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About how much cerebro spinal fluid is removed during a diagnostic lumbar puncture ?

Adhesive Arachnoiditis, I need a Neuroradiologist, or someone who can. Been told there is Arachnoiditis, need to see about the Adhesive Arachnoiditis.

After microdiscectomy will a spinal tap affect back?

After spinal tap (lumbar puncture) done in january 2013, my back is still in a great amount of pain. What could this be?

Am o at risk of meningitis with a supposed healed csf leak?

Anyone know what is a spinal and where do they give it?

Are lumbar puncture and spinal tap the same thing?

Blood test for spinal bifida?

Can a CSF leak reoccur 2 years after spinal headache during csection?

Can a doctor do a laparoscopy with a spinal tap instead of putting me out for endometriosis?

Can a lumbar puncture be the cause of lumbosacral plexopathy if it was not done properly?

Can a lumbar puncture paralyze me?

Can a spinal tap change your physical traits?

Can a spinal tap exclude als?

Can a spinal tap or bacterial meningitis cause lumbar radiculopathy ?

Can acupuncture puncture a lung?

Can dura puncture from csection cause meningitis?

Can dural puncture from spinal anesthetic for csection cause brain damage? Had the spinal headache for 2 weeks no blood patch. Symptoms were severe.

Can dural puncture from spinal anesthetic from csection cause tarlov cysts? Also where do they put needle for spinal?

Can lumbar tap pain be reversed?

Can lumbar tap pain last a few months?

Can you have viral meningitis with normal results from lumbar puncture?

Can you tell me about spinal headache or knows anything about them?

Can you tell me how a spinal tap show whether or not a person has m.s.?

Can you tell me if throughout a procedure called lumbar puncture, CSF surrounding the meninges is withdrawn with a needle. this?

Can you tell me the difference between a lumbar puncture and a myelogram?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has had a spinal headache from a spinal c-section?

Can your spinal headaches last months?

Common tests for leukemia involve spinal tap?

Could you provide some information on dealing with CSF leakage?

Did I have a botched spinal tap? Headache.

Do they do spinal taps now? For what?

Does a spinal tap hurt either during or after the needle?

Does acu puncture work for anxiety?

Does my husband need to be tested for meningitis with a spinal tap if they suspect it?

Does my son need repetitive spinal taps to check his papilledema?

Does spinal tap hurt?

Exactly where in the vertebral column is a lumbar puncture generally done?

For how long does a lumbar puncture/ spinal tap headache last?

Getting a lumbar puncture, how serious is this?

Had spinal tap. O bands were found in CSF and not blood sample. IgG Index, CSF was 1.20. Does this tell how many bands? Says MS or another disease?

How can a spinal tap show whether or not a person has m.S.?

How can I prepare for a lumbar puncture?

How dangerous is a spinal tap for CSF fluid? Does the spine miss it?

How do a lumbar puncture and a myelogram differ?

How do you get spinal meningitis?

How do you know when arachnoiditis progresses to adhesive arachnoiditis?

How do you test for meningitis? Spinal tap?

How is a spinal tap procedure done?

How is lumbar puncture performed?

How long can a lumbar puncture headache last?

How long can a lumbar puncture/ spinal tap headache last?

How many days after a spinal tap would a migraine last?

How much cerebro spinal fluid is removed during lumbar puncture ?

How much time does a lumbar puncture/ spinal tap headache last?

How much time until hole from lumbar puncture heals itself after two blood patches?

How often do you get a persistent spinal tap headache after a spinal tap at the e.R.?

How often is it safe for a lumbar puncture be done?

How painful is a spinal tap?

How risky is the lumbar puncture?

How serious are spinal tap complications?

Hubby small avm ruptured-caused diplopia. 3 neurosurgeons haven't linked infant spinal meningitis & plan radiosurgery . Should spinal tap been given?

I am very fatigued 48 hours after lumbar puncture. Is this normal?

I got a spinal tap / lumbar puncture today?

I had a spinal puncture done and the results said CSF/serum oligoclonal bands negative and CSF Oligoclonal bands 0 bands. does that mean i have ms?

I had lumbar tap. No ms, after 1year more lesions in the scord one in the brain. Should repeat the puncture?

I had spinal menigitis when I was born, is it possible to have it again?

I have I.I.H for which i have suffered lots of lumber punctures and now i have been told i have premature disc disease could the lumber punctures caus?

I have mild levoconvex thoracolumbar scoliosis and i was wondering if that could have been caused by the spinal tap for meningitis.

I have pseudotumor cerebri and my opthalmologist wants me to have a spinal tap done. Is there any other way he could diagnose it without spinal tap?

I just had a spinal tap for ms. I also had blood drawn at the same time. What are the looking when comparing the spinal tap and blood?

I want to chat with orthopidic or spinal seurgon please ... :)?

I would like to know what is lumbar puncture?

I'm really nervous about lumbar puncture, what can you tell me more about this?

If i went to the dr for a stiff neck i've had on and off for 3 years do you think she would do a spinal tap? Would you do a spinal tap?

Im very fatigued after lumbar puncture. Is that normal?

Is a lumbar puncture a test for lymes disease?

Is a lumbar puncture needed to diagnose ms?

Is a lumbar puncture to test for encephalitis safe?

Is a spinal tap safe?

Is an exray of the spine and a spinal tap ok for testing for a spinal tumor? Had both tests and results were normal

Is it dangerous to get lumbar puncture when your pregnant?

Is it necessary to penetrate any meninges to perform an epidural? Is it necessary to penetrate any meninges to perform an epidural? If so why?

Is it normal to have a post spinal tap headache for two weeks?

Is it okay to have terrible stinging pain after lumbar puncture (spinal tap)?

Is it possible for you to get an annular tear from a spinal tap?

Is it possible to have lumbar puncture when your pregnant, not for epidural?

Is it safe for chiari patients to get lumbar punctures?

Is spinal tap safe? 22 yrs old female was diagnosed with TB meningitis with hydrocephalus. She had almost 10 spinal taps and still doctor will perform one more this week. Is it good and why so many?

Is spinal tuburclose contagious ?

Is there a better way to diagnose intraventricular hemorrhage aside from a lumbar puncture?

Is there any restrictions after a spinal tap procedure?

Is this normal spinal tap if negative?

My daughter had a spinal tap done but it didn't show anything till day 10. So they said not spinal megitis but she has ever sign? Help please

My doctor said I need to have a spinal tap. What is this test, and why do I need it?

My lumbar puncture(spinal tap) pain in head 10x worse than before?

Need a simple explaination for this. What is a lumbar puncture?

Other than a spinal tap, what tests can i ask my doc for so i can rule out MS?

Pain down the spinal cord after having a lumbar puncture?

Pain long after lumbar puncture, dr. listed "lumbosacral plexopathy", "lumbar puncture reaction". Did procedure cause perm damage, can DR be at fault?