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Have chiari and had decompression surgery duraplasty lamimectomy of c1 and C2 14 months ago I was in a car accident 23 days ago constant nausea why?

1,2&3 tarsal fusion with hardware?

2002 had stenoes in spine operated on. Can it recur further down spine. Had been good til this year.?

4 years after lumbar spine fused, a recent MRI shows 6 mm anterolisthesis. Can a fusion fracture?

4th back surg coming is revision decompression and there is narrowing of the nerv canal. What advantage is over pain stimulator?

73YR old had Spinal Fusion surgery L3-4.L4-5,L5-S1.Following surgery he was completely paralysed in both legs.What could have caused .In rehab.Progno?

Acdf vs disc replacement: which one is better? What is the criteria for a cervical disc replacement. I already have a fusion at c5-7. C4-5 herniated

After laminectomy for removal of spinal tumor at L3-4, will the spine still have the same strength for weight bearing and exercise as before surgery?

After spinal fusion, can I start running ?

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Anterior cervical disectomy recovery time?

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Back to play with congenital cervical stenosis? What are my different options other than surgery, if any?

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Can a chiropractor align the spine above my l 4-5 bone fusion which was done years ago?

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Can a discectomy be reversed?

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