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2 yrs ago a chiropractor found a thinning disc in my neck. I never found out what could cause this? And what can be done? What can I expect later on?

20 yo son to have a lumbar laminectomy this week. How rare for a 20yo and what is recovery time ?

24 year son ruptured l-5/sciattica. Epidural worked 2 weeks & now sciattica returning despite pt/traction/epidural. Does that mean surgery is needed?

37yo F on 1/16 b/l vertebral dissection and multiple TIA s/p neck manipulation. Healing nicely. Is pregnancy still possible after this trauma? Thank U

38 old female. One lesion in the brain few in spine. 2 lumbar tap, at limits. No medication. No relapses. Is it ms?

51 year old construction worker with DDD and stenosis no pain yet must I get in future?

A 49 to 48 years old women, she say's that her vertebral column, and or spinal column hurts. Why does this happen, and what are the treatments?

A chiropractor told me that I have a calcified thyroid b/c of a pinched nerve. Could that happen and should I have my thyroid treated, what does it do?

After a fusion surgery, how does bone growth know how far to go before stopping? Like, how does it know to not leave the previous disc space?

After cervical fusion, how long before i can drive? How long does it take after a cervical fusion surgery before i can drive or go back to work? .

After chiropractic adjustment, lumbar is loose and pops by itself. Undergoing spinal decompression w/ the same effect. Why? Lumbar now feels fragile.

After spinal cord surgery are all patients supposed to be infertile with no sensation?

After spinal surgery for a herniated disc at l4-l5 and l5-s1 how long will it take for foot numbness to go away?

Aged 80.he has compression fracture at D12.AND lumbar he is taking bed rest for past 15 much time required complete recovery?

Alternating scoliosis meaning my body can be twisted on either side, many times a day, have DD Disease doc say fusion not an option, what can I do?

Any specific reason for cord around the neck during pregnancy?

Anything intrinsically bad using rower with cervical anterolisthesis? Already looked all over web and only find answers to lumbar q's or spondylosis

Apart from the obvious location what is the difference between Cervical Facet Injections and ESI? E.g what risks apply and which one is less dangerous

Are spinal disc able to transplant?(from dead ppl) found that china had perform to replace degenerated disc several years ago.

Are the titanium instruments going to remain on my spine the rest of my life if I do a kyphosis surgery ?!

Are there any adverse effects of injecting 1.5ml steroid into epidural space of healthy person without pathology by accident(i.E. Mri report wrong)?

Are those zero gravity chairs actually safe and effective in helping someone with multiple hnp with nerve root involvement?

Awaiting a review of my mris. Conflicting reports of my crushed c5/c6 nerve root in plexus. After nearly 3 years, is it possible to completely heal?

Broad based central disc protusion at l4-l5 level? Im 26 years old. How long till i recover?

C5 herniated disk with pinched nerve. How long does it usually take to recover if take PT 3x's wk. and recommended meds?

C7 spinal injury approximately what percentage of C7 injured pts walk again or get their life back to almost normal i know every case is different?

Can a lower back (lumbar spine) X-ray (with a shield in place) alter sperm in a way which could lead to birth defects if the X-ray was taken shortly (days) before conception?

Can a patient of spondylolisthesis have sex?

Can a person with a spinal cord stimulator become tolerant and not receive benefits in the long run?

Can anyone tell me details of smoking that leads to lumbar spondylosis?

Can caserian delivery cause sciatica! if yes what is the solution!

Can cervical spinal stenosis with myelopathy that is bad enough to require surgery because of so much narrowing of spinal canal cause a delay in urination and problems ejaculating? I dont have ED but usually can't "finish" sometimes I can with aggressive

Can chiari malformation start progressing following a trauma on your neck?.Thank you.

Can I be paralyzed from discitis if I ignore it?

Can i drive two wheeler if ihve cervical and lum bar spondylosis some doctors says yes few says no wt to do?

Can I go have a full time career with children if I have spinal arthritis?

Can pressure be remove off the spinal cord of you have kippler feil syndrome. And why can't 2 verterbrea in c2 and c3 be separated. What makes it hard?

Can someone get disability for spinal stenosis if married?

Can you give me some symptoms of spinal fusion hard wear rejection and or infection?

Can you help lift a 100lb elderly person when you have spinal stenosis?

Can you help me out and explain what you think might be happen i was doing a walkathon and black out herniated 3 disc had cervical fusion done 1 year later herniated right above first surgary i was placed and have 2 screws since than i now have high blood

Can you tell me if you had a sci (spinal cord injury) what kind of surgeon operates on you when you get rushed to the hospital?

Can you tell me more about cervical myelopathy digonisis for following case is right?

Cash brace, no fracture found by the radiologist. Told leave brace on until MRI, of spine and cervical. Could it be MS flare, low grade fever this wk.

Cervical disc replacement surgery. What are the risks? How big is the chance of becoming paralysed?

Could a person whit a spinal cord injury would be able to have sex again?

Could a spinal cord syrinx start to cause neuropathic problems despite not changing in size?

Could my sister have a "open spine" and only find out about it at 39?

Could use your help docs! my cervical fusion failed, do I have to pay to get it corrected?

Currently being considered for coblation nucleoplasty trial (cervical). Contained herniation. I'm in early 20's. Possible long term complications?

Ddd, spinal stenosis, collapased s1-l4; 2 yrs of esis, used to help but not now. Neuro says alif is only option or perm nerve damage. Thoughts?

Dear sir, the patient feels hnp can travel a long distance ( about 800 km ) by bus after taking the nerve root block injection 1 month ago?

Debil. migraines, clear MRI, small bulging disk, neck inj with short term + results, scheduled for Botox, muscles hurt always Tylenol (acetaminophen) 4 4x a day Help!

Diagnosed w/spinal infection today. Decomp lamenectomy and steroid the injections in 2012. Where in the world did i get this from?

Discopathy L5-S1 and sciatica,what can go wrong if I have surgery,what is the risk?

Do I have to go off concerta 27 prior to surgery with general anasthetic? It's cervical disc cushion and i forgot to ask. Have finals

Do you know are chiropractors worth going to for general nerve degeneration?

Doc told me that my thyroid most likely became low do to my spine/lumbar injury. Could this b true? If he aligns me correctly will it be normal again?

Doctor scared my son talking about him having cervical spine fracture. What would you say?

Doctors say the spinal & epidural are safe but from research I carried out, 80% of people complain of back ache years after the epidural/spinal. Why?

Does a herniated disc surgery for c6-c7 and c6-c5 will risk my vocal cord since I had 12 year ago X-ray treatment of right vocal cord carcinoma?

Does a micro discectomy bring results?

Does any thing come out of the spine when somebody has spinal cancer?

Does anyone know about transitional lumbar anatomy?

Does lumbar scoliosis surgery has connection with the tendency to use the bathroom more often ?

Does oxycontin do damage to the liver if i take it as prescribed and have hep c ? I have 5 herniated discs in my lumbar from a 28 foot fall need meds

Does spinal dysraphism surgery in newborn causes problems in later life .My son now 15 having pain in legs due to spondylolisthesis at l5-s1, ?

Done 4 years of pt, pain meds, 2 mri's 3 years apart. Have very bad disc desiccation l5-s1. Should i consider fusion surgery? 30year old male.

Due to traumatic fall 2008 severe pain from thoracic compression fractures/soft tissue damage. Spine doc said too young for kyphoplasty, other options? Tried chiro, natural, everything. On morphine sr.

DX of Osteomyelitis (Lumbar) with no typical reason why. No trauma, no surgery, no IV injections etc. How is this possible????

ESI/Nerve Block vial contaminated w/ metallic. 2 MRI's 5days apart. Legs numb bilateral, Disc hern T- and L Spine. CSF leak? Is Mylogram appropriate

F/u question, I'm a competative equestrian rider & Skier, with severe cervical stenosis& myelopathy. How much risk am I putting myself in to continue ?

Few dr suggested for surgery few for medicines for lv3-lv4 n lv5 intervertebral disc levels(i have already asked for), im doing therapy now, is that ok?

Follow up question: what is DDD? Currently in PT. Pain & numbness much better. What are the chances I will need surgery with this type of diagnosis? How dangerous is this cervical spine diagnosis? Thank you.

Follow up to previous question. Can severe pain after bm in patient with ankylosing spodylitis or spinal stenosis be warning for cauda equina syndrom?

For crps, when will a doctor continue doing lumbar sympathetic blocks? How many approximately if i feel better after the first one and subsequent ones

Friend has constipation.Had spine surgery 6yrs ago as he had cauda equina.Is there any med he should take.Is there permanent cure.What shud he do.Help?

Fusion T11 to L3 i had my fusion on the 10th september. What is the earliest date i can go swimming?

Going for final consult for back surgey putting spacers in instead of fusion what are my chances for good results have had two partial discemonys?

Had 3 spine fusions. radiculopathy, D.D.D and now they say I have cervicalgia isn't that just an over used term for they don't know what's wrong with n?

Had a cyst on my spinal cord 4yrs ago. diangosis with acm 1 last year however my dr says they are not related. Could I have type 2 instead?

Had alif have spondylolisthesis, dengeneration, stenosis, spondylosis, displacement, and postlaminectomy i can't get up alone will i ever get to go b work?

Had extremely severe chiari 1. Had decompression and laminectomy of c1 c2 in 2001. Some symptoms returning. Can patch fail?

Had gentle cervical manipulation by PT 3 days ago. Worried about VAD. Since it's been 3 days post, am I probably safe from worrying about that?

Has advanced liver disease and chronic pain- calcification fused spine. His doctor said ok to use lidocaine patch. Not sure if safe, another option?

Has anyone experienced loss of movement after lumbar laminectomy?

Has anyone had a cervical disc replacement and returned with great neck range of movement?

Has anyone had big problems with a spinal hemangioma?

Have degenerative disc disease, allergic to anesthesia, can't b put under Had 2 discs replaced prior to allergy Any option for treatment without sleep?

Have disc bulge l4-5 causing sciatica but because had brain surgery to remove a haematoma on brain caused by avm 4 months ago can't take painkillers?

Have had 3 options of my lower back all 3 say fusion then tried to help someone off the floor and frautured my l5verabre now the dr won't do fusion ?

Having pain through spinal cord during orgasm. Had 3 previous lumbar surgeries. Is this likely a spinal problem? Having another epidural next week. They want to send me back to uro/gyne. It hasn't helped previously.

Hello docs. I was wondering can women with spondylolisthesis get an epidural?

Hello my mother suffers from cervical vertebrae sliding How to deal with ?

Herniated a cervical disc c6-7 in July. MRI also found Osteophyte complex at c5-6. Should I have surgery, or keep letting my body try to heal. I am 41?

Hi i am 24 my job is fym coach and i have lumbar disc herniation i would like i be informed adout what kind of problems could this cause to me life;?

Hi i have been involved in car accident two months ago got MRI done of the lumbar and orthopedic surgeon said to take epidural shot is this safe?

Hi I have had spinal fusion on L5 s1 and I have been taking endone can it put weight on?

How big is the chance that a cervical facet block injection may go wrong, cause more pain or nerve damage? Worth doing with all the risks?

How can I get my bowels to start working after spinal surgery?