without symptoms) is a vagus nerve disorder. What would be my prognosis?

In 10-20 years do you think stem cells will be able to regrow damaged nerves of the autonomic system?

Inflammation in 7th and 8th nerve in brain, causes?

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Is it possible to mess up the function of the vagus nerve?

Is nerve stimulation effected by taser?

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Is temporalis muscle wasting after craniotomy due to disruption of blood flow (retraction), or to damage to the motor branch of the trigeminal nerve?

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