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Im really frustrated with my condition. My symptoms are not aligned with my diagnosis. I have minimal spondylosis c4 c5 anterolithesis 2mm mild narr?

MRIreadsC3-4 disc herniation stenosis with ap of 0.7cm? indention on spinal cord. I have Chronic cough and sometimes breathin prob could this b why

MRIreadsC3-4 disc herniation stenosis with ap of 0.7cm? indention on spinal cord. Is there Risk with riding thrill rides at the fair or theme parks?

06 mri: t5-t6 mild central disc protr. Min. Indents thecal sac. Isn't this uncommon? Can it worsen? Having chest and r. Sided pain. T1-t2 dimi. Also.

1. Moderate degenerative disc disease L4-L5 unfavorably progressed since prior exam. 2. Interval development of a small posterior left paracentral dis?

10 yr old daughter MRI on lower back for curve says l5-6 diffuse mild disc bulge & mild degenerative change in facets; l6-s1 cystic changes & degenerative change in facets greater on right. Normal?

2 level adr in2010. Having mild myelopathy. Mri shows severe spinal stenosis c3-4. Doc. Suggests conversion to fusion c3-c8 posterior. How's this done?

20 y/o F: T/Spine MRI showed moderate DDD T11-12 & disc bulge & irreg. Schmorls node on inferior endplate T11. Normal for a 20y/o? Possible causes?

20 y/o female with compression Fx at T11 & degenerative disc disease between C5-C6 & L4-L5. MRI & DEXA just ordered. Ideas on what could cause this?

20yo:Sharp mid-back pain & numb/pins&needles in feet. MRI: bulging disc, schmorls node & mod. DDD @ T11. Causes/Treatment? DO, DC & PT haven't helped.

21 year old, dessication cervical disks, elevated TPO, ferritin low (4) and anemia, pain in neck/arm. any way to connect all. ?

23 year old female -bilateral hand numbness mri:cervical strain/torticoilis posterior disk bulges. C5-c6 (2 mm) and c6-c7 (1-2 mm) levels docs say di?

23m 5mm paracentral bulge @ l4-5 & l5-s1, 4mm retrolisthesis at both levels as well. S/p l5-s1 discectomy/hemilaminotomy & 3 epidurals. Still have daily pain at least 4/10 & getting worse. What next?

28 yrs old male with 50-75% l5s1 ddd and facet arthropathy..I'm suffering at work due to painfull muscles in my whole back..Any surgery recommended?

32 male 70 kg 5'4". Waist pain in a specific point. Uric acid report 8.5. xray normal. No spondylitis etc. Is this something serious? How to be cure?

32 male. C & l X-ray = scoliosis but brain & c spine MRI normal. B12 @ 1100. Suffering from lhermitte's sign. What other tests can determine cause?

33 yr old female with hypertension and vertigo, blurry vision and chronic pain. Mra of spine shows vertebral artery stenosis. Could this mean surgery?

35 year-old woman did ok for 3 months after lumbosacral fusion for degenerative joint and osteoarthritic disease, but ended up in chronic pain.....?

35 yrs old female with ddd, advance cortical sulci, depression, anxiety, memory difficulties , bulging disc, and in a lot of pain. Is there a treatment?

35yo female just diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, herniated disk & retrolisthesis all L5 S1. Avid runner. Will I be able to run again?

38 f with herniated disc in l4/5, had epidermal shot but still having discomfort. What's next step?

40 % of bone left in L1 tol5 and severe degeneration in s 1. What can be done.?

45 yr old female with cervical spine issues of stenosis,bulg.discs, pinched nervs. How can I no if messing up words are age related or something else?

4yrs ago mri=moderate cervical spine stenosis with complex bone spurs.If worse now, could it cause balance problems and walking difficulties? 46 y/old

52,menopause,split spine w/:right should-neck pain,sleeping problems.X-quang shows:L3 degeneration,coccyx inflamation;split S1 spine.what should I do?

63 healthy m chronic back pain. Gr 1 spondylolithesis l34&l45+ facet arthritis. Bil facet blocks helped but still have bil butt pain. Advice?

67y old female with spinal discs compress left leg neuro.Has osteoporosis.Any surgical treatment can work?

A 23 yo M diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis with sacrolitis. What level of disability can be expected with the advancements in therapy? Thanks

According to MRI I have slight reversed spondylolisthesis of c6. Why is it reversed?

After my car accident, the doctor said I have a c5-6 disk protrusion - what does that mean?

After paracentral disc protrusion at l5 s1 level inMri after three weeks rest/medication pain is almost negligible what is best treatment going forwad?

Amitriptyline & Gabapentin for 15wks + physio.Cervical MRI = loss of lordosis & osteophyte C5-C6.My shoulder is still painful. What else can I do?

Ankylosin spond,can it link to amyloidosis,and heart,brain,like atrophy,infarct.muscle loss, lung diseae,had monocytosi 4 yrsago, C T L spine,very bad?

Anteriolateral disc w/o reduction on left and anteriomedial disc w/reduction on right for month. Tmj treatment course?

Anterior spondylosis at c6-c7 with mild disc height loss at c4-5, c5-6. Ra related or expected for 47 y. O. Female? Occ pain between scapula?

Any pain remedies that you have found if you have been diagnosed with degenerative disk disease?

Are cataracts normal at age 46? Or could it be associated with my disc degeneration...Or be an underlying autoimmune disease?

Are degenerative disc disease and arthritis the same thing?

Are degenerative disc disease and arthritis the same?

Are degenerative disc disease and disc space narrowing the same thing?

Are degenerative disc disease and disc space narrowing two terms for the same disease?

Are degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis the same thing?

Are osteoporosis and cppd related? My lumbar spine t-score is -3.2 and I recently had a bad episode of cppd at base of thumb.

Are spondylosis and osteoarthritis the same thing? What is vacuum disc phenomenon?

Are there any dangers [ie tendon rupture/or further damage] of having steriod injection for chronic pain caused by degenerative changes in spine?

Are there any diets that would help slow down degenerative disk disease?

Are there any medication for degenerative bone disease?

Are there any non-invasive treatment for cervical herniated discs (degenerative disc disease)?

Are there any non-invasive treatments for degenerative disc disease? I want to avoid surgery as long as i can. Is there anything non-invasive that can give me relief from my degenerative disc disease? .

Arthritis of the spine iinherited?

At an age of around 30, is it too early to be suffering from degenerative joint disease in the knees?

At what age is it normal for a woman to develop mild degenerative changes in the L5-S1 part of the spine?

Atlas vertebrae was twisted and fixed but still have pressure in neck. Developed depression and anxiety. Normal tests.Inflammatory cytokines possible?

Back pain & numbness in foot after MRI report l5-s1: wide based shallow disc herniation eccentric to left. Mild degree facet prominence. Central canal not significantly stenotic. What does this mean?

Bad constipation for ~4wks. Tried high fiber (3x rda!), more h2o, & stim. Laxatives (mildly helpful). Can lumbar ddd/torn disc at l5/s1 cause this?

Been diagnosed with a degenerating disc in my lower back. Is surgery inevitable. I'm strong, healthy 6'3", 200lbs and want to be pain free.

Besides surgery, is there a way to treat degenerative disc disease?

Best medicines for degenerated disk & bone disease i'm on naproxen& skelaxion does not help?

Best treatment for degenerative disc disease?

BiLat lumbar facial fat herniation +Danlos, +athletic season, tx options?! Occasional restricted motion/severe pain (usually no or mild mod pain)

Bilateral disc osteophyte complexes are present in the neural foramina. Most significant at the C5-C6 and C6-C7 levels. What does this mean? Thanks

Bilateral L5 pars W/ grade 1 anterolithesis of L5 on S1 W/ mild degenerative disc disease. 30mg codiene over 3 yrs now ineffective?

Bloodwork great; MRI showed bulging discs w/moderate-severe narrowing @ neural foramina. Meds don't help burning in feet/legs. Pins/needles ok. Next?

Broad based disc osteophyte complexes at levels c3-c7, efface the dural sac.Mild reversal of curvature.Conservative treatment hasn't helped..Severe pain? Please help! only 28yo. Ultrasound tech.

Bulging disc at l3-s1 w/ l4-5 herniation. Can mechanized traction irritate nerve and cause erectile dysfunction w/no prior issues? If not, what can?

C3-4 broad disc hern. to R. B nerve damage on EMG consistent with time of injury. Had ⬆tone, weakness, pain RUE. Now LUE⬆tone & weak. What do I do?

C4-c5 severe right neural foramen narrowing, mod left. C5-c6 mod bilateral narrowing. C6-c7 severe bilateral narrowing. Cause of chronic chest pain?

C5 C6 chronic degenerative changes, what to do?

C5-c6 retrolisthesis. c6-c7 anterolisthesis. c7-t1 anterolistesis. mo mass or stenosis at level of frrml magnum. min cord deformity. Suggestions ?

C5c6 ant post bone spurs press. Thecal sac + spin cord post. Mod sev lt parace spin can sten, mod sev rt neurof. Sten. And severe left neurof stenosis?

Can a chiropractor help alleviate my degenerative disc disease symptoms? Would it be beneficial for me to choose to treat my degenerative disc disease through a chiropractor? .

Can a degenerating neck disc at kevel 1+2 cause highblood pressure?94

Can a disc bulges c-4 C5 and c-5 c-6 exciting nerve cause extreme consistent headaches ?

Can a radionuclide bone scan miss degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis and osteopenia?

Can an active sex life affect herniated discs at s1-l5 ?

Can an anteriour disc displacement without reduction ( tmj) can have serious damage during the years?( could it break in 2)? Thank you very much

Can Anklosing Spondilits/Sacarolitis cause sciatica and L5 dermatoes big toe numbness. mri does not show l5 impingement, only small mass effect on s1?

Can Ankylosing Spondylitis effect the thoracic spine more so than the sacral? If so what imaging would be best for diagnosis? I'm HLA-B27 pos - NO Dx

Can carpal /cubital tunnel syndrome be the result of cervical spine problem? Had c/4-5 & erred c/6-7 fusion in 2004. C/5-6 not corrected per doc adv.

Can cervical degenerative discs be replaced if you have severe osteoporosis, and if not, why not, and if so, what risks for future?

Can cervical subluxation cause 2-3 migraines/week? How is it normally treated?

Can complete loss of cervical lordosis (leading to spondylosis) without any accident / sudden trauma in a young patient be reversed?

Can degeneration and/or bone spurs in the cervical spine adversely effect the thyroid gland?

Can degeneration of cervical spine lead to vad and other serious conditions, death? Fixable? Who and how can fix? How are sublaxations fixed?

Can degenerative disc disease cause numbness not only in legs but to quickly jump up back to bra line? Herniated l2-3, 3-4, 4-5, c5-6, 4-5, 3-4, 2-3.

Can degenerative disc disease spread to other parts of your spine?

Can degenerative disc disease, facet joint syndrome, and/or scapulothoracic bursitis cause excessive sleepiness and daytime drowsiness?

Can degenerative disk diseas stop you from being in the army?

Can fibromyalgia manifest after cervical spine surgery? Chronic pain 7 mos. After surgery with no known cause or signs on MRI but mild disc bulges.

Can having no estrogen cause problems with the cervical discs, i read that it can affect the collagen, sinews, and height of discs.

Can herbal supplements help to aid degenerative disc disease?

Can I do running and light weight lifting at gym with my diffuse annular d isc bulge at L4 L5 measuring 1 to 2 mm. I m symptom free since 4 months?

Can I have degenerative disc disease?

Can l4-l5 and l5-s1 hypertropic facet spurring bilaterally be fixed? Can the pain be stopped?

Can L4/L5 disc bulge , L5/S1 annular tear with moderate herniation and nerve compression affect my sexual life? Will masturbation aggravate the pain?

Can mild disc desiccation reverse itself one study says its there and one study says its not i'm confused same goes for disc bulges what to believe ?

Can mjnimal spondylitic changes at l3-4 on lumbar xray make legs feel weak?

Can moderate (32curvature) scoliosis contribute to chronic pelvic pain in a 33 yrr old woman with no other evident gynocological issues?

Can my sciatica be affected by degenerative arthritis?

Can neural foraminal , and lumbar spinal stenosis, with ddd at l5-s1. And the stenosis is at l4-5,l5-s1, cause HIGH abn on CBC for WBC mono lymph gran?