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1yr ago nerve conduction study showed so little out of normal range that neurologist did not know what to make of it. Finger tingling is gone, ideas?

25 yo. Diagnosed Peripheral neuropathyUnknown cause. Blood work done. Emg nerve test on legs. Doc said not to worry about it. What should I do now?

36yo female w/history of spine issues (disc). Have tingling/numbness in both hands & headaches. Not carpal tunnel, vitamin, etc. MRI shows mild cord compression at C6-7. Could this cause my symptoms?

A normal emg/ncv in march 2013 and a normal emg/ncv in august 2013 would rule out what ? What does an emg/ncv rule out if normal ?

A question about a neck X-ray test. Can they see any nerves or spinal cord details?

Abd pain of unknown origin. Angiography showed median arcuate ligament syndrome. MD recommended celiac plexus block as next step.Might this help?

After laminectomy ,foot pain.Back Mri good,foot Mri good,ncv test show s/1 pinch,not on Mri.neurosurgeon say nerve it self is causing pain. True?

Age 67 how often do you recommend mammyogram?

All doctors say my s/1 nerve is causing my foot pain. Mri good report, nueroligist said s/1 is being irritated. Piodritist said foot good. What to do?

Altered sensation in trunk and limbs, nerve conduction test-normal, bloods ana-positive 160 titre and ena-negative, having mri, what does this mean?

Alternatives ways to test or visibly look at Peripheral Nerves apart from NCS as i do not think they are accurate or reliable due to muscle memory ?

Are all diagnostic tests for heel spur done locally? What are they?

Are there tests to confirm the doctor's diagnosis of back spinal stenosis?

Atrophy of bicep. Pain along side of forearm. Fasciculation of ring finger. Mri reveals only reverse lordosis. I assume cause is trapped nerve? Where?

Back/leg pain, foot drop\toes tingle.Mri inconclusive for disc cause.Ref to neuro for testing.3rd relapse, could MS be a cause of symptoms?

Back\leg pain11week, 3rd bout in 12m.Mri shows l5s1protusion, doesn't show foot drop cause.Nerve block didn't work.Nuero did emg\normal.Is discectomy next?

Been 3 month since i start feeling weakness. Emg, ncv, bloodwork, mra, MRI all neg. Is it safe to say ALS is off the table for now? Still good strengt

Besides neuro what other dr can dx muscular/nerve defect due to surgery? No core strength s/p Whipple unable to sit up EMG legs WNL. MRI fat at scar

Besides an emg and MRI what other test can be done to locate pinched nerves in elbow?

Besides an emg what other tests can be done to determine what nerve or nerves are being compressed in the elbow my x rays just showed arthritis of the?

Big jerks in all of my deep tendon reflex test. I have numbness and tingling and postural tremors. Normal MRI of braim and spine. Low B12 and sjogrens

Bilateral ankle clonus for 3 years, more prominent on the left. Spinal and brain mri normal. Tendency to cramp during sports. More tests needed?

Bilateral cross adductor reflexes notices in neuro clinical exam what does this mean? Rest of exam was good no hoffmans no babinski emg and ncv good.

Blood, EMG&NCD, normal. Still have burning in legs w/mild pins/needles. Can tolerate pins. MRI says bulging discs, narrow foramina. What's next?

Both legs burn w/ use. Weakness/tingling after a lot of use. For 5mo. MRI, blood work, ultrasound(circulation), nerve test/EMG, nothing found. Ideas?

Can a doctor determine someone having a pinched nerve without having done an MRI first, and would doing physical therapy be doing more damage to it?

Can a dr see optic nerve swelling during a physical exam?

Can a nerve block on s1 cause foot drop?My gp and pysio think this is cause of my drop but consultant doesn't agree even though MRI shows no causes?

Can a normal neurologist clinical exam pretty much rule out ALS or should you do emg. ?

Can a peripheral neuropathy and spinal stenosis be distinguished from eachother by an emg test?

Can a vitamin D deficiency portray Ulnar Nerve Entrapment-like symptoms?I went through a nerve conduction study(NCV)and the doctor said all was fine.

Can an electromyography detect the cause of foot drop?

Can an emg be used to help diagnose crps?

Can an MRI show nerve damage on hand?

Can carpal tunnel be present if nerve conduction study is negative? Thank you

Can EMG testing be done in the neck and the arms? I have numbness in the neck? Please help

Can emg determine if carpal tunnel cause of hand pain? Mri shows cervical stenosis. Emg only done on arm, confirmed carp tunl, not done on neck?

Can herniated discs cause dizziness, arm/leg tingling? Blood work, nerve tests, MRIs, neuro exams all normal. That was the only Dx neurologists found.

Can I have a muscle/nerve conduction test done by my neurologist with an ICD implant?

Can MRI contrast of right branchial plexus trauma help DX in non-conclusive MRI? Now, regular recurrance of numbness for 15-30s after supine/rest.

Can MRI detect irritation/inflammation of the ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerves in the pelvis?

Can MRI do a full body scan on my spinal cord from neck to tail bone to find why my whole body is weak. All diease rule out. Muscle weakness wasting?

Can muscle spasms from cervical spondylosis cause intermittent tingling in your fingers? Emg & nerve cond study normal. Tingling comes and goes.

Can NCV and EMG on Brachial plexus be done ? Is it safe.?

Can ncv alone detect nerve damage in the brachial plexus ? Or emg is also required .?

Can ncv test be done on spinal cord and trapezius muscles ?

Can nerve conduction tests be wrong?

Can nerve damage from a stroke always be found in an emg test?

Can neurophathy emg test in lower back tell you if you have upper body or hand nerve damage as well?

Can someone fake results of an electromyogram?

Can someone have sciatica without hesitated disc? Color Doppler u/s for DVT was negative and GP performed straight leg test and said no evidence.

Can ultrasound be used to detect nerve impingement/entrapped nerve calf? Is there any type of imaging that can detect a pinched nerve in the leg?

Can undiagnosed leg injury return a delayed nerve signal in EMG study? Can this cause the doctor to presume it's coming from the back when it's not?

Can we done the lumber puncture in 36wks pregnancy. Sugggestive diagnosis is menigitis. ?

Can you have a pinched nerve but pass the neurological tests? Nothing is showing up on xray or mri

Can you have carpal tunnel syndrome even if your EMG test was normal as well as your blood test ?

Can you have peripheral neuropathy with negative nerve. Conduction tests? Tested positive for bilateral carpal tunnel

Can you still have neuropathy with a normal emg/ncv and a normal skin biopsy twice ?

Can you still have neuropathy with a normal skin biopsy and a normal emg/ncv ? I have burning pain for two weeks ...Any clue what to do.?

Can you tell me if emg tests can be normal with primary lateral sclerosis?

Chiropractor did emg scan of my husband and diagnosed osteoarthritis of neck. How reliable is emg?

Contemplating surgery. I have type II diabetes, depression, carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral neuropathy. Abnormal nerve conduction Multileveled bilateral acute on chronic cervical radiculopathy.Correlate EMG findings with cervical spine MRI. Severe sens

Could klonopin (clonazepam) or atenelol have any affect on a emg ncv study ? Specifically ncv because that was the slightly abnormal 1

Could spinal nerve issues be present even if you have a normal EMG result?

Could the EBV cause als? And what examination or tests is best to diagnose als? Spinal tap can it help?

Diagnosed w c5/c6 pinched nerve (ncs test), mild shoulder bursitis & bicep tendinosis (mri), & de Quervain's (finkelstein's) on same side. Possible?

Diagnosed with median arcuate ligament syndrome by Angiograpgy. MD ordered celiac plexus block as next step for "abd pain of unknown cause".common?

Difference between nerve conduction study and emg?

Direct punch to brachial plexus 3 years ago and misdiagnosed. Specialist just gave BP diagnosis. EMG study neg. awaiting MRI. How long to fully heal?

Do i need to see a doctor if i suspect that I have meralgia paraesthetica?

Do neg EMG's/NCS (incl. single fiber/repetitive EMG) rule out channelopathies and mitochondrial neuromuscular dis? Would they rule out all neurom. Dz?

Do you know what tests can show if there is swelling in optic nerve?

Doc doesn't think l5s1 protusion is cause of back/leg pain\foot drop.Says must be nuero.What are the pos diagnoses.Ie nuero option with same symptoms?

Doctor said my intercostal neuritis can most likely have "no apparent cause". Second opinion please?

Does a electromyogram (emg) take long?

Does a emg test hurt?

Does a nerve conduction study and an emg hurt?

Does a pelvic MRI see nerves? What else can be seen?

Does a vaginal needle emg usually hurt?

Does an emg detect nerve issues or can it detect muscle disorders also? How do the results show on emg? Muscles so weak after small activity n spasms

Does an EMG or NCV have to be on a specific part or can be done on the whole body to find the problem?

Does aspirin interfere with nerve conduction study or electromyogram results?

Does dequervain or tenosyvitis show up on a nerve test? As last october my results were fine but wrist sore on and off at times.

Does emg always show injury?

Does Guillain-Barre show up on somatosensory evoked potentials? Also - Is it Possible for one to have GBS with normal CSF protein and normal NCV/EMG?

Does nerve conductive study and emg prove nerve damage or nerve pain like sciatica? Can you have sciatic pain and normal results ftom these tests

Doespositive tinel's sign over the area of anterior femoral cutaneous nerve in a patient w sympt of meralgia paresthetica r/o ms? Must be periph yes?

Doing p.T for possible thoracic os. But I have pins and needles in my legs and feet as well. Neck and spine ok. Emg fine. What could nerve fibre show?

Dr told me i had multiple cerv and lumbar radiculopathies mri report didnt note anything abnormal I had an abnormal ncs and emg on l and r arm. Worry?

During an ncs test is it a normal procedure that the dr massage the muscles roughly? During the test?It happened to me.Was very painful.

Electromyogram: who does and interprets it?

Emg & ncv2 unit test result:sensory polyneuropathy & possible bilateral c8, t1, l4& L5 rediculopathy.What does that mean? Not alcoholic nor diabtc & hiv

EMG and NCV .Which test will be better to detect nerve damage.?

Emg came back normal. Does that mean I have no neuropathy? Can an emg detect neuropathy? (left leg below knee).

Emg done 9/16; was told nerves on lateral side of leg, bilaterally, were not responding because i lost weight. Prev told poss ms, can this confirm ms?

EMG report say the sensory nerve conduction amplitude in the Right lower limb were on the lower limits of normal. What does that mean?

Emg say I have brachial plexus but MRI showed nothing, doctors can't say what's wrong and my right hand is still week and muscles are still getting week?

Emg, ncv, mri, mra, bloodwork all negative. Neuro exam negative besides bfs syndrome and anxiety. Tongue twitches when resting in mouth should I be worried it happens once or twice a day. Is this norm?

EMG/NCV report says "H-Reflex at left tibial nerve was 40.15. It was significantly prolonged compared to other leg." Can this cause swelling in leg?

EMG/NCV says pinched nerve of L4, L5, S1, S2 (racepinephrine). I do not have weakness, atrophy, change in sensation, or any other complaint. Might be misdiagnosis?