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2 years ago i was diagnosis with transverse myelitis. Again i had another lesion on my spine close to the first one past and present brain MRI was clear should I be doing a spinal tap. Could it still be ms?

2010 lumbar xray scoliosis an sclerosis of facet joints a MRI in 01an06 of neck hern/buldg disc min pressure on spinal cord, what test show nerve dam?

6yo diagnosed with enthesopathy but had MRI yet. Can it be diagnosed w/o mri? Does it always show up on mri? Please explain what is enthesopathy

A cyst discovered after an MRI on a nerve in the neck?

A recent MRI showed problems with my C-spine. I had a 2 level ACDF. There was much more damage than apparent on the MRI. How accurate are MRI's?

A thoracic MRI is used to help diagnosis what?

After ncv a MRI for cervical radicalopathy was ordered. If spinal MRI verifies pinched nerve what is best treatment to pursue.

After tests mri brain, spine,w/wo contrast.eeg and neuro exam all with negative results.How confidently can i exclude ms.Been having severe anxiety over it.Was having tingling and numbness in leg. Mri showed stenosis, anteriorlisthesis and herniation?

Aged 71, underwent spine surgery (laminectomy) on l4-l5 disc about an year ago he still has heaviness in legs.Brain MRI shows lacunar infaract?

Are nerves seen on MRI?

Atypical hemangioma on spine MRI. Why spine MRI can't determine cancer? Full-body scan recommended but how about whole-body MRI to avoid radiation?

Best diagnostic imaging (x-ray, ct, mri, etc.) for snapping scapula syndrome or inflammation of the scapulothoracic region?

Bone scan showed increased vascularity in pelvis. Could this be arthritis in my lumbar spine?

Brain MRI is fine.MRI of whole spine showing supecious intramedullary hyperintensities in cord posterior to bodies of D6 to D8.

Can a brain and cervical spine MRI be performed at the same time?

Can a cervical spine MRI show tumors in the neck?

Can a chest CT show your spine? Could it show possibly a herniated disc.

Can a cycst be seen on a spinal x-ray?

Can a diagnosis of a cervical bulging disc be made by a non contrast CT scan?

Can a full spine xray show any nerves being pinched? And a full spine xray include the lumbar region also?

Can a MRI of spine detect aneurysm and nerve disorders?

Can a pinch nerve be seen on a lumbosacral mri?

Can a posterior disc syndesmophytes cervical be misdiagnosed as a osteophyte on a MRI without dye?

Can a root canal shows as an artifact on a head MRI?

Can a whiplash type accident cause C5 radiculopathy, and radiculitis at c7-8 i had a MRI done and it shows bulging discs?

Can an MRI of the sacrum show a non union after a 4 year injury?

Can an MRI of the sacrum show signs of arthritis in the area?

Can an MRI scan see a small spinal Tumor? Thankyou

Can an MRI to not pick up a neck injury?

Can cervical spine MRI or full spinal MRI with contrast detect tracea or windpipe tumours?

Can chiropractors order mri's of spine or just md's?

Can colon tumors be seen on a lumbar spine mri?

Can disc hernia be seen on a radiology image of the back?

Can having a MRI w/contrast on the thoracic spine can determine whether or not i need facet injections?

Can lumbar spine Mri without dye detect ovarian cyst?

Can MRI ( without contrast) of lower back diagnose arachnoiditis?

Can MRI distinguish between a cervical radiculopathy & a brachial plexus injury?

Can MRI of entire spine see the brainstem? If not what imaging study woukd?

Can MRI of the lumbosacral spine show infection without contrast?

Can MRI with contrast detect nerves and whether they are blocked, pinched or not?

Can my cervical spine MRI without contrast show a pinched nerve?

Can Neck MRI show herniated discs even though CT scan shows normal?

Can neck x-rays show neck tumors?

Can neck xray ap view give clue for subglottic stenosis?

Can neuropathic pain be observed by MRI and X-ray?

Can Parkinson's be detected by a neck and spinal MRI?

Can spinal stenosis be seen on xray?

Can spinal tumour be seen on xray?

Can you have enthesopathy and have a normal mri? Have arthritis and normal mri?What kind of arthritis don't show up on mri?

Can you have radiculopathies with normal mri?

Can you help interpret my CT lumber spine scan results?

Can you help me understand my mri. I have had a bulged disc for a few years that?

Can you please explain what 3 lumber dislocated discs are because my MRI shows 3 on my spine thank you.?

Can you tell me about nerve sheath tumour from MRI of cervical spine?

Cervical lordotic angle is lost. This is CT result what does it mean? CT was for C spine to check for possible subluxation

Cervical spine buldging discs on MRI. Is this the cause to my dizziness, lightheadedness & brain fog?

Cervical spine X-ray results show prevertebral soft tissues are unremarkable. What does this mean?

Could a past vertebral artery aneurism(?) present as a cyst on a cspine MRI (without contrast) at c6-7?

Could cervical spine MRI show neck cancer?

Could I have a nerve sheath tumour from an MRI taken from the cervical spine?

Could someone please tell me what this neck X-ray report means: spur?

Could u send me a MRI r a xray of a mild degenerative disc dorado because that's what I have and what kind of meds can I take?

Could you look at my cervical spine MRI and give your opinion? (Not to be taken for medical advice.)

Cspine MRI : 1 :cervical degenerative disease 2 : vague area of marrow hypointensity in the several vertebral bodies of questionable etiology ?

Ct scan detect bulge/herniated discs? Sciatica? Is this a good test? Mri is more expensive.

CT scan shows Degeneration of the sacroiliac, could a nerve be pinched there, causing my urinary retention? Would an MRI show if a nerve was pinched?

Ct/myelogram from 2 different doctors 1st shows bulging disc no nerve impingement 2nd shows nerve impingement why did 1st not show the same as 2nd one?

Do I have to bring someone along, or can I drive after the cervical spine MRI with dye?

Do I have to bring someone along, or can I drive after the thoracic spine MRI without dye?

Do I have to get some blood tests before doing a thoracic spine MRI without dye?

Do I have to see a specialist to get a thoracic spine MRI with dye ordered?

Do lungs show in thoracic mri?

Do x rays show herniated disk

Do xrays show cervical disc rupture or do you need an MRI female

Doc ordered brain MRI for lhermitte's signal. Wouldn't a spine MRI also be necessary to rule out ms?

Docs, could a small spinal compression fracture blend with schmorl's nodes and be missed in diagnostic imaging?

Does a cervical spine CT include thyroid, pharnyx etc?

Does a CT guided injection help posterolateral disc herniation?

Does a neck / cervical mri. Detect anything wrong with the glands?Thyriod

Does a t spine MRI look at the lungs?

Does an MRI of the hips show the sacrum?

Does an MRI of the spine show spinal fluid problems?

Does an xray always show a herniated disc?

Does arthritis always show up on a mri?

Does early stages of spondyloarthopathy in childern always show up on mri? Can you have it and MRI come back normal? Does enthesopathy shoe up on mri?

Does gait disturbance qualify for obtaining a lumbar mri?

Does hemingioma on spine be confused with ms?

Does it hurt to get a cervical spine CT with dye done?

Does it hurt to get a cervical spine MRI without dye done?

Does mri scan for thoracic spine have any side effect(no metal in body) And does mri may cause cancer?

Does mris always show transverse myelitis?

Does MS always show up on a MRI of the spine ?

Don?T understand what are lesions on the spine?

Dr discussed soft tissue neck MRI tech said soft & spine were imaged, report was only spine. Can look at same cd for soft tissues or need another mri?

Dr said need more Xray or MRI to investigate hip impingement. If had an MRI does this make the X-ray pointless? IE: Doesn't an MRI show more than XR?

Dr says I have herniated disk but not related to work injury because 1st MRI didn't show it....Is this possible?

Dr will do decompresson surgery if want, only 50/50on it. Mri shows diffuse degendisease, emg shows lumber rapiculopathy.Esi injections did not work. ?

ECG comparison changes inverted T-wave. I had spinal injury before the 1st ECG cervical thoracic Lumbosacral neuritis. Is it Related to spine or CNS?

First MRI shows cervical foraminal narrowing; the second, one year later, by different md makes no mention of it.Do i need a 3rd MRI to confirm or not?

GP called saying my MRI was normal but I have chronic spinal compression.I've been referred to a specialist. If it's compressed how is the MRI normal?