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2herniated discs, annular tears, osteoarthritis.treatment innefective. Rhizotomy 2wks ago. Still some pain. Normal to have pain?

A herniated disc and thinking about surgery at laser spine institute. Disc replacement. Safe? Good institue?

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Are there partial disc replacements for herniated disc in l5? My mom's disc herniated completely, surgeon said she doesn't need any fusing.

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Broad based herniated disc, need surgery?

C3 C4 disc herniation which approach better acdf or laminectomy from back of kneck-mri shows herniation which is better approach major ?

C5/6/7 Reduced disc height, mild stenosis, bulge, osteophytes. Doc said disc replacement no help in neck pain coz of discs condition. Do fusion. True?

Can a cervical disc extrusion be made worse?

Can a chiropractor definitively diagnose a herniated, bulged or slip disc solely by an X-ray given in his office?

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Can a gastric sleeve directly help with herniated disks / pinched nerve and knee problems (meniscus)?

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Can all disc bulges recover shape and decompress nerves over time? How to determine if a disc is ruptured, aside from discogram?

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Can an osteopath help with herniated T6/7 disc impressing on L side of spinal cord? Or is it too dangerous?

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Can big breasts cause herniated disks?

Can chiropractor help sciatica due to herniated disc or am i just delaying surgery? The MRI states I have a large extrusion.

Can chiropractors fix cervical herniated discs or can only surgery do that? What do chiropractic adjustments provide to someone with this problem?

Can doctors tell from a MRI whether a cervical disc herniation is from aging or injury? And how?

Can doctors tell from a MRI whether a cervical disc herniation is from aging or injury? I'm an active person but not sure how I got my disc herniated.

Can having a herniated disc cause problems during pregnancy?

Can having a herniated disc during pregnancy during bleeding?

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Can one have gallbladder surgery while dealing with herniated disc and sciatica ?

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Can sexual activities like ejaculation and orgasm cause worsening symptoms in patients with Spinal stenosis , Herniated disc , Bulging disc ?

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Can spinal disc problems ever heal on their own?

Can the tmj ligaments get ruptured?in case of ant disc displacemnt ,perforated disc over the years?

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Can you tell me for people who have disc problem, such as disc bulge the relation between disc problem and cold?

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Can you tell me what are non surgical treatments for herniated nucleus pulposus that is considered effective?

Can you tell me what is the best ortho doctor in chennai for disc bulge problem?

Causes of herniated disk after anethesia from nerve block .Can this cause adisk C6 to herneate i had a artifical disk put in.I had blocks done forrsd?

Could a slipped disc (herniated disk) make the body look deformed?

Could a percataneous discectomy make your disk stronger?

Could eminectomy lead to more degeneration of tmj,in case the disc is not repaired and has been ant displaced for the last 12 years?

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Could use your help docs! a friend who's a chiropractor said that i may have a slip disc. Is it serious?

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Did work as cna cause protruding disc.?

Disc bulge can cure by medicine completely without surgery?

Disk herniation --what natural therapy is good for it?

Do cervical disc herniations heal and does the foramen clear itself of the herniated disc material, if so over what time frame?

Do degenerating discs in the neck always need surgery at some stage, or is it possible to live with it?

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Do doctors use surgery to remove disc bulges?

Do large breasts cause a herniated disk?

Do most people that have a ?Herniated disc tend to recovered well without surgery?

Do you think I should be looking for an orthopedic or neurologist doctor to operate on a herniated disk?

Do you think I should have surgery for my L4 L5 herniated disc that is causing debilitating pain?

Doc wants me to have spinal injection for sciatica/herniated disc.Is this just about $, why won't he try other options? I don't want injection.

Does a annular tear, and disc herniation, at L5-S1 ever go away, and what is the best treatment for it?

Does a disc annular repair itself in a l5-s1 bulging disc case?

Does a slipped disc (herniated disk) make the body look deformed?

Does anyone know anything about bulging discs and treatment?

Does fluoroscopy heal a bulging disc?

Does severe spinal stenosis in C5 with disk bulge and radiculopathy in arms go away by itself, or does it require an operation?

Got disk bulge l4-l5, l5-s1degenerative disk disease and suffering from 9 months, is there any chances of healing ?

Had an epidural and the needle was left in place; now I have degenerative disk disease is any connection?

Had l5-s1 disk herniated with cauda equina syndrome 3 months before, i just did my MRI and think the disc slightly herniated again, do I need surgery?

Has any one had spinal disc replacement and what was used?

Have friend in 40's; told has bulging disc; told also by 2 doctors would need surgery to correct. Is this true or is there more options?

Hello, is there any long term complication for lumbar(l5 s1) discectomy and laminectomy for prolapsed intervertebral disc. Thank you?

Help please, my doctor says my c7-c6 disk herniated "slipping" in and out, do I need surgery?

Herniated disc at L5-S1,which compresses my dural sac and shrinks the canal,and terrible I candidate for surgery?

Hi dear doctors , there is any laser surgery for bulging disc ?

Hi i was wondering if a gangilon nerve block could cause disk problems as i had nine done in 2003 and then had disk problems at c6.And had disk replac?

How bad can degenerative disc disorder get, if not treated? And can bulging, non impacting, discs affect nerves in legs?

How bad is a herniated disk anx how is it treated?

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