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7 herniated discs(lumbar/cervical), no injuries. diangosis of ddd. What else can cause this so young?(27yrs old) never had a t spine MRI only lumbar/cervical

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Can lumbar radiculopathy present seperately from spondylosis, or is spondylosis the culprit? My doctor states i lumbar radiculopathy but MRI shows dd

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Ddd in l&cspine. 2 l discs are torn, one herniated. 4 herniated cervical & bone spurs, stenosis, facet arthritis.No accidents or trauma. Only ddd?

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I have djd in my thoracic and lumbar spine. What can I do?

I have lumbosacral spondylosis without myelopathy, spinal stenosis other than cervical, lumbar region with neurogenic claudication and thoracic radiculitis. What should I do?

I have pain in the spine column for 3 months, between the 5 and 8 thoracal vertebraes.The pain is just in the vertebrae, in the bone.What causes it?

I need more opinions about. my lumbar problems. I have had an MRI of my lumbar spine and a myelogram recently, I have herniated discs, spinal stenosis?

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Is it possible to have bulging disc in lumbar and cervical spine at the same time?

Is it possible to have bulging disc in lumbar and cervical spine at the same time?

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Is lumbar traction good for a displaced vertebrae from disc degeneration?

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